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Forbidden Love by gryffindor_princess21
Chapter 28 : Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)
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Author's note: Okay, I know I'm evil. I leave the last chapter on a semi cliffhanger and don't update for a month! My only explanation is that I have been quite busy and have been trying to get time to put this up and finally, I do get round to it. This is a Christmas present to all my readers and I hope you enjoy this chapter!

Oh and if anyone's interested, I did well in my HSC. I even passed Maths which I consider a miracle!

Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

“What do you think Hermione’s going to do?” Ron asked Harry fearfully as they ate dinner in the Great Hall.

Harry rolled his eyes at being asked this question at least a hundred times today. “For the last time, Ron, I don’t know! Maybe you should have told her you had feelings for Annabel and that she liked you in return. It would have made things much easier and she wouldn’t have been so angry with you keeping a secret like that for so long.”

“You know why I couldn’t,” Ron snapped angrily. “She would have killed me on the spot! Tell me to go and find someone else to fall for! I couldn’t do that, I fell for Annabel that day!”

“You’ve made your point about that at least a hundred times,” said Harry, worn out from all of Ron’s whining. “I never thought I would say this, but eat your dinner! You’ve done nothing all day expect whine! I’m sick of it!”

“Hey, I’ve already got Hermione on my bad side!” Ron shouted, suddenly getting up from the table. “I don’t need you on my back as well! If you need me, look on the Marauder’s Map and find me!”

He stalked away and headed out of the door. He would have been quicker, but he bumped into a sixth year who wasn’t watching where she was going. “Shove it, Higgins!” he snarled. He then pushed her out of the way and stalked up the stairs in the Entrance Hall

Felicity stood open mouthed at him for a couple of seconds before glaring after him. “Hello yourself!” she retorted at his retreating back. Geez, what on earth is wrong with him? She wondered. She shrugged her shoulders and entered the hall, spotting Harry immediately.

She walked straight to Ron’s vacant seat and slumped down, looking at Harry straight in the eye. “Will someone please tell me what’s going on around here?” she hissed, her tone desperate. “Hermione’s nowhere to be seen, Ron’s being more of an arse than he usually is, you’re obviously annoyed, and Ginny’s not saying anything. What the hell happened this morning?”

“Where were you?” Harry asked, raising his eyebrows at her. He hadn’t seen her all day and that was odd. Felicity was usually everywhere.

“There are some things you shouldn’t really know as they are very private,” she replied, frowning at him.

“You and Neville weren’t –” Harry gasped out in alarm. “You’re too young!”

“Must you jump to conclusions?! Of course not!” She shook her head in disapproval.

“I didn’t know you and Neville were that serious,” Harry said, a little shocked.

“Don’t change the subject,” she said threateningly, pointing a finger at him. “I asked you what happened this morning. Now, tell all or I’ll hex you for the rest of your life.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

Try me.”

“Fine.” And Harry proceeded to tell Felicity about what happened at breakfast.

“Ron had a girlfriend?” Felicity repeated in a hushed voice, her eyes wide in astonishment. “And to think I fancied him last year.”

“You did?” Harry asked, amazed. “You’re always at war with him.”

Felicity shrugged. “I’m not one of those girls who go all quiet and nervy or one of those girls who flirt like crazy. I know I felt all these weird emotions around Ron for awhile, but I got over them and then got a crush on Neville. It’s not a big deal to me; I just act how I normally act around other people.”

Harry raised his eyebrows at her, but didn’t press on. He was just shocked to hear that Felicity did like Ron one time. But he couldn’t give much thought to her tiny, yet unexpected confession; there were other pressing matters at hand.

Felicity didn’t notice the look he gave her, instead rubbing her chin in thought. “So Hermione was really, let’s say, pissed off when she discovered that it had been going for eight months?”

“To the extreme,” Harry answered. “If I didn’t know any better, she’s written Annabel a letter telling her she’s really a witch.”

“Merlin, that’s big,” said Felicity, leaning back in her seat. “If that’s the case, well Annabel is going to get a big surprise when she reads it. I bet she would act like some of Mum’s friends did when they found out Dad was a wizard, disown her altogether.”

