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Marry Me, Juliet by scarletheartedlioness
Chapter 1 : Romeo, Save Me
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romeo, save me, iíve been feeling so alone
i keep waiting for you but you never come
is this in my head, i donít know what to think
he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring

Heís watching me from across the room. I can feel his beautiful silver eyes on the back of my neck, following my every move. I swiftly glance at him and the corners of his mouth pull up in a smile. I blush and turn away, embarrassed and flattered and nervous.

Seconds pass, and as each goes by I find it more and more unbearable to keep my eyes from his. I glance back, and my heart sinks as I realise he is no longer there. My eyes flicker around the crowded dance hall, in search of the only eyes I want to see. I sweep in a full circle, and my heart gives way when I finally come to a complete halt.

Heís there before me, his silver eyes reaching into the depths of my soul. My mouth slowly falls open, and I barely have the chance to breathe before he takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor. I donít take my eyes off him as he spins me around so that I am facing him again. My heart beat picks up as I become lost in his gaze, and I feel the blood rush to my cheeks.

The music begins and itís a slow song. He takes the first step, and I unconsciously follow, unable to tear my eyes away from his face. Itís is the most beautiful I have ever laid eyes upon, and his silver eyes are like the moon Ė I easily become lost in them and lose focus of everything else around us. He is efficient and smooth on his feet, and where I would usually fall, heís there, perfect, ready to catch me.

I feel blissful and amazing, like if my heart swelled any further it would explode. Iíve never felt this way before Ė never been given the chance to Ė and itís so perfect and wonderful that it takes my breath away. He smiles at me with his full lips, and Iím mesmerised by the way one corner lifts up more than the other in a magnificently crooked grin. I have to remember to inhale and exhale as he stares deep into my soul.

I unconsciously pull myself closer to him, and he welcomes me by tightening his arms around my waist. But I canít get close enough and the ache is so powerful that my heart beats against my chest. I can feel his warm breath on my face and itís enough to take me out of this world and to a place I am unfamiliar with but wholly content within. Heís there with me, so close that weíre one, and everything is fantastic.

He is my Romeo.

Without my knowledge, the songs ends, but weíre still standing there in the middle of the crowded hall of strangers, swaying together, lost in each othersí eyes. I smile up at him, aware that within me everything is changing, and Iím just beginning to get used to his effect on me when something pulls me away from him with staggering force.

I stumble backward and fall into someoneís arms. I look up at my mother, who gapes back at me with a petrified expression. I glance around wildly until my eyes land on the back of my father; heís facing my Romeo and his wand is raised in a terrifying threat. My Romeo stares back at him, caught in a stunning spell, and he blinks helplessly at me through the confines of my fatherís prison.

I yell at my father to stop, but he ignores me. He bellows at my Romeo and says that he is never to touch me again. My Romeo cannot speak; he merely stares at me with the same vulnerable expression that is breaking my heart into millions of tiny pieces. I try to run for him, to break the spell, but my mother catches me around the waist and screams for me to stop.

And then Iím screaming, too, pulling in shallow, ragged gasps as the tears spill over my cheeks. I canít breathe as I struggle against my motherís attempts to keep me away from the fight. I continue to yell at my father, who continues to threaten my Romeo with death. I scream and bawl and berate my father, but he does not look back at me. I finally break down, unable to yell any longer, and begin to fall into a gaping black hole. The sobs overtake me and I canít see through the tears. I can hear my Romeo yelling for me, concerned for my safety, but I canít focus through the ripping pain within me.

And then I fall entirely into the vast black hole until thereís nothing left of me but my broken heart.


My pillow is stained wet with my tears, and I take in staggering gulps of air as I try to cease my sobbing. I canít explain how I feel because Iíve never felt it before. It burns within me, right from my head to my toes, destroying every last part of me until Iím too numb to feel anything else. At this point I am inviting the black hole that refused to swallow me whole previously.

I am left alone to drown in my misery. I need my Romeo more than anything in the entire world; I feel like I cannot breathe, see or be without him. He is already my everything, and he took a piece of my heart with him when he was banished from ever seeing me again.

Words cannot express how much hatred I harbour for my father. I wish I could rip him into tiny shreds and throw him to the dogs. I can never forgive him for what heís done. Heís taken away my true love, my soul mate, my Romeo. The sobs pick up again and I canít control them as they take over my body once more, becoming increasingly powerful until I am numb again.

My weeping is so loud that I almost donít hair the short rap on the window. My head snaps up and I stare through the glass at the small snowy owl waiting outside on the tall tree. Numbly, I rush to the window and throw it open. The owl swoops in, drops a scroll onto my bed and then soars back out. I stare at the letter.

