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Fall For Anything by RoxyRose
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognise. The Hogwarts world is JKR's. Also you may recognise aspects of the plot, which is based (loosely) on The Chocolate Run by Dorothy Koomson, in certain chapters. When I read about the character Greg in TCR I immediately thought of Sirius, and this is the result of that! 

I woke up with something hard and uncomfortable squashing my cheek. Groaning I lifted my head a fraction to punch at my pillow. It wouldn’t soften. I punched harder. 


Why was my pillow complaining? I punched again. 


Wait a minute, this wasn’t normal. Even at Hogwarts I’m pretty sure pillows don’t complain when you hit them. And that didn’t feel quite like a pillow, that felt like… 

“Dee, seriously, what the fuck?” 

Oh balls. 

I opened my eyes to find an extremely irritated pair of baby blues rather too close for comfort. Instinctively I yanked the covers up over my face, catching the chin of the owner of those baby blues with my fist as I did so. 

“Fuck. Dee?” 

I peeked over the top of the covers to see his face contorted in pain, rubbing his jaw. He caught my eye again but the annoyed look was gone, replaced by a relatively softer look. No, no, this wasn’t fair. I don’t know what it was with that look but when he caught me with it, it was hard to meet his gaze without getting lost in it. 

Oh my god. I just actually used the phrase ‘lost in his gaze’, in a serious thought. I may have to go and hurl. 

But in all seriousness, that look should be illegal. Dragging my eyes away I looked up to the crimson hangings above the bed, so similar to mine, but not mine… Oh no. Not mine. That meant they were his. That wouldn’t be so bad apart from last night… Last night we… Oh god. That brought me back to reality like a smack in the face. 

“What have we done?” I wailed, burying my face into his shoulder. 

He didn’t respond to this for a moment. Then I felt myself flipped over, two arms planted either side of my face and a body leading across my own. 

“What do you want, a definition?” The devilish grin said it all. 

“No! I just… I… er…” Not the most intelligent of comments but to be quite honest I was pretty preoccupied trying to hold my breath in case I had a bad case of morning breath, and frantically trying to remember if I was wearing make up last night, which was in all likelihood smudged around my eyes by now. 

“What?” The playful look left his face. 

“What do you think?” I rolled over away from him, shuffling further under the bedcovers. He put a hand on the curve of my waist and I was suddenly awfully aware that I was… that we were… very, very naked. 


I didn’t respond to him pulling gently at my waist to look at him again. I didn’t want to. Maybe if I ignored him it would all go away. It would all go back to yesterday and… 

I could hear some shuffling and the unmistakeably sound of a fly being done up but it still didn’t roll over. Then there was the padding sound of bare feet across carpet. The door to the bathroom creaked open but didn’t close. 


I squeezed my eyes tightly shut, shutting out the panic that was growing around me as I thought about how stupid, stupid, stupid I had been. 

“Debbie.” The unfamiliar sound of him saying anything other than the personal name he had for me hurt. It was an irrational feeling, considering the awkward situation, but tears threatened to spill from my firmly closed eyes. 

“I’m having a shower. Don’t leave.” He paused. “Then we can talk, yeah?” Another pause. Not that he probably even expected a response. 

The door closed quietly. 

I was alone in the room, but this didn’t make me relax. The hangings were half drawn around me but I could just see the grey blue morning sky out of the windows. The harsh colour so similar to those eyes. 

Those eyes.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

All at once I sat up, feeling a rush of panic. I scrambled for my clothes from last night, a ratty pair of jogging bottoms and a vest. No time to appreciate the irony at the hideous clothes I was wearing the night we… Don’t even think about it. 

I dressed in about three seconds flat, fairly sure that my bottoms were on back to front and my vest inside out. 

I hesitated at the top of the staircase. “Don’t leave.” He’d said. I looked back at the untidy bed. The pillows askew, sheets rumpled and duvet thrown off. 

I did what any self-proclaimed coward would do.
I ran. 

But tell me. If you were me, if you had just slept with your best friend, wouldn’t you have done the same? No? What about if this best friend went by the name of Sirius Black? 

Yeah, that’s right. 


A.N. Short, short prologue I know! Future chapters would be much longer and action packed, I promise? So what did yo think? Is it worth carrying on? If you have any thoughts please review! Thank you =)

Preview of Chapter 2 - The Beginning...
"What?" I asked, curiously, "Oh shit, have I got chocolate round my mouth?"

He shook his head, a half smile on his lips, his eyes not leaving mine.

"Then what?" I asked, slightly paranoid. Why did his eyes look so differen? The usual mocking sparkle wasn't there, its absence leaving them so clear, so grey...

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Fall For Anything: Prologue


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