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Luck be a Lady by Riddle Wood Lupin
Chapter 3 : Vampires and Death Eaters
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all things related © J.K. Rowling. Charlie/Lucky, Adrian, Evelyn, Soren, and Vita © Me.

Your mood was doing all kinds of crazy things today. You found yourself bursting with happiness, as you and your friends walked back to the campsites. Well, it was more of a walking with added jumping and skipping and random little bouts of someone running ahead and then waiting for everyone else to catch up. Everyone seemed to have an excessive amount of energy suddenly. But that wasn't why you were happy. You'd like to believe it was because Ireland just won, and that you were just as cheerful as everyone else. The truth of the matter was, however, that you were happy simply because Cedric's arm was practically glued around your shoulders.

Not that you would ever admit to that.

"And then Krum made that dive for nothing!" Adrian shouted, still enthused and reliving the match with the aid of Soren by his side.

"And poor old Lynch fell for it, would you believe it?" Soren put it, leaning against Vita with his elbow on her shoulder.

"No, say it isn't so!" Vita feigned disbelief. Soren smirked down at her.

"Sorry to disappoint you, darlin', but that's how it went down." Vita tried to shove his elbow off her shoulder and give him a look of 'where-did-that-accent-just-come-from,' but ended up laughing loudly along with Soren, whose arm happened to fall to her waist instead of her shoulders.

"How was your World Cup experience, Lucky?" His voice whispered into your ear. You wanted to shiver with pleasure from how close he was to you, but you held yourself back.

"It was absolutely fantastic," you stated a little breathlessly, followed with a bright grin upwards at him. He grinned in response, your grin, heart stopping, as always.

“And how are you doing on this lovely night, dear Cedric, Lucky?” You looked back down at your feet, smiling as you shook your head.

“I’m doing rather excellent, dear Evie,” Cedric replied, putting his other arm around her waist and pulling her toward him as she put her hand behind his neck.

“Better watch out, Evelyn,” Adrian had stopped relating the match to Vita and Soren. “He’ll suck your blood!” Evie tipped her head back dramatically as Cedric brought her neck closer his lips. Okay, fun and games aside, this was kind of bothering you.

“Back you fiendish devil!” Adrian pretended to draw a sword, which he proceeded to swing about, trying, apparently, to rescue Evie.

“When did Cedric become a vampire?” You asked, trying to end the game, or, at least, remind them you were still there, under Cedric’s other arm.

“He’s always been a vampire,” Evie replied, tilting her head, however odd an angle it was, toward you, “You just aren’t aware because he turned you when you first met!”

“No worries, sweet Evelyn, I’ll slay both the villains!” You shook your head at Adrian. You decided to play along, because at least you got to be a vampire, too. Cedric was drawing closer to ‘biting’ Evie’s neck, when you noticed Adrian was still yelling and swinging his ‘sword’ about. You clutched at your middle.

“He’s got me,” you murmured, and sank to the ground. Cedric dropped Evie, who staggered back into Adrian’s open arms.

“No!” He had you in both of his arms, and you couldn’t stop the small smile that played across your face. “You can make it, Lucky, I know you can. You’re all I have left!”

“She’s going to die, you beast, and so will you!” Adrian shouted, stabbing at Cedric with his ‘sword.’ Cedric groaned. He fell back, dragging you along with him. You were half lying on him and half on the ground, your hand entwined with his, as you both finished dying. You started to sit up, but Cedric tugged you back, peeking with one eye over at Adrian and Evie. You followed his gaze to see them in the midst of a kiss. And a pretty passionate one at that.

You looked back down at Cedric, who had closed his eyes again, but now how a small smirk written across his face. You shook your head, letting it drop back onto his broad chest. You were beginning to wonder how long you’d stay there when you heard feet approaching.

“We’re actually going to go back to our tents now,” Evie stated, “We’re, uh, pretty tired.” You could see the embarrassment written all over her face, but she still looked rather happy. You nodded with a significant look that said you’d talk tomorrow. She rolled her eyes at you.

“Have a lovely night, Evelyn,” Cedric put in, closing his eyes again. She rolled her eyes again and turned away.

“Are we really going to stay here all night, Ced?” You asked after you lay still again for a few minutes.

“Well, I don’t see why we shouldn’t,” he replied. And as much as you wanted to stay with Cedric right then, there were several reasons, several good reasons, why you couldn’t, or shouldn’t, as it were.

“Oh, let me see, one, they’ll both of us laying here in the morning and either assume we’re dead or that we, you know. Two, it’s a hard, cold, lumpy ground, and there are nice, soft, and warm beds back at our tents. Three, our parents will worry. Four, we’ll never stop getting teased about it by our annoying mutual friends. And five,” you paused, “Actually, I don’t have a five. But it sounded like I needed one, so, yeah.”

“Wow,” Cedric murmured, finally opening his gray eyes to gaze at you. He tucked a loose strand of your dirty blonde hair behind your ear. “I didn’t know you’d be so against the idea.” You knew what he meant. You fell asleep in each other’s yards all the time.

“That’s different. Reasons one, three, and four are all out then, and they happen to be the main ones,” you answered his unspoken question. He looked to the side for a moment, looking at the tents which appeared to be sticking out of a wall, you supposed.

