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Darkness Unhinged by ness17
Chapter 3 : concerns
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Hermione had been at the cabin for a week and she hadn’t heard any news of her parent’s death or the muggles she tortured. Obviously, the Ministry didn’t suspect her. It was a Friday evening when she actually got the first piece of news about it.

She was watching the muggle news when pictures of Grace and Jack Granger flashed across the screen.

“Officers are at a loss at what caused these two murders. No signs of poison where found and their bodies remain unmarked.

Neighbor Helen Kettle noticed the build up of mail and non-reappearance of these two and, upon entering the unlocked door, found the bodies. The couple’s daughter hasn’t been seen since that day.”

Hermione turned the television off. If the muggles knew, the Ministry obviously knew. Suddenly an owl flew through one of the windows and landed on the arm of the chair she was sitting on. She recognized it as Ron’s owl Pig. She was waiting for when she’d hear from them.


I hope this reaches you wherever you are. We’ve heard about your parents deaths and can only hope whoever killed them didn’t get to you as well. Harry and I have been worried that you didn’t try to come to the burrow or Grimlaud Place, but can only suspect you have your reasons. The Ministry is looking for you. They need to confirm you are not injured and to see if you have any information about your parent’s deaths. The Order is also worried and looking for you. We all just want to know if you are ok.

I hope you write back and let us know where you are or at least visit us. We can hold off you moving in until your grief passes, but please, we need to know you’re alright.

Lots of love,

Ron and Harry

Hermione grinned upon reading the letter, but it wasn’t a loving grin. It was more a smirking grin. She took out a piece of parchment and wrote back.


There’s no need to worry, I’m fine. They didn’t get me, I wasn’t home. I didn’t go to the burrow or Grimlaud Place because they were obvious places to look. Tell the Ministry to stop the man hunt on me, I didn’t see anyone attack my parents and I’m not injured. Tell the Order to stop worrying as well. I’m not going to visit, it’s too risky. I can’t tell you where I am incase this get’s intercepted, and I don’t think I’ll move in for a while, if ever. Remember, I’m fine.


She re-read the letter before sending it off with Pig. A copy of the daily prophet was delivered to her a few moments later. Front page news was her parent’s deaths, but along the same lines was an article about the muggle torture.

Reported to the Ministry earlier this week, investigation still on going. Attack on three muggle boys in a park by the coast. Ministry Aurors were called to the scene. One Auror reports he saw a figure disparate.

“I saw him as soon as I landed but upon spotting me he left before my stunner could reach him.” Micheals, 23, has been training to become an Auros and this was his first trip.

If anyone has any information, contact the Ministry Auror office.

Hermione grinned to herself. Him huh, she thought, I really am in the clear. And with that she went up to bed.

A/N: Well what'd you think? Hermione not very nice I know... anhyways, please review.. sorry for the late update, ill do better next time! but if u really wanna read it i have it posted on fanfiction dot net

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Darkness Unhinged: concerns


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