“Yeah, well she said she’ll do whatever it takes to break them apart.”

“Man, she’s really cranky …” Felicity trailed off, her eyes scanning the hall. “Ah, that reminds me! Someone was looking for you.”

“Someone?” Harry repeated, crossing his arms.

“Yes, someone. I forgot who it was. I’ve been told by some many people such things like 'tell this person to meet me at such a place' or 'can you tell so – and - so that I left my homework in the dormitory and I’ve forgotten the password.' And then this person said 'Felicity, can you find Potter and tell him that I want to see him, it’s urgent.'”

“It’s a shame you don’t remember who it was,” Harry chuckled in amusement.

“I know his face, but I just can’t put my finger on it!” Felicity growled, starching her head furiously. “Hmm, I might have dandruff in my hair …”

“I didn’t need to know that, Flick,” said Harry, getting up. “Well I’m going to head back to the dormitories. Maybe I might meet this person in the hallways.”

“You do that. Has anyone eaten this?” She pointed at the full plate in front of her.

Harry shook his head and Felicity started to gobble down the food hungrily. He left her sitting at the table by herself and headed into the crowded corridors. It was towards the end of dinner and so everyone was heading back to their dormitories.


Harry turned round at the voice and saw Draco pushing past other students, casually making his way towards Harry. When Draco finally got through the crowd, he grabbed Harry by his robes and pushed him up against the wall roughly.

“Just the person I was looking for,” he sneered, his grey eyes all hard and cold.

“What the hell are you doing Dr –”

“Will you shut up!” Draco hissed menacingly. “Not while everyone else is around!” He smirked. “You fainted in Defence Against the Dark Arts again, Potter! I never thought there was something else besides the Dementors that would scare you!”

“Shut it, Malfoy,” Harry snarled, catching on the act. “You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“Oh, I think I do know what I’m –” He glanced around and saw no one was around anymore. He sighed in relief and released Harry. “Thank goodness, I ran out of things to say.”

“Never thought that would happen, King of Snide Remarks,” Harry smirked, straightening his robes.

“Hey, you can drop the act now,” Draco ordered, looking like he was out of patience. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere and I told Higgins to pass on a message for you to find me.”

“So that’s who she meant,” Harry laughed. “She couldn’t remember.”

Draco ignored what Harry said and checked the coast was still clear. “Have you seen Hermione at all today?” he asked, looking very worried.

“No. I assumed she was in the Heads common room,” said Harry, frowning.

“That’s what I thought, but she’s not there,” Draco answered, starting to panic. “She can’t be alone, remember? She hasn’t been in class or in the Great Hall since breakfast. What if the Death Eaters took her?”

“Calm down, Draco, she’ll be around somewhere.”

“Somewhere? And where’s somewhere exactly? I need to know where!”

“Hang on, I’ll check my map.” Harry took out the Marauder’s Map and activated it. “She’s not on there.”

“What?” Draco looked at the map and scanned all the various dots of people on the map. “She’s got to be there! She can’t have disappeared like that!”

“I’ve looked at this map a couple of times today and she was in the Heads common room for awhile,” Harry explained, remembering seeing her enter the room just before classes. “But then she disappeared. And I know for a fact that I didn’t see anyone enter your common room or that there is a passage to Hogsmeade in the room.”

“Hey, if there was a passage way in the common room, I would have already sneaked out of classes and gone to Hogsmeade that way,” Draco said, still looking at the map for Hermione.

“Why would you do that?” Harry asked, surprised.

“I’m the Hogwarts bad boy; do you think that just because I’m Head Boy I would follow the rules? Hell no.” Draco sighed. “We have to find her.”


“Yes, Harry, we. Don’t forget you’re helping me protect her and I don’t want to find her dead.”

“So what do you want me to do?” Harry asked uncertainly. “Come with you on patrol as usual?”

“No. We’ll both look for her, but you look in different places. I give you permission to allow one person to accompany you to find her. She might need some convincing to come out from wherever she is.”

“Okay. What’s the time?”

