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My Little Secret by Elaine_XOx
Chapter 1 : The Bet
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“Fred, I’m bored” George Weasley said to his identical twin brother. They were outside, lying on the grass at Hogwarts school, enjoying the sunshine until the winter months came. “Let’s start a project”

“What do you have in mind?” Fred Weasley said, sitting up and interested in what his brother had to say.

“Well, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. We would make a fair bit of money, I suppose”

“Tell me”

As the Weasley twins plotted and schemed, someone was watching them. A bit away from them, sat on the grass was Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

“I wonder what they are up to now” Hermione said. Noticing that the Weasley twins were talking and then giving her strange looks.

“Never mind, Hermione” Ron said, scared that Hermione would confront the meddling twins which always ended in a row between Ron and Hermione because Ron would take the twins side.

“Yeah, relax, enjoy are last day till classes start” Harry said, leaning back to lie on the grass.

“I’m not sure about this, Fred. When she finds out she’s going to hate us” George said, looking over at Hermione. She was giving the twins death stares. “And Harry and Ron will murder us in our sleep”

“You suggested it and we need the money to open are joke shop when we leave this place” Fred said, thinking of all the money they would make. Fred and George were starting their seventh year but they had a plan to leave school when they get enough money to open their own joke shop.

“Is it worth it?”

“It’s all fun and games” Fred said, putting out his hand for his brother to take.

“Until someone gets hurt” George said as he took his brothers hand and shook it.

“Then its hilarious” said Fred, finishing their catchphrase. At the same time, the twins looked over at Hermione Granger with a goofy smile.

“What are they smiling about?” Hermione asked getting worried now. “I told them if they caused any trouble this year…….”

“Hermione, leave it” Ron said over her ranting. He did not want to fall out with Hermione on their first day back in school.

“You keep the golden trio away from the common room and I will start the bets” George said, getting up and heading inside the castle. Fred got up and went over to Hermione, Ron and Harry.

“How are the little fifth years?” Fred said, sitting down beside Hermione. He smiled at them but Hermione knew something was wrong.

“Where is George?” Hermione exclaimed, pointing a finger at Fred as if she had caught out the twin. She was surprised to see Fred smiling at her, cheekily.

“And why would you want to know?”

“Because, Fredrick Weasley, I know you and your up to something.”

“Me? Up to something? Never.”

“You don’t want to mess with me.”

“Oh I’m so afraid. I better tell George to call it off because the little prefect found out” Fred mocked. He laughed as he could see Hermione’s angry look twitch with a smile.

“So you are up to something?” Hermione smiled as she knew Fred gave it away but Fred did not care.

“Maybe so, Hermy” Fred said jokingly, ruffling Hermione’s hair. “But you wont find out”

Hermione smiled to herself as Harry and Ron started to talk about Quidditch with Fred. She swore that she would figure out what the twins newest project was. She was not going to let them cause trouble this year. She was a prefect and she was going to live up to that. She was going to find out what Fred and George were up to.

At the same time, in the common room, George was telling everyone of him and Fred’s newest project.

“I’m leaving this piece of parchment on the notice board. When you make your bets just put your name and the money here” George said, showing everyone in the room.

“But wont Hermione see it?” One bystander said.

“It’s been bewitched. It will change to the Hogsmeade dates when someone close to Hermione or if Hermione reads it.” George answered as everyone got up and went to place their bets. Ginny Weasley got up and went over to George.

“You’ve gone to far, this time” She said. George put a hand on her shoulder and smiled at his little sister.

“It’s just a bit of fun and look at all the money we will get” George said, pointing to the line of people who were queuing to sign the parchment.

“But Hermione will be hurt when she finds out” Ginny said, worried that Hermione would not be friends with her anymore if Ginny lied to her. “Besides, Harry and Ron will tell her straight away”

“Gin, I’m not stupid. Harry and Ron will not find out” George said, reassuringly. “Look it’s just a bit of fun. Hermione gets two good looking lads, myself and Fred, chasing after her and she has to choose between us without her finding out about the bet. Then when we collect our winnings, from the bets being placed, we will leave this place forever to start our joke shop. She never has to find out.”

“George, you know she will and she will hate the two of you for it”

“I don’t think she will hate us. There was always something between her and Ron.”

“But what if she falls for one of you? And then you break her heart? Could you imagine what that would feel like?”

“It won’t get that far. I promise you, Gin, it will just be a bit of harmless flirting” George said and for a minute he almost felt regret for starting the hole thing but the thoughts of getting out of Hogwarts and starting a joke shop changed his mind, quickly.

“Well, it’s starting” George announced when he came out to join Fred, Hermione, Harry and Ron on the grass.

“Better be leaving this lot then.” Fred said, getting up. Hermione eyed them suspiciously.

