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Bathroom Confessional by mayday
Chapter 1 : June 22, 2030 & March 2, 2027
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Clarisse Jasmine Avery

1602 Birch Street
Apt. #12 London, England

The Bathroom Floor
June 22, 2030

... Well as much as I hate to say this diary, Flint was right. My husband is a down right prat! He’s rude, uncaring, and has more mood swings than Veda does during her period! No offense to Veda, but you know what I mean. He so obviously despises me too, but hey he’s not in my top ten either! He hasn’t said two words to me since arriving at his flat. And believe me, I’ve tried. Merlin knows I attempted to have a conversation with the git. I was nice, polite, and even smiled at him and all he did was grunt a couple of times before retreating to his bedroom.

MEN! Honestly!

I don’t know what to do with him diary, I mean what am I suppose to do with a man-boy? I hate Marius so much right now! He got me into this bloody mess. I could kill him, I could kill him with my bare hands! I just don’t understand why Marius choose him out of all people to try to help us. I don’t understand it diary. I thought my brother hated him and now their all buddy-buddy and we’re married.



Ugh, I think I’m about to throw up.

I’m only seventeen and I’m bonded in holy matrimony with ding-dong in the other room. Oh my God, do you know what I just realized? I don’t know his middle name! Cor! I married someone with out knowing their middle name. Does he know my middle name? Hell, does he even know my first name? Yes, next time I see Marius I’m most definitely strangling him.

And then my husband.

I’ve been tied down for exactly two weeks and it’s now finally hit me in the face... I’m a wife... more specifically his wife. I guess I just forgot about it during school. When he showed up at my graduation yesterday I was like ohh crap. What am I suppose to do! I don’t know ANYTHING about being someone’s wife! I can’t even take care myself let alone a... a..- man! I hope he isn’t expecting me to do stuff for him. I have no idea what the deal between him and Marius is, but knowing my brother I don’t even want to find out.

I have so many questions for him though. I want to know why he of all people would help me, marry me? I know his family is like the royalty of the wizarding world and his dad is our savior or whatever, but even chivalry has it’s limits. And honestly diary, I don’t think James Potter would know manners were if they hit him on the side of the head!

“OI!” a voice shouted pounding on the door.

Speak of the devil!

“Avery, hurry it up in there. I gotta take a-”

See diary, no manners, none at all.


I can’t believe I married someone who isn’t even potty trained!

“You either open this door princess or I’ll knock it down," he shouted.

He wouldn’t dare! I could be busy in here or taking a bath! Ewwe, when was the last time Potter cleaned in here?

“I’m going to count to five Cara!”

See how fickle men are! I mean an hour ago he wouldn’t even speak to me, only telling me where the bloody bathroom was and now he’s kicking me out of my only sanctuary!


Who the bloody hell is Cara?


Cara, CARA!


My husband doesn’t even know my own name!


He thinks he’s so cool Mr. I-was-a-Quidditch-star-but-now-I’m-too-hot-to-play-and-even-know-my-wife’s-name!

Ha! I’ll show him diary!

“Four and a half!”

Just who does he think he is!

“Four and three-quarters!”

Well gotta go diary. But don’t worry I’ll keep you updated, I’m sure I’ll be locking myself in more often than not.

            -Clarisse Jasmine Avery- Potter (ewwe)

P.S. Only 351 days to go!


Clara snapped her leather bound diary shut just as the bathroom door came crashing down. Pieces of the wood splinted into a million pieces flying in almost every direction as Clara placed her beloved diary over her head for protection.

When the smog from the explosion finally cleared the brunette narrowed her eyes to see a lone figure holding out his wand in what he probably thought was a heroic fashion.

Great, just great.

“Can I help you?” Clara asked looking up at the figure sprawled out against the doorway breathing heavily. The young woman felt brown eyes snap to her face, studying her with an intense glare.

“I need to use the loo,” James stated slowly.

Clara sighed, men are oblivious.

Couldn’t this man see Clara was busy! That she was writing her deepest thoughts, her dreams and desires into this beacon of hope and-

“Oi! Avery out!”

Clara scowled at the scruffy man in front of her, “Why?”

James eyes widened with frustration. Why, WHY! Was the girl dense or something?!