“It’s eight-thirty,” said Draco, looking at his watch. “I start patrolling in about half an hour, but I’m going to start early. If you find her –”

“I’ll look for you on the map and bring her to you,” Harry finished. “Got it.”

“Thanks. Please find her.” And he left Harry in the middle of the corridor.

Ginny ran down the dark corridor, making sure that no one was following her. Harry wrote a letter and told her to meet him near the library as he needed to talk to her. She assumed it was about Hermione as they hadn’t seen her all day despite the fact that classes were on.

She must be really furious about Ron and Annabel then. I don’t blame her, but I wish I said something to her. Now she won’t talk to us. 

She reached the library corridor and looked around for Harry. “Harry? Where are you?”

“I’m over here.” Harry stepped out from behind a gargoyle. “Thank goodness you came.”

“Why come here?” Ginny asked, very confused.

“I wanted to check whether Hermione was in there and I wanted you to be with me because we can both talk some sense into her.”

“But we couldn’t talk sense into her this morning,” Ginny protested, folding her arms. “What makes you think she’ll listen to us now?”

“She should have calmed down by now. She’ll listen to us; she won’t have enough energy to get angry.”

Ginny sighed in defeat. “Okay.” She took Harry’s hand and they entered the library. “Let’s separate and if we find her –”

“Send small red sparks,” Harry finished, getting out his wand. “Come on then.”

They walked off in separate directions with their wands lit. Harry walked towards the Muggle Studies section and checked through there. She wasn’t there.

“Hermione?” Ginny called softly down the History aisle. She needn’t have bothered, there was no one there. They continued their search for another good fifteen minutes, but there was no sign of the Head Girl.

She must be at her dormitory then, Harry thought with a sigh. He would have to find Draco and inform him. He sighed and started to head out of the library. Suddenly, the floor beneath him gave way and he fell down to the classroom below.

“Ow!” he screamed in pain as he clutched his leg.

“Harry? Where are you?” There was a squeal of surprise and Ginny came falling from the ceiling and landed on top of Harry. He gasped out in pain.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Harry!” she cried out, quickly getting off him. “Are you hurt?”

“My leg … it might be broken,” Harry gasped out as he felt sharp pins of pain in it. “I don’t think I can move it.”

“Hang on; I’ll help you get up.” Ginny stood up and wrapped her arms round Harry’s shoulders and hoisted him up with difficulty. She then half-dragged him out of the classroom and into the corridor. “Can you try and walk a bit?”

Harry moved off Ginny and tried to walk, but stumbled into her and ended up smashing her against the wall. “Ow! Sorry, Ginny,” he apologised, trying to get up again, but couldn’t.

She held him steady by his shoulders. “It’s okay. Just hold on.” She tried to get him off her, but he was too heavy. “Um, Harry, a little help?”

“I’m trying.” The pain was unbearable and he couldn’t move it, but that wasn’t the reason. He looked into Ginny’s blue eyes and leaned in to kiss her.

“Not here,” Ginny insisted, turning her head away.

“No one’s here, Ginny,” Harry pleaded. “Please, I need to take my mind off the pain.” He kissed her and this time she didn’t object. She wrapped her arms round his neck and pressed her body up against his and making sure she wasn’t hurting him.

Harry’s mind was in overdrive, caught between pain and pleasure as he felt Ginny’s lips on his. But then –

“Oi! What do you think you’re doing?”

The couple broke the kiss and turned to see a red faced Ron standing a few feet away with a horrified look on his face.

“Ron! What are you doing here?” Ginny asked breathlessly, shocked to see him there.

“I should be asking you that! What do you think you’re doing with my sister, Potter? Trying to seduce her or something?”

“I’m not trying to seduce her, Ron,” said Harry calmly, trying to move his broken leg.

“Yeah, right! I saw what you were doing!”

“Ron, I would never try and seduce her –”

“And how would I know that?”

“Because I’m your best mate!”

“Yeah, well my best mate does not go and sneak around with my sister behind my back without her permission! Without my permission actually!”

“Ron, you are not in charge of my life!” Ginny snapped, making no effort to move Harry away from her. “And we're not exactly sneaking around!”

