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Brace Yourself by mayday
Chapter 5 : Winifred, the Tamer.
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I cannot believe it.

I just can’t! I am in a complete awe of the situation.

Dad and Mary.

Mary and Dad.

....... Mickey and Mary. Christ I don’t know if it can get anymore sappy than that. Next thing you know they’ll be pulling out matching sweaters and wanting to have color-cordinated Christmas cards. The sheer thought of it makes me sick. I can’t even look at Dad right now.

I mean of all the women in the universe he is engaged to someone who wears pearls and dresses like Nana Winifred. And don’t even get me started on the house. I mean if I see one more endearingly sweet couple photos, I’m gonna puke.

Well, at least I didn’t faint!

I looked over at Stella who was finally awake after her little ‘episode’ as Mary called it. Seriously I’m already starting to hate this woman. Stella doesn’t seem to keen on her either.

“She’s such a bitch!”

Whoa there Stelly!

“Excuse me?”, I asked shocked looking over at Stella’s gloomly figure.

“Her, Mary,” she spat out with venom sitting down on the bed with a huff.

“I mean who does she think she is? I already have a mother-”

Ariel, mother?

Well that’s a very loose term.

“-and just because Mickey is stupid enough to fall for that suburban house wife crap, doesn’t mean I’ll be calling her mummy dearest,” Stella huffed hitting the headboard of the bed with her fist.

Poor, poor abused bed.

Stella is sooo scary when she’s angry and I don’t even really understand why she is about to club someone in the head! I admit I was not so happy when I found out about Dad and.... come on you can say it Winnie.... Mary, but from all my experience with Ariel and her failed attempts at love I have learned one thing... adults are stupid.


And as you get older, you just get stupider

Believe me, I gave up on Ariel ages ago

“I just don’t understand why he would do it!”, she yelled hitting the bed once more.

Poor lassie, too many hormones for such a young gal to handle. I completely understand how she feels.

I bet you 3 Knuts she’s gonna beat the living shite out of.... who’s bed? Wait where are we? I looked around to see we were defiently not in Mary’s bedroom, THANK MERLIN, ewwe.... The room was painted a dark blue (YAY!) with posters of the Cannons (YAY!) and was freakishly clean (sigh)....  it was obviously a guy’s room, quite possibly my soul mate.

Oh wait, selves of big boring books.... never mind.

“Where are we?”, I asked in horror standing up to look at the massive row of books.

Holy shite, who the hell owns this many books! Stell has got to see this!

“Oi, Stella! Come here!”

Stella groaned at my command, but came over anyway to look at the selves of novels
that covered almost two walls. Her eyes widened at the sight of the hundreds or quite possibly thousands of books that covered the walls.

“I’m in heaven,” Stella breathed out holding onto me for support.

I grimaced at the thought, “If this is heaven, I’d hate to be in hell.”

She shot me a dirty look before wandering towards the wall of books almost in a trance. She skimmed the spines of the books with a wistful smile on her face.

Hmmm.... has she been sipping Ariel’s sherry?

Stella sighed happily pulling out random books, “Pride and Prejudice, How to Kill a Mockingbird, Romeo and Juliet. Oh and look  Winnie, Jane Eyre!”

I gave Stella a look of cool indifference, “Yeah I know her, wasn’t she in your Charms class last year?”

Stella rolled her eyes at me, “N-o, Jane Eyre is one of the greatest heroines in literature of all time. Janie Eyers is in Hufflepuff who picks her nose.”

Oh yeah, that is her!

“Amazing,” Stella replied opening the cover to a dusty book that probably weighed more than she did, “I’d guess it’s a first edition.”

“You’d guess right,” a deep voice replied causing me to jump and knock over a row of books of a self.

There standing behind me leaning against the door was a very familiar looking boy. He seemed to be about my age, fairly good looking with brown hair and blue eyes. He looked quite angry about something, really very angry. Hmmm, I wonder why?

Those deep blue eyes snapped to my face a glared at me for a full on minute. Jesus, I wonder what his problem is? Wait, am I suppose to recognize him or something? Oh, I bet my arse-faced of an ex humiliated him or something and now he’s out for revenge.

“Nice going Morgan,” he muttered to me agitated going over to help Stella who I now realized was picking up the books I knocked over.

Whoopsie daisy.

“Sorry, you just scared me,” I replied bending over to pick up Of Mice and Men which was thrown onto the ground during my not so graceful jumping or as Mary likes to call it an “episode”.

The boy just shrugged gathering a large pile of books in his arms and starting to replace them on the self. He looked at each spine carefully before putting each book on the self in a certain order.

“Completely brilliant! Do you sort them by the Dewey Decimal System?”, Stella asked her gray eyes lighting up with excitement.

The Dewey whoey?

“Yes,” the boy replied smiling, “how are you Stella?”

A sweet grin formed on Stella’s face which was quickly turning red. Good, no more Stella-the-evil-raven....-with-a-rusty-claw-that-spreads-evil-or-something-like-that.... cough, cough.

