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Sugar & Spice by AddysenMalfoy
Chapter 1 : Sugar & Spice
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Side Note: The sequel to Sugar & Spice is now posted (as of July 3, 2012), entitled Cakewalk. Happy reading!


  I let out a light and airy sigh, smiling to myself. It felt good to finally be able to lend a hand around the house. I'd been at the Burrow for two weeks already and Molly made sure I was pampered to no end. Yet the truth was that I hated it. I hated feeling like I was too delicate and fragile to pull my weight. I could only guess that it arose surrounding the fact that Ginny was one of the boys trite and true, along with current circumstances. I seemed like the prim and proper princess Molly treated me as compared to Ginevra's wild, adventurous habits. Was it my fault if I would rather read a compelling book then play a rough, mud-ridden game of Quidditch? No, surely not.

  As I stood in the kitchen, organizing my ingredients, the back door creaked open. I paid no mind. I was busy reaching for a mixing bowl on the very top of the shelf. I sucked in a breath as I extended myself upwards and just as my fingers brushed the dish a chuckle sounded behind me.

  My arm was in the way of my head turning to view the visitor, but after a helping hand reached the bowl before mine, I lowered it and followed the arm to a freckled face.

  “You know you have a wand for that?” chuckled Ron, handing me the bowl softly, tracing my thumb as my hand fell upon his. I had never been so lucky as to have such love and devotion from anyone so wonderful.

  I thanked him with a smile and a soft, yet invigorating kiss. He gave me butterflies at the strangest of times, even if it seemed that he wasn't trying. I would just melt into those swirling, mischievous pools of blue. Call me putty, for that is what I became in his arms.

  As I turned to retrieve the measuring cups from the side cabinet the door flew open and Ginny came into view with George by her side.

  “That's where you've gotten off to! Come on Ron. Harry, Fred and Charlie are murdering us without our keeper.”

  I giggled sweetly. The fact that a family could compete and play without the slightest scuffle amazed me. They were a team, forever and always.

  Ron gave a sigh and let my hand free. Turning to his family members he spoke. “I thought Dad was playing in my place while I came in to check on 'Mione?”

  George laughed. “He is, and that's exactly why we need you back out there. He's horrendous.”

  “Give him a chance you two. Maybe he'll surprise you.” I piped up.

  “He is surprising us... at how uncoordinated he's become.” Ginny smiled. 

  I gave a look to Ronald telling him to get back out there before his father was booed into submission. “Give him some pointers. If he's really as bad as they think, it can only get better from here.”

  Ron gave me a charming lopsided smile and kissed my forehead before heading out the kitchen door to save Arthur's dignity. As the door latched shut I focused back on my cooking.

  I was actually quite amazed that Molly had loosened her hold on the celebration preparations to allow me to bake the wedding cake on my own and to my every liking. Never had I witnessed her do such an act willingly... although, I had all but begged for her to give me a shot and only because she had gone to town -to get everything else ever needed for ten weddings let alone one- did she even consider such a thing.

  The wedding was tomorrow and I had never been so mixed up in my emotions. I supposed this was the prime reason Molly wouldn't want me preparing food, I was all over the place. She swore I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached to my body, and surprisingly that was the first time I had ever heard that saying directed at me.

  As I cracked a few eggs and poured a cup or two of milk into the batter, I began to stir. The rhythmic motion was soothing, and soon enough I found that my thoughts had wandered.

  I was gazing out the window above the wash basin taking in the gorgeous array of wild flowers that had bloomed robustly in the garden. The yard had a very untamed beauty about it, as if it was happy with how it was, free and careless. This mimicked the very feelings that bubbled within me, for it wasn't much longer until I would be connected to the person most dear to my heart forever in and amongst those very petals and grasses, becoming Mrs. Ronald Weasley.

  A warm excited smile broke my lips as I thought about how this fairytale began. The war was over, we had won and a fair few of us had lived to tell the story. Ron, Harry and I had volunteered to help restore the damage that was inflicted upon Hogwarts, where the battle had taken place.

  Now that I thought about it I could tell that Harry had known what was about to happen for as Ron, he and I made our way to the wreckage of the library, he veered off to assist someone farther down the corridor. Ron and I entered the rubble and book laden room and as I sparkled at the task ahead and was about to set to work Ron cleared his throat causing me to turn and face him. My mouth parted in anticipation as he lovingly spoke my name, descended to one knee and revealed a velvet box that held the most beautiful ring I had even imagined.

