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Life Dosen't Stop for Death: We did it, we bashed them, wee Potter’s the one... by GinnyChaserSuberb
Chapter 6 : Did we really just have that conversation
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Did we really just have that conversation?

Disclaimer. I dont own any of this. it is all jk. who is not me... :(

Authors note: I’m really sorry for leaving the update so long, but I hope the extra long chapter ye might forgive me.----------------

Arthur had finally figured things out, it was for the best he thought to himself all he needed now was Bill.   Bill would do the right thing the best thing for the family..........
Hogsmeade was deserted, Bill had never seen the place so empty but hopefully it would be up and running again soon, he had no idea what was so urgent and confidential that his father felt the need to pull him out of work and get  Rosmerta to open the pub for him.

Pulling the heavy pub door open brought back a flood of memories from happier times. Bill nodded to Rosmerta who looked happier than ever pulling down the cobwebs from above the bar, she pointed to the corner booth where Bill could   see his father waiting.

“Hey dad, what’s the problem” he asked as he slid into the booth concerned with the troubled face of his father.

“No everything’s as good as it was before you left, but there are arrangements to be made” Arthur answered.

Bill sighed he knew it was inevitable but it was too soon to think about burying Fred.

I know he always said he wanted to be buried near the burrow.” Bill said as he took a slip of the warm butterbeer.

“No this is about Teddy.”

“Did something happen to Ted?"

“No he’s fine but he does need to be cared for. Bill I need you and Fleur to take Teddy, I’m not sure when Andromeda will be fit to care for him herself. I know he’s not your responsibility and it’s a hard thing to ask, but Remus was your friend and if it was the other way round... he’d do it for you.”

Bill cut him off.  “Dad, you know I would be more than willing. But I think Harry has already decided to take on that role. He is Teddy’s godfather after all.”

“William.” Arthur hardly ever used his sons’ full name but he needed to get his point across.

“William, you know that’s nonsense, Harry is only a boy, seventeen years old for merlins sake. He does not need the responsibility of raising a child. You’re in a better position, married, a good job, a nice house, a great wife and you’ve grown up caring for six younger siblings, Harry’s had no experience with children.”

“Dad, Harry’s just finished a war that started long before he was born, he’s defeated the evilest man alive. For the past few years he’s had the responsibility of the wizarding world on his shoulders and he did it. Doesn’t that show he’s already had the experience of being responsible and as I already said Dad, Remus made him godfather.”

“Bill, Remus was your friend, he was on his way to make you the godfather it was just a coincidence  that Harry was there it would have been you otherwise, Remus was just emotional and Harry reminded him of James.”

No dad the only one emotional here is you, Bill wanted to say, but it slightly scared Bill he had never seen his   dad like this, Arthur had always been the family rock, but these past few days had taking a toll   on his father’s emotional state. It might be better to agree or not.

“Dad, I don’t think.....”

“Bill! If you won’t do this please do it for your mother, I need to go. We’ll tell them later” Arthur said as he apparated away.

Bill wasn’t sure what to do. Had that conversation truly   taken place? How did his Dad really think, that taking Teddy away from Harry would do any good it most likely would have the opposite effect, had everyone not noticed how depressed Harry seemed before teddy came.

 Bill knew Harry better than his parents did, they had hardly seen the boy since the summer before his sixth year, they hadn’t seen the change that had taken place throughout the year, and even Bill whom had been informed by Ron at Christmas wasn’t prepared for the shock when they took refuge at the cottage. Bill had been expecting a boy who he thought might need advice or reassurance, no there was no boy in sight at shell cottage he only saw a man who was determined to finish a war. 

A war he didn’t start yet guilt consumed him with every death. He knew that Harry would put up one hell of a fight to keep Teddy even against his own family. Bill had witnessed the boy take down the most powerful wizard in history with a simple disarming spell. Bill knew that Harry was more powerful, than even Harry himself knew.

If Dad didn’t come to his senses soon, the family would break down because Harry would fight, Teddy was his family now and so was Ginny not only would they lose Ginny and Harry but Bill knew were the loyalties of his youngest siblings were bound to Harry, he was there family too.

Yes this would surely be another horrible day in the Weasley’s family history.


