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Being A Select Few by BellaRose
Chapter 2 : Infiltration
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A/N: Thankyou to those who reviewed, it really made me smile =]

Infiltration: enter enemy territory secretly: to cross into enemy territory without the enemy's knowledge, or send somebody into enemy territory in this way

Over the next few days I discover that Gabriella is one of those first year leeches, she follows me everywhere I go. She tries to speak about contacting the Beauxbatons and I’m constantly silencing her before anybody hears. She never stops speaking about her sisters either. It was always, my sister this and my sister that. I finally ask her who her sisters are and turns out one of her sisters is Alicia Spinnet. Maybe she’ll end up being a quidditch player.

“One time my sister, Madeline, she was in the Daily Prophet” Gabriella tells me. I nod, even though I’m not actually listening to her. I’m scanning the skies for the first sign of the enormous coach that the Beauxbatons girls will be arriving in.

The whole school is on the front steps, the older students who have seen them arrive before are watching either the sky or the lake, the younger students are following their gazes, wondering why they aren’t watching the front gates. Someone in the crowd points to the lake.

“Look, they’re arriving!” he says. The lake is turning into a whirlpool, the top of a ship’s mast appearing in the centre of it. Most of the SO are standing together, to anybody else it would just look like a random group of students, but it isn’t. When the ship has fully appeared, the whirlpool subsides and a plank appears to connect the ship to land. The Headmaster steps off first, it is a new Headmaster from what I remember, larger and less wiry. The boys follow him off the boat, the first one, obviously their Leader. I look to Malfoy and see him stiffen. Malfoy may be tall, but he’s not built like the leader of Durmstrang, he has the body of a seeker. The Durmstrang leader could flatten him in a second, he’s a tank, just what I guessed. Hopefully he will be all muscle, with not much brains. That’s what the Durmstrang Leaders usually are, all brawn and no brains, it makes them very easy to manipulate.

“Borris, my old friend. Welcome to Hogwarts!” Dumbledore greets as he shakes the headmaster’s hand. The Durmstrang boys are in a line behind him, heavily cloaked with their hoods up. I try to imagine a place so cold that they have to wear that all the time. I hate the cold.

“It’s very good to be here, Albus. I’m sure the boys are just as glad to be here as I am. I’m telling you, I’m never travelling by boat again!” his loud laugh booming around the grounds.

“Let me introduce our Head Boy, Morgan Galloway.” he continues with his thick accent that I can‘t place. The Durmstrang Leader steps forward and takes down his hood.

“Wow” Leanne breathes from behind me, and I agree. The guy is gorgeous, I can tell the rest of Hogwarts girls agree as well from the sudden sounds of every girl in the vicinity letting out a slow breath.

“Very nice to meet you, Mr Galloway. Please let me introduce our Head Boy and Girl. This is Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger” Dumbledore says. Galloway nods at them, no expression on his face. Malfoy is just as cold, Hermione however has no idea just why the tension is so great, so she smiles at him, a blush creeping across her cheeks. She was involved with the last Leader of Durmstrang, Krum, this guy seems to have more of an effect on her though. Krum had to stalk her before she finally knew what he wanted.

“Mr Malfoy is it? I knew your father a long while back” the Durmstrang headmaster says.

“Really, sir? I did not know” Malfoy replies coolly. Internally I wince, as SO members, we are privy to all sorts of inside information on everybody, including each other. One of the main reasons Malfoy was elected as Leader was because he had just been disowned, which completely destroyed the only argument of why he shouldn’t be our leader. If his father had disowned him, obviously he wasn’t the evil one.

“Madam Hendrill still not here is she?” Borris asks, looking around for the Beauxbatons girls and their headmaster.

“No I’m afraid, but she does like to make an entrance, always fashionably late” Dumbledore chuckled. As he does, a large speck appears in the sky and soon an enormous powder blue carriage drawn by large flying horses, lands on the lawn, much to the mazement of the younger students. As they approach I recognise the leader as one of the girls that hexed Leanne and I the last time they visited. She’s pretty, but no match for Fleur. I continue to watch her, not paying any attention to the conversations around me. I try to figure out as much as I can about her, anything I will be able to use against her when I meet her. The only thing I notice is that she looks a little bored and is eyeing Morgan Galloway appreciatively, but honestly, which self-respecting female wouldn’t? I feel a gaze on me and turn around to see Malfoy staring at me. He beckons me forward and I roll my eyes.

