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Flying through the Petals by Amulya_HPfan
Chapter 1 : Walking Down
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Disclaimer: So, we all know the story by now. JK Rowling created Harry Potter, which then caused a legion of fans, which then led to.....Harry Potter Fanfiction! Of course, I don't get to end up being her.        

    Lavender looked at herself in the mirror. She had been waiting for this day forever. She held the hot spiraling iron close to her scalp, tapping her feet on the floor. Susan was right; Muggles make our hair look way better. Parvati, the reigning makeup queen back at Hogwarts, had done her face and Hannah had given her the pep talk. Lavender giggled, remembering how Hannah’s face had flushed a deep red when Neville stumbled in, right at the part where Hannah was teasing Lavender about the wedding night. Those two would be the next to get married, she thought. Padma poked her face in, interrupting Lavender’s thoughts. “Lavender, its time” she said.

     People had wondered why she had even tried to get in between Ron and Hermione, one of Hogwarts dream couples. But what they had never realized was that behind the winks, the rings of gossip, the careful planning, she was a Gryffindor. That was something that she had clung onto-throughout all of sixth year and her seventh. And that courage that lay within her was what kept her going, even after hearing the whispers or feeling the eyes on her in the Great Hall. She hadn't been blind to the gossip that surrounded her. But there was only so much she could do about it, especially when the Gryffindors themselves were rather dramatic people.


            Lavender walked down the aisle, her eyes on the altar. He was standing there, a big grin on his face. She kept her eyes on him, the one man who had ever been able to coerce her into a food fight or look beyond her careful good looks. The flower girl, Susan’s daughter Anne, skipped in front of her, tossing the purple petals and Irish leaves everywhere. She spotted Harry and Ginny laughing when one of the flowers landed on their son’s head. 


            She had noticed Ron one day, when he had been eating with Harry in the Great Hall. His red hair was still messy, and his eyes held that same glint that you would see in Fred and George’s. He had his mouth stuffed with pancakes, and when a Hufflepuff girl had winked at Harry, he had let out a loud laugh, his food spilling across the table. Parvati had squealed in disgust, and Seamus had just shaken his head, but Lavender had thrown her head back and chuckled, earning her a sly glance from Ron. She had been struck by how his hair curled ever so slightly around his neck, how Quidditch muscles had formed under his worn shirt and the freckles that dotted his arms.


Lavender reached the altar, and took his hand, letting herself relax at his touch. He had always had a hot and cold effect on her. Her Gryffindor temper would come out at full blast when he annoyed her, but his smirk would cool it down. Their explosive nights in bed would leave her awed as they cuddled together afterwards. He had even taken her to the pitch after the Battle of Hogwarts to teach her Quidditch. She had slowly gotten her strength back, and they had recovered from the horrors of their seventh year together. His callused hands had taken care of her after Greyback’s attack, laying cooling cloths over the wounds, and even trying to help Hermione research the after-effects of the various curses and attacks that had occurred. He had comforted her when she had found out about her parents deaths, and she had helped him put the torture, beatings and curses behind him.


            Lavender always went after what she wanted; and she had wanted Ron. In fact, she never would have even looked at him that way if they hadn't been partnered in astronomy one day. He had been rather awkward, but sweet, trying to hold the telescope for her and doing all the lifting. So, she used the usual methods, giggled at him in class, sat with him in the Common Room and ate near him during meals. It had never meant to be more than a chase, until she noticed Hermione glaring at her one day. And then a bubble of anger had burst. It wasn’t fair that she got everything. The grades, the teachers, the reputation, the friends. What did Lavender have? Good hair, an arsenal of makeup? Boys drooling after her chest? Lavender had not let Ron go after that, eventually getting him to come to her, even when she knew that he loved Hermione.


“Will you take this woman to be your wife, as long as you both shall live?”. He looked at her, eyes serious for once, and said “I will”. The wizard turned to her, his ridiculous gold tassels flapping against his sweaty head. Lavender made a mental note to put some of her Muggle oil-blotters into his gift bag. “And will you, Lavender Brown, take this man to be your husband, as long as you both shall live?”. Not waiting a moment, Lavender nodded her head and told him “I do”. A Chesire Cat smile appeared for her, and when the wizard told him to kiss the bride, he swept her off her feet and into his arms. Lavender smiled into his lips, ignoring the catcalls coming from the crowd and the glares from a certain redhead mother.


