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Whispering by magical words
Chapter 11 : Chapter Eleven: Fixed
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 AN: Well, finally I have an update for you! I hope you all like it. It goes a little bit more into some other characters. Please R & R!

magical words

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Chapter Eleven: Fixed

Scorpius was caught off guard, to say the least.

“Is that an option?” Scorpius asked Rose, utterly confused. Where had she gotten his idea? They had never even mentioned it once before. Why now?

“I don’t know,” Rose answered irately.

“Rose, don’t get angry at me for asking a simple question!”

Rose angrily grabbed Scorpius’ hand and pulled him all the way to her common room.

“I’m sorry Scorpius, okay. I’m sorry for asking you that out of the blue and I’m sorry I got upset easily, but right now, there are a lot of emotions running in my system! One minute, I want to cry, the next, I’d like to Avada someone. And then, two seconds after that, I kind of want to cry again. I’m not adjusting to pregnancy well.”

Frustrated, Rose threw herself on the common room couch.

“Rose, love,” Scorpius said, his voice clearly showing his guilt for making her crazy. “You need to tell me where you came up with this adoption idea. I’m not going to rule it out since I honestly don’t know what I want to do about our baby, except the abortion is not an option, but you need to talk to me.”

Scorpius was being very patient at the moment and Rose kind of hated it. He was being all supportive and such while she was being a bitch.

As she moved to a sitting position, Rose growled. She would have seen Scorpius attempt not to laugh had she been looking at him.

“We’re going to be late for class.”

“What’s one class? Besides, it’s just History of Magic. Now where did you get this idea?”

“If you must know, I was talking to Pro – Alison about the opal necklace and somehow we got talking about her relationship with Tristan and her dislike for closed doors and I asked her why she doesn’t have any kids when she’s been married for several years. Then she said that she just hasn’t gotten pregnant which made me feel guilty so I apologized for asking such an insensitive question. Alison then told me not to be sorry because it’s not like it’s my fault and she continued, saying that they, meaning Alison and her husband, will adopt.”

Rose took a deep breath. She had said quite a lot in such a short time.

Scorpius looked at Rose flabbergasted. Quickly, he turned away and walked toward the hearth. He leaned against the fireplace momentarily, resting his head on the mantle.

“Alison mentioned adoption which got you thinking about it?”

“Yes. To put it simply,” Rose answered him slowly.

“Then to ask you your own question, what do you think of adoption?”

“I have no fucking clue what I think about adoption,” Rose answered hastily and rudely. Quickly, she changed her tone.  “Sorry. I don’t know what I think about adoption in our situation, I mean. Sure, adoption is a lovely way for people who completely deserve a baby to get a baby. If you think about it, it’s better than having two clueless teenagers take care of it. Of course, love could be there in either instance, but what about stability and safety and comfort? How could a couple of teenagers barely out of school take care of a baby and themselves?”

“Yes Rose, but how would adoption affect us? How could it help our situation; how could it harm it?”

“Well if my father knew we were going to give our baby up for adoption, I don’t think he’d be as inclined to kill you,” Rose suggested dully, but thoughtfully.

Scorpius angrily pounded the stone wall, causing Rose to flinch. “I’m not asking about how it will affect your father,” he said with clenched teeth. “How will it affect you and me, Rose? How will it affect the two of us?”

Rose swallowed and willed her eyes to not water and threaten to tear. “I – I – I don’t know.”

Scorpius turned his back on Rose. He didn’t know if he could look her in the face at the moment. He was upset that she asked such a thing. And that she brought her father into the mix.

“So you carry this baby to term, after feeling it kick, seeing the ultrasounds and learning if it’s a boy or girl, then you give birth and what? Do you hand her over to her new parents, never to see her again? Do you forget about that time in your life when you were three times your normal size and couldn’t see your feet? Like nothing ever changed. A snap of your fingers and it’s all gone?

“Or what about our relationship? Will I be there when she’s born? Will I get to hold her, even for a little while, before her adoptive parents get to take her away and spoil her? Will you look at me the same after that moment? Will I look at you the same?”

Biting her lip to stop herself from crying, Rose didn’t answer. How could she answer?

From the very beginning of the adoption talk, Rose knew her stance on the topic. She didn’t think that Scorpius would have made her decision more definitive.

Rose locked eye contact with Scorpius. Instantly, he felt guilty for saying all that he did. Her eyes had finally welled up with tears.

Abruptly, she stood up and found herself in Scorpius’ arms.

