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The Tale of Isabel Potter by Billie
Chapter 2 : Result.
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A/N: There is a different perspective on this chapter, I might start writing the rest like this, let me know what you think! :)
~ Disclaimer ~

I solemnly swear that I do not own the wizarding world.
All due credit (and believe me there is loads) goes to JK Rowling.
I only claim to my original characters and the plot line.

I woke up pretty early this morning nine o'clock. I rolled over on my bed only to fall through the air and become acquainted with the floor. Trust me, this isn't the first time. I was in agony! Even if I hadn't fallen off the bloody bed, I'm pretty sure that I would still be in a lot of pain. It's my own fault I guess, I shouldn't be so violent but Lestrange really gets on my nerves.

I slumped out onto the landing, I'm really not your typical 'morning person'. I had to dodge back into my doorway to avoid the light coming from the window on the landing. Strange. The blinds are normally shut. Mum turns them down as she is going to bed and didn't open them until we were all awake or at midday, whichever came first, normally midday... Slowly it dawned on me and I started to worry, one of the first stages of panic. I looked at the clock on my bedroom wall again. Five minutes past nine. Were Mum and Dad back yet?

I ventured out onto the landing once more. Now, fully prepared I squinted at the light until I has adjusted to it. I stood outside the door to my parent's room. I couldn't hear anything. I then creaked the door ajar and peered in. The blinds were still open and the light was streaming in. I pushed the door open fully and saw that the bed was still made. Now, I was on the second stage of panic, which hasn't really got a name yet.

I went into James' room. He was still sleeping, snoring too but Sirius was louder. Last summer, when he first moved in he kept waking me up in the middle of the night. Merlin that was so annoying! I invested in a good pair of earplugs and the problem was solved. I did forget to put them in last night though, but I must have been so tired. I keep meaning to ask Dad to soundproof the room but I haven't had the chance, or the heart. He, and Mum always seem so tired these days. Maybe it's because they don't have to hide it any more. I don't know. I went over to James, I wasn't too careful not to wake Sirius 'cause it takes a brass band to wake him up normally anyway.

“James.” I nudged him gently. No response. Great. “James. Get up, some thing's wrong.” It was a bit over dramatic but it did the job. He rolled over and I had to stop him from re-enacting my mistake that took place only 10 minutes earlier, and every other morning of course.

“Whasdamattr?” I had to suppress a small laugh at that, he was really quite hilarious in the morning. In case you haven't noticed, James isn't your typical 'morning person' either. One of our many similarities.

“Mum and Dad aren't in bed.”

He frowned slightly, not because I woke him up to tell him that but to try to figure out why they weren't in bed. It takes a lot for him to concentrate in the morning, bless him.

“Ya sure? They might be downstairs.”

“Hmm. I haven't checked yet. If they aren't there I'll come and get you.” I reckoned that there was no reason for him to get up and be grumpy for the rest of the day if Mum and Dad were downstairs, so I left his room and made my way down the stairs.

I entered the kitchen first. It was empty, I looked behind me back into the hall and I saw Twiggy the house elf behind me, I waved at him and then entered the living room. I nearly crapped myself when I saw the seemingly unconscious figures of my parents on the sofa. I took a closer look and realised they were both just sleeping. I took a blanket out from the cupboard and covered them both up. If it wasn't for all their 'war wounds' they would look pretty sweet. I smiled slightly at them then looked at them even closer at the cuts and bruises on their faces. They looked worse than I did, and that was saying something.

I went back into the kitchen and hoped onto the worktop. Twiggy was busy getting the kitchen clean again after the 'James and Sirius Night Raid' which basically meant that they trashed the kitchen to find something to eat.

“Good morning Twiggs.”

“Good morning Izz.”

Twiggy is a free elf, my family and I don't believe in the whole slavery thing. We bought him off this old wizard who had very old fashioned ideas about how to treat magical creatures. Not long after that we gave him his very own room and a selection of clothes. He is free to leave whenever he wants but he says that he would prefer to care for us. So generally he just goes around the house, doing jobs that need doing. We don't really ask him to do much, basically favours which he doesn't have to do if he doesn't want to.

