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Love Story by scarletheartedlioness
Chapter 1 : Prologue: Wrong Mind
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Chapter One - Prologue: Wrong Mind

Iíve never really been wanted by a guy before.

No, itís true. People usually say that being the cousin of the infamous Potter siblings should get me at least some sort of credibility throughout the school, that because of my kin I should have a little popularity nestled in my DNA somewhere, even if itís just a little bit. I would like to think I do, too, but sadly I have not been blessed with the Weasley-Potter fame like the majority of my cousins.

Not even in first year when I was responsible for snagging the remaining fifty points so that Gryffindor could win the house cup, or in third year when I won the school a shiny gold trophy for beating a Beauxbatons sixth year in the Charming Beetle competition (the French school still blames us but it was clear I got the Hippogriff to levitate first), or even now, this year, when I became a Prefect.

Iíve always been the nerd girl, the brainy red-head that always seems to know everything. Although I donít tend to show it as much as my mother before me, people still seem to know how much of a geek-to-the-core I am. I think that if it werenít for my status in the school (I.E. the cousin of James Sirius Potter and Albus Severus Potter) I would be particularly hated by the entire student body. Well, almost the entire student body Ė my family and family friends take up at least half of the student body, if not more.

But still, those are the people that have to like me. If I were to count the people who donít have to like me Ė all of whom, in fact, hate me Ė Iím pretty certain Iíd run out of fingers, toes, ears Ė anything at all I could possibly count on Ė within seconds.

Itís not that Iím a bad person; my cousins assure me all the time that Iím lovely, and theyíre not just saying that. I like to think Iím sweet, kind, funny and generous. I guess people just donít seem to give me a lot of chances. They judge me by the books I carry around, or the sarcastic exterior I tend to host the majority of the time. They say Iím the stooge Weasley because they donít take the time to find out for themselves what Iím really like; they prefer to base my personality on the rumours others like to spread.

I donít care, really. Iím not entirely into the people at Hogwarts Ė apart from my cousins, of course. People these days are shallow, and the majority of the students only care about themselves. I donít know how many girls Iíve seen obsessing over their hair, piling on loads of makeup, hooking up with numerous guys just to gain the title Ďslutí for a little attention. And donít even get me started on the guys Ė who are just as bad Ė who walk around like they own the place and sleep with every girl they possibly can so they can say theyíve Ďdoneí so and so.

Iím proud to say that Iím a very non-shallow person. I might not always be able to find the best in people, but I donít go around advertising their faults like others feel the need to do. Iím also very logical and mature, and hate anything to do with petty Ďhigh schoolí procedure. I guess thatís why people donít like me Ė because Iím abnormal Ė but itís never been a problem for me because Iíve never wanted any of those shallow idiots to like me.

Until now.

Well, I wouldnít even say that Scorpius Malfoy is shallow. I hardly know the guy. Which is why it came as a shock to me when he was the first and only guy to ever kiss me. Itís not just because he solely tracked me down and kissed me after the Christmas feast celebrations that Iím completely shocked and confused, but also because he hadnít drunk a drop of the spiked pumpkin juice and had been keeping to himself all night, sitting in a corner alone while everyone else danced.

Iíd decided Iíd had enough of the party when I escaped to the beautifully decorated garden before the great castle. Lily had dragged me along to it, and Iím pretty sure everyone could tell I wasnít enjoying myself because of the sour look I hosted for the entire night. So why Scorpius felt compelled to follow the grouch outside is still unbeknown to me. But he was there, and I was there, and we were staring at each other. He asked me how I was, and I said I was fine, too shocked that he was actually talking to me to tell him the truth, that I was feeling like shit because weíd all be going home the next day for Christmas break and Iíd had just about enough of my cousins to last a lifetime.

I think he realised I was confused, because he told me he was just looking for someone to talk to. I was amazed that he considered me Ďsomeone to talk toí when there are so many other girls out there who are fawning over him and would jump at the chance to talk to him. So we stood there in silence for a while, appreciating the moon, and I smiled awkwardly at him when the clock began chiming midnight.

I know itís a New Years tradition for two people to kiss at midnight, but I think Scorpius felt it was the perfect time to kiss me. The only reason I let him do it was because I knew I would be back home in Surrey the next day. Okay, maybe it had more to do with the fact that heís completely intoxicating and he has the most beautiful liquid teal eyes and every time I look at them I feel like Iím going to melt. At the time I wasnít thinking at all that this wasnít my normal behaviour.

