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In Search of the Truth by never_too_old
Chapter 8 : The Trap
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A/N: I'm back!!  Wow, so my muse came back to me on this story, and I'm so happy!!  I hope I haven't lost anyone.  I apologize for the long wait.  And happily, it shouldn't be too long of a wait for the next chapter, since that one is pretty much near completion.  :)  Hopefully my muse will stay with me to finish out this whole story!!   Right now, I'm in the middle of writing 3 other stories, so it's kind of hard to switch from one to the other.  But I said I wouldn't abandon this, and here we are.  I hope you enjoy it!   :)

“What were they thinking?” Scorpius screamed. “How could they do this to us?”

Rose shook her head, as tears rolled down her face. “I don’t want to be a Malfoy,” she cried.

“You? What about me?” Scorpius yelled. “I’m a bloody Granger. What was father thinking?”

“That’s just it,” she replied, wiping her tears away. “They weren’t thinking, which is why they covered this all up in the first place.”

“But how could this even have happened?” he asked.

“Do I really need to tell you how?”

He rolled his eyes, “That’s not what I meant, Weasley.”

“Don’t call me that. I’m not a Weasley anymore.”

“We need to talk to our parents right now,” he stressed.

“I can’t believe my mother cheated on my father.”

“I can’t believe my father cheated with a muggle-born!” he exclaimed. “He ruined the Malfoy name forever. We’re no longer pure-bloods.”

“Is that all you can think about right now?” she huffed.

“Well, what should I be thinking about? How our parents lied to us for eleven years? How they kept us a secret from each other? How they had some stupid one night stand, ruining everyone’s lives forever?”

“Do you think they were even in love?” she wondered.

“My father and your mother?” he scoffed. “Really?”

She shrugged, knowing it sounded a bit ridiculous herself. “Yeah, that doesn’t seem right.”

Scorpius moved toward his desk, grabbing his quill and a piece of parchment. Rose silently watched him, already aware of what he was doing. She moved toward his bed and sat down, waiting.

After a few more minutes, Scorpius turned around, holding the parchment in his hand. “Tell me if this sounds good,” he smirked, before reading his letter. “Father, get your bloody arse to Hogwarts now.”

Rose chuckled, “I don’t think that’ll be the best way to get him here.”

Scorpius lightly laughed. “I know. I just really wanted to say that. I’ve never yelled at my father before, and it just felt really good to do that.”

“What if we faked being sick?” she mused.

“My father will see right through that,” Scorpius sighed, placing the letter on his desk.

“So then how are we going to get them here?” she wondered.

Scorpius started biting his fingernail, noticing Rose doing the same. He smiled to himself, realizing that his sister did the same thing he did, when in thought. He then started to wonder what other characteristics they both shared.

“I got it!” they both finally announced, a few seconds later.

As they walked the corridors together, they started talking more about their life and what they have been doing for eleven years. It was still a little uneasy for them to truly open up to one another, but were glad they were at least making progress.

“My mother has never comforted me that way,” Scorpius sighed, after hearing Rose talk about her mother.

“Really?” she asked, surprised by his confession. “If anything, I would have thought it would be your father.”

“No way,” he remarked, shaking his head. “Family is the most important thing in his life, nothing else. Not even money. Which I guess is where my mother and him are different. She still views life as just having fame and fortune.” 

“I’m sorry,” she frowned.

He shrugged, as they turned another corner. “So, tell me more about our mother,” he then smiled. 

She smiled, “She’s deathly afraid of flying and hates when we all play on our brooms. Her and my father used to fight over it, actually.”

“Do they fight a lot?” he curiously wondered.

“In the beginning, but I think over the years, they’ve just figured it’s not worth it anymore to continue fighting,” she replied. “Now they pretty much keep to themselves, no longer sharing their opinions, or even feelings, with each other.”

Scorpius frowned, hearing the sadness in his sister’s voice. He hesitated at first, but after he glanced around the halls, seeing nobody around, he wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer to him. “I’m sorry,” he comforted her.

She sighed, “I just wish they would stop pretending they still love each other. It’s only hurting them even more.”

He nodded, thinking about his own parents. “I know what you mean.”