“I don’t want to give our baby up for adoption. I want her! I want to raise her and watch her grow up, see her off to school, watch her fall in love, get married, have children. I don’t want someone else to have all of those memories that should have been mine. I want that you and I go through all of this together, to hold her in our arms for the first time, and name her. She will be ours and no one else’s.”

Scorpius kissed Rose sweetly. “I thought that’s what you wanted. I want that too, love. I want that too.”

Rose clung to him, her fingers wrapping up in his robes.

“Rose, love, I’m so sorry I made you cry. I didn’t mean to. I just couldn’t believe that you practically accepted this idea of adoption. I thought we had decided that we were going to raise our baby ourselves.”

Soothingly, Scorpius ran his hands through Rose’s hair.

“I can’t believe I just sprung that on you,” Rose hiccupped as her crying began to subside. “I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.”

“Shh,” Scorpius told her calmly. “Shh. Just breathe Rose. Breathe.”

Rose sniffled noisily.

“We don’t have to go to class right now, do we?” Rose whispered, roughly drying her face of tears.

“No, we don’t have to. One day without History of Magic won’t kill us.”

Rose smiled weakly, wrapping her arms tighter about Scorpius.

“I’m really sorry, you know.”

“I know you are, Rosie, I know. I’m sorry too.”

“I love you Scorpius.”

Tenderly, Scorpius kissed Rose’s forehead, her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, and finally her lips. It was a sweet kiss; it wasn’t needy or rough, it was almost like forgiveness.

“And I love you .”

They stood there for what seemed like ages, Rose cocooned in Scorpius’ embrace, her head resting on his chest, her breathing matching his.

Eventually, the time came when they had to head to their next class.

Rose reluctantly parted ways with Scorpius, heading to Arithmancy while he went to Charms. Cecelia was thrilled to see that Rose had decided to go to Arithmancy; she didn’t know if she could have handled Professor Worthenrite without someone to pass notes to.

“Oh thank Merlin,” Cecelia uttered as Rose rushed to her seat beside her. “I thought for a moment that I’d have to suffer alone.”

Rose gave her best friend a half smile. “Well, now you don’t.”

“Is everything alright?” Cecelia asked her in a hushed whisper.

“It is now,” Rose answered.

She left it at that. Ending the conversation, Rose took out a quill.

“Alright class,” Professor Worthenrite addressed his seventh year Gryffindor and Hufflepuff N.E.W.T. students, “today we will be beginning an intense revision of what you have learned in Arithmancy over the years. This is merely preparation for your N.E.W.T.s, which, by the way, will be June fifth. That gives you roughly a month of in-class revision. I sincerely hope and expect that each and every one of you will do an intense revision on your own, outside of class…”

Professor Worthenrite drawled on and class eventually ended.

It was time for lunch and Rose was starved.

“Where’s the fire, Rose? You’re practically running!” Cecelia commented, shuffling to keep up with Rose.

“I’m sorry Cece, but I’m starving. I hope there’s roast and treacle tart!”

Cecelia made a face at her friend but said nothing.

The two friends entered the Hall with a group of giggling Ravenclaws before heading to the second table where Al and Scorpius sat.

“Well well, isn’t it the other skipper,” Al said jokingly. “Why did you skip history of Magic anyway? Scorp wouldn’t tell me.”

“Hello to you too, Al,” Rose responded sarcastically. She sat down beside Scorpius and gave him a quick kiss. “It isn’t any of your business whether or not we go to History of Magic.”

“Bu – but you’re Head Girl! Head Girl never skips lessons!”

“Never say never, Al,” Rose advised her cousin as she piled roast, potatoes, beans and more upon her plate.

The rest of the meal was uneventful, as were the remainder of the day and the next two weeks of lessons.

Rose was going mad with her revision hours, having class revisions scheduled down to the minute, which caused her to barely get sufficient hours of sleep. This worried Scorpius to no end. He knew N.E.W.T.s were rather important, but so was her health and their baby’s. He decided she needed an intervention.

“Rose, love, let’s take a break and go to your dorm,” Scorpius suggested one particular day while they were in the Library, revising.

“Scorpius! That’s completely irresponsible! We have N.E.W.T.s in two, no, less than two weeks, and you’re suggesting that we go to my room to fool around?” Angrily, Rose threw her quill down. “I can’t believe you! Thinking with your –”

“Don’t finish that thought, Rosie. That wasn’t what I intended we do. I only suggested we go to your dorm so we can talk. You need to take a break. All you’ve done these past two weeks is go to lessons, revise, write your Head Girl speech, occasionally stopping to eat or sleep. It isn’t healthy! For you,” Scorpius’ voice softened to a murmur, “or the baby.”

Inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply before she answered, Rose finally consented.

“But no more than half an hour.”

“An hour, Rosie.”

“Forty-five minutes,” she countered indignantly.

Scorpius gave in at that, closing Rose’s huge tome on Ancient Runes and pulled her from her chair. He took her hand and dragged her away from the mounds of notes and books she had scattered about the table.

As much as she hated leaving her studies, Rose relished at the physical contact between Scorpius and herself. Her fingers were laced with Scorpius’ and she could feel his heartbeat dully thrumming in his palm. She couldn’t remember the last time they held hands just to hold hands.

Taking one last glance at her work station, Rose realised that Al and Cecelia were nowhere to be found.

“Scorpius, where are Al and Cece?”

“I was wondering when you’d notice,” Scorpius commented, a twinkling laugh hidden in his voice. “They disappeared amongst the library shelves half an hour ago.”

Rose had no response.

Scorpius led Rose on, shoving the Library doors open with his right hand, his left hand tightly wound around Rose’s. The couple walked to the Head’s dorm, occasionally passing a crazed fifth year, viciously tearing out their hair and/or quizzing himself/herself on the magical properties of a bezoar, or something like that.

Approaching Ignatia Wildsmith’s portrait, Rose greeted her warmly.

“Afternoon Ignatia.”

“Oh, hello Rose dear. Password?” she asked pleasantly.

Cho Chang.”

The portrait hole opened instantly.

“Cho Chang? Certainly you didn’t come up with that password,” Scorpius said, a bit disgusted.

Rose laughed. “Oh yes! She’s my secret crush, you know.”

Scorpius raised an eyebrow as he entered, following close behind Rose.

“Of course I didn’t come up with that password! Atticus’ turn was this week and he has this great admiration slash obsession for her. I wasn’t about to argue with him, although my aunt Ginny is a better Quidditch player.”

Scorpius nodded in appreciation. Ginny Potter was a bloody amazing Wimbourne Wasp.

“Speaking of Wood, is he here?”

Rose led Scorpius to the couch, sitting him down before moving to the window.

“What time is it right now?”

Consulting his watch, Scorpius told her 4:29 p.m.

“Well then, he has probably locked himself in his room, along with some girl, so he’s probably fucking her.”

Taken aback at Rose’s extreme bluntness, he couldn’t help but ask how she knew that.

“Oh, at 4:15 or so everyday he takes some girl to his room. It’s highly unlikely that all they’re doing is playing wizard’s chess. But anyway, that’s what happens every day. Every day except on Thursday; on Thursday he has Quidditch practice at four.”

“Will he interrupt us?”

Sitting in Scorpius’ lap, Rose reassured him that he wouldn’t. “Generally, he’s in there until five, sometimes even until dinner. He won’t bother us.”

Rose took Scorpius’ face in her hands and kissed him sweetly. “What is it that you want to talk about?”

Scorpius slipped his arms around her waist. “Our baby. I’m worried about you and our baby. You can’t be doing her any good getting minimum amounts of sleep and revising like mad. And we should go to a Healer to make sure you’re doing all that you need to in order to stay healthy.”

“Of course. You take such good care of us,” Rose whispered in his ear, pulling him close. “We’ll go this weekend to St. Mungo’s when we go to Hogsmeade.”


“Yes. I was meaning to talk to you about that but I’ve just forgotten, what with my Head Girl duties and N.E.W.T.s and applications for various Healer programs and –”

Rose was silenced with a kiss.

It was obvious that Scorpius understood how she forgot; he was pretty busy himself.

Rose depended their kiss, shifting somewhat so she was straddling him. Her hands danced all over his chest, wrinkling his oxford in the process. Her fingers wound up tangled in his hair.

Resting his hands on her hips, his fingers tugged her blouse out of her skirt. His hands methodically made their way up her shirt, unbuttoning her blouse along the way. Too absorbed with Rose’s lips, he barely noticed that she was also in the process of removing his shirt.

All the while they were undressing each other, their lips never parted.

They were gasping for breath, their chests heaving. They gulped air momentarily before resuming their activities. Scorpius’ lips trailed Rose’s jaw line and heard her moan when he landed at the spot just beneath her ear.

Both of their shirts had been discarded and were currently lying somewhere on the floor.

Scorpius briefly noticed the way Rose’s breasts swelled over her bra. His brain made a mental note that it was a result of her pregnancy. His attention, however, was pulled away from her chest as he felt Rose’s cool fingertips venture downward. His trousers constricted slightly.