James gritted his teeth, “Because Cara I only have one bathroom and you are currently in it!”


Bloody moron.

“Okay,” Clara replied rolling her eyes, getting up off the ground and stepping around the clearly agitated male.

Clara heard him start to unbuckle his jeans, but she cleared her throat. The older man whirled around and snapped, “What is it kid?”

“My name is Clarisse.”

“Excuse me,” James replied resting a hand against the wall.

“You can call me Clara. Not kid or princess or Cara. The name is Clara,” she replied jutting her chin out with pride.

James eyes snapped to her small figure and looked at the girl in front of him. Even for an Avery, she had spunk, he’d give her that. Maybe if she wasn’t his wife or she wasn’t young enough to make him feel like a pedophile he'd think that little speech was cute. But unfortunately they we’re married and he was basically tricked into marrying a little girl he didn’t even know... so yeah it wasn’t cute. It was damn annoying.

“Are you done?” James asked her gruffly.

The young woman hesitated, “Yeah I think so.”

She stood their for a moment looking at James cautiously, still clutching her diary.

“I don’t like this anymore than you do,” she said softly looking at the bathroom wall behind him rather than his eyes.

James didn’t respond, but just imagined that she was someone else. That this was just a horrible nightmare and tomorrow he would wake up to his beautiful Haley. Not to this short little string bean who was wearing purple pajamas with fairies on them. No, if this was Haley she wouldn’t even be wearing pajamas.

“James?" a timid voice asked and he looked over to see Clara.

No, she wasn’t his Haley.

Not even close.

“Yea?" he replied clearing his throat.

“There's no door,” Clara said pointing to the debris of wood scattered on the floor and then the huge gapping hole in the wall where the kitchen could be clearly seen.

“And,” James replied motioning with his hands to tell her to hurry the hell up. Did she forget he had to use the loo?

“...Well I don’t feel comfortable using facilities when someone can you know...” Clara replied blushing looking down. She sighed, she felt like such a child in front of him.

“No I don’t know,” he drawled indifferently, “complete sentences Cara.”

“Clara,” Clara corrected lifting up her head to glare at his face. When she met his brown eyes all she found was a mocking gleam of amusement. Well, at least someone is having a good time!

Clara,” James amended placing his hand over his heart, “I’m sorry darling I was just so wrapped up in those beautiful blue eyes of yours I lost my train of thought! Forgive me?”

‘Green eyes. I have green eyes!’, Clara thought to herself narrowing those eyes at the cocky man in front of her. Yes, she was most likely screwed. She didn’t know a thing about men except for Marius and well... this one guy, but that was a long time ago and none of them even came close to the insolence of the git in front of her.

“You are  forgiven,” Clara replied throwing her best smile at him, “but would it kill you to show me a little privacy. I mean you already have me sleeping on the sofa. I would like to just have a moment to myself every now and then.”

“In the bathroom,” James asked with an eyebrow raised leaning against the wall opposite to her.

“Yes, in the bathroom. We can share it. Although it does need a little cleaning and... redecorating,” Clara said softly looking around at the off white chipped cabinets and the outdated blue wallpaper.

“Do your services extend to the kitchen or just the bathroom?”

Clara knew instantly what he was asking about.

She bit her lower lip uncertainly , “I can’t cook.”

There was a silence before James chuckled, “Why am I not surprised.”

“I can learn,” Clara replied proudly.

“Whatever you say princess-”

Clara glared at the word.

“-I’ll do the cooking. Remind me why I married you again Avery?”

“You did it because Marius is an idiot,” Clara replied bitterly. Well he is an idiot! What kind of brother uses their own sister as a bargining tool?

James frowned, “Yes, I know that and he wants me to look after you. It’s only a year-”

“351 days,” Clara interrupted.

“-Okay 351 days, no difference to me. It’s my responsibility to keep you out of trouble. I have a job and a life so, I don’t want you to go wandering after Flint, you hear?”

Clara rolled her eyes. Should she solute him or call him ‘sir’?

Sir will do just fine,” James replied with a smug grin.

What a cad.

“I don’t need you to look after me, I’m no child!” Clara rebuked crossing her arms and stomping her foot on the ground.

He just stood there shaking his head, which infuriated her more.