They suddenly heard some approaching voices and quickly moved away from each other, not wanting anyone to see their little bonding moment. They didn’t want anyone to get the wrong impression about them, especially when that impression would most definitely be the wrong one.

“So did you write to your mum?” Scorpius asked.

“Sure did,” she smirked, in a manner very much like a Malfoy. “You?”

“Sent it at lunch,” he responded, with his own Malfoy smirk.

“My son will not go anywhere near that hippogriff, do you understand?” Draco yelled at the Headmaster, outraged to have learned that the school was allowing another one of those dangerous creatures to be around unsuspecting students.

“Healer Malfoy, I honestly don’t know why your son told you that,” the Headmaster sighed. “We don’t have any hippogriffs here.”

“Are you calling my son a liar?”

“No, of course not,” he replied. “I mean perhaps one of the older kids was playing a joke on him, or maybe your son was even playing a joke on you, but I assure you, we have no hippogriffs.”

“Where is he?” a voice suddenly cried out, seconds before the door to the Headmaster’s office flew open, causing both men to jump in their seats.

Hermione stood before them, rage clearly present on her face. “How could you have closed down the library? I mean where is my daughter supposed to study now?”

The Headmaster placed his hand on his forehead, rubbing it roughly. “I promise you that we have not closed the library,” he said, trying to keep calm.

“That’s not what my daughter says,” she argued.

“Mrs. Weasley, why would we close the library?”

“That’s what I would like to know,” she exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air.

“Could it be at all possible that your daughter was playing a joke on you?” he carefully asked, not sure how she would react to his question.

Hermione opened her mouth to respond, before quickly shutting it. She blushed from embarrassment, as she clapped her hand over her mouth. “She is going to be in so much trouble,” she seethed, while shaking her head. “I’m so sorry, sir. I can’t believe I barged in like that.”

The Headmaster nodded, as he glanced over at Draco. “It seems to me that both your children had the same idea to prank you. I just wonder how many others did the same.”

Finally coming to her senses, Hermione looked over at the chair in front of the Headmaster and reddened even more, realizing she had barged in on him and Draco.

“Let’s just get your children up here, so we can figure this out,” the Headmaster sighed, directing Hermione to take the empty chair next to Draco.

She hesitantly moved toward the empty seat and sat down, as she began fidgeting with her hands. The Headmaster moved toward his fireplace and stuck his head in, calling for Professor Bane, the Head of House for Slytherin, to gather up Scorpius and Rose.

Draco looked over at Hermione, quirking his eyebrow, after seeing her glance up at him. “Close the library? Really?”

“Oh and I’m sure yours was much better,” she snapped.

“Hey, mine could very well have been true,” he remarked, noticing the Headmaster returning to his seat behind his desk.

“They should be here shortly,” he explained.

“Again, I am so sorry about before,” Hermione apologized, still feeling humiliated from her earlier behavior.

“Apology accepted,” he smiled, knowing she needed to hear those words to feel better about herself.

“I’m sorry, too,” Draco mumbled, after clearing his throat.

The Headmaster nodded and was about to speak, when a knock sounded on his door. “Enter,” he commanded.

The door slowly opened, where Scorpius and Rose walked inside, with their heads lowered.

“Ah, Mr. Malfoy and Miss Weasley, yes, please come in,” he continued, magically closing the door behind them. “I’m sure you know why we’ve called you here.”

The two nodded, not able to look at their parents’ faces.

“Rose, why did you do it?” Hermione started first.

She nervously chewed on her lip, as she looked up at her mother. “I’m sorry, mother,” she answered.

“I didn’t ask if you were sorry,” Hermione frowned. “I asked why you did it.”

Rose shrugged, as she glanced over at her father sitting in the other chair. “I…just wanted to play a little joke on you,” she finally said.

“Scorpius?” Draco glared over at his son, waiting for his explanation.

Scorpius cleared his throat, before looking up at his father. “I guess I thought it would be funny,” he smirked.

“Oh, you thought it would be funny. Well, you know what else is funny? Grounded, all Christmas vacation.”

“But father!” Scorpius cried out.

