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Opposites attract by adluvshp
Chapter 1 : The introductions
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DISCLAIMER: Well, If I had been JKR then Draco would be on the light side and end up with hermione; Harry and Ginny wouldnt ever have gotten together and Dumbledore wouldnt have died. Thus, I am Not JKR nor am I connected to her or anyone else belonging to the HP world. Everything is owned by her except for the plot, the title and any new character in the story. So, read and enjoy :D


Image By espoirPERDU @ TDA!!


Chapter 1: The introductions

The morning sun shone brightly over the beautiful brunette curled up gracefully on the large, lilac-colored bed. The room had light blue walls with a big photo frame hanging. Inside the photo frame, a bespectacled boy with messy hair, and a freckled boy with flaming red hair smiled at the girl in between them.

As the sun rays fell on the brunette’s eyes, she stirred.

Hermione Granger opened her eyes slowly. Stretching her arms she rolled over and glanced at the muggle alarm clock beside her.

“Oh no!” she shrieked, all her sleepiness rolling off her as she noted the time.

She quickly got up and scurried out of her bed, but before she could move on further, her foot collided with something hard. Bending down, she saw her trunk which was nearly packed. A golden ‘Head-Girl’ badge gleamed on the top of it. She smiled at it and picked it up to caress it with her fingers. It had been her long ago dream to become the head girl of the Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry, and it had left her speechless when she’d received the letter from the headmaster telling her that she’d acquired the post. Although she didn’t like showing off her position to people, but still she wanted to outdo those who thought of her as a filthy mudblood and that she was of no value. As this thought crossed her mind, a name came on her lips. ‘Draco Malfoy’. 

She would show that insufferable ferret git what she was capable of. She was no longer the bushy haired little bookworm just confined to her small world.

Yes, the war had changed Hermione Granger.

As she’d seen the number of people tortured and murdered ruthlessly by the death eaters, as she’d been cruciated, as she’d been ridiculed, she’d made a decision. A decision, that she Hermione, would show everyone that she wasn’t a weak little nerd, but she was strong, she was smart, and she’d power. After her best friend, Harry, had defeated Voldemort, she’d come back to spend a quiet summer in her house. Then she’d discovered that her great grandmother had left a huge fortune to her; and then had started her re-innovation. She’d reformed her small cottage into a decently big bungalow. She’d helped her parents set up a more prominent career financially. She’d also donated a good amount to some charitable institutions. Despite of all this, still a huge amount of money was left. So, she’d taken help from her best friend and cousin, Madeline Marcus, to transform herself…her wardrobe, her attitude…everything…although she was still the same Hermione Granger…but she’d just altered herself from looking like a nerdish fifteen-year old into a pretty seventeen-year old.

She smiled at her reflection in the mirror. She was now ready to face the world once again, and this time not as the brains of the Golden Trio or as Harry Potter’s sidekick…but as a girl-turned-woman with a personality of her own. 

“Hermione dear, Are you ready? We have to start off in a few minutes princess.” Her dad called from down the stairs and she came back in the present.

She quickly finished her packing by swiftly keeping her wand, leftover spell books, quills, and cauldron and school robes inside the trunk.

She went to the bathroom, took a quick shower, and changed into a pair of tight fitting skinny jeans and a red halter top. She waved her wand around the mass of brown curls, and at once they got brushed and cascaded down her shoulders in a pretty way. Applying just the right amount of powder and lip gloss, she took off.

Just as she was going to climb down the stairs, she thought ‘something is missing’.

Then it clicked her.

“Crookshanks! Crookshanks! Where are you? We have to set off straight away.” She shouted for her ginger cat.

Crookshanks appeared from under the bed and started walking in front of her beloved mistress.

“Mum! Dad! I am ready. Let’s go or we’ll be late”, she called as she hurried down the stairs with one hand on her trunk and the other on her purse.