“Do you know what time Mum and Dad got back?”

“Twiggy thinks that it was about thirty-seven minutes past five this morning Izz.” That's another thing about Twiggy, he tends to talk in this strange kind of third person narrative. Weird, but it's all part of Twiggy and I wouldn't change him for the world.

So, twenty to six... I took a minute to think about it. This was the latest they had got in from their 'mission' with the Order. My initial relief from finding my parents in the house put me down a stage, but now? I was back on stage two, maybe even stage three...

“Look after them for me Twiggs. I can't help them while I'm at Hogwarts.”

“Twiggy always does Izz, but he will make sure he does it even better this time.”

“I owe you one.” I smiled softly. Then absent-mindedly started to chew my lip, immersed in my own thoughts.

“Twiggy thinks that you need to look after yourself too Izz.” His eyes scanned over my face, noticing it was covered in bruises and cuts.

“Huh? Oh, don't worry about me, I don't. I'll be okay.” I disappeared back into my own little world.

It wasn't until a few moments later that I realised Twiggy was talking to me again. I quickly apologised and asked him to repeat what he was saying. He was asking me what I wanted for breakfast. I considered the thought. I was kinda hungry, I had the same kind of appetite as James but thankfully I had a better control on myself. I did feel sick too though, nothing to worry about but my stomach was sore from they day before.

“I think I'll skip it today Twiggs, sorry” I already knew that it wouldn't end there.

“No no no Izz! Twiggy says that you must eat breakfast!”

I sighed and smiled slightly. That little elf could be a pain in the ass but he had a heart of gold. “Okay, okay, just not anything too heavy. Toast or something. Save the bacon for the fat gits upstairs.”

Twiggy beamed, happy that he had put his foot down. He loved his freedom although even after three years he was only just getting used to it.

He did make me toast. With butter and raspberry jam. I love toast. At Hogwarts every year so far, James and I have this contest to see who can eat the most toast before they either puke of give in. So far, the score stands at 4-1 to me! I have kicked his ass annually since second year.

After I had finished my toast, I went back upstairs to my bedroom. I could still hear Sirius snoring! Unbelievable! I locked my door and went into my bathroom. Still hearing the snoring, I turned on the CD player and slipped into the shower. The music drowned out Sirius quite nicely and I was out in about ten minutes.

I got dressed in my usual gear, Jeans and a top with a thin hoodie. I'm not the kind of girl that has to ask everyone if my bum looks big in what I'm wearing, and I'm definitely not the kind of girl that spends hours on her outfit only to change it half an hour later. I looked in the mirror, man! I looked like shit! I'm not a make-up person. I don't feel the need for it most of the time but today was an exception. If anything, I didn't want people gaping at me where ever I went and I couldn't be bothered being the butt of all the jokes. I didn't make it all go away, just the worst of it, I couldn't make the cuts go away although they looked considerably better after my shower, so I concentrated on the bruises instead. I looked pretty good considering, when I was done. I hung my headphones around my neck and stowed the I pod in my pocket, then went back downstairs. For the record, Sirius was still snoring.

I re-entered the living room and saw Mum stirring slightly. She caught sight of me then smiled. I walked over to her and gave her a gentle hug, being careful not to wake Dad.

“Hey Ma, how are you?”

“Not too bad Bell, probably looks worse than it feels.” I felt really sorry for Mum, she was probably feeling worse than I was, and still raring to go. I smiled softly.

“Well, no offence or anything, but you two look like a train wreck.” Dad was awake now looking at me with an amused expression on his face after that comment. Mum just chuckled.

“So, where were you guys?” I quizzed innocently, I knew I wouldn't get a proper answer.

“Sorry hun, you know we would tell you if we could. It's all top secret stuff.”

“It's cool.” See? Told you. The thing is, I can't think of anything that is 'Top Secret' and causes them so many injuries. Surely there would be a great deal of fighting and a hell of a lot of noise involved? I don't know.

“What is that on your face Bell?” That was Dad. Crap. Honestly, I was hoping they wouldn't notice.

