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Rest of Our Lives by ginnyxoxoharry
Chapter 1 : Letters and Feelings
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Harry Potter sat at his dinning room table in the small flat in downtown muggle London reading the Daily Prophet. He had recently started reading it again now that the war was over. He was still famous but thankfully the media had died down they had found other people to pester. He looked around the kitchen of the flat and frowned. It was rather small and not homey at all. He needed to find a new place and fast. He decided to look in the paper and if he didn’t find anything he would go to an agency and see if any of the houses around him were for sale, or maybe even in Godric‘s Hollow. An owl swooped in and dropped a letter in front of Harry and then flew out of the window. Harry opened the letter:

Dear Mr. Potter,
We are pleased to inform you that your parents will has been recovered. After so many years we would like to give you your inheritance. But first you must come to Gringots to settle everything.


Harry shook his head he thought he had received everything when he was 11 and Hagrid had taken him.

“Oh well,” he thought to himself “might as well see what they want.” He finished breakfast and apparated to Diagon Alley. He entered the bank and headed over to Griphook “Hello Griphook it’s been a long time.” The old goblin looked up and gave Harry a less than flattering smile.

“Why Mr. Potter I see you received my letter. Please have a seat.” Harry sat down and listened to the old goblin.

“When we discovered the will we were surprised I guess you could say. But none the less here we are.” He took Harry over to a pensieve. Harry stuck his head in he fell and was sitting on a couch he saw his parents sitting around a desk his mother was holding a baby Harry.

“James don’t forget to add that.” He heard Lily say

“Yes dear.”

Lily looked over his shoulder again “Oh and then add this to Moony’s.”

James turned and looked at her “Lily would you rather do this?” He took a deep breath before continuing “Sweetheart we can always revise it.” he sighed again and muttered under his breath  “Even though we’ve done this three times already.”

 Lily looked at her husband “What was that Prongs?”

James froze and looked at her “Nothing dear.” He kissed her lightly “Here we go I think we’ve got it.”

Lily shook her head “But what if something happens to them then what? Where will he go?”

James shrugged “I’d say my parents but they are in hiding too. And you never know with the war and all I don’t want to lose my parents but there is a possibility. I’d say your parents but they passed last year.”

Lily’s green eyes flashed “What about Petunia and Vernon?”

James looked at her shocked “No I am not sending our son to live with those people your sister I can somewhat tolerate emphasis on the somewhat but her nut of a husband? He’d torture Harry for being a wizard you know that Lil.”

She sighed and nodded “Alright I know you’re right.”

James nodded “I know I’m right.”

Lily looked uncertain “But where will he go?”

James sighed “Lily trust me if anything happens to them someone will give him a good home. I have 2 best mates. One of them will take him in I know they will.” Lily finally gave up James smiled  “Alright I think I’ve got it.” 

Harry walked over and looked over his father’s shoulder. James read aloud

The Final Will and Testament of
James Dominic “Prongs” Potter and Lillian Elizabeth Potter

To our son Harry James Potter we leave you everything. Our home in Godric’s Hollow, and your grandparents estate Potter Manor. We also leave you our entire vault that will be available to you once you become of age. We know you will have access to some so you can buy school items but the family vault will come available to you once you turn 17.

To Sirius “Padfoot” Black we leave our son. Teach him right from wrong so that one day maybe he won’t get into to much trouble as we all did in our younger years. We also leave you this lifetime subscription to that muggle magazine you fancy. 

To Remus “Moony” Lupin we leave you our entire collection of Dark Arts books. As we hope that one day you will fulfill your dream and become a professor. Also on a personal note Moony don’t be afraid to love. You are an amazing man and whatever woman catches your heart I know she will be very lucky. I loved her too Remus she was my best friend in the whole world. I know she’s the only woman you have ever loved but I know there is someone else out there. We love you Remus. -Lily
and if for any reason something happens to Sirius we leave you Harry.