  Harry looked around the breakfast table the sun shining through the empty window panes, he was surrounded by smiling faces, it was like everyone in the castle was in a protective bubble, impenetrable from the horrors the past few months, Harry knew soon enough the protective bubble would burst and he and everybody here would wake up to their own reality soon enough but as he looked around everyone he saw, seemed happy to play along and pretend nothing had happened.

But it was time to wake up, there was a world to be rebuilt, death eaters to apprehend and the most pressing matter was that there were funerals to attend, but maybe he could keep on pretending for a little bit longer.

He turned his head to check if there was any sign of the Malfoy’s or Mrs Tonks at the Slytherin table it was time Harry thought. Time to make a plan about Teddy’s future and his part in it, he hoped she would leave Teddy with him and Ginny for a bit longer he was their lifeline and Harry wasn’t sure how they’d cope with the next few weeks ever since Teddy had fallen into his arms everything looked brighter.

Nonetheless there were arrangements to be made for Remus and Tonks. Harry lifted himself up off the bench and took a step towards the door. He didn’t get very far, Ginny had a tight hold on his robes. “And where do you think you’re going?” she asked.

“Can I not go anywhere on my own” Harry replied in mock irritation.

“No!” Ginny and Hermione shrieked together.

Harry laughed at their reaction, “and why not?” he asked “I’m the bloody chosen one, I can do what I want.”

“Well mate, the last time we left you alone for more than a second you went and got yourself avada kedavra’d. Didn’t ya.” Ron said looking quite smug while the two girls looked on with shock, they didn’t think Ron had it in him.

Ginny and Hermione both looked upset, by the fact Ron had expressed exactly how they were feeling Ginny was the first to skake it off.

“exactly” Ginny said with a smirk agreeing with her brother, she scooped up the baby carrier where Teddy was sleeping soundly, reached for Harry’s hand and asked, “so where we ofta?”

Harry rolled his eyes and turned to Ron, “Can’t even let a lad go to the jacks alone.”

Harry got the exact reaction he was looking for, revenge was sweet. Ron sprayed all the food currently in his mouth across the table, two old witches who looked like they could possibly be related to Neville’s grandmother, shot Ron a look of utter disgust. Ron was too busy choking on the food that actually stayed in his mouth to retaliate. But if looks could kill, there was no doubt that Harry would be six feet under.

Hermione who sensed the oncoming danger, “Don’t be daft Ronald, we both know he’s not going there, Harrys got the look where he’s got to do something he doesn’t want to, I know it isn’t detention so where are you going?” she asked.

“Slytherin common room.” Harry answered truthfully.

Which lead to another outcry from Ron, “WHAT! Why?”

“We’re going to see Mrs Tonks.” Ginny answered.

Harry was beginning to think that Ginny had become an accomplished Legilimens without telling him as she could always read his mind.

“See you in a while then” Hermione said to Ginny. “Give her our love.”

“Will of course.” Ginny said as she left the hall with her bemused boyfriend. 

“How do you, do it?” Harry asked.

“Do what,” she smiled.

“Read my mind.”

“I love you Harry, but sometimes you’re easier to read than an open book love.” She answered.

Ginnys POV

The walk to the Slytherin common room was a long one. Throughout my last months at Hogwarts, I done my best to avoid this place, the dungeon corridors were dark and dangerous and never short of a few death eaters.

But now as I walked with Harry by my side and Teddy in my arms, I felt no fear my only concern was for Teddy. We hadn’t seen Andromeda since she heard of Tonks death. It was an amazing feat to the eternal bond that is sisterhood that after years of separation and fighting on different sides of a war the only one Andromeda wanted comfort from was her sister.

Narcissa Malfoy, I would be eternally in her debt for giving me back my Harry.   If somebody had said that to me this time last year I would have laughed in their face and asked why would I care about the snobby blond Malfoy bitch, but everything was different from last year now.

We arrived at the stone wall that hid the Slytherin common room, too quickly. What if Andromeda wanted Teddy back, I wasn’t ready to give Teddy back. I knew I would have to eventually but I wasn’t ready. But teddy is the glue that is keeping me together. I can’t. I couldn’t do it.

