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The Adventures of the Next Generation: The second year by demongurl
Chapter 3 : Lowes Warning
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A/N:-sorry it's been a long time since i updated. Will update again on monday probably

Lowe’s warning

“Dylan.” Piper said slightly alarmed. Sophie was next to him and she put a hand on his back.

“Are you ok?” Sophie asked. Dylan stood up shakily.

“Yeah I’m fine.” He said, his eyes still closed. “Um-” Sophie and Rachel stood up as well quickly to help him on his feet. He shook his head and opened his eyes. His eyes were unfocused for a few seconds then he looked at the people in the room looking at him worriedly.

“What was that?” Dylan asked. He looked at Piper for the answer. She shrugged.

“How am I supposed to know?” She asked worriedly. “Do you need anything?”

“I need an explanation.” Dylan said. He felt Sophie’s hold on his arm tighten.

“Are you sure you don’t need anything else?” Sophie asked. Dylan looked at her and nodded.

“I’ll talk to you later.” He said as he left the room.

“Dylan.” Rachel said dejectedly as he closed the room. He wondered through the house and went to the room he was sharing with Piper. Dylan didn’t get why he was asked to share a room with her but it wasn’t as if she slept in the room anyway. He jumped onto his bed and lay down. He stared at the dark murky ceiling. What had caused that? What was that pain. Dylan couldn’t remember anymore what the prophecy he had remembered was about. He closed his eyes and tried to focus on remembering the prophecy. He knew he had it about Christmas time. He saw flashes of it. Colette trembling in a corner, Hilary Silverstone, Colette’s other best friend, looking distraught, a necklace in his hand. Dylan opened his eyes and stared at the wall utterly confused. He hadn’t known he had been a prophet for long but he already hated it. The prophecies he made were never good and at points last year he had been to scared to go to sleep. Dylan got up slowly and crawled to the end of his bed and opened his trunk. He pulled out a small package. He went back to the head of the bed and unwrapped it carefully. He laid out the delicate Dream catcher on his legs and looked at the window next to his bed. He picked up the dream catcher and hung it in the window. He smiled to himself, Piper had bought him the dream catcher in a hope to help him get rid of his dreams. This was before they realised that he was a dream prophet.

Dylan felt slightly better putting the dream catcher up though he knew that it wouldn’t help much. He got out a small glass orb, a dream recorder, and put it on the table next to his bed before getting out some books and started doing his homework. He’d done most of it but he felt that he should try and get the rest of it done.

There was a woman standing by a stone alter, she looked like she was in her mid sixties but she was in incredibly good shape for someone that old. Dylan walked forward, he wasn’t Dylan though, he was someone else, the dark lord.

“I’ve been expecting you to come.” The woman said running a hand through her dark yet greying hair.

“How did you know?” Dylan asked her. He was someone else, he knew this was a prophecy but he was actually experiencing it as someone instead of as a separate party.

“The witch doctors and shamans will do anything for me.” The woman said. She turned to face Dylan. Her face was scarred but under the scarring Dylan could tell that she had once been incredibly pretty. Her eyes sparkled dangerously with power.

“So you know what I want?” Dylan asked.

“Of course.” She said, “and I’m going to tell you that it’ll take more then promises of removing my scarring to make me join your cause. I do believe in it but when you left me for dead, almost drowning in the lake I lost my faith in all of you.” She said.

“Come on Jessica, do you really mean that?” Dylan said taking a step towards her. The woman took a deep breath and turned to the alter, she picked up a small bag of bones and threw them behind the alter. She picked up a long knobbly wooden staff and leaned against it.

“Yes I do. I nearly lost the ability in my left leg and I’ve lost my beauty for this cause. I’m not longer going to try in Europe. Africa is mine so stay out and I’ll stay out of your continents” She said. “All that’s been seen in the future for you and Bella is failure.”

“How do you know?” Dylan asked.

“Because there is someone listening to this conversation” She said. Dylan turned around to look for any intruders “You can’t see him. He’s here.” She said pointing to Dylan’s forehead with the staff. “This meeting was prophesised and as long as the prophet is alive you won’t succeed. That’s all I’m helping you with. If you need my help again bring something that will make it worth my while to help you.” She said.

“Very well Jessica, if that is all I will leave back for England. Just one more thing” Dylan said.