To Peter “Wormtail” Pettigrew we leave you the snitch that used to drive you mad in school. Just do me a favor Worm don’t wet yourself like you almost did 5th year.

Harry looked at those final words and laughed he went back to the part about Lupin and smiled “He did find someone mum and she was amazing”  James smiled at his handy work as Harry was being pulled out of the memory. Griphook handed the will to Harry. Harry took it and wiped a few tears away.

“Thank you Griphook. May I see my new vault?”

The goblin nodded and took Harry down himself. When they reached vault 946 he told Harry to place his hand on the door. As he did the door opened and a letter fell out. Harry took it and opened it slightly confused. Harry couldn’t believe what he saw it was his mothers handwriting. He recognized it from the letter she had written to Sirius so many years ago. There was a note on top of the stack that read Just In Case. The letter read:

My dearest Harry,

If you are reading this then your father and I are gone. Not by choice of course but none the less. We went into hiding a month ago the order made it mandatory for us since we stood up against him. Plus last night Dumbledore came to us and told us of a prophecy that involved you. He chose you, I have a feeling we will be found and killed. It scares me to death to think of leaving you. Your father would call me silly He doesn‘t think anything will happen but I just have this odd feeling. In this vault you will find many treasures your father and I have collected over the years. In the desk drawer my engagement ring. Harry give that ring to the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with. If you did make it then I know you had a happy childhood as Sirius would have been given complete guardianship over you. Also in here is a pensieve of many wonderful memories to help ease the void. They date up to yesterday there are even some in there we made for fun, Harry just know that I love you so much and I will live on forever in your heart.
Love always,

Hello Harry,

Guess its my turn then eh? Well it’s a bit hard to write about death when I’m sitting here completely alive and well. I must say though I hate being I hiding no matter what your mother tells me. Its rather boring when you are taking your naps. Harry couldn’t help but laugh at that his father said life was boring without Harry awake and playing with James. The letter continued. But at least you are getting your rest. I still can’t believe in just 10 years you will be attending Hogwarts. It will be very odd putting you on that train and maybe if Dumbledore ever gives me my cloak back you can have it. Then there’s always the Marauders Map. But Filch got that years ago. I made best friends there the 4 of us were connected at the hip. But enough of that. I guess if you are reading this I’m gone and my best friend is now the father figure in your life. Hopefully he settled down and you have people to play with I know you’d like that. Sucks for us not to be there I know and I don’t like it anymore than you do.  But Harry just remember love is the greatest gift and the most powerful weapon in the world your mother taught me that the day I met here she is an amazing person Harry and we both love you very much.
All my love,

Harry set the letters down and walked over to the desk he pulled it open and took a stack of letters out and a small black velvet heart shaped box that held Lily’s ring.

Harry thanked him and apparated home. He fell down onto the couch and looked at the letters. There were countless birthday cards and gifts little notes and reminders, mostly from Lily “remember to brush your teeth” and things like that. But the envelope that caught his eye was the one that read “First day of Hogwarts” He pulled the letter out of the envelope he once again was looking at his fathers handwriting. He began to read.

