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Hold Back The Tears by rachm34
Chapter 7 : Chapter Six- The Memory Of A Sunset
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Hey here's another new chapter! I'm writing up a storm this week. I hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I only own the plot, Maddie, Jenny, Mary and Tyler. The rest belongs to the wonderful J.K. Rowling! 

Betaed by the wonderful: Rose Wilts. Laura's amazing! She's done a great job with this story! <3 

Also: Thanks To SpringTime For her extra help!

Please don't forget to review. Remember that Josefina's hungry!

                                                    ~Chapter Six~


Three days later, I found myself observing the sunset outside next to the lake. It was the most beautiful sunset that I had seen in a while; it was the first pretty day in about a week. I sighed, as the colors of the sky exploded into purples and oranges. The bright neon pink color spread across the sky. The sun slowly began to disappear.

I sat in the grass with my back against a large oak tree in sadness. The last time I had sat outside watching a sunset was on my roof back at home with Tyler. We had laid together on my roof just enjoying the comfort of being close to each other. 

The last few days of summer were beginning to fade, but it was still rather warm outside. My body was perfectly comfortable as I watched the sky. I repeatedly thought to myself: what if Tyler were here? I was dealing with such a strong feeling of nostalgia that I was unaware of someone watching me.

“Madison, you are just too unsocial,” someone chirped from somewhere behind me. I nearly jumped. For a second, when I looked around I didn't see anyone. I thought that it was just my mind playing tricks on me. It sounded so much like something Tyler would say so I half expected him to be near me.

“Well, maybe it’s because I haven’t had anything to do without you Tyler,” I snapped back airily but immediately blushed when Sirius Black appeared in front of me. I realized that Tyler was never there. “Sorry, I was lost in my thoughts that I didn’t realize that he wasn’t here,” I muttered kind of lamely. Sirius nodded.

“It’s okay,” he replied his face looked pensive when he said that. “I understand. Do you mind if I join you?” I shrugged.

“It’s fine by me.” He sat down next to me. “I’m watching the sunset.”

“It sure is a pretty one,” he said softly, I gazed at Sirius, he wore a pair of casual jeans with a dark blue t-shirt. His grey smoky eyes bore into my own. It was almost as if he had been challenging me. His black sleek hair had flounced in the air as he walked towards me. “Our first Quidditch match is next Sunday.”

“I’m sure that you’ll do great,” I replied with a smile. 

“Don’t you miss it?” He questioned with all seriousness. Oh damn, I just did a Sirius pun, and even worse... I said it in my mind and realized. I looked up at him for a moment, wondering what he was asking that I missed.
“Miss what?” I replied vaguely.  I twiddled a piece of green grass between the palms of my hands.

“Don’t you miss playing Quidditch?” I shrugged in response.

“A bit I guess. I just can’t bring myself to play anymore.”

“James said that he interrupted you flying the other day.”

“Yeah,” I trailed off looking at Sirius. “It really wasn’t anything.” I glanced at him again; he pursed his lips in thought. “So, what brought you outside?”

“I was bored, and was going to go for a walk,” he begun. “Remus was studying and I told him that no one studies on the first Friday back at school. James is with him pretending to study but really he’s just watching Lily. She was studying a table away from them. He can be so pathetic,” Sirius shook his head slightly amused. “I used to feel bad for him, in fact I still kind of do,” he pondered out loud. He cocked his head from side to side, the action reminded me of Tyler’s pet dog Lucy. “If he asks her out again, he’ll be lucky to escape without a broken nose or something.”

I laughed a little. Sometimes boys really could be so obtuse, and James Potter really was no exception to this rule. 
“Then what about Peter?” I wondered a loud.

“He's with his girlfriend,” Sirius wrinkled his nose in a form of disgust. “He invited me to hang out with him and Mary,” Sirius shuddered as he said her name. “Everything had been going well too. Peter and I were just hanging out around the Quidditch pitch you know, mucking around on our brooms,” He paused letting out a frustrated sigh and then took the time to run his hand through his hair before he shook his head briefly. He looked sort of annoyed at the mention of Mary.  “But then she had to come along and they started snogging. I didn’t need to see that,” he rolled his eyes. “She also tried to tell me the zombies were after me and that I was going to die a week from today at seven thirty seven. Peter, just thinks she’s great.”

