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Polychromatic by HarryPotter is my LIFE
Chapter 40 : She Steals the Spotlight
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She steals the spotlight
Knocks [him] off [his] feet 
She's enough to start a landslide
Just a walkin' down the street

It was a lovely day, splendid, in fact. Just splendid! Perhaps my chipper mood had something to do with the occurrence between Lily and I the day before. I doubted that high would wear off for a while.

The Marauders, Lily and Anna were all running around on the grounds. Anna had convinced Lily to come frolic with us. It was a tradition. The first sunny, non-wet, non-snowy day after winter, we would frolic. It was always a blast.

I burst from my reverie and dashed after Lily, who was chasing Remus. I caught her easily, and pinched her bum.

"James!" she protested trying to wiggle free of my hold.

"I can’t help it, Lily, your bum just looks that good in those jeans." She giggled and knocked me in the side (lightly, of course, Lily’s goal in life was no longer to cause me as much pain as possible.)

Sirius had Anna thrown over his shoulder, and she was beating his back in protest as he let her slip further and further towards the ground. I suppose he should have seen what was coming; I know I did.

"Oww!" he cried, dropping Anna. She put her hands out and rolled when she hit the ground, standing up and demanding applause.

"Oww!" he repeated, at a louder volume, expecting some sort of reaction.

"Tell me you didn’t expect that," Anna drawled, crossing her arms in front of Sirius. "Your bum was right in front of my face, and you know my tendency to bite things."

"You might want to ditch that habit before you guys . . ." Remus offered, as he ran by the pair. Leave it to Remus to turn Anna’s innocent comment into innuendo. Not that Anna or Sirius couldn’t have done it themselves, of course.

"Git! . . . I don't bite that!" Anna claimed, before taking off after Remus, and leaping onto his back.

I caught Sirius’ eye, before his eyes quickly averted to Anna. Or her backside. Either one. I laughed and followed Sirius’ gaze. One could not deny it; Anna had a body. And not just a good body, a really good body. However, my observation was nothing more than that, an observation. And maybe a little appreciation. 

Anna was Anna. I had never been attracted to her, thank Godric now that we knew Sirius fancied the pants off of her. Not literally, yet, but it was only a matter of time.

In fact, just a few days previous, I had, had a conversation with Darren. A conversation that would never, ever, be allowed to reach Sirius’ ears.


"Alright, hit the showers!" I cried. My team touched the ground, and all threw their brooms aside in an irritated manner as they stormed off to the changing rooms.

Only Darren didn’t express that supremely angry emotion. Admittedly, though, he didn’t often express any emotion. Since he seemed the least hostile of my companions at the moment, I decided to engage him in conversation.

"That wasn’t so bad, was it, mate?" I asked him, as I slowed my pace to match his more leisurely one.

"I didn’t think so," he admitted. "But from the look on Anna’s face she was ready to kill you."

"Well, Anna’s Anna," I said, dismissing his statement.

"She sure is," he concurred.

I mentally smacked myself in the head; Darren was obviously not over Anna, and apparently, it was going to be my burden to bear.

Then, the blow I was waiting for hit. "Mate, I can trust you, right?"

"Of course," I answered, though I wished I had some other option. I didn’t want the burden of having to keep this conversation from Sirius, which, I knew that I would.

"Okay," he breathed. It was almost humorous to see Darren this worked up about something. Actually, it was very humorous. "It’s Anna, mate. I’m over her, but I can’t stop thinking about her."

"Then you’re not really over her are you, then?" I was walking with Darren around the pitch, hoping the others would think we were just talking Quidditch plays. I couldn’t lead him into the changing rooms, where both Anna and Sirius were.

"No, I am," he insisted. "What I mean is that I can’t stop thinking about her
like that," he clarified.

"Oh," I realized. "like that." Darren nodded.

"Well, you’re talking to the wrong person. I’ve never thought of her like that."

"One of the few, mate," Darren groaned. "Nearly every bloke I’ve talked to has made at least one comment about her. She’s bloody gorgeous and doesn’t even know it."

I begged to differ. "Oh, trust me, she knows it."

Darren shrugged. "Well, obviously, with that ego. But I mean she doesn’t realize every bloke fantasizes about her at one time or another."

"You’re right about that," I said, laughing. "If she did, she’d hardly settle for Sirius."

I trusted Darren to know I was kidding, he seemed to. "I mean, honestly. What sixteen year old girl has a body like that and uses it for all the wrong reasons. Have you ever watched her walk? She slouches, drags her feet - she walks like a boy.

"Any self-respecting girl would swish her hips, push out her chest."

"You seem to forget," I interjected, "that Anna isn’t self-respecting. She’s self-worshiping."

That got a laugh out of Darren, at least. It seemed that the conversation was over; there was no need to continue our laps around the pitch. So, instead, we cut across and made our way to the changing rooms to join the rest of the team.

"Thanks for listening, mate," Darren said, clapping me on the shoulder. "Maybe now that I’ve actually said something, I’ll start noticing other girls. Real girls." He laughed at his own little cleverness. Though how clever, I wasn’t sure, seeing as we had all made an ‘Anna’s-not-a-real-girl’ comment before.

"Just don’t let Anna hear you say that, mate. She’ll threaten to prove that she is, and Sirius might go mad."

With one last laugh at our friends expense, we headed inside, pretending like the entire exchange had never happened.


Yeah, so, pretty much, Sirius could never find out.

A/N: Wow, I did such a good job being a spaz that I forgot to post the second chapter. Whoops. Okay, so a few hours turned into like 10ish? To make up for that, I'm going to post sometime before next Sunday, making it less than a week. Better? I hope so.  :D

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Polychromatic: She Steals the Spotlight


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