Lavender had proven everyone wrong her seventh year, including herself. She had come back to Hogwarts, somehow knowing that she would have to survive. She had rescued first years from the Carrows, learnt healing spells after Pomfrey had left and helped Ginny with the rescue part of the DA. After having been caught around Feburaury trying to sneak a third year out of the detention room, the Carrows had whipped her and thrown the Cruciatus curse at her until she wasn’t even sure of if she was alive. Neville & Seamus had been furious when she had been found after two days, lying broken on the stone floor. Yet, she had recovered, and when the Golden Trio had arrived at Hogwarts, Lavender threw herself into the Battle.


Lavender held on to his arm as he apparated to their honeymoon destination. “So, any regrets now that you’re stuck with me?” he teased. Lavender stared at him, eyebrow quirked, for a few moments. He looked panicked now, and his hand stretched out towards her. “Lav?” he said quietly.


Lavender had not chosen Ronald Weasley. Or rather, Ron Weasley did not choose her. Lavender had stumbled upon Ron and Hermione having what the girls used to call "a moment". And that flash of adoration she had seen caused the façade to fall. She had dumped Ron, yelling and spitting until he had run, scared for her sanity. The pain of that memory didn’t hurt anymore though, even if she used to cringe when she thought about the way her knees had collapsed to the stone floor as she sobbed the way a teenager does when a dream has been dashed. For she had found Seamus after that. Loud, stubborn, Finnegan had courted her in his own way, and Lavender eventually fell in love with him. Not lust, like it was with Pucey and not like, as it was with Ron. The pure, sometimes blinding love that makes up the great legends. The kind that everyone always said Harry’s parents had, the kind that caused Neville to look at Hannah with puppy-dog eyes, the kind that gave Harry and Ginny wicked, saucy grins. And Seamus had loved her back, loved her so strongly that she sometimes was scared for him and delightfully giddy for herself.


Even though his hair didn’t curl like Ron’s, and he wasn’t one of the famous Slytherins she had ever dated, she loved him. Lavender would run her hands through his wavy, thick brown hair when he closed his eyes and leaned his head on her shoulder. Seamus had the habit of melting cauldrons and getting singed during every game of Exploding Snap Cards. He wasn’t part of the Golden Trio or a world-famous wizarding family. But he was determined to give Lavender the kind of family that she had wanted, one not marred by lies, cheating and gambling. His nose was slightly crooked and his eyes were two different colors, a dark green and hazel, colors of the streaks on Irish leaves. He refused to try to lose his Irish accent and was as stubborn as hell. Yet, that stubbornness had carried her through seventh year. He was part of a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father and possessive redhead mother. But he had been there every step of the way at Hogwarts. They had passed notes in class, exploded potions together, procrastinated during exams, comforted each other about Minnie's ruthless grading and browsed Honeydukes to get away from their occasional dateless Hogsmeade trips. He had been a hero during their seventh year, when he had protected the younger students without worrying about himself. He had kept her laughing and had nursed her back to health. How could she not love him?

With that thought, Lavender was propelled back to her wedding night. Her blissfull wedding night, one that was dreamed about for years, since the night her mother had left  her father in the wake of gambling debts and cheating accusations. A night that would be able to be put to rest, as Lavender reached out to her Finnegan and whispered, “No regrets”.

Author's Note: So, its my first fanfic. I think I've finally finished editing, so please review. Authors always want feedback, favorite quotes or even a one-line comment. Pretty please with a knut on top? Did anyone guess it wasn't going to be Ron? Or was it too obvious? I left some clues-the Irish leaves, Harry and Ginny with their son (Harry would be the best man for Ron, so he wouldn't be sitting), the redhead mother (Seamus is Irish, so his mum could have had red hair!). Anyways, hope you liked it!

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