I tried to stifle my giggles as best as I could.
“Well my friend, if this is goodbye,” I grinned as I patted him on the shoulder. “Can I have your broom?”

“Sorry,” He shrugged with a slight chuckle. “I promised that James could have it.”  I smiled. 

“What can I have?” I pressed on.

“My lucky pair of bludger boxers,” I snorted.  Opps that hadn't been very lady like... “They say: "you mess with me", I’ll send a bludger to your face.” I rolled my eyes at him. He was pathetic.

“Do you actually wear them?"

“The girl’s love them,” he replied cunningly and I grinned. 

“I don’t know whether or not to believe you.”

“Trust me, darling. I don’t have a pair of those. I’m much more modest.” I nudged him with my shoulder gently.

“I can’t believe I actually believed you. I knew you wouldn’t wear those. You don’t seem like the type of guy to do that.”

Sirius stared at me as darkness had begun to spread dully over the world. You could still see everything within a ten foot radius or so clearly. His eyes flicked across my face.  

“You look different,” he murmured softly. 

“What do you mean?” I furrowed my eyebrows not sure what he was talking about. I was pretty sure that I looked the same as normal.

“First off, you aren’t happy anymore.” You sure have that right buddy. I looked at him, in an almost a type of cool glare, but I didn't mean to glare at Sirius.

“No,” I admitted softly in a breath. I glanced around; the grass had begun to cool beneath my body. The tree felt rough against my back. My hair hung down loosely. 

“Is it because of Tyler?” I nodded stiffening. My whole body suddenly felt unbelievably tense. I wasn’t sure if I wanted Sirius to talk about this. I didn’t really know him all that well… “Remus is worried. He talks about it you know.”

“I bet he is,” I spat softly. “But Tyler’s gone Sirius. There’s nothing Remus or I can do.”

“He only wants you to be happy,” he patted my hand which was folded in my lap.  I was surprised with his affection towards me. Normally he was so different around the others. He usually acted very casual and cool. I had been sitting cross legged on the ground. I ran a hand through my hair again. 

“But hey, it’s yours and Remus’ business so I’ll just let it slide. I don’t want to make you angry at me. You could hex me,” he joked as he pretended to look nervous but I caught him. I just slapped him on the shoulder in irritation. 

He was looking me in the eyes, staring quizzically at my face.

“Is there something you like there?” I smiled at him playfully.  A bird whistled in the distance, and the leaves from the trees began to rustle.

“I was just wondering,” he told me softly. “Where did you get that scar?”

“Oh you mean the one above my eye that looks like a small line? How can you see it?” He was probably indicating the one that I had above my right eye. You could barely see it; it had become faded with age even though I had gotten it two summers ago. Tyler knew about it, he was with me when I got it. 

“I have good night vision,” he shrugged. It  had grown too dark to see anything. "So what happened?"

“It’s kind of stupid,” I replied with a laugh.  I could never forget about my smoothie scar.

“Tell me.”

“Tyler and I were actually making smoothies two summers ago, I walked into an open cabinet and collapsed,” I blushed. “I had to go to Mungos.”

“How on earth do you manage to walk into some random open cabinet while making smoothies?” he exclaimed. I grinned as the memory burst into my mind.  

Sirius chuckled, his bark-like laughter echoed out into the night. I grinned in embarrassment at him but I felt sort of happy inside with the mention of my smoothie scar. It brought back memories.

“I’m clumsy I guess.”

“You think,” he responded not so cleverly. I looked at him. He grinned, I could see him through the darkness. The wind blew lightly, causing his hair to wave a bit in the wind. He shook his head in amusement. 

I sat back, silence fell over us and I smiled into the dark and I reminisced about what happened that day. 

“I want to make smoothies,” I announced to Tyler who was sitting on the couch opposite me as the movie we were watching ended.
“You what?” He looked at me his green eyes twinkling. “Mads, my love, you’re crazy,” he shook his head biting back a smile. “You know we can’t do magic at home yet.” I glared playfully at him, knowing he was just kidding with me, about being crazy.