But Scorpius Malfoy kissed me anyway.

I know, right? Who in their right mind would want to kiss me? So the only conclusion I had come to after thinking about it over and over again that night as I lay in my bed is that Scorpius Malfoy wasnít in his right mind when he kissed me. Maybe he was having some family issues and wanted to drown away his sorrows by kissing the first girl he found?

But then I told myself no, if he wanted to drown away his sorrows he wouldíve chosen fire whiskey over me, Rose Weasley, geek extraordinaire. So that, of course, led me to think that he maybe pitied me because I had no one to dance with that night, and he probably thought that kissing me couldnít cause any more damage than was already done.

After a sleepless night filled with Scorpius and those amazingly rich lips of his, I boarded the Hogwarts Express with my cousins and brother and left for England. The entire train ride I didnít see him at all. Well, thatís because I was a wuss and stayed in my compartment with Lily, Dominique, Albus, Molly, Lucy, Hugo and Louis for the entire trip, except when I had to go to the bathroom, during which times I would make a dash for it and then dash back. There was no way I could face him after what happened.

So Iíve spent Christmas and New Years thinking about nothing but him, trying to create alternate universes in which it would be possible for Scorpius Malfoy to even remotely like me. Iíve told no one about our kiss because I donít think anyone should know. I mean, itíll never happen again, so why put it out there at all? I think everyone noticed I was feeling a little dejected over the holidays, though, which is why no one bothered me, except for Dominique, Lily and Teddy who all seemed to think they could fix whatever was going on in my head.

The impossibility of it happening again, however, did not stop me from fantasising about it for the entire two weeks. Two weeks is a lot of time to think about something and become decided about it. And what have I decided? Iíve decided that Scorpius didnít want to kiss me, that he feels itís a mistake and that heíll never want to talk to me again, and Iím fine with that. I did okay before that night and Iíll do okay for the rest of my two years at Hogwarts. I donít need Scorpius Malfoy, no matter how good a kisser he is Ö

So itís with this attitude that Iím standing before the Hogwarts Express once again. Itís the third of January, and the entire Weasley clan plus the Potters and Teddy are gathered around one of the entrances of the train, one by one saying goodbye to each and every child going back off to Hogwarts. Itís usually a gruelling progress, and there are lots of tears, but itís something I dread every time I have to return. Being home is a relief, but itís horrible watching Mum cry as she and Dad wave us off onto the train.

Domís tugging on my arm. Sheís already said goodbye to her parents, Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur, and her sister Victoire (who right now is attached to Teddyís arm). I peck Mum and Dad quickly on their cheeks and wave goodbye. Mum waves her handkerchief in return and Dad squeezes her waist reassuringly. Hugoís already on the train. He hates goodbyes.

Dom and I meet up with Lily, Fred, James, Lucy, Roxanne and Molly as soon as the train starts moving. I donít bother going to the window to wave goodbye to my family again because Iíll only see them all crying again. I stay as close to the compartment door as possible as my cousins lean out the windows and call out Ďgoodbyeí and ĎIíll miss youí as the train gets faster and faster.

Pretty soon weíre out of Kingís Cross and moving through the streets of London. I canít wait until we get out into the country because thatís when the landscapes are pretty. Iím sick of London during winter because everything always looks depressing. I stare dejectedly out the window at the snow-capped industrial buildings, trying not to think about a certain blonde who I know is most definitely on this train right now.

Lily, ever perceptive, notices my less-than-enthusiastic expression and nudges my arm. ďRosie? You okay?Ē

I nod once, forcing a smile onto my face. ďYeah, sure, Iím fine.Ē I assure her without much effort. She notices Iím lying but for once doesnít pester me about it. I thank Merlin she knows when itís best to leave things unsaid.

But it wonít be long before others start noticing my Ďdepressioní, so I grab my robes out of my trunk and announce Iím going to get changed. Itís a relief to be out in the near-empty corridor, where I donít have my cousins staring at me the entire time. I take my time wandering down toward the bathroom, too caught up in my own thoughts to notice anything around me.

And thatís when Scorpius steps out of nowhere. Heís standing in front of me, his arms folded across his chest, staring down at me through depthless teal eyes.


I press my lips together as my heart accelerates. And I was so hoping to avoid this confrontation. You canít always have what you want, apparently.

A/N: This plot bunny has been in my head for God knows how long. So read, review and enjoy! =)

Danielle x

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Love Story: Prologue: Wrong Mind


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