I took a deep breath and turned to run back to the safety of the Gryffindor tower. Harry squeezed my hand in reassurance. It was amazing he said I was the one that read minds, yet he knew what I was thinking. I looked at his face and down at my sleeping Teddy, I loved them so much, words couldn’t describe.

Harry squeezed my hand, and said “It will be alright. We will be alright.”  And I completely trusted him whatever happened we’d be ok, no matter what.

“Pureblood,” I uttered the word and the stone wall opened. Slytherins were so predictable.

Through the greenish haze that was the Slytherin common room saw Narcissa and Andromeda in two armchairs nearest the fire place. Narcissa waved them over.

Ginny sat down on the couch across from the two sisters, Narcissa was as ladylike as ever sat with her ankles crossed with not a hair out of place, Andromeda on the other hand was curled up arms wrapped around her legs, her face was red and botchy dried tears stained her face.

It was a shock for Ginny to see her like this Andromeda had always been the picture of perfection just like her sister beside her, she had been a Tonks for over twenty years yet she had always kept the Blacks air of superiority about her. Now she looked like someone who had given up the will to live. It takes a lot to take that air of Black supremacy out of a Black as it had been drilled into their person, even a decade in Azkaban doesn’t do it, Bellatrix and Sirius kept it until their dying day.

Andromeda glanced up as Harry sat down beside Teddy.

“Is that Teddy?” she asked in a voice that was barely audible.

It would be hard for her to recognise him as Ted fell asleep in Harrys arms so he looked just like a miniature Harry and she would have never seen him like that before.

“Yes” I answered “would you like to hold him.” I asked holding his sleeping form out to her.

“Please” she whispered.

She pulled Teddy close to her and sighed a breath of relief. Now at least I knew she needed teddy just as much as me, he was the only link she had left to the family she had created for herself both her husband and only daughter were dead Teddy was the only one she had left.

“He looks just like you.” Andromeda said looking at Harry. “He must like you, Remus would be happy.”

Sensing her sisters’ discomfort at the mention of her son in law Narcissa quickly changed the subject.

“I apologise for my mannerisms I haven’t offered any refreshments can I get you some tea, pumpkin juice?” Narcissa asked.

“Tea would be lovely please.” I answered instinctively, just noticing how chilly the dungeons really were.

“Lena” Narcissa called.

There was a ‘crack’ and a female house elf dressed in a clean white apron appeared.

“Missus Cissy, Andy what can Lena do for yous?” she asked.

“Lena, could you prepare us some tea and bring it here thanks.” Narcissa asked.

I let my mind wander for the few minutes we waited for tea. A blood traitor sharing tea from the same pot as Narcissa Malfoy who woulda thunk it? I should stop that she actually wasn’t too bad she was nice to that house elf. Lena must belong to the black household as she addressed both women with their childhood nicknames and I don’t have any doubts that, that would not have been acceptable behaviour of a Malfoy elf.

Why the hell was I thinking about house elfs I zoned back into reality Harry was making idle small talk as Narcissa poured tea.

Suddenly Andromeda gasped Teddy had starting morphing while he slept, his hair changing from pink to turquoise. “So like my Dora,” that was all Andromeda said before placing teddy back in my arms, and fleeing through a door to my left.

“I’m so sorry.”Harry said before putting his head in his hands, guilt washing over him.

“Harry do not feel guilty it’s not your fault.” Narcissa expressed exactly what I was thinking.

“But it is,” Harry said. “Remus came to help me and Tonks followed so it is my fault. It’s all my fault.” 

“Potter it is not always about you.” Narcissa said like she was talking with a self absorbed teenager scratch that she probably has already had that talk. “If there is anybody to blame for Andy’s distress it’s me and Bella.”

“But you didn’t do anything.”Harry said.

“Exactly Harry and because of that Andy blames herself and has decided that it was her alone that killed her family.” Narcissa answered him.

“But she didn’t do anything.” Harry stated the obvious again.

