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Of All the Faulty Bludgers by mayday
Chapter 16 : Just Because
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I love yogurt.

No really, but Oliver could. Maybe that’s what he was trying to say to me. I mean it kinda makes sense if you think about it.

“Lass I don’t love Katie, I’m passionately in love with this creamy dairy substance from the gods. Please tell Katie, but let her down slowly.”

I makes sense. I mean who the bloody hell is Willie Yu to convince me that his former best friend is in love with me! I mean honestly the only thing Willie is good for is mustache removal... that's it.

Or maybe Oliver loves Yoshi, you know the cute little green turtle thing from the Mario Brothers video games. I wouldn’t even be upset if he did because that turtle thing is damn cute. Hmmm.. I wonder if Oliver knows that Yoshi is actually not a female turtle. I hope he doesn’t because it would really make my day if I got to be the one to tell him. Hehe.

Okay there’s also another possibility that I rather not think about, so I won’t. I mean it could be possible, but it probably isn’t. Nope not happening.

Doodily Dumbledoore!

This CANNOT be happening.


It’s bad enough that I’m his fake girlfriend, but xgulpx his-his...his-


I snapped out of my thought to see.... oh no-

“Howdy Oliver,” I replied tipping my invisible cowboy hat.



The bloody git almost tells you he’s in love with you and all you can say is Howdy Oliver!

Frolicking Flitwick!

“Howdy,” he chuckled back sitting down on the wooden bench next to me.

Silence..... ahhh sweet, comforting, no-one-declaring-their-love-for-Ruthie silences.................ahhhhh lets revel in it, lets make an entire orgy out of this silence......

Hand jiving Hadgrid, did I just use the word orgy while on the bench with Wood! Did I just use the word orgy and Wood in the same sentence!? Did I just make a sexual innuendo with Wood’s mmmhhmm and orgy and him in the SAME SENTENCE!?


......or maybe

NO! No bad thoughts Ruthie- BAD thoughts!

“I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Oh no, thanks a lot Wood! Great! More unpleasant thoughts about you and me and a bench, this bench, doing things that would make our grandmothers blush out of-

“Don’t you want to know what it is Ruthie,” his deep sexy voice interrupted my thoughts.

ahhh the way he says that name, it’s like-... like-


Yep, just like that...

“Mhmmmm,” I sighed looking at him only to find that he is right next to me staring me down, his eyes burning with concern.

“Are you okay,” he asked his right hand touching my forehead where his lips touched two days ago and at that thought my cheeks went even redder.

Doodily Dumbledoore, I must look like a Weasley right about now.

“I’m fine,” I squeaked out moving away from him, trying to retreat to the other end of the snowy bench. Only to find that I couldn’t, he had an almost vice grip on my shoulder.

My shoulder that he touched two days ago when I almost stripped in front of  him.... two days ago... oh no. What is happening to me! I’m turning into a complete sap!

I will not.... WILL NOT go googily eyed over some hot wealthy Quidditch player who is stupid enough to be “in love” with me.

But he does love you.

Stupid Willie... GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

Oh yeah, I’m doomed.

Soooo utterly and completely star-crossed... and not even in a good way because Romeo and Juliet died. They are dead, deceased, sleeping with the fishes and Wood is no Romeo and I sure as bloody hell am not Juliet.

“Are you sure,” Oliver asked his callused fingers touching my flamed cheeks, “you look flushed.”

Oh yeah genius, touch my flushed cheeks.... smart move because they’ll only get pinker!!!

UGH! My life!

“Nope you’re sick,” he declared standing up making his jacket ride up a little so I could see a patch of firm... muscled, tan.... mmmm....

Yes, I am a sick sick woman!

“Come on,” he said dragging me off the cold bench, “you’re going to bed.”

SICK I tell you, very very sick.

“Oliver, I’m fine-”

“No you’re not, you’ve been quiet for days,” Oliver replied pulling me up the snowy path up to the stadium, “and what are you doing out of the park all alone?”

“Sorry, I just needed to think,” I said quietly avoiding his piercing hazel orbs.

There, I said it... ORBS.


Ye gods smite me! I said the horrid word that I swore off for all eternity!

“Well I couldn’t find you and look you’re practically frozen. I’ll tuck you in and then fetch a healer-”

Kind of like how I swore off Wood for all eternity.

And look how that turned out!

“-But Oliver I’m fine really,” I interrupted with a smile.

“You keep on saying that,” he replied in an annoyed voice.

Sorry, I like saying your name!


“For the last two days that’s all you’ve been saying,” Oliver said his voice rising, “I’m fine.”

“Oh, sorry,” I mumbled pulling my arm away from him, walking in front of him on the pathway.

“And that! Why do you keep on apologizing to me!” he shouted at me while I walked hurriedly in front of him.