With shaking hands, I unravel it and gaze at the elegant handwriting written in fresh ink. There are several ink splatters that suggest haste, and my heart beat picks up as I read the beautiful sloping words.

Meet me at the garden at midnight.

I glance at the clock. The figures read eleven forty-seven. With excitement in my heart, I dry my tears and pull on a cloak over my cream-coloured dress. I remain as quiet as I can as I creep through the house, wand held at the ready. I thank Merlin Iíve made it through quietly as I reach the door and open it slowly. Once Iím outside, I break out into a fast walk.

The wind is cool and pleasant on my face, and it dries the remainder of my tears, leaving me with a wonderful feeling of freedom. Despite my unbreakable giddiness, the darkness of the street is eerie, and so I light the tip of my wand with a single murmur of Lumos. I smile up at the sky as I quicken my pace, and only minutes have passed before Iím standing in the centre of the garden, taking in my surroundings.

The garden is breathtakingly beautiful, but I barely notice it as I search through the fairy light encrusted trees for my Romeo. I hold my wand up further, attempting to light the far reaches of the garden my eyesight cannot decipher. Twigs crunch beneath my feet as I tread carefully, quietly. Despite the seclusion of the garden, paranoia seeps through my body, because if my father found us here heíd kill us both.

But the further I go, the deeper into the garden I get, and the less hope there is of my Romeo being here. My heart sinks. The worst feeling washes through me as I realise I must have imagined the beauty of tonight, the uniqueness of the emotions I experienced for the first time, and the perfection of the young man I had danced the night away with. I stare dejectedly at the moon, hating that itís mocking me with its silver magnificence, just like my Romeoís eyes.

But then, as if my very prayers are being answered, a figure steps out of the shadows, lit wand in hand, eyes Ė like the moon Ė searching.

Magnificent silver eyes.

My heart beat starts to race as my eyes widen. Iím sure my grin is stretching as far as my face allows. He sees me, too, and suddenly his face is bright and excited. His footsteps pick up as he approaches me, as do mine, and suddenly weíre standing before each other, face to face, together.

I exhale slowly.

ďMy Juliet,Ē he whispers, his voice barely carrying above the gentle cry of the swaying trees.

I blush as he takes my hand in his and leads me deeper into the garden. I let him take me with him. I feel safe and protected in his presence, and I canít keep my eyes off him as he gently tugs me toward an unknown destination. The tall trees welcome us as we glide through their encroaching branches. They guide us, shelter and protect us.

I smile as my Romeo stops before a glistening lake and turns to me. He brings our entwined hands to my face and brushes my cheek gently. He doesnít speak, but I imagine what he would be saying, and my heart flutters at the thought. I stare into his sparkling silver eyes and store them in my memory. They are perfect and beautiful and dazzling, and Iíve never seen anything like them; the moon holds nothing against them.

We sit by the lake, side by side, so close that I can feel the warmth of his body radiating onto mine. He speaks in a silky murmur about his childhood, how he grew up in a Pureblood family without any siblings, having the responsibility of continuing his family affluence thrust upon his unready shoulders, fearing his own father because of the unworthiness he has beat into his own son. It saddens me, but I am captured by the way he speaks, how amazingly attractive his voice is and how it pulls me into a deep trance.

He asks me about my childhood, and where I would usually lie about how horrible my upbringing was, I feel obliged to tell the truth. There is just something about his smouldering eyes that evoke me to explain how Iíve always lived in my sisterís shadow, never been loved the way she is, never had the same chances. I tell him of my parents, who have been having problems since I was a child, and how my father is overprotective and unforgiving.

He listens intently, like everything I say is important. Iím flattered that he is so fascinated by my boring life, and feel compelled to even mention the boy my father wants me to marry. My Romeo is shocked by this, and he tells me that I should never be pressured into anything I donít want a part of. My heart swells at his objection to the unfair burden that has been thrust upon me. I smile and tell him I donít want to marry this arrogant, insufferable boy I barely know.

And there, as we sit together, lost in each other, I can see a new life before me, a life Iíve never imagined before. Thereís a magnificent, sturdy castle, and surrounding it is a garden exactly like this one, with a serene lake exactly like this one, with a sense of magic and enchantment everywhere, much like Iím feeling now. Heís holding my hand as we walk through the garden toward eternity, always together. I smile at the image, my entire being aching for it so wholly that I feel drained under its powerful force.

I glance across at my Romeo and heís suddenly far away; his eyes have turned to the small waterfall splashing fresh water onto the lake, enveloping itself as it is pulled under, creating lively ripples. But I am more fascinated by the expression on his face, the deep contemplative stare that takes his attention away from me. I have never seen anyone so beautiful, so serene. His perfection almost makes me want to cry.

