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The Truth Behind Won-Won and Lav-Lav by vassii
Chapter 1 : Reasons
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Hermione walked down the staircase and into the Gryffindor common room and tried to push thoughts of the Battle out of her head. All those great people that had perished for the greater good…Fred died smiling, just as he had died. Lupin and Tonks died for their newborn son Teddy. And Cedric wouldn’t get to spend a lifetime with Cho, whom Hermione was convinced was his soul mate. She even felt some sympathy for Bellatrix, who had spent her whole life trying to live up to the glorious Black family name; she had died just as her cousins before her had, fighting till the very end. And then there was Snape of course, who died trying to save the child of his one true love. And so many others…Those stories, those legacies, were so epic, and yet so tragic.


She walked to the couch and was about to sit down when she saw Lavender. She quickly, and very obviously, changed her direction.

"You can sit here, you know," Lavender said, and Hermione thought she detected a sort of hurt in lavender's voice. She sighed, turned around, and sat down on the couch.

"I heard you and Ron had a snog fest in the Room of Requirement yesterday."

"How do you know about that?" Hermione said, turning slightly pink in the face.

"Well, Harry told Ginny, who told Lee, who told Angelina, who told Katie, who told Parvati, who told everybody."

Hermione couldn't help but laugh at Parvati's talkative nature. 

"I have to say, it’s about time. Parvati, Dean, Seamus, and I have been betting on when it'll happen since third year. Seamus won by the way."

"Wait, what? If you knew this was going to happen, why'd you go out with him last year?" Hermione asked, now thoroughly confused. “Why would you go out with a guy who you thought like someone else?”

"Oh I’m sorry Hermione; I promised Ron I wouldn’t tell anyone. I haven’t even told Parvati about what really happened last year."

Intrigued, Hermione pestered Lavender until she was finally so annoyed that she agreed to tell Hermione everything.

"You won’t leave Ron, will you?"

"What? What type of question is that? Is it really that bad?"

"Well, no, but just promise you won’t do anything to hurt him?"

"Okay Lavender, out with it already!"

"Well, last year, you know how Ron and I sort of went out?"

Hermione rolled her eyes, exasperated.” Yes Lavender, I know you and Ron went out last year! It was pretty obvious anyways."

Ignoring this last comment, Lavender continued. "Well, do you really promise you won’t get mad?"


"All right, all right! Just making sure! Well, last year, the whole me-and-Ron thing was sort of...a setup"

"What?! You and Ron? That is a pile of bull! You two snogged constantly, how could that have been a setup? Do you think I’m stupid, trying to pull off that lie? Honestly Lav, I cannot believe you."

"Come on Hermione, you have to believe me! Do you really think I’m a call girl or something? I wouldn’t do that with a guy I was going out with! I’m not a WHORE!!"

Hermione contemplated this, and tried to be unbiased. After all, Lavender and Parvati had really been her first friends at Hogwarts, not Ron and Harry. It had been Lavender and Parvati who had befriended her and taught her some things about the magical world that you couldn’t read in the textbooks, and Hermione had been grateful. 

"Well then, I guess you're telling the truth...but why'd you do it?"

"Hermione, how can you be so THICK?? Ron’s been pining after you since forever! He wanted to make you jealous!"

"Well why couldn’t he pick a girl that wasn’t my friend, like Romilda Vane or something?"

"Ron and Harry don’t really know how close you and me and Parvati actually are...I mean, they’re not in the dormitory with us, listening to all our late-night discussions or stuff like that. They assumed that hated us." 

"Yeah, I guess you are right about that..."

"So... back to the story. Apparently, Ginny told Ron about you snogging Krum in fourth year, so of course he's going around like a fool asking everybody their opinion, if it really happened. He got the same answer everywhere; everybody knew-or at least thought-that you snogged Krum, which I knew was completely true. He asked Parvati, and, well, she couldn’t lie to him, so she said that you had. We, of course, knew that you had, we were the ones you told first, but he didn’t know that... so anyway, Seamus, being the big prat he is, gave Ron the wretched idea of trying to make YOU jealous. Ron came to me and asked for my help, and he looked so pathetic, and I just couldn’t say no to him. To him, I had always been your enemy, and he thought I would make you the most jealous. I said yes. I figured it was better for me, your friend, to snog Ron than it was for someone like Pansy or something. I did it to protect you, though at the time, it looked very we decided that every time you walked into a room, we would pretend like we had been snogging for hours, but then people would wonder why we were never together and stuff like that, so we had to go all out in acting like we really were going out, so everybody else would believe it, too. "

"But at the opening quidditch match last year, when we won, you and Ron walked into that empty classroom looking like you were...going to do something. What about that, Lavender?"

