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Lily Evans Dyes Her Hair by GoingRoundTheBend
Chapter 1 : The First.
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Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns the Harry Potter series and everything in it, not me.

Everyone thinks I'm a bitch.

Everyone who knew and loved my sister that is.

So basically everyone I know.

I don't hate her, but it was so hard having Lily for a sister.

She was always the pretty one, the baby of the fsmily.

The one who everyone loved.

The one who could perform magic.

Oh how I wanted that magic.

I was so jealous of the magic.

As far back as I remember I've wanted to be a witch.

Not the wicked kind, but the one like Glinda in the Wizard of Oz.

My all time favourite movie.

And then Lily stole my dream.

So it's really quite difficult not resenting her.

And yes, it's possible to resent your dead sister, because I'm doing it.

I do it everyday.

It's really quite easy, actually.

Even as children people were drawn to my sister, Lily.

She was the one who kids looked up to.

Everyone wanted to be her friend.

Not mine.

But Lily never left me out.

She never let me feel alone.

Another reason for resentment.

She pitied me.


Her older sister.

I was supposed to be the one who looked after the other, the one everyone looked up to.

I only had that chance once.

I was seven and Lily was five.

We were at the park and a bunch of older kids came over and started taunting Lily about the colour of her hair.


And I told them to leave her alone, to get away from her and stop tormenting her.

And I felt so grown up, so needed.

And she took that away from me.

She looked up at the kids and smiled her little gap toothed grin.

"Oh it's okay, my mummy dyes it, it's really golden but mummy says she likes this colour better, red is her favourite. And if I had golden hair all the other kids would be jealous!"

The other kids were speechless.

They left her alone and I just stood there, gaping.

The little liar!

And okay, maybe she did it out of self defence, but I was there.

I was protecting her.

Or at least, I was trying to.

Lily doesn't really need protecting.

She protects herself.

I pity and boy that falls in love with her, I really do, because he will try and be her knight in shining armour and she will nod obliviously and tell him she doesn't need him.

And she will crush him.

And she did, I know she did.

She broke many hearts in her day.

And I had to settle for whatever was left.

Vernon Dursley, my first and only boyfriend.

Well, I was to polite to say no.

It was the only offer I was ging to get, wasn't it?

The only marrige proposal, I wasn't going to be a spinister for the rest of my life, was I?

Maybe I could have had something, but Lily was always there.

Even when she went away and left me alone her presence was still felt.

And even when she died, her presence was still felt.

And even now, she's long gone and I am elderly and I know I cannot change the past I resent her for everything that happened.

I blame her for every little detail.

And so, the main reason I despise my dead sister so much is that no, Lily Evans did not dye her hair.

It was a natural colour.

I could not have pulled off that colour.

I could not have pulled off that lie.

I would have been teased merclessly.

But not Lily Evans.


Not her.

A/N: Thoughts? Critisism? REVIEWS?!?!?!?!

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Lily Evans Dyes Her Hair: The First.


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