 “But Potter what you have to understand is once upon a time Bella and Andy were closer than anything. Andy was Bella's conscience, you could ask anybody who went to Hogwarts in our time. When Andy went to Hogwarts in Bella’s third year, Bella was feared but respected and in true Bella fashion, she treated the place like she owned it and did exactly what she wanted to do. Andy acted as her conscience and Bella calmed down Andromeda was loved as Bella had calmed well, she was calm for Bella she wasn’t always psychotic that came affter azkaban.
Andy was Bella’s crutch she made Bella  normal, she had always been her best friend, when we were growing up people assumed they were twins you would never see one without the other. Bella was outspoken and bold but always knew her place while Andy was quiet and shy just fell into place following Bella.

When Bella left Hogwarts and married. She changed she didn’t have Andy and once Lestrange introduced her to Voldemort there was no getting Bella back she was completely obsessed and infatuated with the Dark Lord.” She said the name with disgust it was his fault she had lost her sisters.

She continued. “  Andy was distraught she blamed herself it got worse with time when Andy fell pregnant in seventh year and was disowned, Bella’s behaviour worsened, every time the prophet announced a death guilt would hit her, she took responsibility for it.

When Bella went to Azkaban all she wanted to do was find her Dark lord as her lover couldn’t possibly be dead and he would come for her. Bella wouldn’t allow me to visit but three months in a letter came requesting me, so I went. I was so happy Bella seemed over her obsession but she didn’t want me she wanted Andy. 

Then fifteen years she’s back more psychotic then ever more obsessed with the dark Lord more lustful for revenge on everybody who had taken Andy away, me for not being a better sister, Lucius for distracting me through Andy’s last years at Hogwarts, Ted Tonks for taking her sister muggleborns because Ted was one and finally her niece the halfblood for getting her sister disowned. Bella had a list and she got revenge on each and everyone and she thought if she did that she would get Andy back. 
As I said my sister was mental now she has made Andy depressed and everyone said I was going to be the problem child because I was blond. I bloody well hope Aunt Wallburga sees what has become of her precious Blacks. 

So Potter now do you understand what my sister is going through,every time she catchs her own reflection it hurts her because she sees only Bella , she’s blaming herself for her husband’s death, her only daughters, her son in law and she has to overcome the fact that a close friend killed her sister and she blames herself for the fact her first grandchild has no parents.

Not that she blames your mother for anything I would have done the same thing and so would Andy but she still has to come to terms with it. 
And she blames herself for every other person who has lost a loved one because of our lovely Bellatrix. Now if you will please excuse me for being so rude and let yourselves out I have to make sure Andy isn’t trying to drown herself so your Godson still has a grandmother left tomorrow.”

With that she got up and left and follow Andromeda down the corridor, I looked over at Harry who looked as shocked and horrified as I did which realised that I really just had that conversation with Narcissa Malfoy who surprisingly knew her eldest sister was a headcase, cursed her dead aunt then apologised for being rude because she had to leave to prevent her other sister from killing herself.

And I walked into this room thinking I was messed up just goes to show appearances can be deceiving.

Harry reached for my hand as we left and walked in a shocked silence in the direction of the great hall.

 “Potter, Weasley follow me please.” McGonagall instructed. Still too stunned from the last conversation to say anything the couple followed without a question.

They followed her down corridors to the east side of the castle they passed people repairing parts of walls.   Putting doors back on their hinges and fixing up class rooms. Making the place look normal and a bloody battle had not taken place three days previous.

“We should be helping.” Harry said.

“Later,” I mouthed to him, too late McGonagall heard and turned to face him.

“Potter, you have done enough no one expects you to help you’ve done enough.”

“But it’s my fault. That Hogwarts is a mess.”

I thought we had overcome this hero complex he had and that he had stopped blaming himself I swear if he doesn’t get over himself, I’ll have to slap him again. I was about to tell him but McGonagall got there before me.

“Harry, if you want to take responsibility for this I will gladly give you detention you can scrub the floor of the forbidden forest with a toothbrush, if that’s what you really want. This wasn’t your fault the castle isn’t fallen down a few cracks and a few fires here and there it could been a lot worse there was at least four hundred people firing hexes and curses  in every direction.

Give the Weasley twins an hour and they could do a lot worse, there’s no use crying over spilt potion.” She said and then it dawned on her that there was no more twins just George.

“Ginny dear, I’m so sorry. I didn’t think I’m so sorry.” My professor said with remorse.  

