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a cute love story by palwasha95
Chapter 1 : A Rainy Day
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Well it's a short story but hope u like it 

I have lived my life without her
No body will ever know how much I loved her
Well she was a normal girl

And I wasn’t a normal guy 

"A Death Eater's son, you see,"
Well I met her on a cold day

Snow with a hard wind raining not a very nice day to meet.

Well it wasn’t bad for me since that was the start of my new life.

She was looking at some books

She bought a lot of them but then she ran out of money 
And that was the golden moment I was waiting for I went and gave her some. 

Of course she was as stubborn as ever but I gave it to her any way 

Well you might think I put my jacket around her and gave her an umbrella and escorted her away from the rain

Well I didn’t

I was young 

The first time to fall in love and didn’t knew what to do 

I just stared at her

And she smiled back
We passed a couple who were squeaked under a small shade arms around each other, kissing

We looked at each other and blushed

She went back quite drenched in rain 

And I laughed at my self all night to think what an idiot I was to let her go like that

Well that was our first meeting

And so our meetings as strangers grew into friendship, and that friendship grew into dating, and, finally, that friendship grew into love. Hermione and I were lovers. Then, finally, the moment I was waiting for... 
"Will you Marry Me, Hermione?"
And she said yes

I couldn’t believe her I just stared at her

And we spend the night together

My father and voldermort came to me the other day and gave me the death eater mark

I cried all night

I tried to kill my self

But I didn’t because I couldn’t leave her alone 

She was my fiancée
And the life went on I couldn’t tell her and I spent my life hiding my arm and telling her all sorts of lies 

While inside I was screaming in pain for the pain I was causing her

And soon my next bright day came went I found out I was going to be a father

I was overjoyed

We spent all the 9 months together

Huddled in each other arms 

No one could part us

And then it came 

The war

And I had to fight with the death eaters 

Since my dad had threatened  her life.

I suddenly heard her scream 

It was in my head 

I ran as fast as I could pushing every one away not caring about any thing but about her

And I saw her 

She was in labor

And as I was about to touch when she saw my arm

She didn’t say any thing but just smiled at me

And went limp 

The baby was born 

It was a boy

But I didn’t cared 

I had only eyes for her

I was selfish towards my son

He took my wife away 

But she was gone 

Where I could never reach her

And she left me our son 

A piece of her

And I lived with great difficulty 

And here I am remembering it all 

And my granddaughter comes to me

“Grand pa Draco I bought these books but I got them all wet but still I love them”

'There you go, Hermione," I thought, "Someone else for me to remember you by."
He looked up, as if he had her sigh. As if she were near him...
"Oh Draco..."


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a cute love story : A Rainy Day


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