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Being A Select Few by BellaRose
Chapter 3 : Inaccuracy
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A/N: Just saying my thanks for reading! I'll let you get on with it and save the essay for the end ;]
Disclaimer: If i owned Harry Potter, Draco would be on every page and Sirius would be alive. Sadly neither of these do occur.

Chapter 3- INACCURACY 

Inaccuracy:  lack of accuracy or correctness

The next morning I awake, slightly confused as to why I am not in my own pyjamas, then remembering our escapade and the mysterious Durmstrang students. What were they doing? What could possibly be so secretive that they needed to do it in the middle of the night, in the middle of the forest, under an Invisireflect? I thought of the last time they hid something in the forest while Durmstrang were here, it was dragons, ready to fight the Triwizard champions. This time the schools weren’t here for the Tournament, they were here for quidditch. Hogwarts was hosting the very first, ever, inter-school Quidditch Cup.

I wasn’t on the team, although I would have liked to be. I play in the chaser position and have been playing with my brothers at the Burrow since I can remember. Harry beat Malfoy to the seeker position, again. He was fair pissed off about that, Slytherin were particularly scary to cross if you were a Gryffindor that week.

“What on earth are you wearing?” asks Mary, a girl in my dorm. I look down at the too big pants and t-shirt that belong to Malfoy and shrug.

“They look like they belong to a boy” she says suspiciously. I sigh and turn to look at her.

“I do have six brothers, Mary” I say. She frown and puts her hands on her hips.

“I’ve never seen you wear that before, and when I woke up in the middle of the night for water, you weren’t in your bed” she accuses. Damn, she may be annoying as hell and a self-absorbed nitwit, but she was very observant. I suppose that’s how she knew everything about everyone.

“I know you were with somebody, Ginny, so spill, who is it?” she smirks at me, tapping her foot impatiently, man that’s annoying. My shoulders slump in resignation.

“Fine. I was with somebody. Happy?”

“No, not entirely. I want to know who it was. Was it your first time, Ginny?” she says patronisingly.

“I didn’t sleep with him! I’m not telling you who it was either!” I snap, appalled. Just because she was easy and slept around didn’t mean I did!

“Whatever” she sneers and slams the bathroom door shut after her. I growl in frustration and flop backwards into my bed. I really don’t get along with the girls in my dorm very well. Growing up with brothers, I always found boys easier to talk to than girls, Hermione is probably my only close female friend. There is two other girls in our dorm, Laura and Danni. Laura is pretty much a clone of Mary and the two are rarely seen separate. Danni is a bit of a bookworm and mostly keeps to herself although she has a few friends in Ravenclaw.

I walk down to breakfast slowly, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with my patched cloak. I sit next to Leanne at the table who looks like she is about to fall asleep on top of her toast.

“Morning” she yawns.

“Good morning” I say brightly. I’m a morning person, even when I’ve been up late the night before. I can’t stand the thought of wasting half the day in bed, especially a Sunday! The doors to the Great Hall slam open suddenly and the Durmstrang boys waltz in, their usual cocky stride in place. However, instead of all sitting at the Slytherin table as they usually do, they disperse among the four tables, chatting to the Hogwarts students and being strangely civil.

“This is different” Leanne says, suddenly looking a lot more awake. I nod and look around the hall. I notice Galloway standing and surveying the hall and standing in front of the empty teachers table. We lock eyes and he continues to stare me down but I don’t look away. The door crashes open for the second time that morning and Galloway looks away for a second. He looks back to me and I smirk before turning to see what the commotion is. Ron is furiously stomping towards me, Harry and Hermione following him. Great, what have I done now?

“Who was it?” Ron shouts. I roll my eyes.

“Who was what, Ron?” I ask.

“The guy, who you were with last night! Nobody sleeps with my sister and gets away with it!” he shouts. The entire hall was listening now, even the Durmstrang students, oh Merlin.

“I don’t believe it’s any of your business who I was with last night, Ronald!” I shout.