“It’s okay, professor,” I answered truthfully “We both know it’s how Fred would want to be remembered. Its completely true too, Harry it could have been much worse you know this and it is because of you the rest of us are still here.”

“You know she’s right dear, we really did get off lightly not that we didn’t lose great people but it could have been much worse.” McGonagall said coming to a stop in front of landscape of the school grounds you could see the lake and in the background the quidditch stadium.

“I know you’re wondering why we’re here but they has been press and reporters prowling the halls looking to get an interview with you Harry and Kingsley thinks it best for you to be hidden out of sight for a while press is something you shouldn’t have to deal with.”

“What!” exploded Harry, “do they think they’ll get an interview with the bloody chosen one.”

“Potter calm down, Kingsley and the other professors have done their best to get them all out and Miss Granger dealt brilliantly with Rita Skeeter, but until we reinstate the wards around Hogwarts we can’t guarantee anything.”

“Rita had the nerve to show her face?” Harry asked.

“Harry, Mione dealt with her now shut up.” His current lack of control was getting to me.

“Yes well Dumbledore thought it best if your living arrangements were changed for the moment so he thought this head dorm would be best suited for you.” McGonagall said.

“There’s more than one?” I asked. Feeling incredibly stupid I had attended the school for six years and I didn’t know how of its secrets.

“Yes there are many, but this particular dorm hasn’t been used since the last time there was two Gryffindor heads.”

A strange dazed look came over harry, which had me slightly concerned. But I continue to listen to McGonagall. “Well I should go help with the wards the password is flower if you eat lunch here I would be grateful, just until we make sure everything is secure. I’ll send Miss Granger and Mr Weasley along shortly.” She waved good bye to me and left me with my slightly deranged boyfriend.

“Flower.” I repeated the password and the portrait swung open revealing a lovely warm common room. It was the nicest room I had ever seen in Hogwarts, beating Dumbledores office. It was just like the Gryffindor common room but cosier, it had an open fire two couches with armchairs either side, bookcases lined the walls , two oak desks in the right corner and table and chairs in the left the room was perfect in every way I was jealous of whoever the heads were the year they had this room.

I looked over to Harry who still had that distant look in his eyes, I walked over to the desks and reached for his hand.

“This was my parents’ dorm.” He whispered showing me the desk plague that read J.Potter, I reached for the one on the other desk and handed it to him. L.Evans. How had I forgotten his parents had been the last Gryffindor heads. I held his hand as we walked through the dorm looking for more evidence that his parents had lived here, but I knew in my heart there would be nothing the house elfs had cleared every scrap of parchment every broken quill.

 Ron's POV

It was nice of McGonagall to bring me and Mione up to the dorm that Ginny and Harry but she coulda at least warned us what to expect. Harry was in some sorta trance holding the desk headers, I know they had his parents’ names on them, but there only desk headers, I was going to point this fact out but Mione shoved her lovely elbow into my ribs and hissed something about tact.

We chit chatted about nothing much until it was time to walk to dinner. Hermione and Gin talked about what happened in the Slytherin common room and Harry entertained Teddy with the desk headers, it was amazing to watch the way Harry was with Teddy, there was a type a calm and peace that came over Harry when he was with Teddy.

But with everything going on, I still think there’s too much crazy going round, with the sisters down in the Slytherin common room, Harry and his desk headers and George and Lee well they at least always been crazy but lately they’d been making Luna look sane. Yes there was something in the air making everyone slightly loopy. Ron was sure.

Dinner, Hogwarts dinner, Ron was sure dinner was what he missed most the past nine months. There was beef, Yorkshire puddings and gravy. I was so consumed in eating he didn’t notice the rest of the family joining them until Charlie the pig, snatched the last pudding off his plate.

Ron raised his fork threateningly. “Do it again and I’ll stab you!”

“Little bro, you wouldn’t hurt your favourite brother, it just wouldn’t be right, you agree with me don’t ya ted,” Charlie finished chewing my food and turned to Teddy who was sitting on Harrys lap while Ginny fed him.

“Do it again and I will, and who says your my favourite brother.”

Charlie answered. “I’m hurt, that hurts more than the fork would, I’m your cool dragon fighting brother I’m supposed to be the favourite brother, but I suppose the prefect wants to take after the perfect Percy. It’s okay   though I’ll be Teddys favourite uncle he’ll appreciate my cool dragon slaying ways,” and with that Charlie left to go over to some old school friends.