“I know Marius asked you to look after me, but are you going to bulldoze the door every time you have to use the bathroom!”

He didn’t reply.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare at me! Why are you even here? Why did you even marry me? Why didn’t you let Flint take me away!”

Once again, no response.

“How much did Marius give you to marry me! 100,000 galleons? A new house? A job? What could he possibly give you that you don’t already have? Professor Young?” Clara spat out and instantly regretted it, knowing she had gone too far.

James face clouded with anger as he clenched and unclenched his fist. Yes, she had gone too far. He took a step towards her and Clara hastily took one back. James kept on stalking towards her much smaller figure until her back hit the wall and Clara felt the old wallpaper scratch her skin.

He stood over her, seeming much bigger now than Clara had ever noticed before. She dropped her diary in surprise. Would he hurt her? Not that she didn’t deserve it, but James Potter was nearly twice her size and probably more skilled in Defense than her. She wouldn’t even have a chance.

James put an hand next to her head and leaned down so they were eye to eye, “Listen here princess. You don’t know a thing about me, so don’t pretend like you do. I know you don’t like me and I sure as hell don’t like you. If you want to make the next year go by painlessly I suggest you shut that mouth of yours.”

Clara hardly understood a thing he was saying. James was much too close to her. She could feel the heat radiating off of his body and see the muscle clench in his jaw as his spoke. His lips were inches away from hers and she could see the faint sprinkle of freckles on his nose.

‘If he wasn’t such a git, he would be quite handsome,’ she mused to herself tracing the contours of his face with her eyes. He suddenly ran a hand jaggedly through his dark hair and it was almost too much for her young and inexperienced heart to handle.

She had never been this close to any male other than Marius or Flint before. And Marius didn’t count because he was her brother and even being in the same room as Brutus Flint made Clara want to gag.

Noticing her frozen posture, James leaned in and chuckled at her intake of breath.

“Go to bed little girl,” he whispered in her ear causing her head to spin.

Suddenly Clara snapped out of her hormone induced daydream and pushed his tall figure out of the way. How dare he talk to her that way! She wasn’t a little girl, she’d show him! Clara picked her diary off the tile floor and stalked angerily out of the room. She went to slam the bathroom door, but realized there wasn’t any so Clara just glared at the wide hole in the wall and continued on into the living room.

Plopping herself down on the red sofa, she crossed her arms and stared blankly at the ceiling. So this was her life now, great. Clara then heard the sound of water splashing and a male sigh of relief.


Oh bloody hell.

She pulled a throw pillow over her head to muffle out the sound.

“351 days, 351 days, 351 days,” Clara chanted to herself.

How did she even get into this mess! Just two weeks ago she was single and now she has the ole’ ball and chain. This was not how she pictured being married. What to do. What to do!

Just sleep Clara.

Worry about it tomorrow.

Sleep Clara, dream.

* * * * * * * *

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
The Quidditch Pitch
On the Bleachers in the Ravenclaw Section

March 2, 2027

Dear Diary,
You will not believe what happened today, you wouldn’t have even been able to guess! Today during Charms we were talking about the difference between a Banishing Charm and Summoning Charm. It seemed like a normal Tuesday and Professor Young was in a particularly good mood. I like Professor Young, she’s very kind and smart. She’s an excellent teacher even though I still miss Professor Flitwick. All the boys talk about how pretty she is too.

Well anyway Professor Young was demonstrating the wand movements of the Banishing Charm to poor Frances when....

"Acutally Miss Monroe you need to make more a flicking motion, not a jab. Just hold your wand like this and-"

The door to the classroom slammed open and a man of about twenty-two hurried inside. He strode across the room with purpose, but looked completely frazzled. He stopped in front of Professor Young who had dropped her wand in shock.

“What’s going on?” a girl with black hair whispered to Clara who was looking at the young man with curiosity.

“I don’t know,” she whispered back to Veda, “Maybe he’s a friend of Professor Young’s.”

Clara looked at the her teacher who looked just as surprised at the arrival of the young man as the rest of the confused Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs. Frances Monroe stood there dumbly her wand arm still erect as the two adults converesed with eachother.

“He’s awfully handsome don’t you think,” Veda giggled in her ear looking at the dark haired man who was talking hurriedly with their blonde teacher.

