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Loveless by Sarah_Bee
Chapter 1 : Love was Fading Along with The Lights
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The breeze blew against the trees that night as the gray clouds above in the sky revealed a shining full moon. The leaves and grass rustled as the winds howled. In only a second, rain drops came from the sky and hit the pavement of the abandoned paved streets in the town. A man in a trench coat, wearing a black hat upon his dark hair hurried across the street with his briefcase in hand. He ran down the block until he reached the small apartment building on the corner.

Once he entered the building, the thunder rolled and lightning flashed outside. The man took off his hat and went to the first door on the hall.

He fumbled in his pocket for a key but the door opened before he could. A tired, blonde haired woman wearing a dressing gown stood there. She folded her arms across her chest. “You forgot.”

“Forgot what dear?” He asked confused as he entered the room.

The woman shut the door behind her. “You know very well Bartemius Crouch.”

He took off his coat and hung it on the coatrack. “No my dear, I don't.”

She held her face in her hands as if she were about to cry. “Our anniversary! You forgot Barty! How could you?”

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she quickly went to the living room and sat on the couch. Bartemius quickly followed his wife and sat next to her. He touched her shoulder. “I didn't know it meant so much-”

“What did you think then? That our marriage wasn't important too? Did you think I was a silly, lovesick, stupid girl when I accepted that ring?” She shouted angrily, tears in her blue eyes.

“No! Of course not!” He protested.

“Then why? Why do you come home late everyday? You leave home early and come home when I'm not awake! When was the last time you ate dinner here? When?” His wife sobbed.

He touched her arm but she pulled away. He looked at
her and stated. “I go to work everyday so we don't end up on the streets Alyson! I do what I can to support our family!”

“When was the last time you spent an afternoon with your son? Hm? Tell me this, don't you love us anymore or is your work your true love?” Alyson looked towards her husband, her eyes searching for the caring, loving Bartemius Crouch she'd married thirteen years ago.

Bartemius hesitated and that was all it took for Alyson to cry. “You don't care anymore! The man I married is gone! You're just like your power loving, no good, unloving father!”

Barty rose and stood before her, his voice with anger. “Never say that again in my house! My father was a good man!”

She stood and shouted, “Really? Did he ever love anything more than his work? You're just like him Bartemius! I can't deal with it anymore! I'm through living like this! I'm through waiting for you to come home! I can't deal with our son asking me where you are when he gets his Hogwarts letter! He was excited to tell you but you weren't here! You're never here so I may as well leave!”

“You have nothing without me and how dare you say those things!” He shouted and slapped her on the face.

Alyson looked at him with tears still running from her eyes. She held her cheek in one hand bitterly saying.“Yes I do have something! I have a heart, that's more than you'll ever have!”

She ran from the room and into their bedroom without another word. He sat on the couch, holding his face in his hands. A minute later, Alyson came out, dressed and with a suitcase in hand. She was holding their dark haired, sleepy eleven year old son by the hand. “Goodbye Bartemius Crouch. Enjoy your life.”

Their son looked at him with sad eyes. “I got my Hogwarts letter dad. I thought you'd be proud to know that.”

Bartemius didn't look up at the sound of his son's voice. His son sighed and bit his lip. “I guess there's really nothing left I can do to make you proud of me. I'm sorry I didn't do enough.”

He heard his son's footsteps fade away into nothing as he left. Never before had Bartemius experienced such loss. The last thing he heard was the closing of the door, and the sound of a metal ring hitting the table before him. His fingers clasped the gold ring and he looked up at the picture of his father standing there with his mother. “Has it really come to this father?”

Bartemius walked to the front door the next morning to head to work. He glanced around the living room and the kitchen one last time. There were no more smells of breakfast cooking, no happy thoughts left to cheer his mind. Everything happy had left with her... Shaking his head, he walked outside into the rainy morning,
with his briefcase in hand. As he walked down the street,he saw couples walking with young children. He heard a young boy laughing as his father said a joke.

Everywhere he went, he saw traces of love, laughter and life despite the drizzles of rain coming down. Bartemius opened his umbrella and walked past the local park to the pier.

Leaning against the railing keeping him safe from the ocean waters, he gazed up at the dreary sky. Memories of taking Alyson here on their dates entered his mind. She'd been so happy when he'd first asked her to marry him. It had been a beautiful moment, the moon shining above him, the old white lighthouse in the distance. It'd been like a picture painted on a canvas, but now his perfected image was blurry, the paint smeared and the happiness now replaced with gloom.

He held the gold ring she'd left him in his fingers. She'd promised to love him forever but now, she was gone. Angrily, he threw it into the crashing waters. “There is no love left in this world!”

Tears entered his eyes as he stood there, thinking of how foolish he'd been. He'd had all the power in the world in the ministry along with happiness and love, now he had only power, and no love or happiness. His brown eyes gazed at the lighthouse, its' light shining through the storm. Desperately did he try to get his heart's love to shine through the anger, the power but he could not do it. Bitterly, he stated. “I've done it father, I've become like you. I hope you're happy.”

Turning away, he walked back to the street but he didn't see the car skidding down the road. The lights flashed in his eyes, his whole body froze.....the pain of the collision and hitting the pavement struck his mind, as did the pain of heartache and regret strike his heart....

The last thing Bartemius Crouch could recall of the incident was the pain, and the lights of the lighthouse fading along with his love.

a/n: my first good fic in a long time. I hope it's ok. I think it's quite good...and it portrays a character I have not seen hardly any fics about around here.. Let me know your thoughts. :)

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Loveless: Love was Fading Along with The Lights


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