He was too far to stab with the fork so did the next best thing and threw it at him. “Prat! I’m his favourite uncle.”    

I turned round to get Ginny to agree with me but she was having a heated conversation with Dad which was weird because Dad and Gin usually got on well. So of course I decided to listen in

“Ginny I really think you should listen to me your only sixteen you haven’t finished school and look at Harry he didn’t finish school neither of you have any experience raising babies, you’re not ready Bill and Fleur and married and they have jobs, they’re in a better position to raise Teddy."  

“Ginny I really think you should listen to me your only sixteen you haven’t finished school and look at Harry he didn’t finish school neither of you have any experience raising babies, you’re not ready Bill and Fleur and married and they have jobs, they’re in a better position to raise Teddy."  

What!” Ginny said looking scarier then Ron had ever seen her.”YOU WANT FLEM TO TAKE MY BABY?” 

“Ginevra darling just please hear me out” dad pleaded. Pleading won’t help him now you know calling her Ginevra when she’s angry is a death sentence. 


“Your just a child yourself” dad tried to continue yet there was nothing I could do or him now, three strikes and you’re out first he insults harry then he tries and take Teddy way then he calls her Ginevra and then he calls her a child. And they tell me I’ve no tact. I’m waiting for it yet Ginny hasn’t exploded yet.................... 1.......2........3. . . . .

Smash all the panes of the newly repaired  windows of the Great hall smash, batbogies are surrounding me and I can just about make out harry and Teddy being dragged out of the hall in a protective bubble, I can hear Kingsley telling George that our sister has style. 

Yet it’s no consolation for him he’s the only one who knows the counter curse and she’s but a silencing charm on him. He looks pained as he tries to do the counter curse non- verbal and Ginny knows that George can’t do those this is where we miss Fred he knew the counter curse and was the only twin to master non-verbal spells. Our eyes meet and George and I are rolling around laughing for Fred and what an amazing witch our little sister has become.

After about ten minutes my amazing Mione figures out exactly what kind of complicated silencing charm my little witch of a sister has placed on George, It was funny at the beginning but when you’re being attacked by batbogies it gets old, only Mione and the bloody prat Charlie were smart enough to place a shield charm sensing the oncoming danger from Ginny. That is the reason after all, they call her their little fire breather.

Hermione decided that we should follow and make sure she hasn’t destroyed anymore of the castle I wouldn’t put it past her, what the hell was Dad thinking, he’s lucky he’s still breathing. George followed deciding it was safer to be near Ginny rather than let her think we were against her.

Bill thanked his brother for releasing him from the terror of Gins hex, he cursed whoever thought her to duel, scratch that Bill knew exactly who thought her to duel the only other person who wasn’t covered in bogie slime.

Dad had gone too far this time, Fleur had just flounced out of the hall after shooting him a look that if looks could kill he’d surely be dead. Ron, Hermione and George had followed her out most likely deciding it was better to show a united front as she was less likely to hex them if they went together.

It was time someone had to tell Dad to cop on, and as the eldest it was his responsibility. Bill walked over to his Dad.                                                                                                                                               

“Dad can you not see what just happened here, Ginny is gone. You’ve put my wife against me and wrecked the relationship between Ginny and Fleur, that she has worked so hard on to try get Ginny to accept her as a sister.

Look around you Dad, their gone George, Ron and Hermione are gone that’s half of what’s left of our family. Look at Mom, she doesn’t need this right now. Remember what she was like when Perc left, Freds dead and now her five youngest children have left because you don’t think your daughter and the man who you used to be proud to call a son, a man who has finished the biggest war in the history of the wizarding world can raise a child.

Open your eyes dad he wasn’t alone up until now he had us, and now you’ve exiled him and your only daughter, what the hell were you thinking dad, when you decided that this was a good idea and I don’t belief I let you drag me down with you. I’m going to go figure out a way to apologise to my wife and baby sister before I lose them.