“What is it, Malfoy?” I say.

“The girl is an idiot, Ginevra. There is only one way to get to her, that is through males. Request that she be alone when you meet and talk her into it, using that pin head Galloway as bait.” Malfoy says. I raise my eyebrows.

“And how do you know all this?” I ask.

“Let’s just say we knew each other a long time ago.” he replies grimly. I laugh, he obviously has history with this girl, this could make it difficult or easier. Either way, it will be an interesting year. 

It’s been quiet the past few days, nobody has been doing anything risky, they are sticking to the lines. I took my Gryffindor’s out to check the lines the other day and helped Gabrielle find all the places. I stick by what I say when I said she is the best first year I have seen in a long time, she even stopped Leanne walking into Beauxbatons territory. I wait in the tower waiting for everybody to arrive for our next meeting. Tonight, we meet with Beauxbatons .

“Okay everybody, tonight we meet Beauxbatons.” I say,

“This is very important as we have to get off on good footing, if we mess up, Malfoy will not be happy. Are you ready, Gabriella?” I ask her. She nods. We have a plan set up. I taught her a few useful hexes that I find Beauxbatons particularly hate, mostly haywire beauty spells, and the rest of the group have instructions on what to do if we don’t return by a certain time. They will watch us on the map, making sure we don’t run into any trouble, but once we enter the centre of Beauxbatons territory, we are on our own. My heart is beating as we walk down the grand staircase, I don’t understand how Gabrielle can be skipping, she is a great first year, but she doesn’t’t have the experience to truly understand what is happening.

“Ginevra” somebody says from the shadows. It’s Malfoy, typical, he had to lurk in the shadows. Couldn‘t just wait by stairs like a normal person could he?


“Good luck, you’ll need it, remember what I said. Use the pinhead to our advantage.”

“I know what I’m doing, Malfoy, but thanks for the advice” I say as he accompanies us to the edge of the Beauxbatons territory. He nods at me as I step into the territory and am immediately accosted by three Beauxbatons girls. The girls take no chances, we are put under a full body bind then levitated to the largest tent. The tents are just how I remember them, shabby on the outside, but a palace on the inside.

“You purposely walked into out territory” Their leader states.

“I would like to request a meeting regarding a trading of territories, the only way to access you was to walk straight into your territory.” I say, holding my head high, Gabrielle, I notice is copying my every move.

“Brave move, how did you know you wouldn’t simply be hexed until you got out?” she asked.

“If I was you, I would be curious as to why. I guessed correctly so what does it matter. Can we talk privately?” I ask.

“Privately? Why privately? You can what you please in front of these girls.” she says tensely.

“The trading of property has always been done with only two representatives from each school. It is the way things are.” I say. She nods and signals for everybody but one girl to leave.

“Very well, speak. But first, what is your name?” she says.

“I am Ginevra Weasley, leader of Gryffindor house, representative of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is Gabrielle Spinnet, first year member of Gryffindor house and junior representative of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” I say, just as I have been taught to do whenever asked for my name by a member of SO.

“I, Elizabeth Regenta, leader of Beauxbatons Academy for Girls, listen to your proposal” comes the traditional reply.

“We want the quidditch pitch” I say bluntly. Regenta is taken aback.

“We don’t own the quidditch pitch” she says slowly looking at me in confusion.

“Oh, we know. But you do own the lake trail.”

“And your point is?” Regenta says, still looking confused.

“If you trade us the lake trail, we can trade Durmstrang the lake trail for the quidditch pitch.’ I explain. A look of understanding lights up Regenta’s face.

“But what do you have, that we want?” she asks smugly. I rack by brain for anything they might possibly want, but Gabriella beats me to it.

“We own the second lake trail, the one that runs past the forest. It also happens to be the trail that passes past the courtyard where Galloway does his morning exercises. Topless.” I’m impressed, a sigh escapes from Regent’s second in command and a smirk forms itself on Regent’s mouth.

“Oh really? And how would a first year know this?” she asks. I’m thinking the same thing. I didn’t know that.

“ I followed a group of seventh year girls out there, they told me he does it everyday and I went back and checked it on the map every morning. It’s true.” Gabriella shrugs.

