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Being A Select Few by BellaRose
Chapter 1 : Initiations
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A/n: this story is loosley based on the fantstic book "On the Jellicoe Road" by the genius Melina Marchetta! Yay!

Disclaimer: I wish i was fantastic enough to say i owned the beautiful Draco Malfoy, but alas, i do not.

Initiations: Action that makes something start: action that causes something, especially an important process or event, to begin.

Within the houses at Hogwarts there is a very special underground organisation. It is called the Select Organisation, or for short, the SO. Very few people know about the SO, only one from each grade within each house, which means a total of 28 members, which isn’t very many at all when you consider that there is several hundred in the school. 

The SO is based around the territory wars, and ownership of the grounds of Hogwarts. There is a reason houses sit on opposite sides of classrooms or why only the Hufflepuff’s never seem to be on the western side of the lake. Even why Gryffindor’s always seem to get hexed when they walk down the charms corridor, because it belongs to the Slytherin’s. The houses negotiate and fight for ownership rights of the grounds of Hogwarts, the rules set down verify that if a member of another house walks onto property not belonging to them, the owners have every right to hex them until they get out. Of course, I think it’s ridiculous, how is a person meant to know they just walked into Slytherin territory if the have no idea it even exists? The idea is that the representatives from each year are meant to encourage the other students to gather in a particular area and avoid others. Naturally, if you get hexed every time you walk in that area, you learn to avoid it anyway.
Each year, four new first years are chosen to be the next lot of members by the house leaders, based on their attitudes, strengths and weaknesses. The students are chosen by house leaders, but the one behind it all is the SO Leader. The SO Leader has last say in everything the organisation does and can be from any house. It was rumoured that the very first SO leader was Dumbledore himself. The first years that are selected are stunned, blindfolded and held captive in the neutral zone until they agree to sign a form that says that they will never tell anybody about the organisation. It all seems a bit barbaric, but it adds to the atmosphere. Of course, usually I wouldn’t bother going into details, I just do what the leader tells me, but as I’ve just been elected as House Leader, it’s all of a sudden become very real.

“Do you accept, Ginevra Weasley, the position of House Leader?” Parvati Patil asks me. 

“I accept” I answer, I vaguely wonder if anybody has ever said no, when the only thing they have been told since they arrived at the school was “you’re going to be house leader one day”. 

“And will you do your best to keep all property belonging to Gryffindor? And do your best to gain more land on Gryffindor’s behalf?” she continues in that strict voice I only ever hear her use in SO matters.I nod and wonder if Lavender ever suspects anything. Harry, Ron and Hermione sure don’t, which everybody finds surprising. I thought Harry would be a member even, but the Leader at the time decided it was too risky, we could be caught easily, with all the media that surrounds him. 

“Very well, Ginevra Weasley is the new House Leader of Gryffindor.” she places her wand tip on my shoulder and a badge with an intertwined S, O and G, appears on my robes. Around me, the other three kids in my year are receiving the same speech from their house leader, the speech we have heard every year as our turn gets closer and closer. 

The House Leaders are in seventh year and are now going off to study for their NEWTS, all but one. The Leader of the SO is one of the seventh year House Leaders but stays in the organisation to keep an eye on things and to select a candidate for next years SO Leader. 

The selected first years sit wide eyed in the corner, watching the proceedings, they were only officially accepted the night before so are still pretty confused about the whole thing. I remember thinking how stupid it all was, but then I caught sight of George and thought that if he was in it, it must be alright. 

The SO Leader walks to the centre of the room and calls for attention. The Leader is Draco Malfoy this year, much to my dislike, but Beauxbatons and Durmstrang are coming in a week, which means that instead of fighting between houses, we fight to keep Hogwarts as our own. Grudgingly, I’ll admit Draco Malfoy is the man for the job. The last time the other two schools came I was in my third year and it was for the tri-wizard tournament. We lost a lot of land that year, mostly because Fleur, the leader of Baubaxtons, used her charms on the boys and convinced them to hand it over, but also because we lost Cedric. He was SO Leader at the time, nobody knew what to do, or what the policies were if you lost your Leader, so amidst our confusion we lost almost a quarter of our property. 

“This year, we ignore that our houses are separate, we ignore that we fight for our house. Instead, we stand and unite to reclaim the land of Hogwarts that is rightfully ours. We lost too much in that dreadful time two years ago, now we seek to get it back. Sixth Years, you are now the House Leaders, you can seek no advice or help from your previous leaders, as far as this is concerned, they have left the school. First years, this is an important time for you to be joining our ranks. Tomorrow, your training shall commence and you will learn the art of negotiation and combat. Many things your fellow first years will never learn at Hogwarts. We have a week to prepare, then, we are at war.” Malfoy finished loudly. I’ve got to hand it to him. The guy sure knows how to give a good war speech. I move to leave with everybody else but am called back sharply, along with the other house leaders. 

“I trust you all have an updated version of the map?” Malfoy asks us. We all nod, just wanting to go to bed. 

