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Sick by ginny_malfoy22
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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I sat in the Hospital Wing, watching Rose. She wasn’t entertaining, but I couldn’t keep my face away from hers. I was willing her eyes to open. I needed them to open. I needed her to wake up and be okay.

I looked up as her brother walked into the room and took a seat next to his mother. He looked at his sister, then gave his mother a hug.

“How is she?” he whispered.

“No better. No worse,” Mrs Weasley said quietly, sadly. I smiled over at her, as there was a sudden cry of pain from Rose. We looked at her sharply as she arched her back. She started to convulse. I cried out for Madam Pomfrey, and grabbed Rose’s hand. Her eyes were wide open and she was looking straight at me.

“Scorp!” she exclaimed as she stopped convulsing. I moved close to her.

“Rose. How are you?” I whispered. She whimpered.

“It hurts all over,” she said, looking like she was about to cry. I brushed her hair out of her face and kissed her forehead. She gripped my hand.

“I’ll stay by you,” I told her quietly. She nodded, and looked up at me, fear in her eyes.

“What’s happening to me? I feel like I’m on fire but in ice at the same time,” she said, barely audible. I smiled sadly.

“I don’t know, but your father and your uncle are trying to find out. They’re talking to my mother now,” I said. Rose smiled, and reached to my face. She touched my cheek, and then brought her hand back to her side.

“You rest now,” I said. She nodded, and her head fell back on her pillow and her eyes closed. I looked up at Mrs Weasley, who was crying again.

“What did she say?” Madam Pomfrey demanded. I told her what Rose had said, and then stood up. I wanted to kick the wall. This was my mother’s fault. Parkinson’s fault! She was in such pain! How could they have done this? Why Rose? It wasn’t her fault that Harry Potter had rid the world of Voldemort! Why take it out on her?

Hugo must’ve seen the anger in my face because he placed an hand on my shoulder.

“Scorpius, you won’t help her by getting angry,” he said sadly, “I want her to be better as much as anyone, but getting angry won’t help. Dad and Uncle Harry are doing their best. Madam Pomfrey is doing her best. That’s all we can ask for.” I nodded. He was right. That didn’t make it any easier.


The doors of the Hospital Wing opened, and Harry Potter and Ron Weasley walked in. Mr Weasley immediately went to his daughters side, and Mr Potter stood at the end of the bed, and gestured for me to come towards him.

“What happened?” I asked. Mr Potter sighed.

“Your mother won’t say a word. Parkinson won’t say a word,” he whispered. I put my head in my hands, and then looked up at Mr Potter.

“I want to talk to her,” I said. Mr Potter looked at me, surprised.

“Your mother?” he said. I nodded. He frowned, and I sighed.

“She’s an evil woman, but she’s still my mother, I like to hope she actually has feelings towards me, however deep-rooted they are. Please, I want to try,” I said. Mr Potter sighed, and then looked at Rose in her hospital bed.

I watched his expression carefully. I wished he would say yes. I wanted to do something, anything, to help Rose. I needed to feel to be doing something, instead of just sitting around.

But I didn’t want to leave Rose’s side either, and there was a part of me that hoped he would say no. I couldn’t leave her side. I had promised her I’d stay. And what if she died while I was gone? She couldn’t die, I didn’t want her to die, she couldn’t possibly die, but it was still a possibility, and I didn’t want to leave while there was a possibility I would never see her again.

“Okay, we’re going right now. I’ll just go tell Neville, and you can tell these guys. I’ll be back soon, and then we’ll leave,” he said. I nodded, and looked at Hugo, and Mr and Mrs Weasley.

“I’m going to go with Mr Potter to try to talk to my mother. I don’t know how well it will work, but hopefully, something will happen. If Rose wakes up, tell her I’m sorry to break my promise, but I only left to help her,” I said. Mrs Weasley nodded, and Mr Weasley stepped forward.

“Thank you, Scorpius. You may save my daughters life twice,” he said. I gave him a twisted smile and walked to the other side of the bed that the Weasley’s were on.

“Rose, I’m going with your uncle. I need to find a way to save you. I’ll be back as soon as I can,” I said, kissed her forehead, and walked out of the Hospital Wing to wait for Mr Potter. I could feel the tears in my eyes. I needed to find a way to save Rose, so then I could actually talk to her about my feelings. The feelings that I had started to believe she had for me. And then, hopefully, I could spend the rest of my life with her. I would be a very happy man indeed.

AN~ The second chapter, finally! I'm so sorry, it's taken me so long, but I just needed to wait for a plot bunny attack again. Or at least, for a ploy bunny to come near me...
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter, thanks for reading, please review!



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Sick: Chapter 2


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