Hello Harry
So today is your first day. If our instructions were held, knowing Sirius they weren’t,  then you are reading this on the Hogwarts Express. I wish I was there with you son telling all the things I did. All the tricks to get through History of Magic. I’d tell you but this letter would never end, but here is the best trick when Professor Bin‘s is droning on and on act like your sick he won‘t even know your name as it is he called me Perkins all 7 years. Hopefully your mother doesn’t read this I’d never hear the end of it. She had the brains your mum she was top student. Me I was the head of the Marauders, just the 4 of us Sirius(your godfather haha you already know that because you live with him), Remus (smartest man I ever knew), and Peter (he‘s a little odd but a good friend). From that first day on the train to 2 days ago we are still best friends and it helped to that we were all in the same house. Harry you are going to have an amazing year I know I did my first year was amazing its where I met your mother she didn’t like me at the time but I fell in love even if she did hang out with Snivellus (heard he‘s a professor now better watch out for him I believe his name is Professor Snape, actually it is and Harry as much as I dislike him he will be your professor so give him the respect he deserves) And just think next year you can try out for the Quidditch team. I was on the house team myself…..its actually an age old Potter tradition. That’s not for another year though I am going to start on the letter for your second year after this one. I’m telling you Harry this is really weird to write. You just woke up from your nap and are sitting in my lap you have taken my glasses twice already. Alright back to business. Just think son soon you will be going to school where I went (have I mentioned how proud I am!) and with any luck causing trouble, but not to much trouble Dumbledore will be beside himself if you do good man Dumbledore but it wouldn‘t hurt him if you caused a little damage. Don’t tell your mother I told you that she’d have a fit. Let me see here ah yes the sorting don’t even worry about it son. No matter what house your in you’ll do great just please not Slytherin. Not the greatest house mostly because you’re  a Potter and a true Gryffindor. It’s the house for you son just my personal thought there. If  your grandfather were alive he’d tell you “Harry James Potter you better be in Gryffindor.” HAHA I’m only kidding Harry my dad was an amazing man who I know would have loved you. They passed a couple days ago dear old Voldy got them he was trying to get information on where your mother and I were. We showed up after it was done and I couldn’t save them it broke my heart to see my parents like that. But everything will turn out for the better I know it, keep your head up and know I‘m with you no matter what.
Love always

Harry smiled and put the letter down he felt closer to his dad somehow. He couldn’t exactly explain it but there was a feeling there and he didn’t want it to go away. He heard the door open and a familiar voice rang into the flat.

“Harry hello?”

He sat up “In here Rach.”

Rachel came around the corner, dropping her medical bag on the ground, she looked simply amazing just like she always did. She walked over to him and sat down on the couch wrapping her  arms around his neck.

“Hello love.” She said before placing a kiss on his lips. He kissed her back they broke the kiss several minutes later. Rachel saw the stack of letters and looked at him. “More fan mail?”

 Harry laughed and shook his head no. “They’re letters from my parents.”
Rachel looked at him surprised and picked up the Hogwarts letter and laughed. “Boy your dad sure wanted you in Gryffindor and on the house team I might add.”

Harry laughed with her. “Yes well his life was also boring without me to.”

Rachel raised her eyebrows and he handed her the first letter. She smiled from ear to ear. “Oh my goodness. Your father was hilarious. I’m sure he drove your mother insane.”

Harry nodded “Yeah he probably did. Actually I know he did and my mum loved it.”

Rachel  looked at him surprised “How do you…..” He cut her off

“I went to Gringots they found my parents will and all that.” Rachel was still confused but let it go she let out a sigh and looked around the flat.

“How’s work going Harry?” Rachel asked trying to change the subject.

Harry shrugged “Alright I guess. I’m going to get Teddy. Its my weekend to have him.” Rachel nodded and hung her cloak up.

He walked out of the house and headed down the cobblestone street. 15 minutes later Harry arrived in front of the little cottage door. After the war he and Andromeda had put together a visitation schedule for Harry. Harry would take Teddy every other weekend and all summer so Andromeda could have some alone time and do things with her friends and extended family he knocked and awaited Andromeda
answered and smiled brightly.

“Hello Harry he’s waiting for you upstairs.” Harry nodded and hugged her hello then headed upstairs.

 To 2 year old Teddy Harry was his dad but Harry told him not to call him that. Teddy always wanted to but always caught himself. He looked up when he heard someone enter the room he jumped into Harry’s arms when he saw him. Harry picked up
the overnight bag and carried Teddy down under his arm in a football lock.

“Alright I will have this little guy home Sunday by 8pm.”

Andromeda smiled and chuckled “Harry dear its summer Teddy’s yours until September 1.”