“This year our priority is the Quidditch pitch, we lost it through disaster a couple of years back, as you guys would remember, but we need it back. We can’t fly in from the front walkway every time we need it, the Professors are getting suspicious, but we need something to trade to Durmstrang for it. Any suggestions?” 

“They’ll want the lake trail, it’s the only way to get to their boat, but at the moment it’s owned by Baubaxtons. We need something to trade them to get the lake trail.” I say. Malfoy regards me for a minute then nods. 

“Okay, what do Beauxbatons want then?” nobody answers and he looks at me. 

“Gryffindor, you’ll make contact with Beauxbatons when they arrive, find out who’s in charge and what’s going on. Then we’ll work out what they want. We’ll let Durmstrang come to us.” I roll my eyes, I always hated the fact that leaders call us by our houses.
“Malfoy, please don’t call me Gryffindor, it makes me feel like an old man. If you wish to address me, my name is Ginevra, or Ginny” I say tersely. The whole group looks at me, jaws hanging open. You never talk back to the leader. Ever. He regards me seriously then smirks. 

“Very well, Ginevra it is.” he says and dismisses us. I leave, thinking about when to schedule a house meeting and deciding the sooner the better. We used to use owls to communicate but when Hermione introduced the idea of using coins through the DA, we stole the idea, only we use badges instead of coins that change colour when a new meeting is planned. The new badge I received tonight is a special one I can use to change the dates on everybody else’s badges in my house. Sure that’s only five kids, but they are five kids who don’t listen to prefects or any other form of authority. That’s how we’ve taught them. Be loyal to your house leader and the SO Leader, rule number one. Rule number two is to learn the map of boundaries off by heart. You should be able to point out boundary lines in your sleep. Tomorrow, the first year will learn it, I have a week to teach her not only the house boundaries but also the boundaries that belong to the other schools. I start to yawn and realise how late it is and I fall into my bed. Tomorrow it begins. 

“Okay guys, this is the map for school boundaries. I know you have all learnt the house boundaries quickly, do the same for this. Some of you haven’t experienced school on school combat before, but let me tell you, it is not like house to house. Here at Hogwarts, we are merciful, a simple stinging hex, maybe a bat bogey hex is what we get for straying out of boundaries. Durmstrang are tanks, every single one of them, is a tank. They don’t always use their wands, physical violence, trip wires, traps, that is what they are all about. But beware, when they do use their wands, its bad. They get taught dark magic in school, we won’t know what they’ll be throwing at us, a shield spell will be your best friend this year when it comes to Durmstrang. Beauxbatons are a little different, they’ll be using mind games to get to you. Don’t listen to a word of it. Last time, a Gryffindor fifth year lost us a substantial amount of land because a veela wooed him. Boys, don’t let it happen again, girls I expect you to help them, we all know how hard it can be for them.” I hear a snicker and the boys glare at the nodding girls. I have their rapt attention and feel quite proud, they listen to me! 

“These girls are fierce, they may look delicate, but they aren’t. They will stop at nothing to get what we want. This may seem like the perfect tactic, but it is not what we will be following. We will be stopping if things go too far, I have seen Beauxbatons offer their own members safety for a mere piece of land. I will not be putting the safety of any of you, nor the safety of any other house at risk for a piece of land. Last night, we met with the Leader. He has already given me the job of contacting Beauxbatons. We need to find out who’s in charge this year, what they’re plan is going to be, and what they want. I’ll want one person with me, sorry boys, but Beauxbatons do not allow males into their camp, and that’s where we’ll be going. Any volunteers?” I ask. My first year is the only one who puts her hand up. There is only one other girl in the group, a fifth year named Leanne. I look to her and she shakes her head. 

“No way am I going over there, do you remember what happened last time?” she says. I grimace and nod. 

“So you’ll know exactly why I don’t want to go. Those girls are awful!” 

“What happened last time?” a second year boy asks. Leanne looks to me as if to say “you tell it”. I sigh and start the story. 

“Last time Beauxbatons came, our House Leader was asked to make contact. She took Leanne and I with her and, well, negotiations didn’t go as well as planned. Their leader was half veela, and veela can get very scary when they are angry. Leanne made the mistake of back talking, then I stuck up for her. We got spells thrown at us from every direction, it put us in the hospital wing for two days and we had to pretend we cursed each other, so we ended up with a week of detention on top of that. We were lucky we didn’t lose land over it, but the SO Leader wasn’t very happy with us.” I explain. Leanne has every right to not want to go, those spells hurt, we didn’t even know what half of them were. I turn to the first year. 

“Still want to go, Gabrielle?” I ask. She nods eagerly and my eyebrows raise. 

“I have five older sisters, bitches don’t scare me” she says. I laugh, along with everybody else. 

“I have six older brothers, I can deal with dickheads, together we can conquer the world” I say. There is more laughter but I return to the serious conversation of before. 

“Okay, here’s the map, learn it well” I say, rolling the map out in front of me, everybody gathers around and I start to explain. 