  Breaking myself from my dazing thoughts, I poured my homemade cake batter into the three cake teer pans and placing them in the preheated oven to bake. I licked my finger where batter had spilled as I kicked the oven door closed with my heel. It was sweet, with a delicious twist of cinnamon and vanilla. And Molly thought I couldn't cook, I was a muggleborn after all.

  Just then the back door opened, and once again Ron appeared shaking his head.

  “I thought I told you to get out there and save your father, give him advice and such.” I shot playfully at him.

  “I did!” Ron began with a strangely startled expression. “That's exactly the problem. Now my own team doesn't want me because he caught on to what I said way too fast!”
  “What?” I laughed, “You got kicked out of the game?”

  “Well, yeah.” he smiled sheepishly as he rubbed the nape of his neck. “And there was the small fact that whenever I was playing all I did was stare at the kitchen windows every three seconds hoping to get a glimpse of you and I guess I just let in a few dozen too many goals for Ginny's liking. So, here I am.”

  Stepping over to him, I took his leather clad hand in mine and softly swung them back and forth. “Well, I'm glad.” I said, planting a light kiss on his cheek.

  “How's the baking coming along?” his eyes twinkling with hunger and I just shook my head as he laughed. All he ever thought about was food.

  Walking back to the sink to wash the few dishes I used, I asked him how he was feeling about the big day. “Any cold feet, Ronnikins” I mocked.

  “Not when the woman I'm marrying is the greatest person on Earth, and not to mention has been my best friend since I was eleven years old. No Ma'am, no jitters here.”

  Blushing I shook one hand dry of the dish water and opened the oven door, glancing in for a quick second to check the cake's progress. “I can't wait to see how this turns out.”

  As I resumed my scrubbing of bowls and spatulas, he came up behind me and weaved me in a large hug, resting his chin on my shoulder. “And I can't wait to see you in that dress tomorrow.”

  I gave him a coy look and stated how excited I was that so many people had sent back their R.S.V.Ps. “We have amazing friends and family, and who knows, soon enough we may even have a family of our own.”

  Ron pulled me away from his body and spun me around to look down into my warm brown eyes with his blue pools, and grinned devilishly. “You know it takes two to make a baby.” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and I screeched in laughter, tearing out of his grasp and running to the opposite side of the massive wood table. Whenever he moved I would move to keep us evenly on opposite sides. Suddenly he lunged over the table and I scurried away in hysteric laughter, blocking his path with dining chairs, throwing my rubber mitts at him, and grabbing a nearby broom and holding it as a sword.

  “On guard!” I shouted playfully, swishing it at him as he fumbled through the chaotic kitchen obstacle course.

  As he finally made it to the corner where I was standing he reached over and caught my broom, holding it out of the way as he advanced on me. I pouted as he left me defenseless and lowered his lips to mine in triumph, which I wasn't about to refuse. 

  His lips were soft and inviting as they tasted mine with passion. Almost instantly I began to melt into him and he tightened his hold on me so I wouldn't collapse to the floor. I was the luckiest girl in the world, wizarding or otherwise. I had no idea how long we had been wrapped up in each other for it was as if time was standing still, and nothing else mattered but what I was feeling come alive inside of me, until I smelled the smoke.

  Lifting my heavy lids with great difficulty, I noticed the smoke leaking out of the oven and pulled away from Ron. “My cake!” I shoved past him as he noticed what was going on and released me, and I ran to the oven to throw it open.

  “Oh, no. No, no, my cake!” I sputtered as I choaked on the smoke. It was burnt. Not only burnt but black, a block of charcoal would best describe it. “Now what are we going to do?” I asked as I turned to Ron only to find him with a hand over his mouth, trying his hardest to stifle his laughter. It hadn't worked and in turn I began to hopelessly laugh along with him, so hard in fact that I had tears welling up in my eyes.
  “Don't worry about the cake, Hermione. I'm sure my mum will end up buying a cake along the way anyway. You know she doesn't trust you in the kitchen.” he started within his chuckles, watching me stand hopelessly laughing with one of the three black cake teers in my now oven mitted hands. “And if not, we can just cover it in five times the amount of icing so that no one will be able to taste the actual baking.”

  As unconventional as his matter of approach was, Ron always manage to say the right thing.

  “I love you, Ronald.” I laughed affectionately, running to him with cake in hand and kissing the tip of his freckled nose.

  “And I love you, future Mrs. Ronald.” he chuckled back as he captured my lips once again. I think it was safe enough to say that we where about to live happily ever after.

Author's Note:

Well it's not often I tackle a fluffy project but today I just couldn't resist! Hope you enjoy this one, and feel free to leave a review.



P.S. The sequel is now posted, entitled Cakewalk. Check it out!

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