Hey! Another reason to ditch the Gryffindor! They get awesome super powers... and a claw!

I’m Winifred Morgan.....


....... the Raven Tamer.

Yep, my mission is to teach all of the Ravens of Hogwarts how to be the cooliest... like me! It’s going to be hard, but I think with a couple of parties, shots of fire whiskey, and strip Wizards Chess (which I heard is quite the popular past time) the Ravenclaws will be burning their books before you can say Snape-shit-a-Slytherin-and-named-him-Malfoy.

Sirius and James always made fun of the “nerds-in-blue”, this will show ‘em!

“I’m good. Your collection of literature is quite extensive Roderick,” Stella replied blushing into a new form of red I didn’t even know existed.

Awee, Stell’s got a crush! Stella’s in lurve!

Stella and Roderick sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N... wait... who is this guy?

“Who are you?”, I asked gesturing to the brunette boy who was smiling kindly at Stella. However when he heard my voice he quickly scowled.

“Don’t recognize me, do you Morgan?”, he replied almost bitterly.


“Should I?”, I asked looking at Stella who wasn’t paying attention to me, but looking at the brunette like he was a god or something.

“You knocked me off my broom last year-”

Hey, I knocked a lot of people off their brooms last year. Garrett Smith, Jaclyn Tollinson, Tristan Montegue (not by accident), Patrick McDon-

“-sent me to the hospital wing four times in DADA-”

Carrie Asher, Wendy Jacobs, Paula Beckley, that one chick named Daisy-

“and was my Potions partner in first year. That’s where I got this,” the annoyed male replied holding up his left hand to show a small crescent moon scar next to his pinky.

Oooh! Sweet Merlin!

“Douche bag Davies?”, I asked astounded pointing at the bookworm in front of me.

He nodded his head as I squealed bouncing up and down, “Oh my God! You’ve changed so much! I couldn’t even recognize you... have you been working out?”

Seriously! He’s like ten times cuter than last year. Last year he was so unattractive I wanted to knock him off his broom, scar him for life, and send him to the hospital wing over and over again... which I did.

Davies rolled his blue eyes, “You haven’t changed a bit though, have you Morgan? Still
have that megaphone mouth.”

He looked me over from my ratty sneakers to my short hair that was divided into stubby pigtails, “Nice hair.”

“Thank you,” I replied patting down my hair which although made me look ridiculous. I mean apparently only that Hufflepuff girl can pull off the whole pigtail look, but hey it’s better than hair gel!

It was silent for a moment before I asked, “So, what are you doing here?”

Roderick looked at me strangely, “This is my house.”

I cocked my head to the side, “Really?”

“Yes,” he replied slowly as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

But, what about Mary?

“How do you know Mary?”, I asked bemused.

“Mary’s my mum.”



“WHAT!”, Stella and I both shouted together.

Davies looked even more confused than I felt, “Yes, Mary’s my mum. My mum’s name is Mary, Mary Davies. Actually Mary Morgan soon.”

“So you know, Dad,” Stella stated wide-eyed.

“Yep, he’s been living with Mum since May I think,” Davies replied.

May, since May?

“Wait, you didn’t know,” Davies asked us making Stella shake her head violently.

“Bloody hell.”

My thoughts exactly Davies, my thoughts exactly.

“How could he not tell us!”, Stella exclaimed wildly.

“He probably was just nervous. Michael’s a good bloke he loves you both and talks none stop about you,” Davies soothed putting a hand on Stella’s trembling shoulder which caused her face to heat up once more.

Jeez Stella, we need to talk about your taste in men. I mean Davies is a decent looking fellow, but he’s going to be your stepbrother soon and that my friends is just plain creepy.

“Do you like Dad?”, I asked curiously.

“Sure I do, Michael is good for Mum,” he replied easily with a smile, “I was there when he proposed you know, he was stuttering like crazy!”

My dad, the suave and sophisticated Mickey Morgan... stuttering?


“Do you like Mu- I mean Mary?”

Oh Shite.

Do I like Mary?


“Sure I do! Right-o Stella! Actually we were just talking about how sweet and kind and-”

“-generous it was of Mary to take care of me while I wasn’t feeling well,” Stella interrupted with a broad smile.

If only Ariel were here, she’d be so proud! All those acting classes really paid off!

“Of course!”, I replied smiling.

“Mmm.. hmm!”

“Okay,” Davies replied slowly, “Are you sure you both didn’t hit your heads?”

As if on cue, Stella and I laughed outrageously until we realized that Roderick was being completely serious.

“I did, but Winnie’s always like this.”

“OI!” I shouted putting my hands on my hips, “That’s not very nice Stell-”

Suddenly the door swung open and a brunette women with kind bright eyes stood in the doorway holding a tray of... oh my gawd, treacle tart!

“Oh I thought I heard commotion up here. I see that you’ve all met! I hope Roddy here has been a gentleman,” Mary said smiling at her son who ducked his head at the use of his nickname.