“Very well, we’ll trade you our lake trail for yours.” she says.

“You could do that” Gabriella says,

“Or, you could trade your lake trail straight to Durmstrang and speak with Galloway yourself, then trade us the quidditch pitch for our lake trail.” Regenta nods and smiles.

“Ginevra” she addresses me,

“Your first year knows how to bargain, I like her style. You should take notes.” she smirks.

“I know, best first year I ever saw. So do we have a deal?” I ask, taking control again. Regenta considers the proposal for a minute then discusses it with the other girl. Finally, she turns back to us.

“Okay we have a deal. I will contact Durmstrang tomorrow, you will know when I wish to see you. Go now, and be quick, I can’t guarantee the girls will stand for trespassers too much longer.” We run past the boundaries and meet Malfoy on the opposite side.

“Well?” he asks.

“Taking Gabriella turned out to be for the best. Regenta meets with Galloway tomorrow.” I say.

“Why is Regenta meeting with Galloway? Didn’t you get the lake trail? What did you trade?” he says sharply.

“Regenta is trading the lake trail for the quidditch pitch. When she contacts us, we will trade the quidditch pitch for the western courtyard lake trail. We don’t need to deal with Durmstrang just yet that way.”

“Regenta is still an idiot then, why on earth would she want that trail? It’s surrounded by Hogwarts one side and Durmstrang the other. Didn’t she check the map before agreeing?” he asked incredulously.

“Nope she just agreed to it, magically bonded and signed to her word and everything, if all goes well we should have the quidditch pitch in a matter of days.” I say.

“Very well, nice plan.” he says to me. I shake my head and point to Gabrielle.

“It was all her idea, what did I tell you, she’s brilliant. Even Regenta said so.” Gabriella blushes as Malfoy agrees with her brilliancy.

“Don’t you think he’s just gorgeous?” She gushes to me once he leaves us at the bottom of the stairs.

“He’s so handsome and those eyes, they have so much depth!” I roll my eyes as she continues to ramble on about his “depth”. 

My team surrounds us as we enter the tower. “How did it go?” Thomas asks me.

“It was brilliant, they immobilised us and levitated us into their tents, which are so pretty! Regents, their leader played right into our hands, she’s such an idiot. Malfoy is so right, she’s easy to persuade.” Gabriella says excitedly.

“Gabriella did it all, she was fantastic” I say, she blushes bright red. They all congratulate Gabriella and she looks so pleased I think she may burst.

“That’s enough now, you all need to get back to your dorms.” I say and usher them out of the door and take them back down to Gryffindor tower.

I wake in the middle of the night to someone throwing rocks at my window. “That is so old-school” I murmur before opening my eyes. Malfoy is sitting on a broom outside of my window throwing rocks at it.

“What are you doing?” I ask sleepily.

“Come and get on, I need to show you something” he say urgently. I make my way over to the window and he cocks an eyebrow.

“You might want to put some pants on, Ginevra, it’s cold out here.” he smirks. I look down and realise I’m only wearing a long t-shirt and my underwear. I blush profusely and quickly pull on a pair of jeans, throwing my cloak on over the top.

“Don’t you have a warmer cloak than that?” he asks, his nose scrunching up.

“What’s wrong with my cloak?” I say sharply.

“It’s patched and thin. It can’t possibly be keeping you warm.” he sneers. I glare at him and pull my cloak tighter around myself.

“It keeps me warm enough, thankyou very much, Malfoy”

“Whatever, Ginevra. Come and get on the broom will you?” he says. Reluctantly I climb out of the window and onto the broom, surprised I don’t fall. I hold onto Malfoy’s waist as we fly through the night, not speaking.

“There, can you see it?” he asks after he has slowed down.

“See what?” I ask. He points to a clearing in the Forbidden Forest where a group of lights can be seen.

“What is it?” I ask.

“Durmstrang” comes his reply. Malfoy flies lower, making sure we are not seen. I can make out people now. Durmstrang students, milling around carrying lanterns. Suddenly one of them disappears. I look around, confused. Then another goes, I notice that they are disappearing whenever they walk through a certain point in the clearing.

“They have an Invisireflect, and a large one by the looks of it. That could make things difficult for us.” I say into Malfoy’s back. It’s getting colder and I try to get closer to him to block the wind that is rushing around us.

