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Becoming Mini by jazzydee23
Chapter 4 : Salut
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Chapter Four
And of course, Dominique had been right. Wednesday was awful. 

However, the day had passed relatively quickly much to Dominique’s shock. Didn’t they always say that bad days were slow and painful?

Not this one. Quick, swift and deadly. All she could think about was her Astromony class. Why in the bloody name of Merlin had she wanted to pursue that class? Her entire family had ridiculed her for it, why hadn’t she just listened to them?

They had spent the day gazing at maps of the constellations, surprise, surprise. And by they, Dominique meant herself, Lysander and two Hufflepuffs. Oh, and the professor.

It turns out that was the entire class. Not even Lorcan Scamander did Astronomy, and that was saying some thing.

Unsurprisingly she found herself having no choice but to sit next to Lysander as Professor Butternut suggested since it was such a small class they’d just share a desk of four. So not only did Dominique suffer the excruciating pain of being next to Lysander, but she also had to face possibly the biggest clueless airheads that gave even Ashlyn Brown a run for her money. 

Honey Clarke didn’t say a peep the entire lesson, resorting only to nods and shakes of the head for communication. Her friend, a blonde haired (Dominique swore she was previously red-headed not unlike the Weasleys) Estelle Hallam kept giggling flirtatiously every time she caught Lysander’s eye, nudging Honey not so subtly with her elbow in excitement.

By in the end of her first week, it had possibly been the worst week of her entire life. A letter arrived with the Sunday morning post that just finished it off grandly. Tearing open the envelope with little enthusiasm, Dominique immediately recognised the elegant cursive script as none other then her older sisters. 

Salut Min-Min!

How is my favourite little sister? Hope you’re not slacking off too much, I’m not sure what Maman and Papa would do if you came home with another D in Charms! Being well aware of your tendency to lack motivation, I cannot stress the importance of your last year at Hogwarts, to put it simply, Dominique, it determines your entire future. 

 But enough about academics! I know how much you hate that topic and I shall not bore you any longer with it. I have much more important things to discuss, in any case. 

I don’t mean to sound like a giggling school girl (no offense Mini!) but I had to share my thoughts and suspicions with some one, I am simply bursting with excitement! Maybe I am just being too hopeful, but I have reason to suspect that Teddy – wait for it – is going to propose!

I know, I know, I can hear your little sarcastic comments telling me to get a grip. But oh, Mini, do you know excited even just the idea makes me feel? Truth be told I had never really considered marriage, but things change, and now I find myself wishing for nothing other then to be Teddy Lupin’s fiancé! 

Victoire Lupin. Doesn’t that just sound divine?? I just cannot stop thinking about it, I can barely even sleep! Not that you could possibly comprehend that with your constant need for 12 hours of sleep.  

I will keep you updated, but keep your fingers crossed! And don’t let slip to Maman or Papa, and definitely not any of the other Weasley kids, I’d hate for every one to get worked up over nothing!

Speaking of love, I don’t suppose you’ve found yourself a boyfriend yet? In my 7th year I believe I had around three! Can you believe that? And look where I am now! 

Gros bisou,
Victoire  xoxo

Dominique had a hard time swallowing the rest of her blueberry muffin.
Some thing felt wrong. Very wrong.

Stuffing the letter into her pocket, she stood up abruptly, startling James and Roxanne who were in an intense debate over the Chudley Canons. 

“Where ya going?” questioned Roxanne before muttering to James, “and don’t even think this is over.”

“Ah, I just remembered I had to finish a Astronomy assignment. See you later,” Dominique hastened to reply, hoping that Lysander was too far away in his dream land to realize what she’d said. He would know that they didn’t actually have an assignment…. 

Soon she found herself headed up the stairs towards her Dormitory in a cloudy astonished state. Walking in a sort of robotic daze in the empty dorm, she directed herself towards her bed, throwing the crumpled letter onto the ground and leaning heavily against the pole of her four-poster with a deep sigh.

Dominique was of average height, but as she caught sight of herself in the mirror opposite, she felt short, small and insignificant. She tilted her head down, lowering her eyes to observe her reflection. Pale, fairy-like feet with bright shimmering nail polish stood out against the dark wooded floors.

She thought of every thing Victoire had written, and her heart gave another funny flip. She felt light headed, and weak.

Dominique let her eyes travel up the length of her legs; too short for her liking, too flabby for her liking. Her nose wrinkled in disgust. Her shoulders hunched. Why did Victoire have to be the pretty one? 

She didn’t know why she suddenly disliked the image in front of her. She didn’t know why she suddenly even cared. But even her facial features were dissatisfactory to her. Her blue eyes were troubled. 

Stop, she told herself firmly. What’s gotten into you??

