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Memoirs by harrylilyjames
Chapter 2 : My Red-Haired Angel.
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I am standing in the Great Hall, in front of the three-legged stool, a mousy brown-haired boy stands hunched slightly over in front of me. My newfound friend, Sirius Black has already taken his seat at the Gryffindor Table, and is now given me two thumbs-up from his squashed position between two seventh-year students. I cant help but smile at how small and immature Sirius looks between the other students.

“Lily Evans.”

My head snaps back around to look at the stool, it wasn't out of curiosity- I want to look like I'm at least half-decent and paying attention, and boy was I glad I did, for the first time in my life and in which I actually took notice of it, my stomach fills with billion of happy butterflies as I look at the little girl who walks nervously one step at a time towards the stool.

Her vibrant red hair sparkles in the late sunlight that drifts through the high windows that are placed around the hall. As the girl turns to sit down on the stool, my breath catches in my throat as her green eyes sparkle with a shy smile while she sits down, her thin hands grasping the two sides of the stool as the old and dirty hat is placed on her head.

I fold my arms in front of my chest, my hazel eyes never living the flawless, porcelain face of the girl named Lily, but then sooner than I had wished, the hat has been lifted off her head and she bounds down to the Gryffindor table, my eyes never leaving her.

“Lily? Will you go out with me?” I ask, Lily looks around from her gazing of the lake, her hair whips around her face from the bitter wind that sweeps past the two of us.

“James, isn't it?” she asks, her brow wrinkling in thought. I nod my head, my glasses slipping to the bottom of my nose and I casually push them back up.

“What did you say?” Lily asks, brushing her hair back over her shoulder. I look down at my feet, I don't want to be rejected by the only girl I have ever noticed.

I take a great gulp before looking back up at her.

“W-will you go on a date with me?” I ask a second time. I wait as Lily smiles sweetly.

“That's very nice of you James...but I can't.”

My heart falls to the pit of my stomach, I can't believe she has just said no.Lily gives me a sympathetic smile, I watch as she turns and picks her bag from the ground.

“You are really sweet for asking though,” she grins, before with a small wave of her hand she begins to walk away, leaving me standing by himself and staring at the spot where she once sat.

I thought by sticking up for her, she would start liking me. Nobody likes Snape, I didn't think she would of mind if we turned him up side down. But how wrong I was, it wouldn't of matter if it was a horrible gnome we were teasing she would still be furious by it. My cheek still tingles where her hand collided full-force with it. I knew that she was stubborn and cheeky but not fierce where she would actually slap me.

I felt terrible after that, usually she would scream insults at us and say how horrible bullies we where, then I would ask her for the billionth time, would she go out with me. At this point she is so mad that she huffs before storming off and she doesn't look back at us. But this time, when she slapped me, it shut my fat gob and for the first time I could see the pain and hurt which crossed her beautiful face. The pain I was completely blind to by my own self-belief, just before she turned on her heel and stormed off, her flaming red hair blowing behind her.

I stand in a black suit, my best friend Sirius Black stands beside me, he is also wearing a suit. I wipe my sweating brow with my hand and my heart leaps up into my throat as the music begins to play. We both turn around to see the two flower girls prance up the isle, trowing petals at the crowd. My eyes drift over them to look at the flowing white dress, Lily looks beautiful. She has a single Trumpet Lily in her vibrant red hair, and she smiles at me. I cant help but smile back....I was marrying my Lily.

Strolling back and forth through the halls of Saint Mungos, my eyes keep glancing at the clock on the wall. Seven minutes past midnight, and I am about to stroll up to the receptionist and demand what it going on when a smiling Healer walks out from a closed door, her brown eyes looking at me.

“Mister Potter? You may come in,” she says, standing to the side to let me past . My heart is beating heavily and I feel as if I am about to vomit. But I make it to the room in one piece, where I see my Lily lying in one of the nine beds, looking drained but still managing to chat to another healer who stands beside her. Her arms are holding a bundle of blanket, she turns as I step through the door and I grin the biggest grin ever, that I feel like my face is about to break and I have the sudden urge to scream out to the world.

But I keep calm and casually walk up to her, her green eyes sparkling with a new light.

“Hello honey,” she whispers as I peck a kiss on her head. My eyes locking on the little bundle.

“Here is your son,” she says so softly that I am not even sure she even said it.

“Hello Harry,” and I don't know where the name has come from, we haven't even discussed it yet, it just slips from my lips without a second thought. I turn to Lily, she just smiles and I forget how to breath as I take in her beauty.

I knew I would love her forever...


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