“What’s that Rabastan?” She asked.

“Who’s the prophet?” Dylan asked.

“I don’t know but you will fall like the last dark lord. You’ll lose your most successful spy and servant to them. And unlike Potter this new child has much more at his disposal. He has Potter on his side as well as the Weasleys and that Granger girl. Dumbeldore may be dead but he has Marsden. Marsden is quickly replacing Dumbledore and I hear that the dark lord’s old followers still cower at her name. Be careful Rabastan. You won’t succeed.” Jessica said. Dylan scowled at her.

“And you can’t tell me who this boy is?”

“All I know is that he’s in Potter’s fold. Under his protection, in a sense. I do not know his identity or what he looks like.” Jessica said.

Dylan frowned as he sat up in his bed. He looked around, it was completely dark and the curtains were closed. He swung his legs over the edge of his bed and looked at Piper’s bed. This was one night she was actually sleeping there.

“Piper” Dylan hissed. She rolled over and looked at him.

“Yeah?” She asked tiredly.

“Who’s Jessica Lowe?” He asked.

“A deatheater who died I think, why?” Piper asked leaning on her elbows and looking at Dylan.

“I think she’s alive.” Dylan said. Piper looked at him and switched on a light. Both of them closed their eyes against the light from the lamp. After a few minutes Dylan opened his eyes and saw Piper sitting on the side of her bed.

“Pass me the dream recorder.” Piper said holding her hand out. Dylan picked it up and threw it to her. Piper looked into it for a while and though she was obviously very tired she seemed to be concentrating. A frown appearing on her face as she held it.

“You won’t survive while the prophet lives,” Piper muttered as she held the ball. Dylan knew she was watching the dream in her mind, even if she looked like she was daydreaming. “In the Potter fold?” Piper snapped out of the daydream and looked at Dylan with a frown.

“Is it as bad as I think?” Dylan asked nervously.

“What do you think it means?” Piper asked.

“I think it means that the adults are going to fail.” Dylan said. Piper looked at him sadly.

“That’s what I think as well.” Piper said. “She said that the conversation was prophesised which means it’s obviously referring to this prophet and they won’t secede while the prophet is alive.” Dylan could almost see Piper’s mind working,

“Well the prophet is me.” Dylan said, “And so while I’m alive-”

“The Lestrange’s won’t be able to take over like Voldemort did. This seems all too familiar to me.” Piper said worryingly. She looked at Dylan and then stood up. “We should tell mum about this.”

“No, Piper, don’t.” Dylan said. Piper looked at him, she bit her lip slightly, “I don’t want to tell them until I know what it means and I’ll have forgotten it by the morning and I don’t want the adults to fuss over me without me knowing what’s going on.” Piper continued to look at him. “Please Piper.”

“But Dyl-”

“Piper.” Dylan said pleadingly to his older sister. She sat down defeated,

“What if they find out it’s you and they kill you?” Piper asked, “I don’t want to lose any of my family, particularly you.” Dylan smirked.

“Don’t you love our brother sister moments?” Dylan asked. Piper smirked as well.

“I do but Dylan I’m serious. We have to tell mum.” Piper said.

“No Piper, leave it for a while and if I can’t remember what’s happened please can you remind me some time. But I want to know before the adults do.” Dylan said. Piper stood up again and put the dream recorder on the table and looked at Dylan.

“You better know what you’re doing. I’ll talk to you about it again in a few days time.” Piper said. Dylan nodded gratefully. Piper gave him a sisterly hug. “Promise me that you’ll stay out of trouble forever.” She asked.

“I can’t promise forever but while I’m at Hogwarts I’ll try.” Dylan said with a smile. Piper smiled, that seemed to be enough for her.

“Night Dylan.” She said, giving him a quick kiss on his cheek. Dylan made a disgusted face and wiped his cheek with his palm. Piper laughed. “I used to kiss your cheek al the time, you never used to mind.”

“That was before I grew up Piper.” Dylan said. Piper laughed again.

“Go to sleep.” Piper said, “I’ll talk to you later.” Piper got back into the bed as Dylan got back into his.

“Piper.” Dylan said.

“What?” She asked turning to face him.

“Why aren’t you in James’ bed?” Dylan asked. Piper smiled.

