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Never Think: Stand In The Rain by Artemis Selene
Chapter 1 : A Bad Beginning
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"Dean, call your sister. You'll both miss the train if she doesn't hurry!" Mum said, pushing Dean towards the stairs of our small London flat. Cursing under his breath at my slowness, he stumbled up the stairs as swiftly as he could and pounded on my door just as I opened it, slamming it heavily against my shoulder.

"Merlin's sake, Dean! Watch what your doing!" I yelled, nursing my sore shoulder as he smirked.

"Taking extra time won't get Seamus to notice you." He assured, mocking me. I touched the curls in my brown hair gently, the curls I'd spent the last hour perfecting and frowned. His smirk turned into a frown as our Mum yelled up the stairs.

"Dean! Isabel! It's time to go, now!" Turning back to me, he growled.

"If I miss the train because of you trying to get noticed by my best mate, I'll personally make sure you never date anyone at Hogwarts..ever." The harshness of Dean's words sunk in slowly as we made our way down the stairs. Our bags were already packed into our parent's minivan, so all we had to do was get in and we were on our way to King's Crossing. As I was staring out the window, Dad looked in the rearview mirror and frowned slightly.

"Are you all right, Princess?" He asked. Mum and him were both looking at me and out of the corner of my eye I could see Dean glaring at me, warning me to tell on him so he could follow through with his threat. I swallowed back my words and attempted a small smile, nodding to add extra reassurance.

"I'm fine, Daddy. Just a little nervous is all, I'm afraid I won't be able to stay with the curriculum this year." He smiled and mum cast me a loving glance before returning to her book.

"You'll do marvelously Princess. Won't she Dean?" He questioned. I looked at Dean and he smirked and rolled his eyes.

"Oh, yeah. She'll do fine." He added in a whisper, "If she keeps away from Seamus..." I shook my head slightly and returned my gaze to the clouds above us. If I couldn't keep the doom and gloom that Dean cast over me at bay, at least I had something I could appreciate.


Twenty minutes later, Mum pulled me to her and kissed my forehead. I breathed in deeply, the smell of lilac filling my lungs for the last time, at least until Christmas break. She looked into my eyes and smiled, a hint of the impending tears threatening to break free right then. I smiled and kissed her cheek.

"Mum, Dean and I will both be back for Christmas, you know that." She laughed and nodded, sniffing the tears back for as long as possible.

"I know, darling. I'm just still not used to seeing you off yet. You're my baby." As soon as she said 'baby', a tear escaped her eye and the train whistle blew. Dad came over and kissed my cheek before he wrapped his arm around Mum's waist lovingly and smiled.

"Have a good semester, Princess. Mum and I will write and we'll see you on Christmas." I smiled once more and nodded.

"Bye Mum, bye Daddy." I waved as I hurried over to the platform and boarded the Hogwarts Express. I waved at them and smiled until I couldn't see them anymore and then walked into the nearest trolley. Still thinking about Dean's threat, I hadn't noticed that I was about to run into someone I didn't want to see. As soon as I hit them, I stumbled backwards and fell and in a swift motion, his stoney face glared down at me. When he realized who it was, a smirk spread across his loathsome face. I wanted to barf, or die. Possibly both.

"Thomas-ette? Hasn't your beloved brother warned you about sneaking into Slytherin territory?" He stepped towards me and I slid backwards on my bum until I hit the door and couldn't move any further. I shook my head nervously and bit my lip until I tasted blood. It was no secret that I was terrified, even mortified, of Draco Malfoy, and for good reasons. When I was in third year, it was known to everyone that since I was the prettiest girl in Hogwarts, (and still am), that he wanted to date me. I turned him down though and he became instantly angry and had a friend of his, Blaise, beat on me until I could barely breathe. Of course, with my ungraceful exsistance in the halls of Hogwarts, only the Headmaster and some Professors believed me, which meant it was my word against his and if his father became involved, it would be dangerous for my family so it had to be let go and called an accident due to my ...nature, for lack of a better word. Draco stepped closer to me and actually grinned before he knelt down barely a foot away from my face.

"Then, because I still find you the upmost attractive, I'll let you free this one time in the event of, oh let's just say, a kiss?" I felt my innards knot themselves as his breath reached my cheek. When I didn't make a move or answer him by the time at least five minutes passed, he frowned.

"Do I have to take one from you, Thomas-ette? I'm sure it will be easier if you just kiss me and get on your way." I shook my head and looked down at my feet, the chipped polish on my finger nails. Anywhere so I didn't continue to look into his piercing eyes. He lay his hand on my wrist and applied enough pressure for me to look back at him.

"L-let go. That hurts." I said quietly, trying not to anger him anymore to save myself from a possible replay of events. He smirked and shook his head.

"Not until I get my kiss. I've waited long enough, don't you think?" I continued to shake my head and he tightened his grip. I wimpered in pain quietly and tried to pull away.

"Let her go." I looked up, not believing the voice I was hearing. Malfoy snapped around in a moments notice and laughed when he looked upon his opposer.

"Merlin! It's your boyfriend, Thomas-ette!" Seamus glared at Malfoy and I felt a faint heat spread across my cheeks. I couldn't draw my eyes away from him.

"I said, let her go, Malfoy." Malfoy sneered.

"I don't think I will." Seamus' nostrils flared and he squared his shoulders to look more intimidating.

"Let her go. I won't warn you again, Malfoy." Malfoy laughed and within a split second, Seamus shot his fist forward and nailed Malfoy in his nose. Malfoy fell back and held onto his nose, cursing everything he could think of. Blood poured out even with his hand catching the majority of it. Seamus stepped over him and his face softened as he reached down and helped me up.

"Are you all right, Isabel?" He asked, examining my wrist. I nodded and looked away as I stepped over Malfoy's writhling body. "Next time, you masochistic git, I'll break your damn arms." He spat at Malfoy as he followed after me.

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