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Colour My World by marinahill
Chapter 10 : 10. Victoire
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I awoke, my head throbbing painfully. I slowly sat up in bed, feeling sick and dizzy as I did so. How much had I had to drink last night? I tried to remember anything, but my memory was fuzzy; besides, it hurt to much to use my head.

I tried opening my eyes, deciding that that was a good place to start, but I found my lashes were stuck together with last night's mascara. I wiped them with the back of my hand, wiping some of the black grunge away. I swung my bare legs out of bed and stumbled through my discarded clothes and into my bathroom.

Judging by the light coming in through the window, I could tell it was late morning, and the wintry sunshine illuminated the tiny bathroom easily. I looked into the mirror, which revealed a hung over version of myself. This version of me was not wearing any clothes at all, had make up all over it's face and had hair the size of a large dog. Worst of all, the makeup made me look like a clown; my red lipstick was smudged around my mouth in a rather unattractive manner. I shuddered, from cold and horror. I washed the wasted makeup off my face. At least Sam had never seen me like that. He was still sleeping, as far as the light snoring sounds told me.

I crept back into the bedroom in order not to wake the sleeping lump on the other side of the bed. I drew the covers around me as I slid into bed. I looked at the clock, and saw that the date read January the first. Happy new year to me, I thought sullenly as I closed my eyes, giving in to my headache.

I drifted back off to sleep, only waking again when Sam rolled over onto me. My eyes fluttered open as I wished him a good morning.

"Good morn-" I broke off mid sentence and screamed in horror, rolling right out of the bed onto the floor.

"Keep the noise down," Teddy groaned as I picked myself up off the floor.

What the bloody hell was Teddy doing in my bed? A feeling of utter despair descended on me. Due to our nakedness and apparent hangovers, I couldn't jump to any other conclusion as to why he was here. I had possibly made one of the biggest mistakes of my life, again. What a way to start the year off.

"Please tell me we did not have sex last night?" I said angrily, my voice just above a whisper.

Teddy grunted something inaudible, but I was pretty sure it was affirmative. I groaned miserably. How did I keep getting into these situations? And how on Earth had I got so drunk?

A draft blew around my ankles and I grudgingly climbed back into bed, shoving Teddy over onto the other side of the bed. I tried not to think about the consequences of our actions, instead readily denying it. Two friends could spend the night naked, drunk and in the same bed without having sex, right? Admittedly the chances of that were far fetched, but nothing was impossible. The last thing I remembered was downing firewhiskey in the Leakey Cauldron. Maybe the pub had been set alight by fireworks, burning our clothes and leaving us starkers? My flat then would be the nearest place to go. And it only had one bed... Yes, that must have been reason.

"When do you think they'll rebuild the Leaky Cauldron?" I asked conversationally, now convinced that last nights actions were innocent.

"What are you talking about?" Teddy said into his pillow.

"The fire last night!" I said strongly. "That reduced our clothes to ash?"

"What fire?"

My heart sank. There was no fire, after all. That was a shame. I drew my knees up to my heart, hugging them. Teddy rolled onto his side, now facing me. I observed him as he watched me. His dark hair was standing on end, some of it falling in his dark eyes. I saw the bare curve of his shoulder before it slipped under the covers. I shivered, not
wanting to see my best friend like that. I looked away pointedly.

"Would it really be that bad?" Teddy asked me, breaking into my thoughts

"Yes," I said childishly, reaching out for my bedside table, searching for the one thing that would give me some control. My hand found the small tube, and I twisted the bottom to bring the red tip out. I hovered the lipstick over my lips.

"Victoire?" Teddy reminded me that he was still there, as if I had forgotten. I turned to look at him. He reached out and took the lipstick softly from my hand. "Why don't you lay off the lipstick today?"

I raised my eyebrows slightly. Not wear any lipstick? Why would I want to do that? The lipstick made me feel safe, feel comfortable. Without it, my confidence plummeted. I felt naked again. But for whatever reason, I nodded, my voice escaping me. Maybe it was the intense gaze he held me in, or my intrigue. I slid down under the covers, not really sure what was happening to me.

I still felt Teddy's gaze on me, and it burned into my skin. I felt paralysed, intoxicated and numb; my feelings were no longer my own. I licked my lips slowly, for they had become awfully dry. I turned my head and met his beautiful eyes, so full of expression. My heart was beating loudly and I was sure Teddy could hear it. As I looked into his face, I thought about our past, our shared memories. Would I want to gamble all of that? There was too much to risk. If we broke up, which we were bound to do, things would become messy and uncomfortable. I would lose my best friend.

"We could make this work," Teddy said forcefully.

I shook my head sadly. "What about after it's over?"

Teddy smiled ruefully. "It doesn't have to be over."

I scoffed. "Oh, come on! It's inevitable that it has to end one day."

"So you never do anything that has an end? That's a really good principle." Teddy rolled his eyes.

"I'd lose you as a friend, as well. We've been friends for too long; I can't risk that."

"We've had our arguments in that time, haven't we?" He ran his fingers through his hair exasperatedly. "Are we still friends?"

"Yes," I said grudgingly. "But this is different."

"It's better."

"It's risky," I said half-heartedly.

"There's a risk in doing anything worthwhile."

I closed my eyes, wishing I could stop my heart racing, my cheeks flushing. Teddy placed an arm either side of me, propping himself up and staring down at my face. I could feel the heat of his gaze, and I opened my eyes to meet it. The connection was like the bang of a gun, a jolt of lightening that passed between us. We knew each other so well...

"What about Sam?" I asked, half reminding him that I was taken, and half reminding myself.

"Bugger Sam," Teddy said with a grin, leaning down to kiss my naked lips. I could still feel his smile as he kissed me, and I found a smile formed on my lips as well.

Teddy and I fitted perfectly together, I knew that. And as he caressed me, my heart raced faster, and I gave myself to him. He knew my body so well, he knew how to make me feel the utmost pleasure. And in return, I gave him what he wanted. I gave him my trust, something I rarely gave to anybody. The feeling was so intense, so passionate that I could not resist him.

We lay still for some time after, enjoying the aftermath of our pleasure. Eventually, I went to make us coffee, and I felt Teddy's gaze on my naked back as I left the room. It empowered me in a way I was unfamiliar with. I would have been happy to throw my lipstick away just then.

I picked my wand up from the kitchen side, and flicked it at the kettle, making it boil instantly. I felt the familiar prickle of someone watching me, and I turned to see Teddy standing there, the smile still on his face. I stuck my tongue out at him, but feeling the happiness rise in the pit of my stomach. That moment could have lasted
forever, but I turned back to the coffee making, the intense moment scaring me a little. I jumped when I felt his lips caress the back of my neck, and his arm slid around my waist. I grinned again.

I poured the coffee, and handed Teddy a mug. I never got to drink mine, however, because when I turned around and saw who was standing in the doorway, I dropped my mug.


Teddy turned around too, visibly paling at the sight of a very angry Sam with his wand drawn and ready.

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Colour My World: 10. Victoire


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