“Can we make them the muggle way?” I asked pleadingly, I pretended to pout so then he would hopefully feel bad for me. “Please?” He chuckled gaily as he rose and walked over to me. 

“Come on,” he sighed resignedly. 

He offered me a hand up from the small comfortable beige leathered couch that went perfectly with the light colored lavender walls. Tyler’s mum had decorated this house amazingly. Tyler looked at me affectionately and he jolted me from my thoughts. He pulled me into a quick hug as he kissed the top of my head. “I love you, Mads. You’re the best,” he told me happily. I grinned at my best mate, we had became amazingly close since our early days at Hogwarts. I was thankful to have him.

“I love you, Tyler,” I murmured back. “You’re my best mate in this entire world. Now,” I whined impatiently. “Can we please go make smoothness?” He laughed. I loved the chime of his laughter; it could always lift my spirits.

“Let’s go.”

Tyler walked in front of me, the short walk from the living room to the kitchen. We went in silence. I watched as his adorable blond hair tousled as he bounced on his stride. He wanted to get out of the house and do something as much as I did. That whole day we had been completely bored out of our minds.  We had debated going swimming in an attempt to fight the hot sticky August rush of heat, but that plan had been vetoed at one point. Both of our parents were out of town working, so we found ourselves at his house with the air conditioner on at full blast. We walked into a brightly colored room and Tyler set to pulling the blender out from underneath the sink. 

I loved his kitchen more than I loved just about any other room in his house. There were black pristine ceramic countertops and the floor was also aligned with smooth black flooring. The walls were a bright cherry red, which filled the room with a sense of happiness. Lastly the cabinets were the cleanest whitest cabinets I had ever seen. Every time that I had been over, the room was always kept in tip top shape. It was always beautiful and clean. The kitchen always smelled so good and delicious. The smell of his mother’s cooking constantly lingered in the kitchen. Alexandria Robinson was a huge cook and she loved to making meals for us.  

I watched in silence, leaning against the stove as Tyler walked to the fridge to get ingredients out for us. He was rummaging around pulling out absolutely every type of fruit he could find. I could see he already grabbed some: bananas, strawberries and raspberries, he was still grabbing things from the shelves of the fridge. 

“Are you zoning out on me?” he joked lightly when the countertops had been packed with the food he’d pulled from the fridge. 

“Sorry, Ty,” I grinned pathetically. “I was admiring your kitchen,” he interrupted me to finish my own sentence.

“Again,” he shook his head at me. “I swear, Mads, you’ve been in my house enough that you practically live in it. Yet you still love the kitchen.”

“I just can’t help it,” I watched as he grabbed the blender from one of the cabinets. 

I helped as he and I both cut the strawberries up into pieces. 

“Jenny’s coming over tomorrow,” he told me.

“Really? How is little Jenny? I haven’t seen her in forever.” She really wasn't little but that was one of my nicknames for her. We were pretty good friends.

“She’s not little,” he said begrudgingly. “You do realize, you can't call her that. I'm dating her. But she’s good. But like you, I haven’t seen her since school got out.”

“Tyler’s in love,” I sung under my breath. He swatted at my hand. 

“Shut up,” he blushed. I set down the knife as I threw the strawberries into the blender, then I started on the bananas. 

“Sure you are.”

 “I honestly don’t know how long we’ll last, Maddie,” he informed me. He looked at me in a sibling like manner. “See,” he paused glancing at me. “She just isn’t my everything,” He spoke slowly as if he wanted to make it sound alright. He did love his girlfriend. “I still do love her. It just won’t last forever,” I rolled my eyes at him. He and Jenny were a great pair. 

“Then who is your everything?” I asked him slyly as I turned to stare at him. 

“A girl who's my best mate, we’re practically siblings,” he teased me.

“I wonder who she is.”

“It’s you ,Maddie. Merlin, how slow are you?”

“Not that slow. I knew you were referring to me the whole time,” I stepped closer to hug him. “Am I really your everything?” He nodded against the top of my head. He hugged me a bit tighter. I felt unbelievably safe in his arms.

