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The Regrets of Ella Malfoy by weasley7
Chapter 1 : Awkward Forest Sex - Prologue
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It’s a pleasantly warm day. Odd for the recent weather conditions, but I’m not complaining. The orange, brown, and yellow leaves drifting in the lazy breeze. Such a beautiful day. If only that big yellow eye would quit glaring at me from underneath the murky waters of the Black Lake. It’s eyeing my sandwich and I know it. But I won’t give in, I’m hungry and I made this sandwich myself.

“ Fine! Take half!” I gave in.

Over the years the Giant Squid and I formed a bond over the fact that I hated the Great Hall and he loved the food I brought outside with me. In retrospect it’s sad I befriended the monster that lives in the lake so I wish I’d never said that. But I seem to have a knack for telling people things that either don’t make sense or end up making me look extremely stupid.

I tear off half my turkey sandwich and toss it. A huge tentacle shoots out of the water and grabs it, sliding back into the water triumphantly. I frown and take a bite of the other half. The large eye keeps drifting closer and glaring at me. With a grunt I fling the other half.

“ Take it all you great, greedy octopus! Not like I’m hungry or anything!” Again, sad in retrospect. Talking to the Giant Squid.

“ You always act the most entertaining when I’m not around.”

At that whine from my best friend I turn around. Sometimes it pays off to have a friend who looks like a goddess. It really lets you know if people are genuine when they talk to you. If in the first few sentences they ask me a question about Selena I know to walk away.

“ What do you want? It’s a rare occasion when you stop sucking face with Antony long enough to remember I’m alive, and it’s usually when you need something.” I’m rarely pleasant after having my lunch stolen by a gigantic cephalopod.

Selena looks at me like she’s offended, “ Ella! How could you think like that? I love you dearly and you’re my best friend for life…but I could really use a knut if you’ve got one.”

I groan and pull one out of my pocket. One thing about being a Malfoy is there’s usually money laying around and people know it, so I’m often hit up for cash. Oh, you didn’t know that there was a Malfoy girl? Most people don’t because I’m not really like a Malfoy in any way, ( no brains, not particularly good-looking, shy, and to top it all off I possess no inner monologue), so my parents don’t exactly broadcast my existence like they do with my brother Scorpius. Well, I’ve got a normal name so he eat my knickers.

Elladora Lucia Malfoy, named for my great, great grandmother Elladora Black and my grandfather Lucius Malfoy. Everyone calls me Ella though. Those that know I exist that is. And did I forget to mention the part that ticks off my family the most? I’m in Gryffindor. I know it, ‘a Malfoy that isn’t in Slytherin? That’s like a Lovegood that isn‘t a crackpot!’. It’s true, I’m a freak.

“ Ella, listen when I’m talking! You know how it annoys me when you space out like that!” Selena is pouting because she’s not the center of my attention.

“ I’m sorry, I forgot to gravitate around Planet Selena Perez. Continue, Princess.”

“ Thank you,” Does she still not get sarcasm? “ Anyway, I was saying that there’s going to be a huge party in the common room. Someone’s birthday I think.”

“ Why do I need to know?” I turn back to the lake and plan to dismiss her.

Selena gives me a ‘duh’ look. “ Because you’re going with me. Antony isn’t invited because he’s in Ravenclaw. You’ll have fun so don’t even try complaining. I won’t listen. Meet me at the portrait hole at five. Bye!”

She darts off towards the castle before I can protest. Maybe she does know me better than I thought. Slowly I stand up off the soft grass and gather my things. My original plan was to work on the Potions essay I desperately needed to finish, but that could wait. Scorpius owed me half a sandwich and I was still hungry so I went to find him.

As usual he was sitting at the Slytherin table, his arm around some busty girl that looked like she was the kind of person that would say ‘I love them all!‘ if you asked them their least favorite color. He was surrounded by his heaps of friends, including Albus Potter. It was like we’d somehow been switched at birth, the Malfoy in Gryffindor and the Potter in Slytherin. I’m sure our ancestors would believe we’d entered the Twilight Zone.

“ What do you want, Ella?” Scorpius sees me and groans.

“ You owe me half a sandwich, Scorp. Pay up.”

Scorpius rolls his eyes and throws me part of the sandwich he had on his plate. I stick my tongue out at him and turn to go back outside. Instead I see it’s begun to rain. There goes my good day. Should have known it wouldn’t last. My pessimism grows as I go to sit at the Gryffindor table. The only seat open is next to Rose Weasley, priceless.

It isn’t bad enough that I’m the only Malfoy in the history of ever that’s in Gryffindor, but they all hate me. Except Selena but she’s muggle-born (Dad loves that) and doesn’t care about the Potter-Weasley/Malfoy skirmish. Rose Weasley leans away from me like she’s smelled something foul and turns her head in the opposite direction. I sigh and try to eat faster.

Finally I’m able to escape the table, at least they hadn’t broken out the torches and pitchforks yet. I feel melancholy and head towards the common room. Saturdays really are the bane of my existence.