But then she thought of Victoire. Tall, slender, billowing long hair, tinkering laugh, golden complexion and sparkling cobalt eyes. Perfect smile. Perfect grades. Perfect boyfriend.


Dominique felt sick. Was he really going to propose? Why did a part of Dominique wish that it were all just a part of her sister’s deluded fantasies? 

Dominique eyed her own silky hair critically; a pale coppery blonde-red, a blend between the two extremes that isolated her from the entire family.

An image of a beaming Victoire flashed in her mind’s eye, gorgeous features and slender figure, thinking bitterly, why wouldn’t he want to propose to her? She was a picture of bloody fricking perfection. Dominique’s heart sunk miserably. How can she be happy for her sister, admire and love her yet want nothing more then to rip her glistening silver tresses from her head? 

She shook her head, disgusted with herself, with her sister and with her feelings. Dominique threw her dark robes around her, swung her satchel back over her shoulder and tore her gaze away from her reflection. 

The strange, gnarling sensation still hadn’t left the pit of Dominique’s stomach, and if any thing, it grew tremendously when she realized she was precisely two minutes late for Charms, and it would take a further six minutes to get there, at the very least. Dominique quickened her speed. Her and the professor had never exactly been buddies. 

Her thoughts were full of what grand ideas of punishment Professor Simon would have for her this time, as well as Victoire’s words, and even the comment by that slimy Slytherin a while ago, who’s words Dominique would usually have flicked off without another thought.

When she turned the corner, nearly bumping into another person. This time a pack of them. Slytherin’s, that is. All roughly around the age of sixteen, buried together in a group, having not noticed another presence. “Oh, great.”

The tall and slender boy in the middle, who had been whispering in a hushed, lowered voice looked up at the sound of Dominique’s words.  He had tousled, platinum blonde locks, haughty features and, for some reason, appeared vaguely familiar.

“And who are you?” he sneered, scornfully, his voice blunt with strange emotions seething beneath his tone. It was his voice that stirred a recollection within Dominique’s rather frazzled memory. He was Scorpius Malfoy, a 6th year who often battled with her younger cousins, Albus in particular. Despite this, she had never really come face to face with him, but based on her cousin’s opinion she held a taste of dislike towards him. 

She straightened up, tilting her chin slightly higher into the air, “I’m Mini  Weasley,” she replied coolly. Was it Dominique’s imagination or did Scorpius pale rather visibly? Some thing about his conceited demeanor seemed to slacken.

“You’re a Weasley?” he asked quickly, a tone of surprise evident in his voice, “but I thought all Weasley’s had red hair?” A couple of the surrounding Slytherin’s shuffled uncomfortably, sharing looks of suspicion and confusion. Dominique glanced at one particularly large Slytherin, who cracked his knuckles menacingly. Dominique gulped nervously.

Play it cool, Mini.

“No, no not all of us… I’m only half way there you see…” she gave a short, edgy laugh.

Oh, yeah, real cool, Dominique bitterly scorned herself. Rolling her eyes, she glanced down at her watch, the last thing she wanted to do was to be caught up in a big group of bothersome Slytherin 6th years.

“We could, uh, arrange a bit of red hair for you,” suggested one burly Slytherin, nudging his neighbor and gwaffering meanly.

“Yeah,” agreed another, banishing his wand and tapping it thoughtfully against the palm of his hand, his black eyes narrowed into slits, burning a hole the size of a Knut into her skull, “what do you say – ”

Dominique reached for her own wand, opening her mouth fiercely to tell the group of 6th years where they can stick their stupid stunts and nasty tricks.

“Here’s what you can do with your wands, you slimy – ”

“What’s going on?” 

Dominique closed her mouth mid sentence, swirling on her heels to turn in the direction of the new comer’s voice. She could name that voice no matter where she was. Lysander Scamander. What a ridiculous name for a ridiculously annoying person.


Next Chapter
Rose had arrived, her sapphire blue eyes narrowed, eyeing the situation in front of her apprehensively, lingering on the ring leader of Slytherin. Her lips were pursed into a tight frown. “Look,” she alleged matter-off-factly when all she received were a couple of sniggers from the Slytherins, brushing a coil of mahogany hair off her face, “I don’t know what’s going on here but it’s ten minutes into class and that’s where you all should be.”

“And what about you?” snarled the greasy-haired Slytherin from beside Malfoy, “why aren’t you in class Miss Goody-two-shoes?” 

A/N: This was a really, really hard chapter to do, I wanted to show how Mini is beginning to buckle under, hating Victoire, knowing she feels some thing for Teddy who now could possibly become her brother-in-law, knowing that’s a bit sick and deranged and very un-sister-like. And so as seen in this chapter she turns it all around on herself, blaming it all herself…

Arrghhblarrghousousoughhh … not really sure I’m all that happy with it…
:S... thoughts? please?

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Becoming Mini: Salut


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