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Addict by SpringTime
Chapter 14 : Epilogue: Recovery
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10 months, two weeks, and three days later…. She was curled up on the couch and reading the new book that he had brought her. Her collection was so extensive now that she had to transfigure built-in book shelves all along the walls of her living room. A small smile played across her lips as she read a particularly sweet scene.

“And what are you grinning at?” His voice broke through her concentration and her smile widened.

“Nothing, just the book you got me.” He came over to her leaned down and kissed her cheek as he handed her a hot cup of cocoa. He had placed marshmellows on top and they melted slowly into the cocoa leaving a white foam in their wake.

“Mmm…smells delicious,” she said as she took in the smell of the chocolate.

“Yes you do,” he whispered into her ear just before playfully nipping at it. She moved to slap him with the book, but he was too fast for her and quickly escaped to the end of the couch.

“So corny,” she rolled her eyes at him, and went back to her book, as she sipped her cocoa.

“Yes, but that’s why you love me?” Her arm stopped just before bringing the drink to her mouth. He had said it in fun, but she couldn’t help but take him seriously. Her first thought was that of Ron. She wondered if he would be happy for her? She wondered if she was betraying him? Her heart would never be whole, not the way that it had once been, but Draco had done so much for her. He brought Hermione her life back, or, a life back, for there was no way to regain what she had lost. He filled the void that Ron had left as well as anyone would ever be able to fill it. So, sitting there on a cold Sunday afternoon, Hermione for the first time really asked herself, did she love Draco Malfoy. The answer surprised her.

“You okay?” He asked, looking at her nervously as her hand still held her cocoa halfway to her mouth.

“Yes, I do.” she responded.

He arched an eyebrow, “You do?”

“Love you.” She whispered softly as she stared at him from under her lashes. 


He continued to stare at her, he was dreaming. It had to be a dream. His eyes refocused onto hers, she was waiting patiently, waiting for him to say the same.

His head snapped to attention, he couldn’t believe he hadn’t said it back immediately. “I love you, too.” He managed to get out without his voice croaking or cracking, though it took great effort.

Draco crawled along the couch, creeping closer to her. He grabbed the cup of cocoa and removed it from her hands and placed it carefully on the table behind her. He then took the book and with less care dropped it to the floor. He stroked her face gently, and stared into her deep brown eyes, “I love you, too.” He said again, in his deep husky voice. It had come out even easier the second time. He had been waiting patiently for her to be ready and hadn’t even realized it. Draco brought his mouth to hers, and his heart swelled with love for the girl that was once his enemy.
Her hands slowly wound their way up to his neck and into his hair. He snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her into him. The kiss deepend and he tried to throw all of the love that he felt into it.

Then he broke away from their kiss and jumped from the couch, her bewilderment at his sudden break from their pleasant kiss apparent on her face. Just as quickly he lifted her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom. Her feet dangled over his arm and her hands clutched around his neck for support. Draco placed her onto the bed, where he eased himself on top of her and continued the passionate kiss from moments before.

They each took their time, exploring the other’s body with their hands, exploring each other’s mouth’s with their tongues. They hadn’t been intimate since before her breakdown all those months ago. Draco trailed kisses along her neck and shoulder, only to be brought back up to her ever inviting lips. Their clothes slowly made their way onto the floor. He hovered hesitantly above her naked form, she gave him a small nod and a hungry smile, the only signal he needed and he proceeded to slowly lower his body onto hers.

Their bodies moved in rhythm with one another, their senses heightened. They reveled in the feel of skin on skin and exploded in a wave of pleasure as they made love for the very first time.


The End

A/N: That't it!  The end.  Thank you to everyone who has read this I hope you enjoyed the journey.  Of course thanks to all who reviewed, I was planning on giving shout outs to all of the faithful reviewers, but as there were so many of them I really couldn't, so know that I know who you are and appreciate all of your support. :)  Let me know what you think and anything that you think needs to be edited or changed.

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