“Nor is it any of your business who I sleep with, not that I even slept with anybody last night! I‘m still a virgin Ronald, does that make you pleased? Will you be preventing me from even speaking to boys even when I‘m thirty?” I continue to shout. I hate that he thinks he owns me, all my brothers were just as bad though. Ron opens his mouth to shout something else but I put up a hand to stop him and walk away. I don’t get far when I realise something, I just admitted to practically the whole school plus the Durmstrang boys that I was a virgin. Oh the joy. I start to walk away from the hall when I am roughly pulled into an empty classroom.

“Where did you go last night, after I dropped you at your room? Did you go to the Durmstrang camp? I saw you and Galloway staring at each other at breakfast, was it him? Did you really sleep with him?” Malfoy growls at me. His face is only inches from mine and his vice like grip on my arm is sure to leave a mark. I frown at him.

“Like I just told Ron, I don’t see how it is any of your business!” I say angrily, trying to pull my arm away. Malfoy snarls and tightens his grip on my forearm.

“Think reasonably, Malfoy. I woke up this morning in your clothes, after being missing from my bed for half the night. I have lived with the same girls for six years, they know what my pyjamas look like, and lets just say that your track pants look nothing like my pyjamas. They also noticed that I was missing from my bed during the night. They put two and two together and figured I was with a guy. The sleeping with him bit though, they just made that up” I sigh. Malfoy nods but doesn’t loosen his grip.

“Malfoy, you’re hurting me” I say in a quiet voice. He looks down and only just seems to realise that he is still gripping my arm. He lets go and jumps backwards as though he is zapped by an electric shock.

“The Durmstrang students are sitting with all the other houses and being civil, surely that can’t be good” I say to him. Malfoy looks up at me wearily and nods.

“Find out what you can, actually get one of the boys in your house to do it, I don’t want to have to take land away from Gryffindor for fraternising with the enemy. The girls seem to be turning into mush around them.” he instructs. I snort at his comment.

“Speak for yourself, Malfoy, Galloway may be attractive but he is nowhere near mush worthy” Malfoy raises an eyebrow.

“My broom doesn’t exactly sweep that way, Ginevra, mush is what I see so mush is what I say”

“You know what I mean!” I huff and cross my arms.

“Whatever, just stay away from Galloway, he’s bad news. The password to the prefect bathrooms is Gillyweed. Tell the first year, I suppose you can use them to” he tells me.

“Gabriella, Malfoy. Her name is Gabriella” I say before walking off. Stupid boys, always thinking they can tell me who I’m allowed to see and talk to and who I’m to stay away from, and anyway I already knew the password to the prefect bathrooms! I have been using them since Ron and Hermione became prefects, I wasn’t chosen as a prefect myself, not many of the SO members are. Just another reason why I think Dumbledore knows all about it, he understands that we have enough on our plate as it is. I think Malfoy is the only current Prefect/So member.

I walk around the grounds, trying to find Gabriella. If I was a first year, where would I be? It’s strange that she wasn’t the one trying to find me, usually I would take a few steps and she would instantly be by my side. I try in the library but only find a few Ravenclaw’s and seventh years. I search the entire castle for the talkative first year but can’t find her anywhere.

“Hey, Ginny!” someone calls out to me. I spin on my heel and see Harry running towards me.

“Hey, Harry” I answer.

“How are you? Still mad at Ron?” he asks with a chuckle. I roll my eyes.

“Of course I am, Harry. You know as well as he does that I don’t like it when he interferes in my life” he just nods and continues to walk up the corridor with me.

“So, what are you doing? I noticed you rushing about all morning” he asks.

“I’m looking for my first year”

“Your first year?” he asks, confused. I nod and stop walking.

“Yes, my first year. You know, the one that has been following me around all week. About yay high with long, brown, curly hair, Alicia Spinnet’s sister.”

