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Truth by ginny_malfoy22
Chapter 13 : Visiting
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The next day, when Ginny arrived back from Hermione’s, she gave me a quick glance to show me that she was right all along. I already knew that, but it proved that Hermione had told her.

For a week after that, I kept on trying to get Ron to talk to Hermione. They were, after all, my best friends, and I wanted to talk to both of them at the same time, I hated them being separated, as I told him. I lied through my teeth to him. I needed to if I wanted to be his friend, and him to be Hermione’s friend again. We would tell him about our relationship later.

Hermione had enough practise hiding things. After all, she had hidden her relationship with Ron for two years, hidden her feelings for at least one year. I hated deceiving Ron, but I had to. It would hurt him otherwise.

Ron had agreed to go see Hermione about two weeks after Hermione and I kissed. Hermione and I hadn’t really talked about it, but whenever I went to her house, I greeted her with a kiss. I loved her, and she loved me. We were as good as together. So we planned to go to Hermione’s together. I knew Ron wasn’t ready to talk to her alone yet.

The night before we went to Hermione’s, Ginny pulled me to the side.

“Do you remember how hurt you were when you found out Ron and Hermione had been going out for two years without telling you?” she muttered, keeping a wary eye on Ron who was playing George in chess.

“I do. But Hermione and I aren’t going to hide it that long. We’re only hiding it because it will hurt Ron all the more if he found out the truth,” I whispered back. Ginny sighed.

“I’m happy that you two have finally got your feelings out in the open - to each other. I hate lying to Ron,” Ginny said. I rolled my eyes.

“You’re not lying. You’re just not telling him everything. It’s different. You didn’t tell him about Michael Corner, remember?” I said. Ginny gave a small shrug, and then nodded.

“I told Neville,” she said, with a sorrowful look on her face. I laughed. I had expected her to.

“I don’t mind,” I said, “I just hope you didn’t say ‘told you so’ to him!” Ginny smirked slightly, and I knew she had said it. I sighed. Some people would never give up. Ginny started laughing, and Ron looked up.

“What are you sniggering about?” he asked, frowning. I glanced at Ginny and we went to sit on the chairs next to the game of chess.

“Nothing,” I said with a small sigh. He looked to Ginny, who shrugged.

“He was laughing about my relationship with Neville. Want to hear more?” she said, an evil smile on her lips. Ron covered his ears and shook his head. George rolled his eyes.

“You really need to grow up, Ron. I thought you were with Hermione for awhile? Surely she’d have made you grow up?” he said. I glanced at Ginny quickly.

“Three years,” Ron muttered, looking down determinedly, “and no, she didn’t really care for changing me.” I looked down at this. I didn’t want him to see my face. Hermione didn’t bother trying to change Ron because she wasn’t in love with him, and couldn’t see the point in it.

“Ron, cheer up. You can be friends now. We’re going to see her tomorrow,” I said, determinedly not meeting his eyes. He nodded.

“Don’t worry, Harry, I still want her to be my friend,” he said. He moved a knight, and looked thoughtful. I wondered what was going through his mind to make him look so pensive. I glanced at Ginny, who shrugged.

“You’ll find someone,” Ginny said, trying to give him a smile. Ron gave Ginny, a strange look and nodded.

“I’m thinking of talking to Luna,” he said, his ears turning red. I let out a guffaw. I knew Luna liked Ron, I mean, she told him while he was still with Hermione, for Merlin’s sake! But I had no idea that Ron could possibly like her.

“You like her?” I asked. Ron shrugged.

“She’s grown on me over the past three years. I’ve just been too preoccupied with my relationship with Hermione to see her properly,” he said. I raised an eyebrow.

“When did you get so wise?” I asked. Ginny burst out laughing, and George looked at Ron expectantly after moving a pawn. Ron shrugged.

“Something I must’ve picked up over the years,” he muttered. I laughed. Maybe things would work out. Ron could be with Luna, and wouldn’t mind about Hermione and I. I could only dream.


I appeared outside Hermione’s house, and Ron appeared next to me. I looked at him.

“Ready?” I asked. He nodded, and I went forwards to knock on the door. Hermione answered the door, and gave Ron an odd smile.

“Hi, Ron,” she said warmly, “Hi, Harry.” It took a lot to stop myself from bringing her into my arms and kissing her. But I knew I had to work on getting them friends again.

“Can we come in?” I said. Hermione nodded, and Ron and I followed her inside, and sat on the sofa. We started talking for awhile, then after awhile, I looked at Ron.

“So, when were you going to go talk to Luna?” I asked. Ron gave me a filthy look, and Hermione looked at him, amused.

“Why were you going to talk to her? She likes you, right?” Hermione asked. I nodded, and Ron’s ears went red. Hermione and I laughed.

“Ron, I don’t mind if you get with Luna. We’re over. I just want to be friends, and I want you to be happy,” she said, not mentioning the real reason she didn’t care. I gave her a secretive smile that Ron couldn’t see. Ron smiled at her.

“Really? Because it’s so soon after we broke up,” Ron said. I gulped, and looked down at the ground.

“I don’t mind, just like I know you wouldn’t mind if I were to start seeing someone right now,” she said, determinedly not looking in my direction. Ron gave a small shrug.

“That’s great. You guys are friends again?” I asked abruptly. They both nodded, and I looked Hermione in the eye, hoping Ron wouldn’t notice.

“Hermione, I would like a drink, but I can’t remember where the glasses are. Can you show me please?” I asked. She looked at me slightly confused, but I was determined. I needed to hold her in my arms, even for just a moment. She nodded, her brown eyes warm. We stood up, and went to the kitchen. Hermione got a glass out of the cupboard and put it on the bench really loudly, and I then wrapped my arms around her.

“I missed you,” I whispered into her ear, and kissed her forehead. She smiled, and then stepped back from me and poured me a drink of juice.

There were some footsteps. Ron appeared in the doorway.

“Ron. Would you like a drink?” Hermione said, as if I hadn’t just held her in my arms. Ron nodded, and Hermione poured him a drink, and them poured herself a drink. I shared a look with Hermione. Ron had narrowly missed us. We needed to tell him. Soon.

AN~ Okay, so I thought about making Ron see it, but I knew that didn't happen now. I needed Ron's anger to be unjustified. So I'm waiting. Ron will find out in the next chapter (as far as I know). This is getting longer than I planned it to be, and it's slightly different, though it will have the same outcome, so who cares? It's good the way it is so far (well, that's what I think). Thanks for reading, please review!



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Truth: Visiting


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