He then turns to me, and his expression has changed. There is an excitement burning in his silver eyes, but what has me terrified is the underlying agony I can see tearing through the surface, the pain that has the corners of his eyes and mouth tugging downward. I want to ask him what is hurting him, but his hand on the side of my face takes the thoughts from my mind.

He says that if he could offer me a way out of my prison, would I take it. Without any hesitancy I say yes, of course, and heís suddenly smiling a smile so brilliant it takes me breath away. Heís on his feet now, and he grabs both my hands to pull me up. My forehead is creased with the worry that is so prominent within me. I wonder what has gotten into him.

He gazes into my eyes for a few precious moments before pulling me into his arms. I fall into his chest and his arms wrap around my waist in a sweet embrace. The wind is knocked out of my lungs as his lips find my ear. He whispers for me to meet him here at midnight tomorrow, his warm breath against my skin sending tingles down my spine.

Before I know what Iím doing, I agree, and he crushes me against him, holding onto me as if I am the very last shred of hope he has. Being so close to him, feeling his heart beat against mine, I canít help but imagine his vision of us escaping our prisons, running away together, and spending the rest eternity in each othersí arms. I smile into his neck as I hold him tighter, ecstatic and excited and soaring.

All too soon he pulls away, and Iím suddenly staring into his eyes again. There is a new excitement there that does not hide pain, nor even remotely host it, and I beam at the new expression I have unconsciously brought to his face. His beautiful angelís face.

ďUntil tomorrow, Juliet,Ē he whispers, kisses me softly on my cheek, and disappears into the night.

I skip home in a daze, my head filled with thoughts of my Romeo.


He wonít stop yelling. The vein in his forehead is throbbing as he shouts at me, derogatory terms he only uses when he is positively outraged.

My mother sits in the corner crying, her head in her hands, shaking with cowardice. She wonít intervene. She knows better than to protect me.

I face my father alone. While he bellows and insults and threatens me, I find myself far away, in the garden with my Romeo. I imagine his soft silky voice whispering in my ear, his hand in my hair, his lips on my skin. His angelís face allows me to escape the nightmare Iím living, and takes me to a heaven where I can be safe and protected.

Iím suspended in such bliss that the sting of my fatherís large hand against my unguarded cheek barely hurts me. My mother screams from the corner, but sheís distant, too, like the red face of my father. I smile up at him, feeling delirious from my dreaming, and he gapes back at me like I have gone insane. I canít feel his hands as he grabs me around the waist and drags me up the stairs. My smile does not falter, even when he slams the door of my room and locks it with magic that cannot be broken.

I stare out the window at the white moon that reminds me so much of my Romeoís eyes, appreciating its brilliance, wishing I could dance in the sky with it by my side. I imagine myself miles and miles away from here. Each scenario that flits through my head includes my Romeo holding my hand and whispering in my ear. Itís the only way I can truly escape this hell and be where I want to be.

I awaken from my dream when night falls again, and this time Iím left to stare dejectedly out the high window as the moon steadily rises higher and higher as each hour passes. Itís midnight and the owl in my tree hoots in abundance to the starry sky. I close my eyes and picture my Romeo beside the lake, his silver eyes staring into mine and assuring me Iím safe and loved and free.

The magic from my wand cannot rupture the enchantment that keeps me confined in my secluded bedroom. I give up after a while and fall backward onto my bed, staring up at the ceiling. It is cluttered with glow in the dark stars from when I was a child, and I gaze up at them sombrely, tears in my eyes. I imagine my Romeo, waiting for me by the lake in our garden, the corners of his perfect mouth turned downward, his beautiful silver eyes filled with agony and sorrow and betrayal.

I cry myself to sleep.


A gentle disturbance startles me awake and I sit upright in my bed. I stare at the door as the handle shakes and quivers. I hear a whisper on the other side, and another shake as the handle buckles underneath an invisible force. I slide silently off my bed and tip toe to the door, wand at the ready. The door suddenly bursts open and red sparks almost hit me. I jump backward.

My mother is there, standing in the doorway, a bright smile on her broken face.

I gape back at her, and she nods once. She steps out of the way, indicating toward my freedom. I stand frozen still for several moments before it hits me, and then I rush into her embrace. She places a sad kiss on my forehead and whispers for me to go, to hurry, and I glance at her once as I make a break for the front door.