Clara stole a glance at the man who was still talking to Professor Young, now using broad hand gestures. Sure he was handsome. She looked at his face. A wide mouth, messy dark hair, tanned skin... he looked so familiar. Yes, he was very good-looking she decided.

“I’ve always hated sitting in the first row, but now look Clara we have the best seats in the house...” Veda trailed off looking at the adults in the front of the room who were now arguing.

Veda suddenly laughed, “Look at Frances! What is she doing just standing there! That girl is so dim, I don’t even know how she got into Ravenclaw! Do you remember when she-”

“Oi!”, a voice whispered interrupting Veda’s laughter, but Veda rolled her eyes, “Oh Clara I think they’re having a row. How exciting, nothing ever exciting happens during-”

Suddenly a paper airplane hit Veda smack in the back of the head and the row behind the girls burst into sniggers. Veda closed her eyes and visibly counted to ten. When she turned around she came face to face with Peter Cameron who was grinning like a clown. Which he practically is anyway.

She glared at him, “What?” asked Pete innocently, “I tried to get your attention, but you didn’t turn around.”

“I don’t respond to ‘Oi’ Cameron,” Veda snapped, “Now what did you want!”

Pete smiled widely showing his dimples, “Can’t I talk to my best girl?”

“I’m not your girl you ponce,” Veda replied haughtily.

“Go out with me,” Pete demanded with a smirk.


The blonde haired boy didn’t even look phased by Veda’s quick rejection, just replied,“Someday Veda, you just wait!”

Veda snorted turning around in her seat, but Clara stayed turned around looking at Peter.

“I know I’m attractive Avery, but is there anything you need,” Pete asked propping his feet on the desk, leaning into his chair.

Clara blushed, but asked “Who is that man, talking to Professor Young?”

The boy's blue eyes snapped to the man’s figure and then back to Clara in shock, “You don’t know who that is?”

Clara shook her head as Pete let out a low whistle, “I thought you would now considering who your brother is. That’s James Potter, you know the guy who used to play for the Cannons last year. Too bad he got injured though he was one hell of a player.”

Yes, that’s it! She know remembered seeing his face in the papers and hearing Marius talk about him disdainfully during break. Why did Marius hate him so much? Were they enemies, did they fight during school?

“Oh my God Clara, look!” Veda giggled pointing to the front of the classroom where James Potter was on one knee in front of their Charms’ teacher.

Clara turned around to see Professor Young’s eyes wide with shock and the handsome young man looking hopeful.

“Is he proposing?” “He’s so handsome!” “Look at that rock!” “Bloody hell, it’s James Potter!” “Professor Young, should I sit down?”“Do you think we’ll be invited to the wedding?” “I can’t believe it!” “I’m going to the Headmistress after class, this decorum is unacceptable!” Christopher Samuels huffed looking at the couple disdainfully.




All the heads of the fourteen and fifteen year olds snapped to attention.

“I’m sorry James, but no I can’t marry you,” Professor Young replied pulling her hands away from the kneeling man.

“But why?” James Potter asked baffled rising to his feet.

“Rejected,” Peter muttered under his breath and a couple of boys snickered.

Professor Young silenced them with one hard look, “This is not the time or the place James.”

“But, Haley-”

“Please leave, we’ll talk about this later,” Professor Young interrupted sternly.



The man stood there in front of Professor Young with a heartbreaking look on his face, before slowly retreating from the room and shutting the door with a soft thud.

Professor Young stared at the closed door and then back at the class whose mouths were now hanging open with shock. Even Frances Monroe who was still at the front of the classroom, dropped her wand.

It was deadly silent for a moment before the Professor Young asked, “Miss Monroe, what are you doing out of your seat?”

Frances swallowed thickly, “You were showing me how to do the Banishing Charm sir-”

The whole class errupted into laughs.

“-I mean ma’am. Sorry sir- er ma’am... Professor.”

Professor Young just smiled kindly at Frances mad stuttering, “It’s quite all right Miss Monroe. I seemed to have gotten distracted. If you still need help though, please see me after class.”

Frances nodded her head numbly before stumbling back into her seat in the back row. Professor Young turned back to the blackboard and starting writing when Veda turned to Clara.