“RUTHIE SPARKS! God damn it! Stop walking away from me!”

But that just made me walk faster.

“You are going to turn around and talk to me Sparks because I am done chasing after you,” he warned as I almost reached the door that would let me escape into the compound.

I put one gloved hand on the slick door and-

“Ruthie, you just don’t get it do you. I love-”

“Don’t say it,” I interrupted my voice coming out as a whisper, but I knew he heard me.

“Ruthie, I-”

“Don’t,” I pleaded staring at the door.

Oliver growled- GROWLED! Yes, he heard what I said. Heavy footsteps echoed behind me and before I even knew what was happening I was pushed up against the wall next to the door.

“Why not,” Oliver demanded getting right up in my grill, looking down at me furious, “Why the hell not!”

“Oliver,” I implored, “please don’t do this.”

He placed one hand next to my head and leaned in, “Answer me.”

“Just because,” I replied quietly.

His eyes flashed, “Just because isn’t an answer Ruthie, why!”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” he stated almost disbelieving.

“Yes- no... I don’t know,” I yelled stomping my foot looking over his shoulder rather than at his eyes.

“Give me one good reason why not.”

I tilted my chin up, refusing to answer him.

“Typical,” he muttered under his breath, “I know I’m not crazy, though I probably need to get my head checked for feeling this way about you, but Ruthie can you honestly tell me you don’t feel anything for me-”

I opened my mouth to say no, but...

“-and don’t you dare say you don’t because I wouldn’t believe you. I’ve never let myself hope for any kind of response from you other than complete hatred, but you’ve been acting strange lately-”

“I’m sick,” I interrupted coughing a couple of times for good measure.

Liar, Liar!

“ -and you haven’t been yourself these last few days and I got a floo call from Willie Yu. He said you came to visit him. Why didn't you tell me?”


Anger flashed through me, “Why do you even care? Can't I visit who I want to visit and how would you know I haven’t been myself! You don’t even know me Wood! This is some kind of joke to you isn’t it! Mess with crazy Ruthie Sparks! Play with her head and then forget about it, it’s just a game to you isn’t it!”

His jaw dropped and he gave me a look of complete disbelief.

“This isn’t Quidditch Oliver, people are going to get hurt. What about Katie, what about me? You don’t love me, you can’t okay. How can you love someone you hardly even know? You’ve probably just gotten too many bludgers to the head. You don’t know me, you don’t love me. You love Katie.”

Oliver gritted his teeth, "Don’t tell me who I love. I love you, not-”

“Just stop! Stop saying that! You don’t love me or maybe you think you do, I don’t know. We’ve spent two weeks cooped up in this stupid compound together and it’s making you delusional-”

“Excuse me,” he interrupted looking furious.

“You’re excused Oliver, it’s not your fault. You think you love me now but just wait, I’ll help you. By tomorrow I’ll be a thing of the past and we’ll be able to laugh about this day when you and Katie get married,” I replied in a cheery voice.


Ugh, I think I am going to barf.

“I’m not in love with Katie and we are NOT getting married,” he yelled looking down at me like I was the crazy one.

Na-uh Ollie, just this one time I’m not the insane person in this situation.

“It’s okay Oliver,” I soothed stroking his arm, “let’s go inside where we can talk about these irrational feelings you have for me.”

He ripped his arm away from me, “Irrational, irrational!”

“Yes and also insane.”

“Insane, insane!”

Okay, is he just going to repeat everything I say!?

“Mmmhmm, come on let’s just go inside and talk about this,” I replied smiling gently at his broken mental state.

“No,” he replied, “you are going to let me talk first and not interrupt until I’m done, understood-”

Poor, poor crazy Oliver.

I nodded my head, “-and you are going to look at me when I talk to you.”

Oh crap.


I hesitantly lifted my head from it’s stubborn position and forced my eyes to lock with Oliver’s. Amazing two days ago all I would have felt is disgust and loathing and now I have to force myself to not turn into a puddle of goo.

“You tell me that I don’t know you, but that’s a lie-”

I was about to protest.

“-no interrupting Ruthie,” he said stonily.

“You were born December 23rd, 1979 in Surrey to Henry and Melissa Sparks. Your a muggle-born and met Katie on the train to Hogwarts where you practically mauled a fourteen year old with a broomstick on your first day of school-”

“Oliver,” I interrupted tenderly, “that’s not me, anyone can know that stuff.”

Oliver sighed and ran his finds through his hair, “Okay- you’re Ruthie Elizabeth Sparks, probably the most annoying person I’ve ever met. Your winey, loud, rude, awkward, and completely ridiculous. You talk way to much-”

“HEY!” I interrupted outraged.

“Let me finish,” Oliver said sternly.