The clock strikes five and I groan. After being stared down by Lily Potter and Dominique Weasley like I was a piece of dung I’d given up on the common room and went to the library. Now I had to leave my dark secluded corner and go meet Selena. If you’re thinking ‘If you don’t want to then just don’t go.’ then you do not know Selena Perez. She’s been mad at me before and I’m not keen on having a head the exact size and shape of a watermelon again.

Selena’s leaning on the wall next to the portrait of the Fat Lady, all dolled up. I wouldn’t say she looks like a prostitute…but she looks prostitute-ish. She sees me and jumps around waving, which I may note is not at all compatible with the cut of the shirt she’s wearing. I’m still in my uniform robes and I don’t care.

“ Come on, slow poke! We’re going to have so much fun, you just wait!” Selena is apparently very excited.

“ Yes, yes I’m teaming with suspense. Can we get this over with so I can go to bed?”

Selena ignores my sullenness and pulls me through the portrait hole. Loud music is playing and people are chattering and dancing. When Selena lets go of my hand I head towards an empty chair in the corner. She catches me and pulls me aside.

“ I will not let you ruin my night. You are my wingman, Ella Malfoy. Don’t let me down.” She orders, then surveys my clothing. She seems to find them unsuitable and rips off my robe and the sweater I was wearing, then unbuttons the first three buttons of my white blouse. I gasp and try to button it again, but Selena shoves me towards a crowded couch. She follows and sits down, pulling me down with her. People stop talking momentarily at the sight of me, but resume quickly. What am I? Smallpox?

“ Malfoy, heads up!”

Someone shouts and I look up in time to catch a bottle that has been thrown at me, narrowly missing my face I might add. Beer? How classy. Couldn’t they come up with something a little more extravagant to bother stealing for the party? I pop it open anyway and take a swig, swallowing the fizzy stuff uncomfortably. Selena abruptly elbows me.

“ Ella’s barely a Malfoy. Hardly a prick like Scorpius are you?” she says.

“ No one is a prick like Scorpius, he’s his own breed.”

The people on the couch laugh, seeming less unhappy with my presence. It only took them four years to get over the Malfoy aversion, but who am I to hold a grudge? With nothing else to do I finish the beer. It does take the edge off nicely. Everyone looks a little bit more attractive and I giggle more easily with Selena. As a fifteen-year-old who’s only had a sip of champagne at her cousin’s wedding I have a low tolerance for alcohol.

“ Ella Malfoy? James.”

A hand is extended to me and I shake it firmly, noticing the owner of the hand is an extremely handsome boy with black hair and sparkly eyes. I grin wide at him and laugh a little bit.

“ I’ve heard you’re not like the other Malfoys,” says Handsome. What was his name?

“ Word travels fast. People started liking me three minutes ago.” I slur.

Handsome laughs. No his name isn’t Handsome. It’s James. “ Would you like to dance, Ella?”

I nod eagerly, standing and moving with James into the group of couples dancing. He dances very well, and I try not to step on his toes. James laughs at my feeble attempt to be graceful and guides me with a hand on my waist. I feel myself blushing and look down. A slow song comes on and James easily moves so we’re close together. Selena winks at me from the couch and I try to give her a dirty glare.

“ Who’re you looking at?” James asks, probably noticing I look constipated.

“ My friend Selena. She insisted I come and have a good time.”

James grins heartbreakingly, “ Are you having a good time?”

“ Of course I am. You’re very nice-looking and you’re touching my waist.”

As he giggles at me I realize what I’ve said and purse my lips together. I forbid myself to put my foot in my mouth around James anymore. I’ll have to keep track of how long that lasts. Less than an hour I’d bet.

“ You look very serious. Like you’re thinking.” James is gorgeous, even when he’s questioning my sanity.

I’m thinking I want to jump you right here you muscular god, you.

“ Just concentrating.” I praise myself internally for not blurting that last bit.

“ No need to. You’re actually pretty good at this. Have you ever slow danced before?”

“ Nope, never. Well, once with my uncle but that was when I was five…so not really.” Why did I say that? Bloody hell I’m a head case. I guess that whole ‘no foot in mouth’ buisness lasted less than a minute. Bollocks.

James ignores that, god bless him. “ Do you want to go outside, Ella? The sunset is really pretty from the forest.”

“ The Forbidden one?” I ask stupidly.

“ That’s the one.” laughs James.

He takes my hand as I nod, leading me out of the portrait hole. This was the kind of thing that I’d only ever prayed would happen. Gorgeous boys that ignored me when I said stupid things led me outside to watch the sunset. I’d been sure that would only happen in my dizziest day dreams. Now it was coming true, and I was tipsy. Damn.

James puts his arm around my waist as we walk towards the forest. Suddenly I’m nervous.

“ Should we be doing this? What if someone sees? I don’t want to get in any trouble” I stutter.