“Nothing to worry about Da.” He raised 'The Eyebrow'. Argh. Not 'The Eyebrow'! “I got in a fight yesterday is all.”

“Who with?” Merlin! Was this the Spanish Inquisition?


“Again!” He raised his voice slightly but soon cooled off. “What did she do this time?”

The honest to Merlin truth was that I threw the first punch most of the time. But every time I had been provoked. Honest!

“Well, I was having a pretty bad day then she started on me! I was so wound up I just lost it. Sorry.”

He shook his head in the way a parent is supposed to when telling off their kid. “Maybe we should write to Dumbledore and ask him to give you anger management classes again.” That was it, sorry but I wasn't going back to those classes. I didn't have a problem with Dumbledore, if anything, he was pretty cool, if not a bit eccentric. It was James taking the piss out of me all the time that bugged the life outta me. I knew if I got angry about the matter, it would only strengthen my Dad's argument, so I took a breath.

“No, Dad I don't think that will be necessary, after all, I couldn't join the Quidditch team last year because the classes took up a lot of my spare time. Also, even if Dumbledore arranged my classes to avoid Quidditch practice, where would I find time to study?

“Well reasoned!” His 'serious face' broke out into a grin. “But seriously, Bell, you need to stop with the violence. I know how Bellatrix likes to wind you up and she does it every chance she gets but you have to ignore it, vent your anger through other means and all that.”

“Yeah I'll try Da.” I grinned. I passed his little test. - Ha!

“So what are you doing today Sweetie?” Mum asked me, clearly amused with the whole affair.

“Uh, not too sure yet do you need me at all today?” I didn't want to go out unless they had other plans. With all the excessive worrying I was doing, I had been more and more reluctant to go and hang out with my friends and kick back at home with Mum and Dad instead.

“Nope, not unless you want to stay here, we thought you would all be at Remus' last night and most of today anyway.”

“Ah, well we would have been but we all forgot. I was planning to go round in a while and beg for forgiveness.” I cringed slightly. How could I have forgotten?

“I'm sure he doesn't mind.” Dad could sound so much like James sometimes.

“Of course he wont, but I did say that I would go over. He worries too much anyway.” I paused for a second. Thinking things over again. “Yeah, I think I will go over in a bit.”

My parents nodded in agreement, then started going about their own business as usual. I went over to the fireplace and took a handful of the brown powder, I was only going to pop my head through and ask if I could come over. It was rude just to turn up in their living room.

I threw the black powder in the fireplace which glowed an emerald green. I dislike Slytherins as much as the next Griffindor but I actually really like the colour green, it's one of my favourite colours.

I leant over into the fire, the warm flames licked my chin and neck. I called out into the back of the fireplace. “Lupin household!”

Immediately, my face had emerged onto Remus' living room. I could hear his Mum and Dad in the kitchen.

“Mr and Mrs L?” They popped their heads through the doorway and smiled at me. “Can I come round and see Rem?”

Mrs L walked over to me then sat down on the sofa. “Of course you can. Is it just you or the whole gang?”

“Just me, James and Sirius are still in bed and Peter... I haven't heard anything from him in weeks.”

“Okay, nice and quiet then.” I had to laugh at that. We could be a rather noisy handful at times.

I withdrew my head from the fire and stood up. I walked to the bottom of the staircase and could hear two teenage boys snoring their heads off. I rolled my eyes. I grabbed James' purple hoodie of the stand, Merlin knows that I would get more wear out of it than he ever has. I think he has worn it twice. Once, to please his girlfriend who had got him it for his birthday, and the second to prove me wrong. I told him that he never wore it so he put it on just to spite me. To be honest, purple wasn't James' colour anyway, pink yeah, purple no. Once he sees me with this on though, he will make such a big deal about it. Always does. I like it cause it's miles too big. I like the colour too. It's warm and comfortable.

“Okay Ma, that's me off.” I gave her a kiss and a hug. “If you need me I'll be at Rem's. I might go over to Lily's too later but I'll let you know.” I always like my patents to know where I am just in case they need to get in touch. “Don't tell James I'm going to Lily's though, he will have a fit.” I laughed. James' obsession with Lilly had progressed to the stage where he actually though I was dating her! Honestly, talk about jealous.