“Oh yes Roddy is quite the gent Mrs. Davies,” I replied throwing a wink at Davies who scowled at me.

“Oh do call me Mary dear. After all we’ll be family soon!”, Mary replied smiling.


The day Davies become my kin is the day I switch houses and become a - wait that’s about to happen.


Mary turned to Stella who had become very quiet since she entered the room, “How are you feeling sweetheart?”

“Fine,” Stella replied not looking at Mary.

“I brought you some treacle tart, Michael said it was your favorite,” Mary said handing the tray towards Stella.

Stella automatically took a step back, shaking her head, “No thank you.”

My mouth dropped open in shock. It was probably the only thing my sister and I had in common, our irrational and unconditional love of the fine English desert. How could she not want treacle tart!? It’s treacle tart!


Just being in the same room with it puts me in convulsions.

Mary frowned, the lines marring her pretty face, “Are you sure?”

Stella nodded her head, but I could tell her mouth was watering as was mine.


“Is there anything else I can get you?”

Stella simply replied, “No thank you,” and went to lay back down on Davies’ bed.

Mary looked at her in concern, but walked over to where Davies and I were standing, “Do you think she’s all right?”

I nodded my head, “She’s just tired. Stella doesn’t take excitement too well.”

I thought back to all the times I dragged her out of the house for fun, only to have her hyperventilate on the way out the door.

You’ve got to love Stell... and treacle tart. Lots and lots of treacle tart.

There was a brief pause before I asked, “Can I eat that?”

Mary laughed, “Sure, downstairs though. Stella needs her rest.”

True true, she’s currently snoring on the bed with her mouth hanging open.

Poor little Stella.

* * * *

“So how’s your summer been,” I asked Davies who was sitting on the swing next to mine.

This was so fucking awkward. Why did Dad and Mary have to force Davies and I to converse with each other!? So what if they are getting married and we are becoming siblings. This isn’t the Cheaper by the Dozen people! Their is only three kids.... duh!

He rocked back and forth in an lazy motion, “Good. Yours?”

I snorted, “Hardly.”

Davies sighed, “Yeah, I heard about Pippa and Black. It sucks.”


“I can beat him up for you, if you want,” he replied with a smile.

I raised an eyebrow at the thought and Davies reasoned, “As my first brotherly duty of course.”

I chuckled, “Hold your horses Davies if you want to do something nice for me how ‘bout handing James the quaffle next match.”

“Your laughing now Morgan, but just you wait. Ravenclaw will win the cup this year, wait and see,” Davies replied passionately.

Boys and Quidditch.

I’ll never understand it.

“I don’t doubt it,” I replied smiling.

Davies shot me an annoyed look, “No I really mean it,” I replied, “How are your Beaters looking this year?”

“Fine,” Davies grimaced.

It was widely known that the two Beaters on the Ravenclaw team were utterly useless. In all honestly they were horrid. Too little brawn and way to much brain in that house.

I blame all the reading.

“Just fine?”, I asked innocently, “what would you say if I knew a great Beater that will be in Ravenclaw this September?”

“Then, I’d call you a liar.”

So ignorant, the male race.

I’ll give him three more seconds.



“What do you know?”, Davies asked looking at me with suspicion.

“Me?”, I asked pointing to myself, “Nothing!”

“Cut the shite Morgan, I’m not in the mood!”

“But brother-”

“Brother my arse! If you don’t tell me what you know I’ll-”

“Hey kids!”, a voice suddenly shouted.

Davies and I both swiveled our heads around to see Dad standing in the backdoor facing the old swing set.

Goody goody gumdrops!

“I just wanted to see how you guys were doing.”

“We’re getting along great Michael, aren’t we Win?”, Davies replied “playfully” pinching my side.

Playfully my arse! That bloody hurt!

I messed up his neat brown hair to make it almost resemble James Potters’, “Yep, I love hanging out with my new brother!”

Davies frowned pushing my hands away trying to repair his mussed up hair. What a girl... look at my hair!

“Thanks Sis,” he replied pulling on one of my pigtails.

Oh no he didn’t! Not that hair! ANYTHING but the hair!

“Well that’s nice,” Dad said with a paternal glow in his eyes.

Oh great, that stupid glow! Ariel only gets it after a few drinks.

“Actually Dad, Davi- I mean Roddy just agreed to come to Kathleen Brown’s party with me next week, right Rod?”, I said fluttering my eyelashes at his darkening face.

Haha- I got you now Davies!

“Actually I-”

“-That’s great you two! I was so worried about you two not getting along, but now I see how completely wrong I was,” Dad replied smiling going back into the house.

The second the door shut Davies pushed me off my swing and stood over me scowling, “Kathleen Brown’s party! Why would you ever tell Michael I’m going with you to Brown’s party!”

I rolled my eyes pushing myself off the ground and wiping off my dirty jeans, “Because you are.”

“What!”, he shouted outraged.

“Consider this your first brotherly duty Roderick, welcome to the family.”

I’m so evil, but hey cut me some slack people, I’m related to Ariel.

It comes with the territory.

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