And I advise you go do the same thing Dad. Gin s‘not like Perc Dad, she won’t come back Ginny has her own family now Dad, with Harry and Teddy. She’s not your little girl anymore Dad she belongs to them and thats not gona change anytime soon.                                                                                                                

      Go apologise soon before you lose them both and don’t think that Ron and Hermione won’t follow because you know they got this life bond thing going on with Harry and Ron won abandon him again. George will follow Gin she’s the closest thing hes got to Fred so he’ll go wherever she does. So Dad think long and hard about why about why you’re doing this and how it’ll benefit anyone, it sure won’t bring Freddie back.

Fred dying sure wasn’t Harrys fault, he doesn’t deserve this treatment and if Fred was here he’d be the first one to speak up on Harrys behalf. Harry didn’t speak tonight because he already blamed himself for Freds death. Fred died the way he wanted to Dad he died fighting with a smile on his face it was the only way he wanted to go, he wouldn’t settle for anything less you know our Fred the thrill of the dramatics he wouldn’t have gone any other way.

Fred loved Harry, Fred is the way reason Harry is part of this family and he was damn proud of it he loved being the reason Harry was introduced to this family, the reason Mum can say she has seven sons he loved it. He was the first person who knew about Ginny and Harry and accepted it he had a list of pranks thought out for their wedding.                                                                                             

   Fred died fighting for his brother Dad, he died so he could let his baby sister have her wedding, because as long as Harry survived Ginny would be okay that meant George would be too, and Fred was okay with that because he loved us all Harry and Hermione included.     

Dad I know you couldn’t save him this time, it wasn’t your fault no one blames you not even mum but you let the rest of our family break over the fact that you don’t think your nearly grown up daughter can raise the child of her dead friend everyone will blame you.                                                     

 Ginny is barely coping she has to deal with brother dying and Tonks dying, the woman who over the past two years had become her best friend and big sister who left her Teddy and you should be thanking her because Teddy is the only thing holding the pieces of Ginny together. Teddy and Harry.

Ginny played such a huge role in this war you don’t seem to get it, she did more than me Charlie, Percy and the twins did together and she also lost so much more, not only did she lose a brother, the closest thing she had to a sister and she has lost so many of her school friends, this is only what she has had to deal with over the past four days.

Look at the last few months, her brother, her boyfriend and her best friend disappear, she had to come back to place where she was tortured by Death eaters, she watched friends disappear or if they were lucky chained to walls. Dad nothing about what Ginny has had to deal with is normal she should have been worrying about tests and what colour to paint her toenails and planning her seventeenth yet Ginny had to worry about being tortured, her family being killed and never getting to tell her boyfriend she loved him before he died.

So after all that I think she can handle the responsibility of raising her godchild who seems to be the only thing holding her together right now. I’m off to find my wife to see if I’ll ever be forgiven for the stunt you pulled.” Bill felt absolutely awful as he looked down on his broken father once he had finished his rant. It was horrible to see the man who always looked so strong look so completely broken but he needed to hear it, it wasn’t thinking straight and needed to fix it before it was too late.

Bill turned to his weeping mother a pulled her into a hug before fleeing the hall in search of his wife.

Arthur watched his son leave, he felt like a bold child who had just been told how very disappointing he was.

“He’s right you know.” Kingsley said the young man who had become a faithful companion over the past three years always was a voice of reason beyond his years. “There is nothing normal about this situation and none of it is your fault everyone knows that. Fred doesn’t blame you for not being there to save him, he would be proud that you were able to save somebody else’s son, a son who hadn’t lived as a good a life as Freds.”

“But if I could have saved them both.” Arthur said guilt consuming him he had been able to save another persons son but he couldn’t be there to safe his own son.

“Arthur, Fred doesn’t blame you for anything, but he will blame you if you don’t pull yourself together and make sure your family doesn’t fall to pieces. Everything will put itself back together it just needs time. I promise you everything will work out and don’t worry about Ginny and Harry their good kids they’ll do the right thing. Now go and give that wife of yours a hug she needs you now more than ever.”

Arthur went to sit by his wife, “I’m sorry.”

“Its okay, we will be all okay.”

“Yes we will.” Arthur agreed and for once he believed her that would all be okay eventually

Well what did you think, please review, I sorry its a bit rusty havnt written in a while! any ideas to make the story better?  Hugs and cookies for anyone that reviews...

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