“Then what the hell are you two doing? Because this doesn’t look like a conversation to me!”

“We’re going out, Ron,” Ginny said, raising her voice. “We’ve been going out since the Winter Ball.”

Ron looked from Ginny to Harry and his mouth opened in horror. “WHAT?!”

“You heard her,” said Harry, managing to move away from her a little. “We’ve been going out since the Winter Ball.”

“I heard her alright,” Ron growled, taking out his wand. He fired a curse at Harry who ducked. “I can’t believe that you have been doing this behind my back!”

“There’s no need to get violent,” Harry snarled, whipping out his own wand. “I haven’t done anything to her, Ron, and I don’t need your permission to go out with her!”

“The hell you do! I have to look out for her and I don’t want her to have her heart broken by one of my supposed best friends!” He sent another curse and it hit Harry in his already broken leg.

“Hey! I’m already injured!” Harry snapped, firing a jinx at him.


“Stop, please, just stop!” Ginny screamed over the fighting.

Harry tried to do Levicorpus, but it was knocked back by Ron. Before Harry could fire another jinx, he was suddenly upside down, high in the air.

“What the –” he started to shout when he was interrupted by cold laugh. With difficulty, he looked down to see Ron pointing his wand at him, a menacing look on his face.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Harry said through clutched teeth.

“Oh yes, I would,” Ron snarled. “It’ll knock some sense into you.”

“Ron, please stop, you don’t know what you’re doing,” Ginny pleaded, running over to him. “You’re overreacting!”

“I am not overreacting! He had it coming to him.”

The next thing Harry knew was that there was a loud bang and he fell down to the ground, colliding his head with the stone floor. Everything immediately went black.

Ginny screamed out in horror and ran over to his side. “Harry? Harry, wake up!” He didn’t stir.

Fearing the worst, she grabbed his wrist and felt for a pulse. There was a pulse, thank goodness, but he wasn’t breathing. “Now look what you’ve done, Ronald,” she snarled as angry tears ran down her face.

“He deserved it,” Ron said with no regret in his eyes.

“No, he didn’t! He loves me, Ron, and I love him! I can’t believe you’ve done this to me! Now he could be on the brick between life and death and it’s your fault! If he dies, there will be no one to defeat You-Know-Who! And I swear on Merlin’s pants that if he dies, your head will be on a platter!”

She turned away and started crying, kneeling over Harry’s body. “Please don’t die because Ron is a stupid dumb prick. You can’t leave me. I love you.”

Ron backed away from his sister and ran back to Gryffindor tower. “What have I done?” he whispered angrily to himself as he collapsed into one of the chairs by the fire.

He slightly regretted what he had done, but he wouldn’t admit that to himself. He was angry that Harry had betrayed him by going out with Ginny without his permission. Hermione must have been on the act since she and Harry had acted like they were going out. She was a bad friend by keeping this a secret since the Winter Ball. He wondered how many other people knew about their relationship. He didn’t want to think of the numbers, if there was any.

The portrait hole then opened and Felicity stumbled in clumsily.

“Damn it!” she cursed, dusting off her robes with her hands. “Do I always have to fall down every time I get into the common room?” she muttered angrily to herself. She sighed and straightened up and noticed that Ron was in the room.

“What happened to you?” she asked suspiciously, raising her eyebrows at Ron’s jinx cuts and bruises and black eye. “You look like you just got into a fight.”

“That’s because I just did,” he snapped, staring into the fire.

“Why is everyone being so snappy today? Seriously!” She shook her head. “Have you seen Ginny? She said she needed some help with an essay.”

“Yeah, she was snogging Potter,” said Ron, spitting Harry’s last name in disgust.

“Potter?” she repeated, frowning. “Why would you – wait, did you say Ginny was snogging Harry? What the hell?”

“I guess you didn’t know,” Ron said, glancing over at her shocked face.

“Know what?”

“That my supposed best mate was going out with my sister.”

“Are you serious?” she asked. “Is that why Ginny keeps disappearing at odd times?” Ron nodded in reply.