“The red zones are Durmstrang, the blue is Beauxbatons and the green is us. Yellow zones are neutral where anything can happen to anybody, it’s usually where three way negotiations take place. At the moment, the quidditch pitch is Durmstrang’s. The Leader wants to make it priority, so that’s what we are aiming for. I reckon that Durmstrang want the lake trail, they arrive by boat on the lake, which they own, but have no way of getting there. Only problem is, we don’t own the lake trail, Beauxbatons do. That’s what you and I will be doing, Gabrielle, we are finding out what they are wanting to trade for.” I tell her. She nods and looks back to the map. 

“Why is there a tiny bit of green within that mass of blue?” the second year, Cameron asks me. 

“That is the dungeons, which is owned by Beauxbatons, the Slytherin House Leader made a very bad choice last time which led to substantial land loss, so the Leader gave Beauxbatons the dungeons as punishment. The green bit is the Slytherin SO meeting place. It’s so little because to anybody without a badge it looks like a broom closet, but see how there is lots of names in it?” I explain. 

Harry has shown me the Marauder’s map, everybody thinks it’s a one off thing, little do they know there is another five maps that are very similar. The maps that show the boundaries work on the same principal as the Marauders map, it shows every tiny little bit of the castle and the grounds as well as the people in it. They also work as the badges do, if the Leader changes the boundaries on their map, all the House Leaders maps change as well. I have never seen the other school’s maps, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they used a very similar mechanism. 

I remember very well the fury of Cedric that year when he punished the Slytherin. The Slytherin had deserved it though, she had been in a relationship with a Durmstrang boy, which was a very big no-no, it’s even a rule in the book, no fraternising with the enemy. At least he didn’t give away their meeting room. Beauxbatons would have infiltrated it within an instant, now they just can’t get there without being hexed. Our meeting place is in one of the towers at the top of the castle, it over looks the whole grounds, a perfect place for what we are doing. 

There’s a knock on the door, I’m surprised because the only people who come here are SO members, and usually the other houses don’t go into other meeting’s. 

“Oh, it’s you, Malfoy.” I say. 

“You should show some more respect, Ginevra. I am the Leader of this whole organisation after all.” he drawls as he barges his way in. There is a collective gasp from the others. You don’t usually see the Leader around that much, especially not in such a small gathering. 

“Malfoy, can you remember even one time when I have treated the Leader with respect? Do you remember my first year?” I ask. He sniggers and turns to me. 

“That’s right, the Leader offended Potter for some reason and you stood up and gave us all a lecture on why Harry Potter was so great, just like the sad, lovesick child you are” he says. I blush and glare at him. 

“Was, Malfoy, sad, lovesick child, I was. But no longer.” 

“yes, yes, Ginevra, whatever you say.” he says patronisingly and walks over to where my Gryffindor’s are studying the map. 

“Already straight into it, are we? Very good, at least some of you will know what’s going on. The Ravenclaw’s are playing in the lake, making the most of it before Durmstrang arrive. Maybe if they focussed on the map, we might be able to get it back again.” he says. 

“I thought we should learn it by map today, then tomorrow after classes, we are going to physically go around and I’ll point out where the lines are. Especially since Gabrielle, my first year, doesn’t know where half the places are.” I reply. He nods and regards me thoughtfully, it makes me uncomfortable and I want to say “what are you looking at me for?” but know I shouldn’t, you can only push a Malfoy so far. I’ve never got used to how the Slytherin’s can be so different when it comes to SO members, if I were to tell Ron that Draco Malfoy was calling me Ginevra and hasn’t insulted me once in the six years I have been a member of SO he would probably die of laughing. 

“You are taking Carling with you to contact Beauxbatons I take it?” he asks. I shake my head. 

“No, Leanne does not wish to come, you remember what happened last time the two of us visited? Gabrielle is coming with me.” 

“Gabrielle is the first year? She could ruin the whole meeting! We learnt last time that you don’t take amateurs into their camp, or can you not remember that you were in the hospital wing for days?” 

“Of course I remember, I’m surprised you do. She will be fine, she’s the best first year I’ve seen in a while, feisty and confident.” I say proudly. He rolls his eyes at me and looks over to Gabrielle who is intently studying the map. 

“Oh great, another Ginevra. Is she a Potter fan to?” he says sarcastically. 

“No, but she’s coming with me, whether you like it or not.” I say, scowling. 

“Fine, but if we lose land because of her, I’ll give them that trail down by the forest you’re so fond of” he sneers before slamming the door behind him as he leaves. Thomas comes and stands beside me and puts his hand on my shoulder. 

“You really should stop making him mad. Especially if you want to make SO Leader” he tells me. I sigh and nod my head, wondering how Malfoy knew I used that trail frequently. 

“Yeah I know, Thomas, thanks” I say.

A/N: 03/03/09- Hey guys, i've started to mess around with photoshop, so a couple of new chapter images will be going up, just as i try out my skills and work out how to use the program!

A/n: hey guys, this is the first time i've ever really had the guts to post any of my stories but i thought it was about time i did. I'm going to upload teh first few chapters from a couple of stories and see if they are liked enough to continue so if you like this, REVIEW! I do accpet all sorts of reviews but if you don't liek it please tell me WHY. Don't just tell me it sucks just because it does. love to all,  Birdie xX

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