“Okay dear, see you soon.”

I walked back over to the fire, took another scoop of the black powder, Floo powder if yo must know, and stood in the fire. This time when I called out, I disappeared entirely.

“Lupin household!”

Next thing I knew I was standing in their living room. Mr and Mrs L were putting their coats on in the hallway. I made my way over to them.

“We are just nipping out to Diagon Alley for some supplies, we shouldn't be too long. Remus is in his room in bed, we have told him he has visitors.” With that they slipped out the door, leaving me in the now deserted hall. I went upstairs, turned left and knocked on the second door on the right.

“Who is it?” His voice was pretty weak. Poor bloke.

“Just little old me, Thing 1 and Thing 2 are still in bed.”

I heard him chuckle at that. “Are you coming in then?” Time to beg. He would probably tell me to stop being so stupid and all the rest but I felt that I needed to apologise.

“Only if you let me grovel and beg.” I had a smile on my face. I really did mean it, but this was a weird kind of banter.

“Oh if you must.”

I opened the door, his room was a wreck, he must have had a rough night last night. The feeling of guilt crept up on me unexpectedly. It felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach. Remus himself looked not too bad, just tired and exhausted.

“I'm so sorry Rem!” I gave him a long hug. I felt awful.

“Don't sweat it. I'm okay. I did tell you that you didn't have to come.” He didn't understand. He thought I didn't want to come and keep him company! Aaah!

“No no no. Rem, I did want to, honest! But by the time I managed to get home the moon was out and I was so exhausted. I'm really sorry!”

“Isabel, it's fine, really.” I still wasn't convinced that he understood but I let it slide. “What do you mean by 'managed'?” He quizzed.

I do think I owe Rem and explanation but at the same time, I didn't want him to know the full story. No body knows the full story except for me, and I don't think I will be telling anyone any time soon. I would probably tell Lilly most of it, but not the finer details. James could never know, he would kill Sam if he knew.

“Well,” I started to explain. “I had a pretty rough day, I got into a couple of fights, lost track of time, ran into a group of mini Death Eaters then got chased by a Lycan.” I tried to get it all out as painlessly as possible but I guess it didn't work.

“You what?!” He exclaimed, sitting bolt upright.

“I'm okay, I used the 'last resort'. I don't think anyone saw me either. The bastard just scratched my leg.” I motioned to my left leg which had been carved into the night before.

“Do you know who it was?” His voice full of concern.

“Yeah, Fenir.” I recognised the wolf well, it had tried to bite me on two other occasions although everyone else thinks it was just one. He has got it in for me for some reason. I don't know.

“Merlin, Isabel. You need to be more careful.”

“I know, I just completely lost track of time. I was in a mood.”

“Well, I understand. If you want to talk about it I'm here for you.” That was the thing about Remus, he was so sweet and caring. For the record, I don't mean in the lovey dovey way. Remus is like my brother. I feel bad for not telling him but it would only worry him even more.

There was a silence between us, something that doesn't happen often. I hate silences! At that moment an owl landed on his windowsill and pecked impatiently at the window. I opened it and the bird flew in and perched itself on Remus' bedside table. It had a small black envelope in its beak.

I jumped straight over to stage six of the panic scale. Crap! Was that today? Oh Merlin! I wasn't ready to find out my OWL results, no way.

Noting the panic on my face Remus asked, “Have you got yours yet?” I shook my head.

“I'm gonna have to go get it Rem, James will read it otherwise.” I wouldn't put it past James to open my letter then laugh at me 'cause I failed everything. I don't have that much confidence when it comes to my grades.

“It's cool, I'll see you later. Tell Prongs and Padfoot to just come in. Mum and Dad will be out for a while.” I gave him a hug goodbye then dashed down the stairs, cursing as I went.

“I'm going to kill that dick if he even touches that letter!” I think I have been hanging around with Lily too much, she is seriously rubbing off on me.