Felicity threw her hands up in the air. “Okay, this is too much for me to handle! I’m going to bed.” She headed up the girls’ staircases.

Ron sighed and closed his eyes. She was right, this was too much to handle. There was a soft hooting sound and Hedwig flew in through the window.

“Hedwig?” he asked in amazement. What’s she doing here? I didn’t send a letter to Annabel today … he untied the letter from her leg and unrolled it to find a short letter.


I have just been told something disturbing. Something that affects our relationship. Hermione has found out about us and she sent me a letter informing me of her ‘displeasure’ of us being together. But that wasn’t what shocked me.

I was told that she is a witch and that you’re a wizard. I was also told that if I stayed with you, I would be in danger from some evil wizard and he would want to kill me. Apparently I’m already in danger as Hermione is a witch and my cousin.

As you very well know, I’m a Christian and I believe that witches, witchcraft, anything that concerns ‘magic’ is pure evil. When I became a Christian, I vowed never to get involved with stuff like that and I was right. I’m now in danger because of you.

So I’ve made my decision. I’ve decided that I’m breaking up with you. The sooner I back out of this, the more chance I get at being forgiven by the one and only God. I feel so dirty for falling in love with a servant of the devil and I don’t want to do this anymore. So this is it, this is the end of us. Goodbye Ron.


The letter dropped to the floor as Ron let out a cry of anguish and banged his fist on the couch. Trust Hermione to break the best thing that ever happened to him! He was mad as hell now … and very heart broken. He was now lost without Annabel.

Draco searched frantically though the castle for Hermione during his patrol, but couldn’t see her anywhere. He soon gave up and headed back to the Head dormitories, deciding he would stay up until she came back from wherever she went off to. He reached the portrait and entered the quarters. He then walked into the common room and spotted her sitting on the couch.

“There you are!” he exclaimed, walking over to her. “I’ve been looking for you all day. You didn’t appear on Harry’s map! Where have you been?”

“I was in the Owlery and I did a complicated spell on myself so I wouldn’t show up on the map,” she answered quietly.

Draco frowned, wondering why she would go to the Owlery of all places. He didn’t think to check there. He then noticed there were tears falling down her face and he started to get very worried.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, sitting down next to her.

She took a deep breath before speaking. “I’ve done something stupid. Something that will ruin lives.”

Draco looked at her in confusion, wondering what she could have possibly done. “What did you do?”

She took another deep breath. “I wrote to Annabel and told her I was a witch.”

Draco froze, trying to process what she said. “You – you told her?” He looked at her as if she was crazy. “You’re joking, right? You didn’t want her to ever know!”

“I’m not joking,” she replied, still in her quiet voice. “I had to do it, it was the only way.”

“The only way?”

She sighed sadly and started to sob. “I found out this morning that Ron and Annabel had secretly been writing to each other for eight months and that Ron had lied about it. Harry and Ginny knew about it and so of course I wasn’t happy. I was so angry and I wanted to do something to break them up. They’re not allowed to be together, she is a Muggle that’s against things related to magic. So I sent her a letter, telling the truth about everything.”

She cried loudly as Draco wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly. “I risked my dignity to break them up. I wanted to do whatever it took to break them apart even if it meant I had to tell her the truth and who I really am. I had to include you in it so she’s going to be avoiding you now.”

There was a minute of silence between where only Hermione’s sobbing could be heard. Then she suddenly gasped in horror.

“What’s wrong?” Draco asked, alarmed at her sudden outburst.

Hermione didn’t hear him as she was caught up in a revive. She just remembered something that happened in the summer holidays. The dream …

Three new relationships will start, all of them forbidden.
Creating three trails of Forbidden Love.
The first is happening right now, with two different people who lead different lives
The second will come, when a man will realise his true feelings and dances with a friend’s sister
And the third will start unexpectedly, as these two are enemies but they will see beyond their hate and realise they’re meant for each other.
Only one person will know about each relationship except for the third one … all will be caught when they least expect it.
The trails are starting … 

“Oh Merlin …” she gasped out, covering her mouth.


