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The Adventures of the Next Generation: The second year by demongurl
Chapter 2 : Number 12 Grimmauld Place
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A/N:- This may not be a very good chapter, but please read and review

Number 12 Grimmauld Place

Dylan and Rachel sat and watched as Jenny was fussed over by various people who worked for her.

“Oh just sit down” She snapped at them. “I want to get this done, just get the filming done.” She said. She rolled her eyes and looked at Dylan and Rachel. Dylan gave her a grin and turned to Rachel.

“You know Sophie lives just down the road from here.” Dylan said. Rachel looked at him happily,

“Really? Lets go and get her then.” She said. Dylan nodded and got up from the seat that had been given to him.

“April, we’re going to Sophie’s” Dylan shouted to Jenny.

“Be careful.” Jenny shouted back, “No, stop doing that.” She said to her make up artist, “I told you a thousand times-”

“Fussy isn’t she?” Rachel asked as they walked through a large green park towards a row of residential houses.

“No, Jenny just doesn’t like too much make up. I heard Piper talk about it with Colette” Dylan added quickly.

“I swear the more you hang around with the girls the gayer you become.” Rachel said with a smirk.

“You are so rude. I am not turning gay!” Dylan protested.

“I’m joking. Which one is her house?” Rachel asked as they came to the end of the road.

“Um, sixth on the right, it should have a big red car in the drive way.” Dylan said. Rachel nodded and counted the houses. She grinned and grabbed Dylan’s hand.

“Come on.” Rachel started running with Dylan, who was only running to prevent Rachel from pulling him off his feet. Rachel went up to the door and knocked on it.

“You press that button.” Dylan said pointing at a small doorbell button. Rachel looked at it and pressed it cautiously. There was a ringing from inside the house and some people talking. They saw a shadow of someone coming to the door through the frosted windows. The door opened and a girl, who looked about seventeen looked at them expectantly. She had long dark hair and dark eyes.

“Do I know you?” She asked. Dylan and Rachel looked at each other hesitantly.

“Um, I’m Rachel and this is Dylan, is Sophie in there?” Rachel asked.

“And why do you want to speak to her?” The girl asked.

“Lorianne, who’s at the door?” asked Sophie’s mum. She turned around.

“Some kids who want to talk to Sophie.” She called into the house. A door opened and shut somewhere in the house and Sophie came running down the stairs.

“Did someone call…Dylan, Rachel, what are you doing here?” Sophie asked pulling them into a hug.

“Jenny’s filming her music video in the park so we came to visit.” Dylan said.

“Oh my god,” She said, “Did you get my letter?”

“Yeah,” Dylan said. Sophie grinned and linked her arm through his.

“Dylan, this is my cousin, Lorianne, she’s only staying for a few days.” Sophie said, Rachel cleared her throat. “Lorianne, this is Dylan and Rachel.”

“Shall we go back to Jenny Potter, she said that we might be able to be in her video-”

“Wait, Jenny Potter? THE Jenny Potter?” Sophie’s cousin asked.

“Yeah, she’s Dylan’s god mother.” Sophie said, she pulled her shoes on. “Come on, lets go. Maybe we can contact Harper, she’s been begging to come round.” Sophie said, ignoring her cousin. Rachel gave her a wave goodbye and Dylan gave her a smile.

“We could but Jenny’s surrounded by muggles. Only her assistant and Manager are magic.” Dylan said. Sophie nodded.

“So, what’s happened so far this holiday?”

“Where do you want us to start?” Rachel asked. Sophie looked at the two of them,

“What has happened?” she asked.

“Well the adults keep having secret meetings, it’s really strange because they had one yesterday and there must have been about fifty people in the Potter’s front room.” Dylan said.

“That’s when Danni and I joined Dylan and the rest of his family.” Rachel said, “Fraser was with us as well and I think they’re some kind of secret organisation from what I’ve heard.”

“I recognise the names though, I think that mum and dad have talked about them before.” Dylan said.

“Talked about who?” Sophie asked. They went to a play area of the park and sat on the empty swings. The girls sat on the actual swings while Dylan leaned against the frame.

“Well there’s two organisations.” Rachel said in a quiet voice, “There’s the DA, I can’t remember what that stood for and something called the Order of the Phoenix.”

“Isn’t that some award like the order of Merlin?” Sophie asked them.

“It is an award but where do you think the Order of Merlin got the name from?” Dylan asked. “I think that the Order of the Phoenix actually started a few years ago, I vaguely remember hearing my parents talk about the order and they did explain what the order was, it was an organisation started up by Dumbledore.” Dylan said in a fairly quiet voice.

“Dumbledore?” Sophie asked. “Ok, so is that all that’s happened in your holidays?” She asked. Dylan saw her looking at a group of teenagers that had just entered the play area and wanted to change the topic as quickly as possible.