Iím flying down the street before thereís a chance I can be stopped. I donít look back as I run as fast as I can, determined to make it to my solace before itís too late. Itís dark and the street is only lit by the shining whiteness of the moon. I ignore the cold as I imagine what awaits me. My heart beats wildly out of my chest as I dream of being home in my Romeoís arms once again.

Once I reach our garden I am out of breath. My eyes are watering from the cold wind, and my loose curls sprawl violently across my back. I slow to a paced jog, glancing around the garden, anxiety pulsing through my veins. Is he still here, waiting for me, or did he give up long ago and abandon the only solace we ever shared?

An agonisingly heartbreaking misery washes over me and Iím suddenly knocked to the ground by its blinding force. My knees sink into the grass and twigs, and I clutch my stomach as the sobs take control of my body. I canít fight it; Iím not strong enough. Pain and sorrow and betrayal flood through my veins and its crippling vigour tortures me endlessly.

Iím slipping. My heart beats loudly in my chest and itís too much to bear. It hurts like nothing Iíve ever felt before, and I just want the ground to swallow me whole. Iíve never felt so damaged in my life; it feels like someone has torn my oxygen mask from me and I canít breathe. Iím struggling to gasp in cold, ghostly air around me. Iím slipping out of reach.

For a fleeting moment I hear an angelís voice. This is it Ė I must be dying. Itís a beautiful feeling Ė the pain is drowned out by my Romeo calling out to me, saying ĎJuliet!í in his wonderful silky murmur. I canít feel anything Ė Iíve become so numb Ė except for the relief and ecstasy as darkness envelopes me and my soul gets closer and closer to my Romeoís as each second passes. Itís better than dying.

In one last salute to the perfect last moments of my life, I lift my face up to the starry sky and smile at the moon. Itís beautiful and silver and depthless like my Romeoís eyes, and I become lost in them as the ground finally grants me my wish and starts to swallow me whole. I welcome it; a life without him is not a life worth living.

I close my eyes as I fall further. He calls my name again, and itís the most beautiful sound Iíve ever heard. I try hard to listen to it, to hold on long enough to hear it again. When he says it again, something is wrong. Itís no longer beautiful; it suddenly takes on a panicked edge, riddled with desperation and worry and fear. I open my eyes long enough to see the encroaching trees of the garden around me. And then I catch a glimpse of silver, and I realise with a pang of bewilderment that itís not the moon Ö


Itís my Romeo. In the flesh. Heís here to see me, to save me from the darkness that is now ebbing away with each gasping breath I take. Itís like learning to breathe again, seeing his face in the shadows as he rushes toward me, fear and panic in his silver eyes. I donít understand whatís going on. My mind canít process fast enough what is happening. Is he really here, or am I really dying?

I stare at his approaching figure. Heís a stealthy white silhouette against the darkness of the trees around us, and heís almost here, his long, slender legs bringing him closer and closer to me with each ample stride. My heart stops beating. The blood rushes from my face and I canít breathe again, but only because itís been knocked out of my lungs by a new crippling emotion my body canít welcome quick enough.

My Romeo.

I stumble to my feet, my legs weak from drowning, and break into a gallop. But I canít run fast enough, and it seems like an eternity has passed and I am still not in the arms of my Romeo. I grow impatient, and the moon flickers brightly in agreement with my emotions.

But heís smiling, now, and I feel my own lips mirror his expression. Iím grinning from ear to ear, and the feeling is so pleasant and wonderful that my legs respond furtively. Iím sprinting, now, a newfound strength washing over and into me like the wild waves of the ocean. Itís brilliant and forthcoming, and Iím confident that Iíll be able to feel the warmth of my Romeo within seconds.

And, at last, Iím there, and heís there, and itís like a storm. I crash like thunder into his chest, and like lightning his arms wrap around me. He squeezes me tightly, lifting me up into the air, and my laughter echoes through the garden, weaving in and out of the trees and flowers and grass. His own laughter matches the beauty of the rushing waterfall into the safe confines of the lake, and I thrill to the sound, committing it to memory like the feel of his strong arms around me and the beat of his heart against mine.

And then his lips are on mine, and itís the most incredible feeling Iíve ever felt. Butterflies flutter in my stomach, and my heart beats out of my chest, synchronising unconsciously with his heart beat. Heís kissing me gently but desperately, his mouth insistent and free and marvellous. We float away on a cloud thatís meant solely for us, and everything around us ceases to exist.

Itís just the garden, me, and my Romeo.

marry me, juliet, you never have to be alone
i love you and thatís all i really know
i talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress
itís a love story, baby, just say yes

Disclaimer: Characters belong to the JKRextraordinaire, and the lyrics are ĎLove Storyí by the amazing Taylor Swift.

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