James gives me a secretive little smile and pulls something out of his pocket. It’s a silvery cloak that he throws over us. I realize what it is and my eyes get wide. James laughs at me. “ It’s my dad’s. And don’t worry, I won’t let you get in any trouble.”

We continue to walk into the forest, now covered by the cloak. He had been right, the forest is stunning in the sunset. The leaves are already pretty from the fall colors, but they’re even better with the bright yellow glare from the setting sun shining through them. When we’ve gone a little farther in I lean against a tree, slipping the cloak off of me and handing it to James. He leans on a tree like me, across from me. James is staring.

“ What?” I ask him, blushing a little bit.

“ You’re beautiful, Ella. Especially in this lighting.”

I beam, though it’s cheesy. No one has ever told me that before. Even if my wholly coherent self would have frowned and scolded I do it anyway. I launch myself through the distance and flatten against James. His arms go around me automatically and we’re kissing. James flips me around so he’s pushing on me now, and I sort of like it. We stay that way for a long time.

When James pulls away from me I realize that I probably look disgusting. My slightly curly blonde hair is messed up from my head rubbing against the tree and James’s hands being tangled in it, and I could feel that my lips were swollen. James kept staring at me, his eyes roaming. I continued to breath heavy, feeling nervous.

James attacked me again, this time more passionately. It was so weird. Usually I wasn’t the kind of girl that would go around making out with people they’d just met on trees in forests, but this was somehow different. James starts to kiss down my neck, and it feels nice. While I was otherwise occupied his hands had started to roam, but now I notice. I gasp as I feel his cold hand on my inner thigh.

“ Do you want to?” James is waiting for me to answer.

I mull it over for a split second, not really needing to think about. “ Yes!” We proceed.


“ I can’t believe we did that.”

James coughs in agreement as he zips up his jeans. “ Me neither. That happened sort of quick didn’t it?”

“ Definitely.”

So now I’m not just a freak of nature, I’m also a slag. My only future is scouring the pubs for people who’re willing to pay me five galleons for my pleasuring abilities. If not that I’ll end up addicted to drugs and live on the streets, showing magic tricks to muggles for money. James looks awkward as we look at each other. He reaches forward and plucks a leaf out of my bra, which is still showing quite a bit under my half buttoned shirt.

“ Er, sorry. That was just…sitting there.”

“ Thanks.” The awkwardness increases until I know I’m about to say something stupid. Oh James please say something before I make you think I’m completely insane!

“ Maybe we should just keep this between us. I mean…we just met and all.”

“ Yeah. We uh…did it in the forest.” And there I go.

“ Sure. Well, we should get back.”

It was really dark out by now. James and I walk quickly back into the castle, both of us with our hands clasped behind our backs. We’re still silent as we enter the common room, after having to utter the lovely password, ‘awkward forest sex’. Just kidding, it was ‘cumquat’. James gave me a little wave and disappeared into the boy’s dormitories. I ran from the now empty common room into the girls’, hoping to jump into bed before Selena could catch me.

“ Elladora, where have you been? You left me alone and I looked like an idiot dancing by myself.” Selena is sitting on the corner of my bed fuming.

I freeze like a hippogriff in the wandlights and attempt to answer without giving myself away.

“ James and I went on a walk. We made out in the forest.” That was good actually, be brutally honest up front. Well, not completely honest, but close enough to hopefully avoid further questioning.

“ Oh my god, really? I can’t believe you would make out with James Potter. I just hope Scorpius doesn’t find out. I mean I don’t think he’d tell your dad or anything, but still.”

“ That was James Potter?” I feel like I’m going to be sick. I just had sex with my family’s arch enemy!

“ Of course it was. Why else do you think he’d have the signature Potter black hair and be named James. The name of the oldest Potter boy. Everyone knows that, Ella. Are you drunk?” Selena looks suspicious.

“ No way! Well, yes I had a little to drink but not really. You’re missing the point here. I had no idea who he was. He just told me his name was James…That pile of flaming dragon dung! He probably knew that I wouldn’t have done that if I knew! I’m going to hex him.” I am furious. What an arse.

Selena rolls her eyes. “ You’re reading too much into it. He probably just forgot to mention it. Get some sleep and hex him tomorrow, I’m tired. Unlike you I was pulling my weight at the party.”

“ Selena, shut the hell up. It was a party not some sort of charity function.”

“ You shut up. As Gryffindors an important part of our lives is supporting other Gryffindors and their birthday parties. You’re just bitter because you got taken advantage of.” Selena pushes her bottom lip out at me.

“ Who’s the guy?” I ask her, catching on to this quickly.

“ His name is Fred Weasley and he’s gorgeous! If I didn’t have Antony I would have been all over him. But as I was saying, it’s important to support the birthdays…of hot Gryffindors.”

Selena giggles at her joke and I lay down on my bed, preparing myself for a long night of listening to my best friend prattle about her day. It really is tiring to be a teenage girl. Maybe there’s a spell somewhere that’ll make me sprout a penis. One can only hope.

*A/N: Tell me what you think. It took me a while to get this published so PLEASE review!!!*

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