“Well, Piper and dad aren’t talking.” Dylan said. “They had another argument about her getting married to James. He’s very protective. And she went and got herself a tattoo” Dylan said at Rachel and Sophie’s looks.

“I wondered why your sister refused to come to dinner last night.” Rachel said pushing herself on the swing. “This is quite fun.” She said. Sophie smiled.

“Didn’t you do anything like this when you were younger, you know, play on swings and stuff?” Sophie asked.

“No, I played with my dad’s old broom and spent a lot of time at St. Mungos or-” Rachel’s voice faded away. Dylan and his friends had learnt to accept that Rachel didn’t really like talking about her past if it involved her mum. “But, yeah, anyway. I never came on swings, there was no one to play with me.” Rachel said. Dylan looked at Sophie, who’s gaze had turned back to the teenagers, she seemed to be watching them carefully as they started to smoke and laugh raucously.

“I think we should get going.” Sophie said standing up.

“Why?” Rachel asked, looking up from where she watched her feet as she kicked the ground.

“I’ll explain later.” Sophie said, leading the two others out of the park and towards the group of people in the middle of the park, where Jenny was filming her music video.

“What was up?” Dylan asked.

“Those group of teenagers have been vandalising everything this summer, that’s why there aren’t any kids around. They beat up a six year old the other day and sent him to hospital with a broken arm and a bleeding lip.”

“What!” Rachel asked horrified, “Who would beat up a six year old?” Sophie shrugged

“I don’t know. Why does Harrietta Malfoy want me dead?” Sophie asked.

“Malfoy is different.” Rachel said, “Sort of.”

“No, it’s still the same thing.” Sophie told her. “So, Dylan, you thought about that thing we were talking about-”

“Rachel knows.” Dylan said. Sophie nodded.

“I never knew you liked Dylan, you little player.” Rachel said nudging Sophie towards Dylan. Sophie went slightly red.

“Harper’s the player.” Sophie said.

“Oh yeah.” Rachel said, “Still, you’re catching up.”

“Hello, person who is worshipped by our little Fraser.” Sophie fired back. “It’s quite sweet really, the oldest and the youngest members of our group together.” Sophie grinned. Rachel pushed her gently and Sophie stumbled forwards laughing. All three started laughing and they went towards the seats that Rachel and Dylan had vacated when they jumped as Piper and James appeared in front of them.

“Ah!” Sophie shouted in surprise. Piper turned and looked at Sophie confused.

“Sophie, what are you doing here?” She asked uncertainly.

“Are you supposed to be doing that?” Rachel asked, clearly not as surprised as Sophie.

“Doing what?” James asked.

“Apparating in broad daylight in the middle of the park.” Rachel said.

“Oh that.” Piper said, she waved a hand and turned to James. “Tell your mum now. You two, three I mean, you need to get to safety.”

“What happened?” Dylan asked Piper. Piper frowned slightly and turned to look at James. Dylan looked as well, as did the other two girls. That’s when they noticed that James was limping slightly and his hand was slightly red.

“What happened?” The three younger kids asked at the same time, very alarmed.

“Harry’s been hospitalised.” Piper said quickly and quietly.

“What!” Rachel asked.

“Sh!” Piper said indicating for them to lower the volume of their voices. “There was an attack at the Potter’s house. Everyone is safe and nothing was damaged but Harry took a really powerful spell to the chest to protect Colette from some woman called-” Piper looked around. “I shouldn’t be telling you this here.” Piper got out a coin and glanced over her shoulder to where Jenny and James were talking quickly. The crew looked quite irritated to be interrupted. “Ah, no one will notice, portus.” Piper said tapping her wand on the coin. It turned blue for a few seconds before returning to it’s normal colour.

“Where are we going?” Sophie asked uncertainly.

“The order safe house.” Piper said, “I’ll go and tell your parents, or James will go but you need to get there quickly. Gran will meet you there.” Piper said.

“Ok.” Dylan said uncertainly. Piper handed them the coin and all three younger teens felt a jerking in the area around their navel. There was a bit of a wind and they came slamming down on their feet in a nicely decorated house that looked slightly gloomy and neglected. There were portraits that hung on the walls with small plaques under them.

“Where are we?” Sophie asked uncertainly.

“Piper can make portkeys?” Rachel asked, “Isn’t that a really complex spell?” No one listened to Rachel. Dylan was looking around as was Sophie. He went up to a picture that was covered in dust. He read the small plaque under it.


Dylan put a hand to the glass and wiped some of the dust away. He looked in surprise as he saw moving pictures of Fraser’s dead grandparents.

“Sophie, Rach.” Dylan said. The two girls joined him and they looked at the portrait.