I almost hurled myself through the fire just in time to see James and Sirius with their own letters. Mine was on the table in front of them. I dived for it. Thankfully I was quicker than James, which didn't really make any sense seeing as he is a seeker and I'm a beater. I ran up the stairs while James was chasing after me. Sirius was looking on, roaring with laughter. He is such an ass hole. Needless to say, I like Sirius as much as Lily likes James. The fact I have to spend the whole summer looking at his smug face is almost too much to handle. I don't see what girls like so much about him. Anyway, I had managed to slip into my room and close the door shut. Turning the lock, I sank down behind the wooden door. This was it. I took a deep breath then opened the envelope.

Pass grades:
O = Outstanding
E = Exceeds Expectations
A = Acceptable

Fail grades:
P = Poor
D = Dreadful
T = Troll

Ha! So Troll was an actual grade! Weird. Time to face the music.

History of Magic = T
Divination = T
Potions = P
Transfiguration = A
Care of Magical Creatures = E
Defence Against the Dark Arts = O
Herbology = D
Charms = E

My heart sank. Four! Well, I can kiss goodbye to my dreams of being an Auror, or a Healer. What would I do now? To be an Auror I needed Potions, Transfiguration, DADA and Charms was a bonus. No way I would get back in Potions. Besides, Slughorn hates my guts ever since the pineapple incident which, for the record was so not my fault and off the record, I wish it had been. It was classic! I wouldn't get into Transfiguration either. Not with an A. Minnie would be happy to get rid of me. - Ha! If only she got rid of James too! DADA was fine, I enjoyed blowing up evil things any day and as for charms, it was my only area of expertise. Apart from Quidditch.

It was weird, the last five years of my life, summed up in eight letters. I have to say I was disappointed. Just before each exam, some dodgy Slytherin managed to wind me up and piss me off but I didn't think that it would have affected me that much. I knew that I did poorly since I took the exam, I just had that feeling. Plus going over it countless times with Lily didn't help. Despite all that I honestly thought that I did better than this. I shook my head.


James was still outside my door, banging on it telling me to let him in or he was going to blast the door open. Yeah right.

“Get lost Prongs!” I couldn't be bothered with him right now. He would either laugh or do the whole pity thing. Both things that I could do without.

“Not a chance, and Mum and Dad are both out so you simply have to let me in!”

I cried out in frustration and unlocked the door and swung it open.

“What do you want?”

“How did you do?” He was truly curious, he could probably figure out it wasn't good.

“Shit. You?”

“Okay...” Damn! I've made him feel guilty now! I was such a bitch. I softened my tone.

“That's great James.” I gave him a hug.

“How many?”

“Four. You?” I felt awful, and I'd James feel awful too. What kind of sister does that?

“Seven but don't worry about it hun.” He gave me a hug.

James can be the biggest wart ever to roam Merlin's wrinkly left buttock, but when he needs to be he can be the best brother in the world. Normally when that happens I throw it back in his face but I guess it goes both ways. When I'm being really nice to him he's an ass. Or worst case scenario, we both yell at each other and the sky starts falling then Pete runs around screaming like a headless chicken.

I gave out a small laugh. I'll brush it off for now then think about it later. Yeah, that sounds like a Plan.

James smiled back at me already sussing out my Plan. I decided to change the subject. “So, lets see your shiny Captain's badge then.” Last year James was the Quidditch Captain and honestly, they had never flown better. They kicked everyone's ass and won the cup. Best match of all time. Shame I wasn't on the team. This year I would be.

He looked down. Weird, he was never shy about Quidditch.

“I didn't get one.” Merlin! Was Dumbledore mad? James was our ticket to winning the cup two years in a row!

“I did get this one though.” He dug his hand into his pocket and pulled out another shiny badge. I got slightly distracted. Ooh shiny! Snap out of it Belle!

“Prefect? They didn't make you Captain but they made you a Prefect?” My mouth opened and closed for a minute or two. “Dumbledore is mad”

“Yeah I know. It's not Captain, but it's still pretty cool. I'll get on the team anyway.”