"Well, we saw you go in there crying, and then Harry went in to console you, so we pretended to go in there to snog. We weren’t actually going to do it; it was just to make you jealous. I saw how much the whole act was hurting you, and it made me so sad about what I was doing with Ron, even if I was just helping him out. That’s when I started calling him 'Won-Won', do you remember that? Oh that was too much fun, I’m too bloody brilliant. And he endured it Hermione, just for you, even though you didn’t know it then. And then there was Christmas, and we had to pretend like Ron was starting to hate me, so I sent him that women's necklace. It was too funny..."

"What necklace?" Hermione said, speaking after a very long time. 

"He didn’t show it to you? Probably for the better...anyways, for Christmas, I sent him a women's necklace I found in Hogsmeade and it said, get this, it said 'my sweetheart'!"

Hermione tried to conceal her laughter, but she couldn’t help laughing at Lavender’s way of getting back at Ron for hurting her. "I can’t believe you gave him a woman's necklace!"

"Neither could he! He sent me a letter asking me what the 'bloody hell was wrong with me'. “


“Ha, yeah…but what about all the flirting you guys did before you got together? This lie is just a bit much Lav, it was way too authentic.”


“Well actually, Parvati dared me to do that. Don’t you remember that first night back, we were playing Truth or Dare and she got so mad when we got her to fess up about her, ahem, LITLLE crush on Dean,”


At this, Hermione smiled. She remembered that night perfectly, all three of them were so nervous about starting their N.E.W.T.’s that they chattered all night, with plenty of Hermione bashing their idolizing views of Professor Trelawney. As was tradition, whenever they couldn’t fall asleep, a little game of Truth or Dare, a Muggle game Hermione had introduced to them, was the best way to bond ever closer and nearly always ensure a good night’s rest (excluding the time when Parvati was dared by Hermione to…maybe that was a story for another time).


That particular night, Lavender took full advantage of Parvati picking Truth after the horrendous night that took place the last time she had picked Dare by asking her who she’d liked. After many mumblings by Parvati and assurances by the other two that they wouldn’t tell a soul, she revealed her deep affections for Dean Thomas. After this extreme embarrassment, Parvati proceeded to dare Lavender to flirt with Ron, infuriating both Lavender and Hermione. 


“…and so she dared me to start flirting with Ron. It was too funny, maybe that was why he asked me to pretend to go out with him, although I think he knew it was all a joke. Pretty detailed, huh? Very uncharacteristic of Ron,” she giggled after her more-thorough-than-necessary explanation; Hermione was not one to be satisfied with the bare minimum.


Hermione laughed; she now had no trouble believing one of her best friend’s rather far-fetched, but very true, recollection. She also couldn’t believe how sweet Ron’s intricate plan had been, albeit quite foolish. Well, the end justifies the means…and the two girls continued giggling until Parvati walked down the spiral staircase into the Common Room just a few moments later.


“What’re you two hollering about at this hour? And why are you even talking?” she said cautiously.


And so Lav was forced to repeat the complex story of their sixth year, this time with Hermione’s help (thankfully; it cut down the tale by a considerable amount).


“Awwww, ‘Mione! See, we told you Ron’s been in love with you since practically forever! I mean, his methods were definitely not tried and tested, but it worked I suppose, right? Honestly Lav, you could’ve told us, it would have saved so much heartbreak for all of us! Oh well, oh Hermione, aren’t you excited! You and Ron…well about time, I must say!”


“Parvati, please shut up,” Hermione giggled.


Lavender turned to look at Hermione with a surprisingly somber expression on her face. “Hermione, I can’t thank you enough for what you did.”


“What did I do?”


“Y-you saved me from Greyback and I-I can’t thank you enough; he would’ve ruined everything. Despite everything you thought I did—“


“Despite everything I thought you did, Lav, you were still one of my best friends,” Hermione cut in. “Both of you are.” 



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