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Personal Space by Maizzy
Chapter 1 : Personal Space
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She drew in a gasping breath as his lips found her collarbone. One of his hands slid up and down her back as another deftly unbuttoned the front of her blouse. Their moans reverberated loudly off of the tight-fitting walls of the little broom closet that they were hiding in. She brought her hands around to his front and slipped off his shirt as well, tracing her fingers over the warm skin that was newly uncovered.


Scorpius was momentarily blinded by the stream of bright wand light that was aimed at his face. As his eyes slowly adjusted he saw a girl with curly, red hair staring disgusted and disapprovingly at him. The girl he had been snogging gave a little squeak of embarrassment, grabbed her shirt off the floor and pushed past the fuming Rose Weasley and ran off.
Scorpius leaned nonchalantly against the wall with one arm. He saw Rose’s eyes drift down his naked chest and he couldn’t help but let a little smirk slip out.

"As much fun as this silent stare down is, Weasley, I've got things to do and other women to see. Bye now." And he did a little mock wave.

 She was fuming.

Scorpius made to grab his shirt off the floor, but was momentarily stunned into a state of nonmoving when Rose exploded, “You’re terrible! You’re a prefect, which means you’re supposed to be setting a good example for the other students. Hiding in a broom closet, of all places, getting ready to go a... a bit past snogging with some girl whose name you don’t even know is completely unacceptable behavior!"

His managed to reaffix his smile. “What do you have against broom closets, Weasley?” He grabbed his shirt and began rebuttoning it, as we watched Rose try to formulate a properly scathing retort.

“What do I have against-? That’s not the point!” She finally sputtered.

“There's no need to be so prejudiced. They’re really quite cozy. Here, look” 

Before Rose could do more than open her mouth to argue, Scorpius lurched forward and grabbed her arm, pulling her into the closet with him. Her wand dropped out of her hand and the door clicked shut, leaving them in almost total darkness.

"See? Not so bad at all."

But privately, Scorpius was a bit scared of the repercussions of this action. He silently thanked his lucky stars that she seemed to have been temporarily rendered incapable of speech.

He whispered softly, "Nervous, Weasley?”

Rose was silent for another few heartbeats, but managed to answer in a shaky voice, "Eat. Shit.”

Not a particularly verbose reply, but she had made her point well.

"Now that's not really appropriate language for a pref--"

“Let me out right now, Malfoy.”

No chance of that. Picking on her was too much fun, and worth the imminent danger that came with detaining her further. Scorpius chuckled and moved directly between Rose and the exit. 

He liked that she had sass. Other girls just seemed to come to him, but with Rose it was always a battle. And really, that's what made it fun being around her. She beat him in almost every class (except Muggle Studies); she was a skilled chaser, scoring on him at least twice every match, and, most importantly, hanging out with her would infuriate his father more than almost anything else Scorpius could do. 

Unfortunately, the only times he ever really got Rose's attention was when she was telling him off, but over the years he had learned to tune out her dreadfully dull lectures. He used that time to examine her face and hair closely, scrutinizing her eyes and the movement of her eyebrows to judge when she was nearing the end of her tirades, so as not to be caught standing there in weird silence.

Scorpius had idly decided back in second year that Rose was one of the best-looking witches he had ever seen, during a particularly long rant of hers.

“Let me out,” Rose repeated in a dangerous voice that snapped Scorpius out of his reverie.

“Tell you what, Weasley, I’ll make a deal with you. You give me a kiss and I’ll let you out.”

“How about I just curse your arse out of my way?”

This was a formidable threat, but Scorpius refused to let any worry register in his voice. “Now, Weasley, that wouldn’t look very good on your spotless record.”

Rose gave a little cry of frustration and he felt a pair of cold hands on his bare chest, almost knocking him backwards as she tried to shove him out of the way.

“Goddamn, Weasley, your hands are like two blocks of ice.”

“Well maybe it’s because I’ve been locked in a broom closet for the past quarter of an hour.”

Scorpius grinned at the evident anger in her voice. This was fun.