“Alright,” he replied, sitting up. His arm dropped to your waist to help in your own endeavor of sitting up. It was difficult considering the position you were in.

“I will deeply regret leaving you, though, my dear vampire,” you teased, standing up and offering him your hand, not that your hand would help him any. He took it anyway, and grabbed your other as his arms both wound around you. You felt his lips against your neck and couldn’t help the shiver that racked your body this time. You felt his lips curve into a smile as he pulled you closer to him.

“Are you cold?” He asked, seeming to completely forget the vampire scheme again. “I didn’t mean to keep you out in the cold, Luck.” He rubbed his hands up and down your arms, trying to warm you up. You were already incredibly warm, probably from the close proximity of his body, but you weren’t about to stop him from trying.

“I’ll live, Ced,” you smiled. He delivered you to the front of your tent, and headed off to his. You watched him walk a few tents down and enter his own. Smiling, you let yourself drop onto the couch you had been on earlier that day, and you silently mused how long a day it had been before dropping off to sleep. And it was a good sleep, too.

Before you were awoken to blazes of red and yellow outlining your mother’s concerned face as she stood over you. You looked about for a moment, dazed, not taking in anything your mother was saying to you. Something about Death Eaters and Muggles and the forest.

“I’ll make sure she’s safe, Mrs. Andrews.” You were finally able to clear the sleep from your eyes as your mother took off, murmuring a ‘Bless you, Cedric. Be careful!’ You still weren’t entirely sure what was going on, but you found your shoes and your wand and got up to follow Cedric. He led you out of the tent, gazing around for a moment, before making a dash across the open field into the woods.

“What’s going on?” You found your voice. You were silently wishing that you had thought to grab your coat, too, and wrapped your arms around yourself to try to trap your heat in. Cedric gave you just a hint of a smile, a sad smile.

“Death Eaters,” he took your hand in his, leading you deeper into the woods. “They started torturing the Muggles who own the place; you might’ve met them on your way in. It’s sickening, isn’t it?”

“Charlie! Cedric!” Someone seemed to have noticed you. You both looked around; the forest was awfully dark in front of you. Behind you everything was all alight from the fires of the Death Eaters. You nearly screamed when you felt a hand on your shoulder.

“Sorry, Lucky,” Adrian stated, as you buried your face in Cedric’s shoulder, grasping at your racing heart.

“I’m glad we found you guys. Have you seen Vita or Soren?” Evelyn asked from Adrian’s other side. Their hands were also locked together.

“We haven’t seen anyone,” Cedric replied. The four of you continued deeper into the forest, until you tripped, anyway. Cedric placed you on a fallen tree, bluntly making a comment about wishing he were seventeen already so that he could fix your ankle.

“Don’t you think we should stop before we get too far in, anyway?” You asked, gazing at the looming darkness in front of you. “How else will we know when it’s over?”

“Point taken, Lucky,” Cedric let himself drop onto the log beside you with a sigh.

“The irony of that statement, all things considered,” Evie tossed out, sitting down next to you and Adrian next to her. Any other time you would’ve fought back with words, and the four of you would’ve laughed for hours about it. But not that night. That night the four of you sat there, watching the blazes light up the sky, and wondering, hoping all in the silence of your own thoughts. You were glad of the company of your friends, though. And your heart might still have been fluttering as Cedric’s hand rested atop yours.

You continued on in silence for a long while before green lit the sky. You almost wished that you had been able to fall asleep again before it had shot up. The sinking feeling in your gut when you saw the Dark Mark was enough to make you wish you’d never even come to the World Cup at all.

“Do you think that means it’s over?” Adrian whispered from your left, after you’d all watched the snake slithering in the mouth of the skull for several minutes.

“I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to head back that way. Find our parents,” Evie murmured just as quietly, standing up with Adrian. He put his arm around her waist, and they both looked at you.

“I think I can manage,” you replied to their unspoken question. You were about to attempt standing again, when arms were suddenly underneath you and you were buried in Cedric’s chest. “You really don’t have to,” you looked up at him as he looked down at you.

“It’s not like you weigh a lot, Lucky,” he replied, giving you a half smile. What you wouldn’t give to see your smile again.

You had a lot of time to think in the silence that followed. A lot of time to worry about your parents, and Cedric’s dad, and Vita, and Soren, and everyone else, and a lot of time to rethink what had happened during the day. You tried to figure out what happened, what went wrong. And you couldn’t help but feel like you were six years old again, not the intelligent sixteen you were.

But as you rethought your day, certain parts seemed to stick out. You might have realized something in that moment, right before you lost yourself again. Something about you and Cedric and those weird fluttering of your heart whenever you touched and the jealousy when he touched someone else. But you never would’ve remembered again when you woke. And sleep was all too inviting.

So. Here we are again. Random things give me inspiration. But at least this update is a lot closer than the last. Six months or so compared to two years? Much better. ;) I hope you enjoy, if you read it. I lost several reviews on this story, so I’d really love receiving more, and I wish I could’ve responded to the ones that were gone.

I couldn’t resist the Cedric Edward Diggory Cullen joke. Rob is fantastic.

Thanks for reading!

-Riddle Wood Lupin

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