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The Goblet of Fire: My Way by hp7002
Chapter 2 : The Triwizard Tournament
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It was dark outside, and I felt extremely claustrophobic, because I was surrounded by something. Bushes? Yeah. That must have been what they were, because every time I touched them they pricked me, and even though it was so dark out, I could tell they were a dark green color. I wondered where I could possibly be.

Suddenly, I felt a gust of wind blow on my face, and in the distance, I saw a person frantically running through the bushes. Cautiously, I followed. The boy was still running through the bushes, and they looked like a big maze. I looked up, and in the dark sky I saw red sparks, probably coming from someone’s wand. I wondered what that meant. I felt another burst of wind, and I guessed another person was running past me. I turned my head, but I wasn’t quick enough to see who it was. Why were these people running through bushes at night?

I woke with a start, and when I looked around, I realized I was sitting straight up. That dream kind of bugged me, but I couldn’t really tell you why. I thought about what it could mean, and I glanced at my clock. Two-thirty. There was no way I would remember this dream if I went back to bed, so I did what the doctors always told you to do. I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and wrote my dream down. I did it very descriptively, because I didn’t want to forget anything I dreamt. Finally, I forced myself to go back to sleep. I didn’t want to, because I wanted to think about the dream I had. But I knew that if I didn’t go to sleep I would have a miserable day tomorrow. I put my head on my pillow, and however reluctantly, I fell asleep quickly.

“Good morning sunshine,” Liv said cheerfully. She was a morning person. I wasn’t.

“Ugh,” was all I responded.

“Get up! I want my breakfast to be warm, unlike all of last year, thanks to you,” she said. I smiled. It was true; I always made us late to breakfast. Slowly, I got up out of bed and brushed my hair. Liv and me usually went down to eat breakfast in our pajamas, and then we would come back and change for class.

“I’m hungry,” Liv commented on our way down.

“Me too,” I said while opening the doors to the Great Hall. It smelled really good, and as my eyes wandered to the tables, everything looked really good, too. We sat in our usual seats near Mike, and started to eat.

“I’ve already seen some people put their names in the Goblet. A few from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, and John Newton, that seventh year, apparently, as they all have to be seventh years. Cedric Diggory, I think his name is, from Hufflepuff, put his name in, too,” Mike informed us.

“I wonder when Fred and George will try to put their names in,” I said.

“Oh, they already did. It was hilarious, but humiliating on their part. Everyone thought their plans would be a success, because they crossed the circle without a problem. But when they put their names in the cup, it shot it back out at them and they grew two foot long beards,” Mike laughed. I looked over a few seats, and saw Fred and George with long, gray beards. I giggled. I drank my last sip of orange juice and looked at Liv.

“You ready?” I asked.

“Yeah, let’s go. We’ll see you in Transfiguration, Mike,” Liv told him.

“Sure. Bye,” he responded. We walked silently up the stairs, and up to our dorm. I got out my clothes and brought them in to the bathroom, because I didn’t get a shower last night. I had been too tired. I grabbed my tooth brush and toothpaste, and brushed my teeth until they felt completely clean. By then, the water warmed up, so I hopped in the shower. It felt good, so I took a long time rinsing the shampoo out of my hair. Finally, when I felt fully awake, I turned the water off and put my clothes on. I put my wet hair in a braid and grabbed my Transfiguration books, and my wand.

“Liv! Let’s go!” I called. Even though I had taken so long in the shower, Liv always took longer. She was SO girly, with her makeup and everything. With some things, I felt like I couldn’t relate to her at all.

“Commmiinnngggg,” she moaned back. She knew I hated when she took so long with futile things like hair, and makeup. We met Mike in the common room, and walked to Professor McGonagall’s class together, and sat down next to each other. Transfiguration was my favorite class, along with Defense Against the Dark Arts (with the new Professor Moody, he was kinda weird), so I was excited to see what we were doing today.

“Today, we are going to be turning butterflies into napkins,” McGonagall told us as I took a seat near Liv. I saw a cage of live butterflies fluttering around in a cage. Ew. Butterflies? Napkins? Really, how stupid. She rambled on about what we needed to do in order to transform the butterfly. Ha. I already knew how, so as she was talking, I laid my head down on the desk…

A  blurry, pale white face flashed before my eyes. It looked horrified, and I could see that there was a thin layer of sweat covering his face. It looked familiar. Soooo familiar. But from where? The person was running in those bushes again, frantically. He fell with a thud, near the bush, and I gasped. I looked around the side of the bush and saw a husky figure put a curse on the boy. He started to twitch. I started to scream for help-

“Gwen? Gwen?” I heard someone ask. Oh, Liv. I rubbed my eyes and picked my head up, and I saw napkins on most people’s desks, and on a few desks I saw napkins with wings. My butterfly was still fluttering in a tiny cage on my desk.