“No buts,” Draco snapped. “Your childish actions embarrassed both me and your…Mrs. Weasley tonight,” he quickly amended.

“Sorry,” the two children mumbled in unison, as they lowered their heads to the ground once more.

Hermione and Draco both sighed, as they turned back to the Headmaster. Rose and Scorpius discreetly glanced over at each other, with matching smirks in place.

“They will each get a detention, as well,” the Headmaster remarked, earning agreeing nods from both parents.

With that said, Hermione and Draco stood up from their seats and moved toward the door, their children following behind.

They silently walked down the steps of the Headmaster’s stairwell and through parts of the hallway, before Scorpius finally spoke up. “Oh, father, do you have a minute? I want to show you something really cool I found. It’ll be quick. I promise.”

Draco nodded, following his son toward a door off to the side.

Rose smiled, as she turned to look over at her mother. “It is pretty cool. Want to see it, too?” she eagerly asked.

“Sure,” Hermione agreed, as she, too, followed her daughter toward the same door.

As soon as the door to the broom closet opened, both children pushed their parents inside, quickly lifting their wands to seal the barrier. Draco and Hermione stared at them in shock, as they tried to break through the invisible fence.

“Scorpius, what is the meaning of this?” Draco angrily asked.

“Rose, take down this seal, now,” Hermione demanded.

Seeing their children’s lack of movement, Draco reached for his wand in his back pocket, noticing it wasn’t there. He furrowed his eyebrows, as he looked over at his son.

Scorpius dangled his father’s wand in front of the sealed entryway, smirking, “Looking for this?”

“Oh, that’s just great. You raised a little pickpocket,” Hermione quietly grunted, as she began to reach for her own wand.

“You were saying?” Draco sneered, after seeing her come up empty-handed and look unexpectedly at Rose who was holding her wand.

“Rose Weasley, you better give me back my wand,” she reprimanded.

“No,” she firmly stated, as she pocketed the wand in her rear pocket, underneath her robes.

“What has gotten into you?” Hermione asked.

“Hey, we’re doing the questioning here,” Scorpius responded.

“You watch your tongue, Scorpius,” Draco reproached.

Scorpius glanced around the empty hallway, glad that most of the students were in the Great Hall, eating dinner. He turned toward his parents once more, narrowing his eyes. “Tell us,” he shakily started, feeling his anger about ready to burst.

“Tell you what?” Draco questioned.

“How could you?” Rose finally whispered, ignoring her father’s question, as she stared at her mother, with tears in her eyes.

Hermione stood frozen, seeing the sadness in her daughter’s eyes, instantly understanding. “Oh Rose,” she sighed.

“How, mother?” she asked again, her lower lip quivering a little.

“It was for the best,” Hermione whispered.

“The best?” Scorpius suddenly exclaimed. “How was it for the best?”

“It’s complicated,” Draco finally stepped in, realizing what was happening. “Believe me, we didn’t plan for it to happen this way.”

“You didn’t plan it? That makes no sense. It was your choice to split us up,” Scorpius argued.

“Not in the beginning,” Hermione quietly responded, as she turned away from them.

Draco frowned, wanting desperately to place a comforting arm around her shoulder. He thankfully was able to control himself, as he continued to stare at their children.

“What are you talking about?” Scorpius huffed.

“Like I said earlier, Scorpius, it’s complicated,” Draco sighed.

“So were you ever going to tell us?” Rose questioned her mother.

Hermione chewed on her lower lip, as she glanced over at Draco.

“You weren’t, were you?” Rose said, tears now rolling down her cheeks.

Scorpius glared at his parents, while pulling his sister close to him, allowing her to cry on his shoulder. “Come on, Rose,” he softly said, turning them both around and walking away from their parents.

“Scorpius Malfoy, get back here right now and let us out!” Draco called out, seeing them move further away.

Scorpius stopped walking and turned back around, glaring at his father. “Eleven years, father,” he snarled. “Just like Rose and I, I’m sure you both have a lot of catching up to do.”

He angrily flicked his wand over toward the door of the broom closet, causing it to slam shut in their parents’ faces, as he turned back around and walked away, with his sister still crying on his shoulder.

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