“Why didn’t I see it before …” she trailed off lost in her own world. “It’s so obvious! Why didn’t I see it from the start? I’m so stupid!”

“What are you talking about?” asked Draco, who looked very confused.

Hermione suddenly realised he was still there. “I had a dream sometime in the summer holidays. I remember thinking it was rather weird at the time because someone was talking to me and no one was in the room. It was a prophecy.”

“A prophecy?” Draco repeated, thinking he didn’t hear her correctly.

“Yes, a prophecy …”

Three new relationships will start, all of them forbidden.
Creating three trails of Forbidden Love. 

“The first lines said that three relationships would start and they would all be forbidden in some way. Well it didn’t exactly say that, but that’s what it means.”

The first is happening right now, with two different people who lead different lives.

“The first is happening right now … of course! I had this dream the night after I introduced Annabel to Harry and Ron! She asked Ron to come into her room to see her ‘comic book collection’, but they must have gotten together that night! Two different people who led different lives, it fits!”

The second will come, when a man will realise his true feelings and dances with a friend’s sister. 

“A man will realise his true feelings …” Hermione muttered to herself, thinking hard. “… and dances with a friend’s sister … Harry! Of course! He was confused of whether he liked me or Ginny –”

“What? Potter liked you?” asked Draco sharply. “Since when?”

“I don’t know,” she admitted shrugging. “He only said he wasn’t sure. But he doesn’t anymore because he’s with Ginny. Yes! Ron is Ginny’s brother and friend to Harry!”

“What a way to state the obvious,” Draco mumbled to himself.

And the third will start unexpectedly, as these two are enemies, but they will see beyond their hate and realise they’re meant for each other. 

“And the third will start unexpectedly, as these two are enemies … but they will see beyond their hate … and realise they’re meant for each other …” Hermione looked up at Draco with wide eyes.

“That’s us isn’t it?” Draco asked, knowing what she meant. “Enemies that see beyond their hate?”

“And realise they’re meant for each other …” she trailed off. Both knew that the last line was true, but neither wanted to say it out loud.

“Now I come to think of it, it was unexpected,” said Draco, making sense of the line. “I mean to be perfectly honest, I didn’t think I would fall for you but I did.”

Only one person will know about each relationship except for the third one …

“Only one person will know about each relationship except for the third one. Well Harry knew about Ron and Annabel and I knew about Harry and Ginny. You and Ginny found out accidentally about the first two relationships, the prophecy fails to mention that. And no one knew about us so that makes perfect sense.”

… all will be caught when they least expect it. 

“All will be caught when they least expect it …” Hermione muttered.

“Harry caught us at a bad time,” said Draco, counting on his fingers. “He had the dream where Voldemort saw us sleeping on the couch and then found us making out.”

“I caught Ron and Annabel out when Hedwig brought a letter from Annabel this morning,” said Hermione. “Harry and Ginny …” She paused, deep in thought. “No one has caught them out yet so they’re still unknown. As far as I know.”

“This is insane,” said Draco, shaking his head. “I can’t believe there was a prophecy made about the six of us. It’s mad enough that there was a prophecy about Harry and You-Know-Who –”

“How did you know about that?” Hermione asked sharply. “No one was supposed to know about it!”

“Lucius.” Draco spat his father’s name in disgust. “Don’t worry; I don’t know what the contents of it are. I heard him talking about it when I visited him in Azkaban for the first and only time –”

“I thought you never saw him when he went to Azkaban?” Hermione frowned. “Your mother said in that article –”

“She lied,” Draco answered, shaking his head. “She didn’t want people to know I had visited him because he managed to torture me without a wand. It traumatised me.”

“Oh, how awful!” Hermione gasped, covering her mouth in shock.

“It was, but back to the present, the prophecy about us. I’m surprised Felicity and Longbottom aren’t in it.”

“That’s because their relationship wasn’t forbidden to anyone,” Hermione explained patiently. “They could date openly. Ron and Annabel’s relationship was forbidden because she’s my cousin and she’s against magic. Harry and Ginny’s was forbidden as Ron is very protective of Ginny and thinks that she’s too young for a relationship and doesn’t want Harry to break her heart if he went out with her. And ours was forbidden because –”

“We’re from rival houses, you’re a Muggle-born while I’m a Pureblood and the chance of Voldemort and the Death Eaters finding out,” Draco finished, nodding.