“You’re my best mate in the entire world. I don’t know what I would do without you.” I smiled. Tyler and I are only best mates, we have never been anything more than that. We’re practically siblings. Both of our parents joke about how we’re bonded to the hips. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I grinned. I stepped away from him and continued to slice up the bananas. I chucked a piece of one at him. “Although that was very corny.”

“There was no need to throw a banana at me,” he pretended to look outraged but I could see his eyes were sparkling with mischief. “I’m just glad I have you to be corny with,” he grinned as he leaned over and ruffled my hair. I glared at him playfully. 

“Come on, let’s make some awesome smoothies.”

“Hey, will you grab some honey from that cabinet?” He asked pointing to an open cabinet just across the room from me. 

“Sure, one sec.” I began to walk briskly across the huge kitchen. My socks slipped on the floor and all of the sudden I lost my balance grinning, I tried to put my hands out to catch me. I thought that I would just fall onto the ground or something and end up okay. But that wasn’t the case for me seeing that I’m the biggest klutz in the world. 

“Watch out,” Tyler shouted as all hell begun to break loose. It was like a slow motion 
movement, as I toppled into the open cabinet. I hit it with such force, and then the ground seemed to rush up to meet me. Everything went dark, it was so painful. I could feel my head pulsing, someone breathing rapidly from around me. There was a sticky sensation of blood on my head. Then everything went away....


A low groan escaped from my mouth, as something beeped from around me. I opened my eyes briefly but then shut them when everything was too bright. 

“Mads,” someone breathed out from beside me. I recognized it as Ty’s voice. He sounded scared. “I’m here,” I felt him squeeze my hand and I tightened my own fingers around his hand. 

“What happened?” I mumbled groggily. 

“You were such a klutz,” he let out a shaky breath then his voice changed. “You fell into my own kitchen cabinet,” He sounded less worried to me, he spoke now in a more joking like manner. He stroked my forehead. I winced in pain for a second. “I bet you don’t like my kitchen so much anymore,” he teased me. 

“I still love your kitchen, Tyler,” I opened my eyes finally and allowed them to adjust to the light. “Where am I?”

“At Mungos,” he grinned. “Don’t even begin to ask me how I got you here.”

“But I want to know,” I pouted but when it became apparent that my pouting would come to no avail I switched the subject. “So is my head okay, what did they do to me?”

“You ask far too many questions,” he complained. “Firstly, I somehow did a patronus to my mum telling her what happened. She and dad Disapparated home to come to our rescue. They’re outside with your parents.”

“I hope they aren’t too worried.”

“The healer fixed you up in like five minutes. You’re usually a mess so it’s no big deal. You took longer than most to wake up though,” he grinned.

“I resent that, Ty.”

“Don’t worry baby,” he crooned. “I still love you. Well anyway, you can come home whenever you like. Now you’ll just have a scar over your right eye. It’s not even that big. It’ll just be your smoothie scar.” I giggled.

“I like that, my smoothie scar. Do you have a mirror?”

“Of course,” he passed me over the bedside mirror that sat on the nightstand beside the hospital bed. That was pretty much the only other object in the room other than the bed. The room was too plain for my liking. I glanced into the mirror and pouted when I saw the scar. “Remember Mads, it’s your smoothie scar,” he reminded me. “Smile for once.”  I grinned at Tyler. He always knew the perfect way to brighten my day. Plus the scar wasn’t even that big. And Tyler was right; no one would be able to notice it.

“You’re right,” I stated.

“Aren’t I always right Maddie?” He grinned widely then pulled me into a hug.

“It’s my smoothie scar,” I told Sirius with a grin as I was pulled into the reality and I realized just how dark it had become.

“You’re crazy O’ Rielly,” he chuckled lightly. “No one can get a scar making smoothies.”

“Well I did.”

“You’re crazy,” he chuckled once again. 

“Maybe I am,” I admit. “Come on,” I scrambled to my feet. “It’s getting dark let’s go in.” I offered Sirius my hand. He accepted then let go of it when he was finally standing. He was heavy! We walked back to the castle in a happy type of silence. My mind once again was focused on Tyler. There was a spring in my step and I realized it was because it was the first sunset I had been able to watch in a long time. Of course, sunsets always bring back the perfect memories.


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