“Oh!” I said, and quickly transformed my butterfly with a simple spell. I shivered, remembering my dream. I never had a dream that really scared me before, but during Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions, my mind drifted back to that poor boy’s face. When the bell rang for the final class to be over, I sighed in relief. These classes were too boring, and didn’t distract my mind from the dreams. The three of us (Me, Liv, and Mike) walked back to the Gryffindor common room and started on our homework. We had Herbology.

“Do you get this?” Mike said after about ten minutes. I was more than half way done the worksheet, and Mike finished about one question. There were pictures of plants on the page, and we had to name them.
“The diagram is in the book,” I told him, “On page three forty five.” I quickly finished the homework, and was actually sad that I didn’t have any more to do, to distract me. Should I tell Liv? Eh, no. She didn’t see the look on his face. She wouldn’t understand why it freaked me out so much.

“Can we go down and get dinner? I’m hungry,” I told both of them. I really wasn’t that hungry, but it was something to do.

“Sure,” they both responded, and we started walking downstairs. There weren’t that many people there and we sat down in our usual seats, and filled our plates.

“So, are you guys excited for the Triwizard Tournament?” I said, wanting to break the silence.

“Um, yeah! We get out of class to watch each task!” Mike said. Yay! That meant missing a few classes of Potions.

“Really?” Liv said with a mouthful of potatoes.


“Will everyone please report to the Great Hall, now,” Dumbledore’s voice said. A few seconds later, the doors to the Great Hall opened and a flood of students came in, along with most teachers. Hm. What was this all about? I looked over at the Goblet of Fire, and realized it was probably something to do with this tournament.

“Take a seat everyone, take a seat. We are all here so I can announce the competitors to compete in the Triwizard Tournament!” Dumbledore exclaimed. Mike squirmed happily in his seat, and a piece of paper flew out of the goblet and into Dumbledore’s hand.

“The Durmstrang competitor is VICTOR KRUM!” Dumbledore shouted. Everyone clapped, and he walked up to Dumbledore, and Dumbledore whispered something in his ear. He walked out of the Great Hall. For the next two competitors, he did the same thing. (“FLEUR DELACOUR FROM BEAUXBATONS!” and “CEDRIC DIGGORY!”) The Weasley twins seemed very aggravated when Cedric’s name was called. I smirked, because it looked like they thought they still had a chance. I continued eating my dinner, and looked around the room. As Dumbledore walked away from the cup, he froze in his tracks as another piece of paper shot out at him.

“Harry Potter?” Dumbledore asked, and then sounded frustrated, “HARRYPOTTER.” Everyone was shocked. I was shocked. We had no idea what was going on, and it seemed as if everyone’s head in the Great Hall turned to Harry Potter’s face, including mine. Dumbledore looked furious. Poor boy, always had all the attention, and not necessarily good attention. How did he do that though? Get past one of Dumbledore’s personal hexes? Amazing. He kind of stumbled up to where Dumbledore was standing, and looked just as amazed as everyone in the Great Hall. Hm. Sometimes that kid confused me.

“That was interesting,” Mike said while I jumped, forgetting there were people next to me.

“Yeah. Some people seem mad though?” I made it into a question, because I was confused. I thought it was cool that two people from Hogwarts got to compete. It gave us a better chance to win.

“I guess they just wish Harry would have let them in on the secret. And Dumbledore’s probably mad that he got past the hex he put on it,” Liv said. That made sense.

“That’s true. Umm guys, I think I’m going to go to the library now. Madam Pince hasn’t seen me in ages, she probably thinks I’m dead,” I managed to smile.

“Okay, bye Gwennie,” Mike said.

“Bye,” I mumbled. I was already half way out the door. I walked past a few rooms I’d never been in before, and wondered what classes were taught there. Muggle studies, maybe? That class was available to first years, but I didn’t take it. Muggles were boring. Then I heard a few voices coming from an unfamiliar room, and out of it walked a bunch of teachers, the competitors, and Barty Crouch. I looked from the faces of the adults, and then to the kids. That Fleur girl looked nervous. Viktor Krum looked, well extremely mean. Harry Potter looked like he was about to throw up, and Cedric Diggory looked confident. I was glad I wasn’t competing in these tasks. That, right there, is some major stress. I walked up to our dormitory, glad I wasn’t competing, and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

“GETTUPP!” Liv shouted in my ear as she shook me.

“Hm?” I responded.

“You missed breakfast! You wouldn’t wake up!

"Tenminutesuntilclassstarts!” She rambled.

“Ten minutes?” I asked, sitting up.

“Yes. Now hurry.” I threw on jeans and a t-shirt, and brushed out my hair, as I threw it up in a pony tail. Yay, Herbology. I grabbed my books and wand, and stumbled down the stairs and out the common room with Mike and Liv, as usual. We walked to Herbology in silence. We opened the doors to the classroom, and (surprise, surprise) I took a seat next to Mike.

“Take a seat, take a seat,” Sprout said to the late-comers to her class, “Today, I’ll be pairing you up, and you’ll be helping each other fill out these worksheets. Wands won’t be needed, so put ‘em away,” she finished, and everyone groaned. This was exactly like Muggle School. She made us count off up to ten, and I was number nine. She said that we were working in two’s, so I looked for my fellow number nine, hoping it was Liv or Mike.

