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Two Vampires = Lots of Trouble by harryfanZOG
Chapter 11 : Nightmares and Draco's bed.
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Hermione avoided Draco all afternoon and when she went to sleep she started dreaming.


A.K.A Hermione's dream


There was a dark, tall figure standing in a dark corridor. Suddenly he cries out in pain and falls to the ground, running, screaming for help, Hermione runs to see whats wrong.......

"Hermione.........." breathed a velvet voice next to Hermione's ear, "Who do you want? Ron......or me?"


Hermione realized its Ron crying on the floor and starts to run to him but Draco's calm voice starts again, '"I can make you happy the rest of your life, I love you........."

"Hermione! Help me! I love you!" cried Ron's voice but Hermione was drained of any emotion except the hungrier for Draco.


"Just a kiss Hermione.......Ron will be there when its over I promise........I love you.......please."

Hermione slowly turned around Ron's pleas growing fainter and fainter as Draco's and Hermione's lips meet and the fire starts again on her lips and Hermione feels her heart pounding, "I love you Draco...."


Draco smiles and pulls her into a tight hug and spins her around but is meet ed with hundreds of people, all yelling, "Kill the vampires! Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Draco's room


"What the hell is that noise? It sounds like screaming.....HERMIONE!" gasped Draco as he sprinted quickly into Hermione's room where Hermione was laying on the ground shaking and horrifying screams coming from Hermione's throat.

"Hermione! Please wake up! Its just a dream!" Draco yelled as he held Hermione against his torso to stop the shaking.



Draco was running out of options, Hermione was going to hurt herself if she didn't wake up soon and personally, Draco was getting freaked out, he didn't deal with stuff like this. Finding Hermione's lips we crashed his into hers knowing that usually his kisses would stop her brain. 


Hermione's eyes popped open the second the moment that Draco's lips touched hers and all she could say was, "AIR!"


That's when Draco realized that he was crushing Hermione and he loosened his grip but didn't let go of her because.....well he didn't really know why but he knew he couldn't let go even if he wanted to, "Don't you ever to that again to me Hermione or else I will seriously hex you to America! You scared the bloody hell out of me!'


"You called me Hermione.........." mumbled Hermione who was exhausted from her dream and her lids were already getting heavy.


"Are you listening to me? HERMIONE! Damn it don't fall asleep on me!" yelled Draco who was losing his patience and was worrying that Hermione was going to have another nightmare.

"Just shut up and sleep you can yell" slurred Hermione as she fell asleep on Draco's muscular shoulder leaving Draco cradling Hermione wide awake and thinking.


"OK Draco, great job. You have a hot sleeping girl on you and you have two choices, put her in her bed go back to yours and forget this thing ever happened, could take her to your room you know..... to make sure that she'll get help if she has another nightmare..........I would go with plan B. He he!"


Gently picking up Hermione Draco bridal carried her to his room he lay-ed her down on the right side and for a moment was in awe. Hermione's hair flowed down her back and her pink mouth was open slightly making her look like an angel, a bloody annoying angel. Laying down next to her Draco pulled the sheets over him and her and wrapped his long pale arm around her sleeping from.


"Hermione, you're smart, beautiful, hot, kind, annoying, amazing, and the only thing that I wanted but couldn't have.....till now." whispered Draco but his heart stopped when Hermione replied, "Love you to."


Next morning...............

"Am I dreaming? I feel to good for it to be real.......don't open my eyes! Don't open my eyes! Shoot I opened my eyes......what the??"
thought Hermione as she gazed around and all she found was green and silver.


Flipping over Hermione comes face to face with Draco and it all sunk in. She was in Draco's room. Draco was sleeping right next to her.....and he had her wrapped in his arms......and Hermione was loving it beyond imagination......oh damn.


Suddenly Draco stirred and pulled Hermione closer like a teddy bear she once had, her head on Draco's greatly toned chest. In her head she wanted to punch Draco in the face but somewhere else her heart Hermione guessed was screaming to stay and wrap her arms around Draco's neck and stay there forever. Which should she chose? Well, plan B refused to be declined and Hermione wound her slim arms around Draco's neck and relaxed her body.


"Don't you think it was worth it Hermione?"

"I am just doing this to get my wand back."

"Oh sure and I am the Queen of England!"

"And he pretty much saved me last night from that dream so if he wants to get all cuddly I shouldn't complain!"


"Will you just get some sleep? Judging but the lights outside you have maybe 1 or 2 hours before you need to wake up so I would get some sleep!"



Pressing more against Draco Hermione let her mind slip and eventually she was back in slumber land and woke up with warm lips pressed against hers, "HOLY CRAP."

 Hermione's eyes snapped open and saw two gray ones staring right back at her and was almost lost in them when she felt a long hand going up her loose tank top her mind returned completely, "What the hell!"


"We'll have to work on your snogging boundaries but over all, not  bad." Said Draco with a smirk planted on his face.


"Why the bloody hell am I in your room?" yelled Hermione who tried to unwrap herself from Draco put the fight was pointless.


"If you didn't remember your freak out last night I had to make sure that I could reach you if it happened again so I don't why I'm not hearing thank you or better yet, a snog." replied Draco smoothly as he traced his thumb around Hermione's lips.


"Well you could of let me sleep on the floor not in a bed with YOU!" shouted Hermione as struggled again to move Draco smirked and pressed his lips hard against hers and brushed his tongue against Hermione's bottom lip making Hermione lose any thoughts she had had.

Parting her mouth Draco messaged his tongue on hers and abruptly broke the kiss and whispered lustfully, "Are you sure you wanted to sleep on the floor?"


"No." answered Hermione truthfully as she laid her head back down on Draco's chest and whispered sadly, "Thank you for caring."


Draco's heart melted at Hermione's sudden innocence and vulnerability showed Draco that Hermione trusted him more that he thought she did. resting his chin on her head they laid there drinking in the others warmth but as life in-tails, all moments come to an end. The alarm clock buzzed.


"We need to get up Hermione." whispered Draco regretfully but added playfully, "You don't want to be late for your first Lap Dancing class do you?"


Hermione shot out of the silk bed and stared at him in shock, "THOSE START TODAY?!"


"Ya.....and you never know....I could get us as partners." teased Draco as he rolled out of bed showing off his shirtless chest and green satin boxers and Hermione couldn't help but give a look over of his body, "Go get dressed Hermione you can look at me all you want at Lap classes."


Hermione rolled her eyes and went to her room and noticed even thought she only a few hours of sleep she felt as if she had slept forever and she whispered, "This is going to be a long, long, day, and I better get my wand back before it!"

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