“Dad is here and I’ve actually managed to get on his good side for the first time in ages and I intend on keeping it that way. As long as James and I don’t sleep with each other he’ll be happy.” Dylan smirked.

“Does James mind?”

“If it means that he can get married to me? No he doesn’t mind” Piper said “Now, I knackered, night Dylan.” Piper switched off the light and rolled over in her bed. Dylan smiled and turned over.

“Just let me go to your wedding and I give you my permission to marry him as well.” Dylan said. Dylan heard Piper laughing in her bed.

“You’ll be the guest of honour Dylan.” She said.

“Good.” Dylan said with a smile. He closed his eyes and he could still hear Piper laughing slightly.

* * * *

Dylan looked at Piper strangely. She had been looking at him weirdly over the past few days. They were going to Diagon Alley today and Dylan felt relieved he’d be able to leave. Piper had been scaring him slightly. She had tried to talk to him a few times but had always been distracted by James or by one of her friends calling for help with their homework. Dylan and his own friends travelled to Diagon Alley by Floo powder and they met Harper and her friend Amy Corbet in Gringotts.

“HELLO!” Harper said hyperactively as she ran over and gave the girls hugs. Her brown hair flying everywhere.

“What about me?” Dylan asked.

“I’ll give you a hug.” Amy said. Dylan grinned and Amy gave him a tight hug. “It’s good to see you guys again.” She said. Amy was a really good friend of all of theirs but she had been sorted into Ravenclaw while the others had gone into Gryffindor. Amy and Harper were like sisters, only able to be separated by boys, sleep and teachers.

“Are you guys going to get some money?” Harper asked.

“Yeah.” Dylan said.

“Come on Dylan.” Piper said. She and James had taken on the role of Mum and dad while Hermione, Ron and Jenny were busy. Harry was still in hospital but was now awake. “Sophie, we’ll change some money for you when we get back.”

“Ok.” Sophie said, “Can I come with you? I’ve never seen the vaults.”

“Sure.” Piper said. “James you take your lot and I’ll take mine.” Pipe said with a smile.

“Fine.” James said, he gave Piper a quick kiss. “Come on brats.”

“I’m a year younger then you.” Colette said hitting his arm as they walked off.

“Still a brat to me.” James said with a smirk.

“Right, Holly Kevin-” Piper looked around. “Where have they gone?” Kevin and Holly had wondered off without anyone looking, Dylan thought he knew where they had gone.

“They’ve probably gone to Uncle Fred and George’s shop.” Dylan said.

“Hm, probably. Fine. Harper, Amy do you two need to get some money?” Piper asked them.

“Yeah, we were about to go down.” Harper said.

“On your own?” Piper asked.

“No, Amy’s dad was about to take us down. He’s talking to the goblins about work.” Harper said pointing out a man that was talking to some goblins. “But we’ll go with you if you don’t mind.” Harper said.

“Um, if you want.” Piper said uncertainly. Dylan looked at Piper.

“Do you know him?” Dylan asked.

“He’s my boss.” Piper said. “Come on, Danni, you going to take Rachel with you?”

“I might as well.” Said the other girl. “Come on Rach.” Rachel skipped after her sister and Piper led Dylan, Sophie and Harper to go to their own vaults. They went to Harper’s vault first and Harper got out and took out a few coins. Dylan and Sophie leaned forwards to see how much money Harper had and Dylan was surprised to see that there wasn’t much in there. Harper came out smiling.

“Well, I got enough for now.” She said. Dylan gave her an awkward smile. He knew that Harper was poor but he didn’t think she was that poor. She only had a few galleons in her vault and a few odd other coins.

“Your parents trust you to go into your vault on your own?” Piper said awkwardly. Harper nodded.

“Yeah, they trust me enough.” Harper said.

“So, um how much money do you have?” Piper asked.

“Not that much, enough to get by.” Harper said casually like money wasn’t an issue.

“Which vault now?” the Goblin asked.

“The Weasley vaults please.” Piper said. The Goblin nodded and the cart they sat in bolted off down a few more levels.