“Number nine?” I called out.

“Right here,” an unfamiliar voice called. I spun around. Cedric Diggory. Boy, I’d been seeing a lot of him these days. Reluctantly, I walked over to his table, and looked at Cedric Diggory properly for the first time. He was pale, with rosy cheeks, and had wavy, reddish blonde hair. He looked so innocent, and happy, and gorgeous. His eyes were the perfect color of blue, and when he looked at me, he smiled, with big, adorable dimples. My stomach fluttered, and I probably blushed a violent shade of red.

“I don’t think we have met properly,” he smiled again, “I’m Cedric Diggory. You’re Gwen Bell, right?” He knew my name?! He’s a year older than me, and he knew my name. Hm. Maybe I’m getting popular. I smiled to myself, and he smiled, too. Even though I was younger than him, he seemed so young… and sweet… and inexperienced with girls… yet so experienced at the same time… if that made any sense…

“Yeah, that’s right,” I said, “Well we should get to work, shouldn’t we?”

“I guess we should,” he answered, and we both looked down at the paper. The questions looked difficult.

“Do you know any of these?” I blurted out, “Cause I don’t. I guess you have to pay attention in class to get these…” I wondered. Wow. Why in the world did I just say that? Did I want Cedric sexy Diggory think I had Down syndrome, or something? Honestly. But, surprisingly, he let out this weird, awkward, giggle thing. I giggled back. It was awkwardly cute.

“Yeah, I do. I take pretty good notes,” he told me while taking out his notebook. Wow! I was impressed. I looked from the questions, and to his notebook, and back again. All the questions were answered in his notebook.

“Woah baby. I guess I owe ya one,” I said.

“Can I quote you on that?” he smiled,and we both blushed.

“Sure,” I answered. We were quiet for a few minutes as he filled in the answers on the worksheet. Bingo, I’m getting a hundred in Herbology today! He seemed to read my mind, saying, “Ha, we’re both getting a hundred in Herbology today.” I thought it was weird that he said that, though, because the way he took notes made me think he was the perfect student. All he needed now was quidditch.

“Do you play Quidditch?” I blurted out.

“Yeah, I’m a seeker,” he answered. The bell rang, after what seemed like only a few minutes. We both got up, and Cedric turned the paper in to Mrs. Sprout. He turned around and smiled at me.

“I guess I’ll see you later?” he asked.

“Yeah! Of course!” I smiled. Oops. I sounded way too eager. He grinned, and casually grabbed his books with one hand and opened the door for me.

“Thanks,” I mumbled, and speed-walked to go find Liv. Not that I was going to tell her about Cedric, or anything. I walked/stumbled up to the girl’s dorm, too excited to be coming back from Herbology.

“Hey Liv!” I gushed.

“Um, hi? I thought you would be in a bad mood after Herbology!”

“Oh, no, Herbology was really fun today,” I said while flashing her a toothy grin.

“What’s up?” Liv asked me while raising an eyebrow.

“Does something have to be up for me to be happy?”

“Usually, yeah,” Liv said. Well, she was right, but still.

“Well there isn’t anything up!” I stuck my tongue out at her like an immature five year old, and she stifled a laugh. Ha. She knew she wanted to laugh.

“Oh come on, Gwen. Why can’t you tell me?” Liv really wanted to know. I guess it was my fault, partially. I mean, I did skip into the dormitory like I had just robbed Gringotts and gotten away with it.

“Well, it’s really stupid. So don’t get your hopes up…” I told her.
“Just tell me!”

“Okay. Well, I never really noticed Cedric Dig-” she cut me off.

“You-have-a-crush-on-Cedric!?!?” she squealed. Well I guess it was kind of a big deal. I never crushed. Ever. Honestly.

“Shut up! I don’t want everyone to know! And no. It’s not a crush,” I said, lying to myself, “A crush is when you get to know someone and like them. I just think he’s cute,” I told her. This wasn't some big deal.

“Now, do you think you can keep your big ass mouth shut?” I asked her, with a hint of a threat in my voice.

“Of course,” she said, still smiling.

“Let’s talk about something else,” I suggested.

“Okay.” We both tried thinking of another subject, but nothing came up.

“So… what did you two talk about?” she finally asked, and I ended up giving in. Liv ended up talking about fantasies of Cedric and me for the rest of the night.

“Well, you and Cedric will have a happy life with Rebecca and Tim,” Liv said, yawning. She said that Cedric and I were going to have twins named Rebecca and Tim.

“Nightey night, Liv.”

“Night, Mrs. Diggory,” I could hear her smiling. As I drifted off to sleep, Cedric was in my dreams. We were having intellectual conversations in Herbology. Sorry, my dreams aren't too creative...

Haha, that Chapter was kind of rushed, but I needed to get it all in there. Hopefully you like it!??! Please please review!

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