“That man looks just like Fraser.” Sophie said pointing to who must be Frank Longbottom.

“Who are they?” Rachel asked.

“Fraser’s grandparents.” Dylan said. He looked at the girls. “Where is this place?” There was a sound of clatter coming from the kitchen followed by some cursing. Dylan looked at the girls in curiosity and they headed for the kitchen and pushed the door open. Dylan’s grandmother was cooking something and was glaring at Kevin, who was on the floor picking something up.

“Sorry.” Kevin said as he picked up the potatoes he had dropped.

“Honestly, I was stuck with the most useless of you grandchildren.” Dylan’s grandmother, Molly Weasley said with a sigh.

“Actually, I think you’d agree with me when I’m joint most useless.” Kevin said correcting his grandmother. She looked at him.


“Holly is just as useless.” Kevin said with a grin. Their grandmother rolled her eyes and saw Dylan in the doorway.

“Ah, Dylan,” She ran to Dylan and pulled him into a large tight hug. Dylan tensed and took in a deep breath. He had a lot of practice when it came to surviving his grandmother’s hugs. “Who are these two beautiful girls?” She asked Dylan. Sophie and Rachel both grinned.

“This is Rachel Thomas, and Sophie Papageorgis.” Dylan said.

“Thomas,” Molly Weasley said as if the name rang a bell, “Dean and Lavender’s daughter?” Rachel nodded. “Ah, come on and have a cup of Hot Chocolate.” She said putting a hand on Rachel’s back and leading her to the table. Rachel sat down uncertainly and looked at Dylan and Sophie. Sophie was looking at even more photos that hung in the kitchen.

“Oh, look. Is that Dumbledore?” Sophie asked pointing to a fairly large portrait of an old wizard with half moon glasses and sparkling light blue eyes. He had long silvery hair and an equally silvery beard. The portrait hung just above the fireplace next to a Phoenix perch. The Portrait smiled at Sophie.

“Hello,” The portrait said. Rachel and Dylan jumped in surprise as Sophie let out a surprised yell, causing Kevin to drop the potatoes again.

“It-it talked.” Sophie said.

“Of course I can talk, you see, most portraits can just move around but I, I was the head master of Hogwarts so naturally my portrait can move around and talk.” The Dumbledore in the portrait said. His voice was slightly quiet and husky, like he had a slight sore throat but it was so comforting.

“Dylan.” Sophie said in a small voice. Dylan shrugged.

“I see you must be a Muggle born, and these young children seem to have no clue.” Dumbledore said with a slight laugh, “Molly, please have the other Mrs. Weasley explain the concepts of talking portraits.”

“Which Other?” Molly Weasley asked as she wave her wand, causing a few knives to start slicing and dicing up some carrots.

“The one that used to go by the name Granger.” The portrait said. Dylan, Sophie and Rachel still staring at it terrified and fascinated at the same time. “Oh, I do believe Minerva is calling. I will be back in a few tics of a minute my dear friends.” Dumbledore said. Molly Weasley let out a small laugh as Dylan sat down next to Rachel and Sophie continued to look at more photos. Around the portrait of Dumbledore were pictures of other people.

“Who are these people?” Sophie asked pointing at them. Dylan turned and looked at the photos. There was a photo of a young girl, about sixteen or seventeen, with bright red hair and blue eyes. She had a few freckles on her cheeks and looked a lot like Holly.

“That’s aunt Ginny, that was the last photo of her before she died I think.” Dylan said, “That’s Sirius Black.” He said pointing out a photo of a man with fairly long black hair and dark eyes that Dylan recognised as Jenny’s eyes. “That’s Uncle Percy.” He said pointing to one of a boy looking slightly stuck up and posh. He was pushing his glasses back up his nose and flattening his bright red hair. Dylan’s gaze went to a photo of a girl with dark red hair that fell over her shoulders with a slight wave, her eyes were a bright emerald green and she looked out of the portrait with a serious expression. “Emma Malfoy.” Dylan said, “You know, Harry Potter’s sister,”

“I still don’t get that relationship though.” Kevin interrupted. “I mean, Emma nicked from Lily Potter’s womb when she died and grew up a Malfoy, that’s just twisted.” Kevin said throwing his arms in the air.

“Kevin!” Molly Weasley snapped as potatoes flew everywhere again for the third time. Sophie snickered and then turned back to the photos.

“So who’s that Chinese girl?” Sophie asked.

“That’s Cho Chang, I think. Cho or Jenny, I get confused. They were aunt and neice and they both died when they were about the same age and all the couples all around there and stuff, they’re all everyone’s dead parents. The Potters, Evans, more Potters, Marsdens, Changs, they don’t have Blacks because apparently Sirius Black hated his parents, um…Grangers, there.” Dylan said pointing out the portraits.