“Rose,” he said in a strained voice while he attacked her throat and collarbone, “don’t you suppose we should go somewhere – more private?”

“Fuck privacy,” she whispered huskily in his ear. Swiftly, his belt was unbuckled by deft fingers. “Besides, we’ve already christened my bedroom and the bathroom and various broom closets. Let’s christen this couch.”

Scorpius was tormented. On one hand, he wanted to continuously ravish Rose right then and there, yet he didn’t want an accidental audience. His body’s urging took precedence over his mind’s insistence, however.

“Alright,” he told an irresistible Rose.

His teeth grazed her collarbone, his lips soon travelling across her chest and down her abdomen. She shivered under his touch as she unzipped his trousers.

Scorpius’ hands gripped her hips, slowly moving to her backside. A sigh escaped her lips as he removed her panties.

In one swift motion, he set her on her back upon the couch and held himself above her. Rose wrapped her arms and a leg securely about him, her skin flush against his torso. All of Scorpius’ remaining clothes quickly disappeared.

As Scorpius’ hands raked over Rose’s body and his kisses adorned her face, Rose spoke to him, her voice barely more than a whisper.

“Thank you for pulling me away from the Library. This is exactly what I needed.”

Scorpius chuckled in her ear, his hot breath dancing over her cheek.

“A nice –”

“Shh, no talk, only actions.”

Much time passed, but Scorpius and Rose didn’t notice; they were too absorbed in each other.

Soon enough, it was seven after five.

“Oh my fucking Merlin!”

Rose and Scorpius’ heads swiveled in the general direction of the voice. There watching them, were Atticus Wood, Head Boy, and Lily Potter, somewhat-slut.

Rose rolled her eyes quickly, but nonchalantly, pulled a blanket over herself and Scorpius. Rose was acting very odd; she was acting highly out of character. Had she been caught in this position a few weeks prior, she would have run away crying.

“Oh my fucking Merlin!” Lily cried again.

“What Lily?” Rose asked exasperated, not bothering to glance at Atticus or Scorpius.

“I would have never imagined my cousin, Rose Weasley, ever fucking her boyfriend in a semi-public place, let alone fucking anyone before marriage! And you’re not even embarrassed!”

Scorpius shifted uncomfortably, accidentally pulling the blanket from Rose, exposing her chest. He caught Atticus ogling Rose’s chest, which was only partially cover by a bra, since half of her chest was spilling out of it, not leaving much to the imagination at all.

He had just opened his mouth to say something to Wood, but Lily beat him to it.

“Never seen boobs before, Wood?”

Atticus was yanked from his trance at Lily’s biting words and tried his best to look innocent.

“Atticus, Lily, you won’t speak of this little incident to anyone, will you?”

Atticus shook his head fervently; he had no desire to incur the wrath of Rose Weasley. Lily didn’t give any answer, but chose to stare at Rose.

“Good. On another note, why are you here Lily?”

“Actually, I was just leaving, so it doesn’t matter why I am here,” she replied huffily, stomping down the stairs from Atticus Wood’s bedroom.

“Well then, Lils, you might want to fix your blouse buttons. They’re skewed.”

Lily’s mouth opened in shock and indignation. She couldn’t believe this was coming from her prude-ish cousin Rose Weasley! Since when did she shag her boyfriend in the middle of a shared common room and make snide comments about someone’s after-shag appearance?

Impatiently, Lily fixed her buttons, fuming under her breath, sending Atticus a deadly glance every few seconds.

“Hey Wood, is it true you bring a different girl up to your room every day after lessons?” Scorpius finally questioned Atticus. This query had been itching to be asked.

“No. Just one girl,” Atticus answered confused.

Every day?”

“Not every day. On Thursdays –”

“Atti, shut the hell up! You too Scorpius!” Lily hollered, at the end of her rope. “Yes, I am the girl who comes up to Atti’s room every day, except on Thursdays, but get your bloody mind out of the gutter! We don’t just shag. A lot of the time we have deep, meaningful conversations. Sometimes, we do schoolwork. I don’t let him have the satisfaction of a nice shag on a daily basis because I’m not actually the slag that everyone thinks I am!! And he’s no longer going to get anything – sex, conversation, anything – from me anymore because I’ve just broken up with him!”

“What?!” Rose cried out. That was an interesting turn of events that she didn’t expect, whatsoever.

“Well, um, you see, Rose, erm, Lily and I were, I guess you could say, dating,” Atticus answered slowly.