“Oh, that first year. I didn’t know she was Alicia’s sister, I wonder if she plays quidditch? Anyway, you’re welcome to use the map to find her if you want” Harry suggests. I slap my hand to my forehead. I could have used our boundary map to find her in an instant!

“Oh, that’s ok, Harry, but thanks for the offer. I think I know where I can find her. I’ll see you later!” I say as I turn around and stride quickly back in the direction we have just come from, making sure Harry doesn’t follow me, he can’t come with me to the meeting tower to get the map, that would raise far too many questions.

When I enter the tower I find I don’t even need the map. Gabriella is standing right in front of me, angrily throwing hexes at our practice dummy. She turns when she hears me come in and I see tear tracks running down her cheeks. She looks so sad and helpless that I can’t help but gather her into my arms and let her weep into my shoulder. I’m not usually a very maternal kind of girl and find kids can be complete brats, especially first years, but somehow, this particular first year has managed to wiggle her way into the small group of people I care for deeply.

I take Gabriella over to a couch at the side of the small room and sit her down in front of me, wiping her tears away with my thumb. She sniffs and looks down at her hands. I can tell she is embarrassed, embarrassed that she broke down in front of me. This girl is more like me than she knows. Too proud for her own good.

“It’s ok, Gabriella, we all need to cry sometimes, it just means we have actual feelings and are human” I say soothingly. She look sup at me and nods.

“Would you like to tell me what is wrong? I promise you can rant and rage and cry all you want in front of me and I won’t tell a soul.” I promise, crossing my heart. Gabriella doesn’t reply.

“It’ll help you feel better to get it off your chest” I say. She sighs and looks me in the eyes.

“It’s a stupid reason though” she tells me. I shrug.

“So? It must be important to you if it made you this upset”

“It was important, not anymore though, I just want to forget all about it” she tells me, her eyes starting to well up with tears. We sit in silence for a while, Gabriella trying to control her tears and me waiting for her to talk to me.

“It’s a boy, his name is Carl Petersons, he’s in Ravenclaw” she finally tells me.

“Ah, boys are a tricky subject and one that I am quite familiar with.” I tell her.

“Yeah, they are. You see, I really, really fancy this boy, but today when I was walking behind him and his friends I overheard something. One of his friends fancies me and he was telling them about it. They didn’t know I was just behind them.”

“Well, that could be a good thing! What is his friend like? Is he attractive?” I wink at her. She laughs and I see her smile.

“He’s ok, not as good looking as Draco though” she sighs. I laugh, and Malfoy thinks Galloway is turning girls to mush! Gabriella continues her story.

“When the boy told Carl that he fancied me, Carl had no idea who I was. He doesn’t even know I exist!” she finishes bitterly. Damn, that must suck, at least Harry knew who I was in first year. Though I was just the little sister of the best friend.

“You know what always cheers me up in a situation like this? A really big bubble bath, and chocolate.” I say. She smiles grimly at me.

“Then it’s a shame that there is no baths in the girls bathrooms” she says. I wink at her.

“Ah, but there is in the prefects bathroom. A really big one, with a hundred different taps that make all sorts of bubbles.” I tell her with a big grin. Gabriella cocks her head to one side and looks at me suspiciously.

“Are you trying to tell me we could go in there?” she asks. The girl catches on fast, I love this first year!

“Indeed I am. Malfoy gave me the password to the prefects bathroom. It’s our reward for the Beauxbatons mission” I tell her. Gabriella’s eyes light up in delight and she jumps to her feet.

“Come on then, what are we waiting for?” she says excitedly. I laugh and let her pull me out of the tower.

A/N: Hey guys, i am really loving all the positive feedback i am getting for this story! It cheers me up after a crappy day of exams.
Just to let you know, holidays starts next week and i am going away for two weeks into the middle of the Aussie outback. I'm pretty sure there is no internet where we are going so there probably won't be another update until i get back which is the beginning of January. Be at ease though, i will continue to write while i am away so you can expect a few chapters to be already written so you will get fast updates when i return!
Happiness to all, Birdie xX

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