“How do you know who everyone is?” Kevin asked his little brother, “We’ve never been here before.”

“I’ve read the history books and I’ve been looking through photo albums.” Dylan said. “Mum told me who everyone was.” Sophie nodded and joined Rachel.

“So this place is like one huge memorial?” Rachel asked.

“In a way.” Molly Weasley said, “It was once the head quarters to the order of the phoenix but after you know who was defeated for the second time they did up the place but it fell into disuse, but the Potter house elves still come in and look after the place I believe.” She said. “Now drink up and then go to the study upstairs, you’ll know it’s the study because there’ll be a piano and some muggle Hamps.”

“Amps.” Sophie corrected.

“Yes dear.” Molly Weasley said. Her attention had just been caught by Kevin as he tried to juggle the already battered potatoes. “Kevin, why don’t you just go and do whatever you do.” She said slightly annoyed. Kevin dropped the potatoes and dashed out of the room. Sophie laughed and Rachel sniggered slightly.

* * * *

Dylan, Sophie and Rachel pushed on one of the doors that were slightly open.

“Is dad alright?” asked Colette.

“He’ll be fine.” James said worriedly. “He’s just a bit-”

“Unconscious?” Piper asked him.

“Yeah, well, wouldn’t you be unconscious if that happened to you?” James asked

“I’d probably be dead.” Piper said.

“Uh, Piper.” Dylan said pushing the door open. Dylan’s older sister sat with Rachel’s older sister, Colette and James. Piper turned to look at him and his friends.

“Oh, hi Dylan.” Piper said, “Come in and close the door.” He nodded and Sophie closed the door.

“What happened?” Rachel asked.

“The house was attacked.” Colette said, “Dad took a curse and he’s out cold.” She looked nervously at James.

“What are we going to do without Harry Potter?” Rachel’s older sister asked, “I mean, he’s the one who defeated you know who.”

“I know but he’ll be fine, mum and dad said he’d be fine.” Piper said. The four older teens looked visibly shaken, Colette was actually paler then usual.

“But we have other people who can fight Lestrange.” Dylan said.

“Who? Mum and dad?” Piper asked, “Hello, dad is an idiot and mum, she spends half the time making sure dad does things correctly. Jenny is away half the time because of her job, who else is there?” She asked slightly panicked.

“Well, we’re completely safe here.” James said trying to reassure Piper. “This house is very heavily protected, and then you guys go off to Hogwarts where you’re even safer.” Piper looked at him worriedly. He gave her a reassuring smile.

“Where is mum?” Colette asked.

“She went to see dad.” James answered. Sophie, Dylan and Rachel glanced at each other. Rachel went to her older sister, Danielle.

“Did anything happen to our mum?” Rachel asked her. Danielle looked at the others for help. Dylan knew that Rachel and Danielle weren’t particularly close, they actually fought a lot over the usual sisterly things like Holly and Piper did a lot.

“She’ll be alright.” Danielle said awkwardly Rachel looked at her seriously.

“What does that mean?” Rachel asked.

“Well, it seems there was a sort of attack at St. Mungos, only a few people attacked and those who had fought with Harry. So your mum was targeted, some one called Seamus Finnigan sent an owl to Harry saying that he had been attacked, some people called Terry Boot and Corner also sent owls.” James told them.

“How do you know all that?” Dylan asked.

“I’m a Potter.” James said, “I have my ways of finding out.” He said with a smile. Piper rolled her eyes.

“He’s a member of the order.” Piper told Dylan. “You shouldn’t be telling us any of this.” She scolded James but there was a slight smile on her face.

“Are you complaining? I thought you asked me to tell you.”

“Yeah I did but still.” Piper said with a smile

“Oh no.” Colette said, sensing what was going to follow. “If you two are going to start that again leave the room, please for all our sakes.” Piper grinned and turned away from James.

“Sorry.” She said, “So Dylan, made up any prophecies recently?” She asked. Dylan was taken by surprise by this question.

“Um, I haven’t checked.” Dylan said.

“Well, better start making some, we need some news.” Piper said. Dylan looked at her uncertainly. Not many people were supposed to know that Dylan was a dream prophet. He wasn’t a prophet by choice and he was the youngest member of the ministry.

“Uh, ok.” Dylan said uncertainly. He was vaguely recalling something from a long time ago, a dream he had last Christmas. He glanced at Colette and he vaguely remembered what happened, why was he remembering it?

“Um, I’m not sure if it’s going to happen this year but I think you and Piper should be a bit careful this year.” Dylan said to Colette. Colette and Piper looked at each other then at Dylan.

“Why, what’s going to happen?” Colette asked. Dylan was suddenly hit mentally with what he had dreamed. He put his hands to his head and closed his eyes as he felt a slight pain go through his head

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