“Do your brothers know?” Rose wondered of Lily.

“No,” she responded, shortly.

“Al doesn’t know?”

“No Scorpius. Al doesn’t know,” Lily said scathingly.

“Why doesn’t anyone know!? Why did you keep it a secret, Lily?”

“Why the hell did you keep your little relationship with Scorpius here a secret, Rose? Does that answer your question?”

“You can’t answer a question with a question Lily,” Rose told her softly.

Even though Rose didn’t appreciate the way Lily answered, she did understand completely. Lily was scared of what her family would think or do to Atticus and she also enjoyed the fact that she had Atticus all to herself.

“I don’t fucking care if I answered a bloody question with yet another bloody question Rose. And no talk of my relationship with Atticus is needed because I’m no longer with him!”

“Lily, can’t we talk about that? I’m sorry that complete slag Violet Brown-Thomas attacked me in a deserted corridor last week and that I forgot to tell you, but it meant nothing to me. Okay? I’m sorry!”

Atticus was groveling and Rose and Scorpius were not expecting any of this to transpire while they were still here. They tried to slink away, but Lily wouldn’t let them.

“Don’t move a muscle, Rose and Scorpius. You are going to be witnesses for this.”

“We don’t have any choice?” Scorpius asked.


Lily was furious. She looked simply terrifying and Atticus was standing firm next to her. Most of the male species cowered when a Potter woman was angry.

Her ginger curls framed her face wildly, as though fire were licking her face. Her mouth was set in a firm line and her eyes were set upon Atticus, fixed into a dangerous glare.

“Lily, why can’t I make you believe me? Violet Brown-Thomas attacked me and I immediately pushed her off me. I told her I had a girlfriend, she just wouldn’t listen.”

“And that’s justifiable? We’ve been together since October. You should be better at evading slags by now!”

Slags? Just because you happen to find me with a girl, any girl at all, she’s a slag because she’s talking to me? I think someone is a little green.”

Lily’s jaw dropped and her mood turned uglier. “Are you insinuating that I am jealous? How dare you!? I just thought that you had better things to do than “talk” with other girls, seeing that you’re Head Boy and my boyfriend!”

“Well, if you had decided that it’d be best if we didn’t tell anyone we’re dating, these so-called slags would know to keep away from me, because you would hex them like mad if you saw them within a few centimetres’ distance of me!”

Scorpius was feeling increasingly uncomfortable being in Atticus and Lily’s presence. Unfortunately, it also brought about memories, although Scorpius had been the jealous party.

“Is this what I was like, Rose? The jealous boyfriend who nearly started duels when his girlfriend was so much as approached by another bloke?”

“No, not exactly. You handled it slightly better I think.”

Rose’s words weren’t exactly reassuring.

“Can’t we leave? I really can’t stand this. It feels like I’m privy to too much. I don’t know how I'll be able to look at Al now, knowing that his baby sister has been dating and shagging the Head Boy behind everyone’s backs.”

“Well, would you like me to obliviate you?”

“No! I remember the last time when you tried to obliviate Al. That was a disaster waiting to happen.”

Rose slapped him playfully.

“Rose and Scorpius! You are supposed to be watching Lily so she doesn’t Avada me!” Atticus stage-whispered. “Not whatever you’re doing!”

Rose rolled her eyes as she searched for her wand. She found it in the couch and promptly pulled it out on Atticus and Lily.

Silencio,” she said with a wave of her wand. “Oh, thank Merlin. You two are bloody annoying! Atticus, can’t you see that by not telling Lily, she was insulted, thinking that you didn’t think she was important enough to be told, even if you just forgot? And Lily, you have got to relax! Not every girl that talks to Atticus wants him. I talk to him all the time, but I’ve no interest in him whatsoever. It’s obvious you both like each other too much to really break up, so just make up, make out, then everything’s back to the way it should be. Isn’t that right, Scorpius?”

Scorpius nodded his head. “Oh yes. Atticus, that was selfish not telling Lils and Lil, that was just ridiculous when Atticus has apologised plenty enough. Like Rose said, make up, make out.”

With another wave of her wand, Rose removed the silencing spell from her cousin and the Head Boy.

The couple stared at each other before Lily rushed over, jumping and wrapping her legs tightly around Atticus’ waist. She kissed him fiercely and he eagerly returned the kiss.

“I think we should retreat to your room Rose.”

Rose took Scorpius’ face in her small hands and kissed him with all her might.

“Yes. I think that is a perfect idea.”

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Whispering: Chapter Eleven: Fixed


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