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A Yuling We Will Go by magical words
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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AN: Chapter 2. Woo!

made by .highwawyheartbeat @ TDA

Chapter Two: In Which the Main Character’s Best Mate Hatches a Sketchy Plan that Involves Leather Trousers and a Pirate Shirt


Holy fuck. I cannot believe it. Draco is going to find a way for me to snag Justin Finch-Fletchley so I can take him to the Yule Ball. But how the hell is Draco going to get a Hufflepuff (the great poufs they are) to go with a Slytherin, like me? Though, I do admit, I am devishly handsome.

So here I am, lounging in the Slytherin common room, imagining what we would wear. I, obviously, would wear black dress robes with silver accents and a green tie. Justin would wear black dress robes as well, but he would have yellow accents and –

“Thinking about what the two of you would wear to the Yule Ball?” a familiar, silky voice asks me.

“No,” I answer quickly, looking up at Draco.

He gracefully plops himself beside me.

“Well, it’s always good to plan what you both are going to wear. You don’t want to clash, do you now?” he tells me, slipping his hands behind his head and resting his feat up on the table.

I nod meekly.

“Ron and I haven’t decided what we’re going to wear yet. I was going to suggest some options to him when we met up in the Astronomy Tower, but we got preoccupied and I completely forgot.”

I stifle a laugh. Horny boy.

Draco doesn’t seem to notice.

“I was thinking about Armani dress robes. In black of course. Giorgio has to do me a favour for wearing those dragon skin robes at Mother’s cocktail party this past summer. I’ll have him whip up matching dress robes.

“But anyway, on the way back here from the Astronomy Tower, I began brainstorming. How do you feel about leather trousers?”

I had been trailing off, not bothering to listen to Draco, but rather imagining Justin and me at the Yule Ball when Draco brought me back with the mention of leather trousers.

“Er – what?”

“Leather trousers. How do you feel about them?” Draco asks me, very seriously.

“Erm, I dunno. I’ve never worn them before, so I couldn’t tell you if I liked them.”

“Well, they are quite comfortable if you get the right quality of leather. And they make his cool squeaky sound when the trouser legs brush up together. Plus, they make your ass look really good.”

“And why would I need leather trousers?”

“To lure Justin in, of course.”

“You might as well add a pirate shirt to this getup!” I say.

“I hadn’t thought of that!” he exclaims, quite excited. “I mean, I just imagined you shirtless, but the pirate shirt will lure him in even better. He’ll get to see some of what he could have, but he’ll have to imagine the rest. Kind of undress you with his mind.”

“Draco, are you fucking crazy? Leather trousers and a pirate shirt?”

“I very well may be,” Draco tells me. His honesty is astounding.

“I was joking about the pirate shirt, Draco. And I wasn’t serious about the leather trousers either.”

He looks like a sad puppy. “No leather trousers?”

He pouts as I shake my head.

“No! No leather trousers!”

He furrows his brow and crosses his arms in defiance.

“Draco, find a practical way to lure him in.”

“But leather trousers and a pirate shirt are perfect!”


“But –“

“I said no. It’s too romantic; too trashy-romance-novel-ish.”

“How about –“

“If it involves whip cream or chocolate syrup, I don’t want to hear it.”

“Damn it,” he says, disappointed.

“Something simple Draco.”

“But simple is boring,” he whines.

He’s sits in stony silence for a few minutes, staring directly into the fire burning in the fireplace (obviously). Then he speaks.

“What is you cornered him and asked him then? It’s simple enough. You can’t possibly be opposed to this boring idea.”

I roll my eyes. “Why, even I could have thought of that. And it’s not that boring.”

“Then why didn’t you think of it?” Draco retorts. “It’s a fucking good scheme though, no matter how boring it is. What classes do we have with Hufflepuff?”

“Charms and History of Magic,” I say immediately.

No, I’m not that pathetic. I’m just very aware of who is in my classes so I say appropriate things and don’t embarrass myself too much.

Alright, I’m lying. I check Justin out in class. You wouldn’t be able to help it either. You can’t deny it.

“Okay then. I expect you to corner him within the week. By Friday, you should have a date.”

“Only a week?” I complain.

“Yes. Till Friday.”

“But that’s such a short time!” I whine. “The Yule Ball isn’t for a month!”

“Well, you need to snatch him up before anyone else does. Or would you rather lure him with leather trousers and a pirate shirt? Because that can be arranged if you don’t ask him within your time limit, Blaise.”

“No! I don’t want to be a pirate!”

AN: Do what you will.

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A Yuling We Will Go: Chapter Two


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