“I don’t think they’re using it to get into territories, it doesn’t move from here. They’re trying to hide something, and I want to know what.” he says. A shiver runs through me involuntarily. Malfoy snickers.

“I told you that cloak wouldn’t keep you warm enough.” he laughs. I don’t say anything, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of hearing my chattering teeth. Typically, it starts to rain. I hear Malfoy groan and he speeds up. The wind and rain are making me freeze, I actually think my ass is stuck to the broom. That’s the problem with flying, the higher altitudes make it colder than usual and with the wind and rain, it feels like we’re flying in the arctic circle. I close my eyes, the wind is making them water and rain keeps flying into them. The broom starts to slow and I carefully open one eye, but I don’t recognise where we are, it definitely isn’t the Gryffindor tower side of the castle. We fly in through a window and Malfoy helps me to dismount. I look around the room we are in with awe, it’s beautifully furnished and huge. No doubt, his private quarters.

“Malfoy, why am I here?” I ask.

“You can’t go back to bed when you’re that cold and wet. You can’t tell me that if you went back to Gryffindor tower you would go straight back to bed just in case you woke up the other girls.” he replies. He’s right and I don’t try to deny it. Instead, I take the towel he offers me and follow the direction he pints me in. The shower is warm and calming. I start to wonder why he has brought me here, why he showed me Durmstrang in the first place. It’s told that he is fiercely loyal to his house, so why didn’t he take the Slytherin leader? When I get out of the shower I find a pair of pyjama pants and an old plain black t-shirt. I slip them on and find my way back to the room we arrived in. I look around and notice it’s a large living area with couches and a fireplace, a large wooden bookcase sits in one corner. Malfoy is stretched out on one of the sofa’s, staring into the fire.

“Malfoy, why am I here? Why did you pick me to go with you tonight?” I ask. He looks at me, then motions for me to come and join him. I sit on the couch next to him and turn to face him.

“Ginevra, you are the leader showing the most promise and it was your reward for your success with Beauxbatons. You are a curious one, I know that, and I also know that now that you have seen that they are up to something, I know you will not stop until you know what is going on. Much like myself.” he says. I nod, he has valid point, i was realy itching to know what was going on under the Invisireflect.

“What about Gabriella? She was the one who made the task a success.” I say. Malfoy smirks.

“I knew you were going to say that. Tomorrow I’m going to give Gabriella the password to the prefects bathroom.” I’m surprised, that’s a pretty big thing. Sharing a bathroom with ten other people is the worst thing about Hogwarts. Therefore, being able to use the prefects bathroom is a big deal.

“She’ll love that, although she will hate not being able to tell people” I reply.

“Ensure she doesn’t, and make sure she knows that she can only use it late at night when there is nobody else around, we don’t want to have to explain how she knew the password.” he sighs, apparently the stress of being Leader is finally starting to catch on. I must say, the sight of Draco Malfoy rubbing his temples is an odd sight and not one i've ever seen before. malfoy's don't get stressed, just like they don't blush. It's like aone of their honour codes or something dumb like that. Then again, he isn't exactly a Malfoy anymore. The only honour code the Weasley's have is "all Weasley's must have red hair". Or is that genetic code?

“Will you fly me back to my room now, please?” I ask. He nods, but doesn’t move.

“I would tell you should stay, but I’m pretty sure that Granger would freak out in the morning if she saw you here” Malfoy smirks. I roll my eyes and stand up offering him a hand up. He takes it and summons his broom. We walk over to the window and get onto the broom, flying out into the night. I can only imagine what Hermione would say if she found out i had stayed in Malfoy's private quarters, she'd probably go to the library and reserach every single method of mind control an variations of the Imperius curse.

A/N: UPDATE!! 03/03/09- once again i would like to apologise for the dodgy chapter images, i am messing around with photoshop at the moment and you lot get to be the lucky people who get to see my dismal attempts as i learn how to use the program!

A/N: so this is the second chapter, what do you think? I have lots of assessments at the moment so i don't know when i'll get the chance to write. I am putting off studying for an assessment right now as i load this chapter. Soon it will be holidays and i will have lots of time to write so expect lots of updates then, to make up for the ones i miss during teh next three weeks.

I never wanted to be one of those nagging authors who say "review, review review!" but now that i am an author i totally understand and so....
 love to all, Birdie xX

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