“Yeah.” I scoffed at his Ego. He was so sure of himself. “Depends who the Captain is.”

“Nope it doesn't. I'll charm them with my amazing.... Talent!” And with that he walked back down the stairs.

“What's so amazing about something that is invisible?” All I heard from him was a growl. Ha!

I went to put my damning letter back in it's envelope when something fell out and landed on my toes. “Ouch! Dammit!” I hopped about on one foot for a minute or two, the numbing sensation slowly evaporating from my middle toe. I bent down to see what inflicted the pain. Well I'll be damned! It was a badge. My own badge. The Captain's badge!

I smiled to myself. YES! Now I didn't have to worry about getting on the team. I was the team! Now... How to tell James...

I made my way downstairs and sat across from the boys at the breakfast bar. James must have told Sirius not to ask about my results but honestly, I wasn't made of fine bone china! We sat in silence for about a minute. Man! I hate silences!

“My talent is not invisible!”

“Is too”

“Is not”

“Is too”

“Is not”

“Is too”

“Is not”

“Is too”

“Is not”

“SHUT UP!!” Roared my Dad. Gotta hand it to the man, he can sure belt it out.

“But Dad!” Cue the whining. From James by the way. “ Isabel said I have invisible talent!”

Dad just shook his head, signalling that he was not getting involved. Good show. Then walked out the room. “Me and your mother are going out for a while. Behave!”

“We will.” We chorused. We waited until they slammed the door shut behind them before we continued.

“Well at least James won't have to shag the captain to get put on the team this year.” Merlin! Sirius was so infuriating! The boy really knew how to push buttons with me. Well I'd soon wipe the smug grin off his face. - Ha!

“No, and he better not either.” A simple yet effective reply but of course they wouldn't catch on. I smiled sweetly at the arrogant git. Now I know how Lily feels about my brother.

“Nah or my fan club would be gutted to find out I have gay tendencies.” James added. Gah! He was so big headed! I bit my lip in order to maintain composure.

“What makes you so sure that it's a male captain?” An innocent enough question, not normally one that comes from me though, but yet, they still didn't catch on. How dense could they be. Not even slightly suspicious!

The two teenagers before me burst out laughing. James even fell off his stool which only made Sirius bark even louder. “That's so funny. Where do you get this stuff Iz?

I shook my head slightly. Now, I was going to spell it out for them. Almost. Lets see how thick they really are.

“Well, I'm not so sure I want two guys who are so sexist on MY team.” I thought out loud. Emphasizing on the 'my' part obviously. Would they get it?

“Your team?” Sirius chocked on his bacon. The grin completely vanished. Oh yes!

“Mhmm. My team.” It was my turn to grin. Loving every minute.

“No way!” James leaped up. An ecstatic smile on his face.

“Way!” He picked me up in one of his bear hugs and spun me around.

“Woah cowboy. Watch the merchandise.” I tried not to wince from the pain. My ribs were still pretty sore.

“Sorry.” He mumbled.

“S'all good.”


A few hours later we were still laughing. Remus had turned up seeing as we were going to have a small celebration. We all had got a badge. Remus was a Prefect too and even Sirius had made the grade. Only Merlin knows how.

“Okay Prongs, I found this at the back of your pantry.” Sirius proclaimed as he withdrew a large bottle of bubbly from behind his back.

“Oh no Paddy!” I exclaimed. He hated being called Paddy. “One just simply won't do.”

I slid past him and rummaged in the back of the pantry for a few more minutes. There was no more in there, damn! Hang on. Bright idea coming up!


“Yes Iz?”

“Can you please bring a bottle of champagne down!”

“What champagne Iz?”

About a month back, I had smuggled all the bottles of alcohol up to a secret room behind the bath. The only other person that knows is Twiggy so if he goes to get it, the boys won't ask me too many questions. Smart I know.

“You know Twiggs. The two bottles that were left over from last new year.”

“Yes Iz.”

Now the boys were looking at me funny. Well not Remus 'cause he normally susses these kind of things out and Sirius... Sirius is always looking at me funny. Freak.

Two huge bottles were presented to me with pride. I beamed at the small elf who was so pleased with himself I swear he was almost peeing.