Harry looked at the small overnight bag that was slung over his shoulder. “Somehow I feel this won’t be enough.”

Again she laughed “Harry I used that extendable charm Hermione taught me how to do on it. He practically packed his room in there.”

Harry laughed they said goodbye and walked out of the house and talked all the way back to the flat. Teddy walked inside when they arrived. Harry looked around and found a note from Rachel.

Hey babe,

Had to run out. Tell Teddy hi for me. We need to talk.

Harry knew this was coming and honestly he could care less. He and Rachel were growing apart. He missed Ginny more than anything. He flooed Ron and asked him to meet him in Diagon Alley. Harry put Teddy in the car and drove to London parked in the complex then entered Diagon Alley.

“Harry!” He heard from ahead of him he looked up and saw Ron waving.

“Hello Ron.”

“Hey mate. Hey Teddy.” Ron knelt down to the stroller and shook Teddy’s little hand.

“Hi on!” Teddy giggled.

“So he’s getting those words down huh?”

“Slowly but surely yes. How’s Hermione?”

“She’s good settling into the new job just fine. How’s Auror training going?”

“Its kicking my butt.” Harry said shaking his head. “Taking out Voldemort was a walk in the park compared to this.”

“Ouch. Can’t wait then.” Ron said laughing.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh I’m joining at the end of the year. George doesn’t need my help anymore. Lee joined the team and so did Angelina and Verity took over the Hogsmeade store along with Anthony Goldstein.”

“That kid from the D.A.?”

“Yeah him.” Ron said nodding.

“How’s Ginny?” Harry asked afraid of the answer.

“She’s alright. Just broke up with the latest boyfriend. Personally I think it was a good move. Hermione told me to stay out of it but I can’t help it I’m her big brother.”

“You’re only a year older and I can take care of myself Ron.” a female voice said from behind.

“I know that Ginny. But its my job.” Ron said with a shrug. “Ginny?!” Ron said surprised.

“Hi there. Who’s your…… oh hi Harry.”

“Hi Ginny.” Harry said smiling.

Ginny blushed under his gaze. “Is that Teddy?”  she asked him.


“He’s so big!” Ginny smiled at the toddler.

“Yep he’s my big guy. Huh buddy?”

“Yes!” Teddy said giggling.

“He’s talking?! I remember when he was taking his first steps across the Burrow.”

“I’m gonna go find Hermione see you two later.” Ron said walking away.

“Well this was an obvious set up.” Ginny said shaking her head.

“Why yes yes it was.” Harry smiled “Well shall we go get some ice cream. I promised Teddy some.”

“Sure sounds great.” Ginny said smiling.

“Well its about bloody time!” a voice sounded from behind. Both Harry and Ginny turned around to see  Seamus Finnigan and Lavender Brown walking towards them.

“Hi Seamus.” Harry said smiling at his colleague.

“Hi yourself Potter. See you finally swallowed your pride and got Weasley back.”

Harry and Ginny looked at each other and then said at the same time “What, no, we’re not, I mean we haven’t, exactly.”

“Seamus you’re always jumping to conclusions.” Lavender said shaking her head.  "Great to see you guys." she waved pulling Seamus with her.

“We’re just friends.” Ginny called after them but added under her breath “Unfortunately.”

“What Gin?”

“Nothing.” Ginny said sighing.

“When’s your next game?” Harry asked

“How did you….Ron of course. Its uh the day before Christmas Eve.”

“Sounds great I’ll be there. For the game.”

“Can’t wait.” Ginny said now unable to stop smiling.

Harry and Ginny spent the next few hours together talking about what they had been up to and the like. When Harry arrived home he found Rachel sitting on the couch. They talked for awhile and came to a mutual agreement to end things. She left shortly after and Harry felt like he could do anything. But what mattered most was the Quidditch match coming up where he would finally be able to tell Ginny how he felt.


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