I huffed as he continued, “You hate being wrong and love to pick fights with people, especially me. You think chivalry is a male’s excuse to degrade a woman and you have a tendency to never let anything go. You wear your heart on your sleeve and fall in love too often. You drive me crazy and for some reason I can’t fully comprehend I’m in love with you.”

I stared at him in shock, you just don’t throw things like that in a middle of a conversation! I mean he was insulting me and then BAM!

“I love all the stupid things you do. I love it when you walk into walls and exclaim random things that no one, not even me can understand. I think you eavesdropping is completely adorable as well as eating cookies everyday for breakfast. I love calling you lass and little Ruthie just to see your face get all flushed and angry. I don’t mind that you prance around the compound in that nightie because you’re happy. Hell, I don’t even care if you lust after Roger Davies for the rest of our lives if that makes you happy!

I’m not being irrational here, you are! I’ve felt this way about you for ages and you think I don’t know you? I know so many insignificant details about you that it makes me feel like a complete nutter thinking about them! Do you know that you sometimes talk out of the left side of your mouth, it’s damn creepy. And you eat your food in alphabetical order- unless there’s some kind of sweet then you say bollocks to it! And although you would never admit to it Professor Snape is your favorite teacher and sometimes you wish you were in Slytherin-”

I opened my mouth in outrage.

"-because you are good in potions, you are bloody fantastic, but you are too afraid of what Katie or some insignificant Gryffindor might say if they knew. Ruthie those are just a few things, but I know about a million more!

So don’t you dare say that I don’t know you because I know you better than you know yourself. I know you inside and out, backwards and forewords, better than anyone will never know you. Better than Davies and Weasley and Potter and Kenny and whoever the bloody hell Blondie is! So you are right Ruthie. You hit the bludger right on the nose, I’m completely delusional. I love you and I have no idea why!”

I stared at him wide eyed and for once in my life- I had nothing to say.

“But don’t say I don’t know you because I do,” he said quietly, “this isn’t about Katie okay, I know I screwed that up. This is about you and me.”

Oliver looked me in the eye and I was consumed by sadness, regret, and dare I say it -- love. He was so close, it was too tempting to reach over and well.... do very naughty things. I couldn’t though, my pride and loyalty to Katie wouldn’t let me and judging by the realization in his eyes, he knew that.

He sighed defeated, “I’m not chasing after you lass,” and with that, he was gone.

I just stood there against the wall trying to breathe.

I feel sick for real this time.

* * * * * * *

Other POV:

“I wonder where they are?” Shayna asked looking down at her watch.

“Yeah Oliver said he would only be a minute,” Randy complained looking over at the frosted cake with longing, “I’m hungry.”

“Oh shut in Winston.”

“OI! It’s not Winston! For Merlin’s sake woman it’s Randy!”

“Quiet you two,” Uma hissed her ear against the door, “Can’t you pounces see I’m trying to listen. They’re having a row!”

The entire team snapped to attention to see what was going on.

“Whom?” Jasper asked downing another glass of punch.

“Actually it’s who because the-”

“-Oliver and Ruthie you idiot, quite a nasty one too,” Uma replied over Ian pressing her ear back against the door.

“What’s it about?” Kenny asked leaning against a wall.

“I can’t really tell. Oh... wait.. mmmhhmm, oh it’s about you Katie,” Uma replied motioning her head towards the blonde who just arrived.

Katie Bell looked anxious, “Me?”

“Yep... and Roger Davies.”

Katie felt her heart stop, no, no, no... not today. Ruthie can not find out today, not on her birthday! Katie was going to tell her herself when the time was right, but not right now!

“Roger Davies,” Katie squeaked out horrified.

“Oh wait, it’s gotten all quiet. I think it’s over...”

Suddenly the door swung open and Uma was knocked to the ground, but she sprang up like nothing happened.

everyone shouted together while Randy threw confetti and streamers on the figure in the doorway. But it wasn’t the birthday girl. Oliver walked in slowly looking completely drained and pale. He got out of his jacket steadily and placed it over a navy sofa brushing the pink confetti off of him. Everyone seemed to shout at once:

“You’re not Ruthie!”

“Obviously Randy!”

”Oliver mate is everything all right?”

“Are you okay?”

“Do you want to sit down?”


But he didn’t respond he walked stiffly towards the hallway, but not before asking Katie, “Can you go see if she’s okay?” and then he left the room as quickly as he came into it. Everyone stood frozen, but Katie ran for the door expecting the worse. She flung it open to and almost cried at what she saw. Fun, happy, bubbly Ruthie was sitting on the ground her body shaking with dry sobs.

Stepping around throw up Katie couldn’t help but feel the guilt sink in. Without hesitating she pulled her best friend to her trying to soothe her shaking. Katie felt tears fall down, but just held on tighter.

She whispered, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,” over and over until neither of them could remember why tears were shed in the first place.

But it wasn’t Ruthie crying-  it was Katie.

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