“Honestly Clara that girl drives me nutters, I mean a simple charm! I worry about her-”

“Miss Adams, do you have something you would like to share with the class?” Professor Young asked interrupting Veda.

Veda froze in her seat and plastered on a smile that used to charm the minature pants of off Professor Flickwick. Too bad Professor Young wasn’t Flickwick, she seemed to pick on Veda an awful lot.

“No ma’am, I was just commenting on how interesting this day has been to my good friend Clara. Don’t you think today has been just engaging Professor,” Veda replied smiling beautifully all the while.

Clara’s eyes widened and she heard a couple of Hufflepuffs gasp. Professor Young’s imtimadating glance seemed to falture and her eyes saddened a bit, “From this point foward, please keep your peasonal chit-chat out of my classroom Miss Adams. Are we clear?”

Veda smiled and her voice rang out, “Crystal.”

Professor looked away from Veda and started talking more about a charm that Clara had already forgotten.

“Don’t you think that was a little... harsh?” Clara whispered to the scowling beauty next to her.

“Whatever, she deserved it. That woman hates me! She’s just a grumpy old maid!”

As if listening, Professor Young shot Veda a warning glance which only caused Veda to smile innocently.

“Hardly,” Clara replied, “isn’t she like only twenty or something?”

Veda rolled her eyes, “Twenty-one actually, but now that’s she’s turned down James Potter no man will probably touch her with a meter stick! I mean you know something’s wrong with a woman when she turns down steak for a tuna fish sandwich!”

“What do you mean?”

“Jeez Clara! Do you ever listen to the gossip?”

Clara sighed, “Why should I when you seem to know everything.”

Veda smiled in a smug manner, “I do, don’t I?” and then she leaned closer to Clara, “I can’t believe you don’t know this! Everyone does, well you know Profess-”

“Miss Adams!” Professor Young exclaimed, “I know I’m probably not as interesting as Miss Avery, but if you girls don’t stop chattering I’ll have to send you both outside.”

“Sorry Professor,” Clara said quickly ducking her head in shame.

“Bloody witch,” Veda muttered crossing her arms.

“Mr. Samuels will you please explain the the class the origin of the Banishing Charm?” Professor Young asked the Ravenclaw who was plotting to get her fired ealier.

Christopher smiled widely, “The Banishing Charm originates just after the Summoning Charm in the early....”

... Can you believe it diary? I felt so bad for Mr. Potter. He seemed like a pretty nice man despite what Marius says about him. Perhaps I’ll write him a letter and ask about it. Actually that might not be the best idea, Marius has a nasty temper sometimes and what if he told father. Father would probably try to get Professor Young fired and she is such a good teacher.
I wonder why she said no? Does it have something to do with what Veda tried to tell me during class? Or does she just not love James Potter? The Potters are a very esteemed family in the Wizarding World despite what Marius and Brutus say about them. He is also very handsome, I don’t know what I would do if someone that striking asked me to marry him. I would probably say yes right on the spot.

Now I sound like Veda, don’t I?

Oh well, she already has a boy after her.

Poor Pete will never learn will he? He’ll probably run after her for the rest of his life. Veda just doesn’t understand how much he actually like her. She thinks it’s just a passing fancy. I wonder what it would be like to have someone want me that much? Do you think I’ll ever find out diary?

I hope so.

‘Till next time,
                -Clarisse Jasmine Avery

Clara snapped her diary shut and shivered from the cool air. It was almost past curfew and the stars were bright enough for her to scribble down her thoughts. She looked out onto the pitch and thought about that man in Charms and what he was doing now. Her heart went out to him. Clara certainly knew what it felt like to be rejected from the ones you love. At fifteen she knew little of the world, but enough to understand what love felt like... or what she thought it felt like.

Picking up her diary, she skipped down the bleachers and pulled her blue scarf more securely around her. The night air was cold and nipped at her thin school sweater. She scurried up the wet path towards the glooming castle. As she walked, she couldn’t get James Potter out of her head. Clara wanted to know more about him, why he proposed to Professor Young? Why she said no? Why was he so sad? Clara shook her head, it’s not like she would ever see the man again. And why would he answer the questions of a girl?

No, it was better to forget the entire thing ever happened.

And so, she did.

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