“You're sort of missing the idea of a broom closet – you’re supposed to make your own heat."

He heard Rose snort and she replied, “Yeah, I saw that when I walked in on you and that other girl. You looked like you two were plenty warm.”

“You mean I looked hot. Admit it, Weasley, you want me."

Rose groaned, “Shut up, Malfoy. NO I don’t.”

A devious thought struck Scorpius. “So you mean that this doesn’t affect you at all?” He took a step towards Rose, backing her into the wall, and slid his hands up on either side of her head. They weren’t touching, but he could feel the heat start to rise from her skin.

“No. It doesn’t affect me. Get out of my personal space,” but her voice cracked a little as she said this.

Scorpius closed the space between their bodies and really pressed her up against the wall this time.

“How about now?” He asked, honestly curious. His breaths had started to come a bit shorter and faster, and he felt hyper-aware of every part of his body that was touching hers.

Her breath hitched but she breathed, “N-nothing.”

He leaned down so that his mouth was right next to her ear and whispered, “I think you’re a liar.”

Rose gave a little gasp as his hot breath hit her skin. To Scorpius' surprise, he felt a cool hand on his cheek, pulling his face to hers. The first kiss was tentative, and extremely gentle. Scorpius thought his head might explode from joy if they went any heavier. But Rose had twisted her fingers into his hair and was massaging his head in a devastatingly wonderful way, that couldn't be ignored.

He dropped one of his hands to her leg and slowly slid his had up her thigh. Rose wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. His free hand tangled into her hair, while his other hand continued to slide up and down her thigh, hiking her skirt up higher and higher. Rose tilted her head back, as he moved onto her neck, kissing every bit of  skin that he could find. 

Scorpius decided that his staunchly buttoned shirt was a problem, and started to undo the top few buttons.

“What the HELL is going on?!”

A bright light shone once again into the broom closet. “Who’s in here? I swear if you don’t come out now I’m going to give you a week of – ROSE?! IS THAT MALFOY?!” Albus Potter was poking his head into their steamy cupboard.

Rose shrieked. 

“Damn, twice in one night," Scorpius said, dropping his head. He hated that Potter kid very, very much in that moment.
Rose pushed Scorpius off of her and hastily tried to flatten her hair and finagle with the loosened buttons of her blouse.

Albus was standing with his mouth hanging open as he looked from Scorpius to his cousin, and down to her skirt that was still ridden up above her knickers. Rose looked down and quickly corrected that, blushing furiously.

Scorpius smirked and said, “I liked it better that way.”

Rose smacked him on the arm.

Albus looked like he was going to hex someone as he hissed, “Shut it, you!” He aimed his wand straight between Scorpius’ eyes.

Rose, who was still blushing alarmingly said, “Relax, Al. Can you give me a minute alone with Scor--Malfoy? I need to talk to him.”

Albus raised his eyebrows and said, “I don’t think leaving you two alone is such a good idea.”

Rose was about to retort something when Scorpius said, “You heard the woman. Bugger off, Potter. I won’t do… much.”

Rose hit him hard on the arm again, and swung the door shut on her cousin. Albus could wait. She lit her wand and looked up at Scorpius with confusion evident all over her face. 

She took a deep breath and said, “Look, I don’t know what that was, but I swear to God, Scorpius Malfoy, if this story ends up all over the school tomorrow, I’ll hex you so badly that your friends will have to gather you up with a feather duster.”

"A what?"

"Nevermind, just... bad things will happen to you if you tell anyone."

Scorpius mulled it over for a moment and replied, “Fine, but you have to give me something in return.”

She frowned, clearly a little worried about what he would ask.

He continued, “You have to promise to meet me back here tomorrow night.”

Face flaming red, Rose answered, “I think I can manage that."


Author's Note:
So this is like, what, the third time I've updated this? This was a big one. Completely re-edited. Also, I've decided that if I so choose to write more fanfiction with this generation, Scorpius is going to be a rebel and constantly looking for ways to piss off Daddy Draco and Grandpappy Lucius. It tickles me. 



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