“Yes, but why was there a prophecy about it …” Hermione said thoughtfully. “Hang on, ‘and realise they’re meant for each other …’ What if all the couples were meant for each other? That even if they forbidden and no one might never accept it, they were meant to meet, fall for each other and maybe spend the rest of their lives with each other? Ron and Annabel … oh no.”

She gripped Draco by his shirt tightly. “I’m a horrible person! I broke up a couple that were supposed to be together! A couple I didn’t approve of! Why did I do that?”

“You’re not a horrible person, Hermione. You had to tell her the truth about what you were eventually, but probably not in this case.”

He racked his brains for something else to say. “You’re not a horrible person because you set out to break them up. It’s something that some people do so you’re not alone. Annabel will have to get over her prejudice one day. You’re her cousin. That’s something that will never change.”

She sniffed against his chest. “I guess,” she murmured. “But it’s not just Ron and Annabel that have betrayed me, Harry and Ginny were in it too. I don’t know about Felicity, but she would have had some idea. I can’t talk to them and I never will again!”

“You will,” Draco assured her. “You’ll talk to them again. You just need to calm down and chill out for awhile. You all need to calm down. It’s been a big day and you could do with some sleep.”

“You’re right, Draco. You know, I’m surprise to hear you say 'chill out'. That is something I never expected to come out of Draco Malfoy’s mouth.”

“Yeah, well I’m full of surprises. Which room are we sleeping in tonight?”

“My room,” Hermione answered, wiping her eyes. “Let’s get ready for bed.”

Fifteen minutes later, they were under the covers in Hermione’s queen size bed, trying to get to sleep.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come patrolling,” Hermione said, facing Draco as she laid on her right side. “I was just so upset that I actually told her.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Draco whispered softly as he caressed her cheek. “Just promise me something.”


“If you’re going somewhere alone, tell me where you’re going so I don’t have to worry so much.”

Hermione laughed softly. “I’m sorry for that too. Just overreacting.”

“That’s okay.”

She turned over on her left side and moved towards Draco who wrapped his arms round her. She started drifting off to sleep, but needed to say something.



She paused. She wanted to say, “I love you”, but maybe she would freak him out if she did. Maybe I should wait for the perfect time to say so, she thought with a small sigh. “Thanks for comforting me,” she replied, holding his arms against her chest.

Draco smiled to himself. “Anytime. You comforted me when there was no one else so I’m paying you back. Besides, I’m always there for you no matter what.”

“Yeah … thanks.”

She fell into a deep sleep and soon enough, Draco did too.


Hermione’s eyes shot open at the noise and scanned the room fearfully. She couldn’t see anything so she closed her eyes and tried to get back to sleep.

Crash! Crash!

She opened her eyes again and again saw no one there. She hadn’t imagined the noise, though, so someone was there. She turned round to wake Draco up.


But he wasn’t next to her. She gasped in horror as a high, cold, sneering laugh rang through the room.

“Your precious blood-traitor boyfriend isn’t here to save you now,” said the voice, sounding like they were close to Hermione.

Hermione gasped. “Where is he? What have you done to him?”

The voice only laughed in response. Hermione looked round and saw her walk-in wardrobe that was usually open, closed.

“What - he’s in there?” she asked, pointing to the wardrobe.

“Oh yes, he is and there is no way he can save you now.”

Hermione started to tremble and edged away from the voice. It was difficult to do so because she didn’t know where they were. “Who are you and what do you want?” she asked desperately, very frightened.

She didn’t get an answer. She saw a shadow of someone rasing their wand, a bang and then everything went black.

Author's note: A reminder, most Christians are not like Annabel. She has rather old fashioned views. And yes, I know I'm evil for leaving off at a cliffhanger like that, but I'll try to update as soon as possible after New Year. Until then, Happy Holidays!

Love Emma (gryffindor_princess21)

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