“Bye, Hermione!” The Weasley twins said, smiling at her, as they left her staring at them with shock written all over her face.

“Hermione forget about it” Harry said as Hermione looked at the twins suspiciously at dinner. Fred and George were sitting further down the table and kept looking at her. She had explained this to Ron and Harry but they said she was being paranoid. She knew they were planning something and she had to find out.

“Their planning something and I think they told a few people about it.” Hermione said, noticing that a few students kept giving Fred and George smiles and claps on the shoulders. Hermione watched, wide eyed, as Fred and George got up and went over to where she was sitting. They squeezed in either side of her and smiled at her. Hermione was surprised that Harry and Ron made room for them.

“We couldn’t help but notice you staring” George said, confidently. He smiled down at her.

“More like you two staring at me” Hermione said, feeling uncomfortable.

“Now Hermione, there’s no reason to hid your true feelings from us” Fred said, cheekily. Hermione looked at him, stunned, and got up. The twins stared at her as her face turned to anger. Hermione Granger did not like being messed with.

“For your information, I can’t stand the two of you. I know your planning something and I’m going to find out, no matter what” Hermione shouted and stormed out of the Great hall. Everyone turned to look at the twins.

“I think we will have to try harder than that” Fred said, his eyes following Hermione until she could no longer be seen. Everyone at the Gryffindor table were smiling after the twins rejection. Everyone except Harry and Ron who were looking deeply confused.

The next day, classes started. Many Gryffindor’s were excited to see what the twins had in store for Hermione. Everywhere the Weasley twins went, they were followed by a group of people. Talk of the bet had spread fast and even people from other houses had confronted the twins to ask them if they could place bets too. Ginny was surprised that over all this talk Harry, Ron and Hermione still stayed clueless. In classes, many people whispered and laughed about the bet but the trio could not even begin to guess what it was about. No one would even think about telling Hermione about the bet because it was the best bit of entertainment to see the Weasley twins chasing after her. No one, except Draco Malfoy who thought that ruining the hole thing would be fun.

“Hey Granger” Draco said, walking over to Hermione. It was lunch time and Hermione was surprised to see the person she hated the most, talk to her.

“What is it?” Hermione said. She was suspicious.

“I was wondering if a certain pair of red heads have been trying it one with you?” He said, smirking. Hermione looked at him confused. His smirk deepened as he continued. “There’s more to it”

“What do you mean?” Hermione said. She was totally confused.

“Ferret! Keep away from Hermione” George said, running towards the pair.

“Yeah Malfoy, get out of here” Fred said, joining them.

Draco smirked and began to walk away but then stopped. Fred gave George a worried look.

“Just think about it, Granger” Draco said and walked away.

“Are you ok, mione?” Fred said, hoping that Draco did not say anything about the bet.

“Yeah, just fine” Hermione whispered as she walked away from the pair. She was deep in thought, wondering what Draco meant. Fred and George shared a worried look before speaking at the same time.

“We have to do something about him”

“Hey Hermione! Can you help me with my Transfiguration homework?”

“Fred! Your two years ahead of me! How do you expect me to do it?”

“Your smart, that’s why” George said, joining Hermione and Fred who were sitting on the couch in the Gryffindor common room that night. “And when your done doing Fred’s homework can you do mine?”

Hermione gave him a thoughtful look. “Em…. NO!” She screamed and burst into laughing at Fred and George’s disappointed faces.

“If I fail Transfiguration, its your fault” Fred said, pretending to look sad and depressed. This made Hermione giggle.

“Can you live with that?” George said, trying to make Hermione feel guilty.

“Oh all right, give it here” Hermione said, defeated. It was a common thing for her and the twins to mess about at the common room. They were always close and Hermione saw them as older brothers. With getting into the new routine, Hermione forgot all about what Draco had said. What she had not forgotten was that she knew the twins were planning something. She decided to play along so she could find out.

“You’re a star, Hermione” Fred and George said, hugging her when she was done doing their Transfiguration homework. Hermione was slightly taken back but hugged them back anyway. Little did she know that in the corner, two people were watching them.

“There is defiantly something going on” Harry said, nodding. Ron nodded too, eyeing the twins suspiciously.

“We can’t jump to conclusions yet” Ron said, hoping that what he was discussing with Harry was not true. “We need solid evidence”

“And we will get it” Harry said, not taking his eyes off the twins. A plan forming in his mind. Harry always got on with the twins but if what he thought was true then they had gone too far. Hermione was like his sister and he did not want to see her being played like a game. A unknown hatred was forming for the twins but Harry knew he had to play along to find out the truth. As Harry and Ron planned, Fred and George spent that evening flirting and laughing with a very suspicious Hermione.

A/n---First chapter! What you think? Pease review and tell me your thoughts!
Love yhoo....x.x.x.x.x..x.x.x.x

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