“Now lets get this party started.”

“Wait. Wait. Hold everything!” That was me. I was totally out numbered. One girl against three guys. Four once Pete gets here. I need back up. She was so gonna hate me. I picked up the phone.


“Hey Lil'!”

“Oh hey Belle. What's up?” Why did she always assume something was wrong.

“I'm totally out numbered. We are having a party and I'm the only girl here. I paused slightly and before Lily could say anything else I added; “And before you ask, no, James didn't ask me to ask you... Please come!”

“Okay! Okay! I'll be over in a sec!” Wow, no argument from Lily? Weird. Completely and utterly thankful, I hung up the phone.

I could have keeled over laughing at James' face which met my eyes as I turned around. I felt like Santa. I could either make or break his Christmas just by letting him know if Lily was coming over or not. I just had to bit my lip and stop the tears streaming just a little bit longer. It would all be worth it just to see his face. He was using the puppy dog eyes. The same eyes that made almost and I emphasize the 'almost' every girl's heart melt. But I was his sister. The thought of ogling the same alien that I shared a womb with for nine months was revolting to say the least. He gave up on the eyes. Thank Merlin, I was gonna puke. Gah! What's this? The Eyebrow?! No! Anything but The Eyebrow!

“Aarrhh. Nooo! Not The Eyebrow!”

“Tell me! Is she coming? Is she coming?”

I said nothing, trying to tear my gaze away from his right brow. How the bloody hell could he raise one and not the other? And more importantly, why couldn't I?

“That does it.” He pounced on me. Then the worst thing ever happened. He started tickling me. Mary Mother of Merlin! I hate being tickled. I thrashed underneath him and threw him off. Ha! Why was he still grinning?

He beckoned Sirius over. No! Not that! Anything but that! Black and my brother both tickling me? No way Hosea! I scrambled to my feet and ran. Paddy hot on my trails.

“Just tell me and I'll call him off!” I heard James cry from behind me.


Sirius always gets involved in fight between James and I. It's so fun winding me up apparently. He bolted after me. Damn he's fast.

“C'mon Wolfie, the sooner you tell James if his beloved is coming or not the sooner we can get wrecked.

“Okay. One, I hate that nickname. I came up with cool ones for you James Rem and Pete and the most that all your combined efforts can muster is Wolfie? Its lame. Two. It's too much fun to keep James hanging and you know that for a fact. Seeing as you do it all the time. And three. We? I'm not getting pissed just for you. You ain't that good looking even after a whole bottle.”

It took him a minute. I could almost see the cogs turning in his head. Damn. What was taking him so long. I had just insulted his ego! Dumbass.

“Hey...” Finally! It's alive!

“And people call you intelligent.”

“Well thanks.” I groaned at that. Just then he made a dive for me. My Quidditch reflexes aren't that good and he pinned me to the floor.

“Dammit Black! Gerroff me!” I yelled at him, slightly muffled by his torso crushing my face. He sat up. On me! One leg either side. Lily where are you?

Just as he started to tickle me, the doorbell rang. Saved by the bell thank Merlin. James leapt up to the door and swung it open.

“Lily! Save me!” I screeched which only made Sirius tickle me harder.

“Lilykins!” James exclaimed

“Uughh.” Lily pushed past James and ran over to my aid. She was getting ready to shove Black off me when he leapt up in fright. Like I said, Lily can be scary at times.

“Thanks Lil'.” I gave her a huge hug. I felt James glare at me, ouch!

“Okay.” Sirius started. “Now lets party.”

A/N: Wow. First of all I'll apologise for the length of time it has taken me to put this chapter up for validation. Amongst writers block and school, my 16th birthday is coming up then its Christmas then its new year so I don't think I'll be updating for a while. I'll try my best though. Secondly I'll apologise in advance for my awful gramme! It's not one of my strong points. Finally I will ask you all to review, it only takes up a short amount of time but it's effects are phenomenal. Big thanks to all who revived on the last chapter!

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P.S. Should I stick to this POV? Or just abandon it and revert back to the old style?

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