“Yes darling…just there!” Her parents climbed in the car and she sat down behind them in her brand new Ferrari, heading to Hogwarts, unknown of the Love that awaited her or the danger that was about to come.



Miles away…in a completely opposite household. 

“Master Draco…Master Draco must get up. He is get late. He is get late!” A house-elf squeaked as he tried to awaken a sleeping Draco Malfoy.

“Hmm…what Winnie?!” The house-elf’s master finally opened his eyes groggily and stretched.

“Sorry master but you is going to Hogwarts today…” Winnie replied in a subdued tone. At the mention of ‘Hogwarts’, he jumped out of the bed.

“Fuck! Sorry Winnie…can you please make sure my trunk is packed and everything is in place? And tell mother also to get ready…”

“Yes Sir…right away!” Winnie scurried off.

“And Winnie?” He asked as the tiny elf was at the door.

“Yes Master?”

Thank You.” He smiled a genuine smile at her and the little elf’s face lighted up, before she went off to do her errands.

Yes, the war had changed Draco Malfoy. He’d never really believed the ideals his father had taught him all these years but still, the war had opened his eyes even more. Finally, he hadn’t fought on either side but he’d been supporting the light side. He was still arrogant and had a temper, but he was soft from the heart and he knew what was right and what was wrong. That was the reason he’d been chosen head boy, and this time he was truly proud ‘cause he hadn’t got this position due to his Malfoy name or money, but due to his goodness.

Jerking back to the present, he looked around his room before stepping into the bathroom.

“Great! No time for a nice soak in the bath tub today…” He threw a longing look at the bath tub before stepping into the shower.

After about twenty minutes he was ready in a muggle jeans and button up shirt. He thought of putting gel in his hair, but then abandoned the idea. He looked good without it. So he simply slid a comb through his silky blond hair, and set off.
“Draco dear, there you are. I thought you were still at the manor. Come let’s go.” Narcissa Malfoy said as she looked over her pale-faced, blonde son who was keeping his trunk in the thestral-pulled carriage.

“Come mother, I’ll give you a hand.” Draco said, getting inside the carriage and helping his mother get in.

After the mother and son were seated comfortably, Narcissa looked at her son anxiously.

“What…?” asked Draco, glancing at his mother.

“Um…Draco…Are you really sure you want to go back to Hogwarts after…after all this has happened? I mean…you really don’t have to…” asked his mother uncertainly.

“Mother…! I have told you that I am really sure. And now that the war is over, I want to complete my education, make up for all my mistakes, and become an auror. I don’t give a damn to father as he is rotting in the prison where he deserves to be. He ruined my childhood and now I want to forget all that and have a fresh start. And, don’t forget that Dumbledore has agreed to give me a second chance and that is the reason I am made head-boy, and I don’t want to let him down. I know it’s difficult but it’s not impossible.” Draco replied firmly.

Satisfied, Narcissa drifted off to sleep but Draco was in thought.

‘I hope everyone accepts me at school. I want to pass with good N.E.W.T.S and become a successful auror. I just hope everything goes fine…I’ve to actually thank Granger also…for saving my life…I just hope she forgives me…maybe we could even be friends…she’s smart, she’s pretty…she –’ 
"HOLD ON! Granger! No way! You have gone insane Draco Malfoy!" He scolded himself.

Yes, it was true. The rude Slytherin prince, Draco malfoy, had lately been thinking a lot about the smart Gryffindor princess, and to his annoyance, he had discovered that whatever he tried, he just couldn’t get her beautiful face out of his mind.

‘I wonder who will be the head-girl’. He thought before settling against the comfy seat of the carriage and slowly drifting into sleep, unknown of the danger that was about to come or the unexpected love that he was about to get.



A/N: I know that it was short. But the next chapter will be longer. This was just the inroduction. You will get a lot more in the coming chapters. DONT FORGET TO REVIEW PLEASE!

Revised - November 2, 2010


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Opposites attract: The introductions


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