“Vaults?” Sophie asked. Dylan nodded. They passed quite a few security measures and stopped with a jerk outside a row of vaults. Piper got out and handed a small ring of keys to the goblin. Dylan saw Harper looked at them jealously as Dylan got out as well. The goblin opened one of the vaults and Piper took out quite a few coins and put them into her bag. Dylan knew that his parents were never very rich when they were his age but since his mum had gotten the job of Deputy Minister or Magic they had become very rich, they had about three vaults full of money, the Potters had even more, their vaults were all on the same level, where the security was slightly tighter.

Piper handed Dylan another bag of money.

“That’s for you, to last the year ok!” Piper said. Dylan looked at her and smiled.

“I know.” Dylan said. He sat down in the cart and avoided Harper’s looks. She looked at him with awe as Piper went to another vault, her own vault.

“How many vaults do you have?” Harper asked.

“Um, quite a few.” Dylan said. “And then there’s Piper’s vault, she’s got quite a bit.” His voice faded, he felt slightly awkward with having so much money when Harper didn’t have that much.

“What did you expect?” Sophie asked Harper, “His mum is deputy minister.”

“I didn’t know how much she got paid, no wonder you’re well off.” Harper said to Dylan as Piper got into the cart. A few minutes later they met up with their friends again in the entrance of Gringotts.

“Ok, Dylan, meet us in the Leaky Cauldron at six, don’t spend all the money, you need to buy all your supplies and things.” Piper said.

“Don’t worry.” Dylan said. “Bye.” Dylan and his friends walked off.

“Where shall we go?” Harper asked.

“Flourish and Blotts.” Rachel said. “I need to get some books”

“We all need to get books.” Harper said.

“Lets go and get all our school stuff, take it to the Leaky Cauldron then do what we want.” Amy suggested.

“Brilliant idea.” Harper said, “Absolutely spiffing.”

“Absolutely what?” Dylan asked. Sophie laughed and the five of them wandered through Diagon Alley getting their things. They were walking past the Quidditch shop when Dylan stopped and looked in the window. There was a brand new broom stick on display in the window, the Firebolt 2.

“Dylan.” Rachel called. Dylan got out his bag of money and looked at how much he had. He wanted that broom. When he saw that he didn’t have enough he just stood there and stared at it.

“Dylan, what is it?” Sophie asked.

“Look at that broom.” Dylan said. Sophie looked at it and smiled.

“That is so nice.” Sophie said, “I wish I had a broom.”

“I want that one.” Dylan said.

“You already have a broom.”

“So?” Dylan said.

“Hey, guys” Harper said impatiently. Dylan tore his gaze away from the window and looked at Sophie.

“You want a broom?” Dylan asked,

“Um, yeah but-”

“Come with me.” Dylan said. He took Sophie’s hand and led her into the broom shop. They stopped in the shop and Sophie looked at Dylan strangely, Dylan looked at her and then at their hands. They both quickly let go. “So which broom do you want?”

“Dylan, you can’t buy me a broom.” Sophie said.

“Why not?” Dylan asked, “You’re my friend and I kinda forgot to buy you a present for your birthday.”

“I told you it doesn’t matter.”

“Hey guys.” Rachel said coming into the shop, “What are you doing?” She stood by Sophie as Dylan helped her choose a broom.

“Dylan’s buying me a broom.” Sophie said casually. She had decided there was no arguing with Dylan, if he wanted to buy her a broom, she’d let him he wouldn’t listen to her.

“He’s what?” Rachel asked, “You’re so lucky.”

“What about that one?” Sophie asked pointing at a Lightning bolt. Dylan picked it up.

“Yeah this one should be ok.” He said, “This is the model that came out just before my broom.” Dylan said. He went up to the counter and Sophie glanced at Rachel. Rachel looked at her impressed.

“You are a lucky girl.” Rachel said. Sophie smiled and turned to Dylan. He came up smiling and gave the broom to Sophie.

“There you are.” He said.

“Why?” Was all Sophie could say.

“As I said, I forgot to buy you a birthday present and you’re my best friend.” Dylan said grinning.

“I didn’t know you had enough.” Sophie said

“I charged it to mum’s vault. She has so much money she won’t notice that a couple…thousand…galleons have gone missing, come on lets go.” He said quickly. Rachel and Sophie looked at each other again

“Did he say couple thousand?” Sophie whispered. Rachel nodded and they quickly followed Dylan out of the shop.

A/N:now please review, i want to know your views on my story

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