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The Mystery Of You by majamariamaja
Chapter 4 : The Desk
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Chapter 4. The Desk



«Miss Granger!» A sharp voice forced Hermione to submerge from her sleeping state. She snapped her head up and looked straight into the eyes of Professor McGonagall. Hermione shrinked back from the «if-looks-could-kill»-look that McGonagall was giving her, not knowing how to react.

«Are you awake, Miss Granger?» McGonagall's voice rose a to a pich with each word, making Hermione's ears hurt.

«Y-Yes, Professor.» She looked away from McGonagall's eyes, staring down at her desk.

«Five points from Griffindor! I hope that will teach you all to learn from Miss Granger's mistake, and sleep at night.» With that she strode to her desk, fuming all the way, and started to ramble on about their subject for today. Hermione sat ashamed with her eyes closed, afraid to see the look on the faces of her classmates if she opened them. While breathing slowly to steady her anger towards herself, she dug her fingernails in her own palms. She wasn't paying attention to what happened around her, and was shocked when she saw that students were leaving the classroom. With her bag over her arm and a book in her hand, she followed the pack that led the way to the Great Hall. It was lunch-time, but Hermione wasn't hungry. She actually had half a mind set on going up to her own common room and sleep. There hadn't been much time for that particular need last night. She sighed and before she had the time to react, her feet had led her to the portrait of the talking bear. After speaking the password, she entered the common room with a vision of herself laying her head on her soft pillow and falling fast asleep. She walked straight through the common room and opened the door to her bedroom without thinking. After opening the door she came to a halt. This was not her room. Her eyes scanned the room. No, this was certainly not her room. But her eyes were drawn to the bed. On top of it lay Draco – sleeping peacefully with his clothes still on. Had he slept all day?

Hermione sighed. His face was turned in her direction, every worried line on his face smoothed out. The long hair was out of it's ordinary ponytail, laying spread across his pillow. His mouth was slightly open, and she could hear his steady breathing. Butterflies filled her body and made her smile. She didn't know it yet, but in that moment Hermione fell in love with Draco Malfoy.

With a sigh, she stepped back to the door and touched the handle. But then she bit her lip, turned around and stepped silently to the sleeping Draco. She pushed away a strand of hair from her face and bent down to kiss his forehead. His skin was soft and warm. Hermione had to kiss it again. After kissing him three more times, she backed out of the room, and closed the door behind her. For a moment she just stood there with her head leaning against the door – trying to make out the sound of his breathing. With a goofy smile plastered on her face, she went into her own room and let herself fall on the bed – entering dreamland instantly.


Draco yawned, rolled to the other side of the bed and opened his eyes slightly. Bugger! With that thought running through his head he jumped off of the bed and yanked open his bedroom door. Still cursing at himself, he hurried across the common room and jumped out the portrait hole.

Bugger, bugger, bugger! He was running down to the Great hall, taking two steps at a time. Once he arrived at the bottom of the steps, the Great Hall was almost empty, the only people in sight were a pair of lost first years looking at him with admiring eyes. He growled at himself for not setting his alarm clock, and leapt down to the dungeon. Snape wouldn't care if he arrived a few minutes late. Draco knew that he was his teacher's favorite student, and whenever trouble arrived he had used that fact for his own gain. He was out of wind when he stepped into the dark and crowded classroom. Snape had obviously not arrived yet himself, which explained the noise that hit him the moment he came in the door.

«Draco! Where have you been?» Crabbe called out from across the room, and walked over to greet his friend, hitting a couple of his classmates on the way. When Crabbe was close enough, he put his fat hand on Draco's shoulder.

«I overslept.» Draco gave his friend a devilish smile, which Crabbe returned immediatly and barked out a loud laugh.

«What were you doing last night?» Crabbe's eyes widened as he continued. «Were you with that girl?»

«What girl?» Draco didn't pay attention. He was scanning the room for someone with curly hair, not interested in anything but finding her. And at the moment he saw her back with her curly, long hair covering the back of her school robes, his stomack started dancing the conga.

«That girl Blaise said you were keen on!» At that moment Goyle appeared behind him and followed Draco's stare.

«Ooh! Are we talking about Draco's Mystery Girl?» Draco shrugged off his friend's hand and looked away from Hermione, his stomach still moving to latino music. He turned to his friend and gave them a sly smile.

«Well. We didn't have time to sleep, if you know what I mean.» He winked, but didn't have to say anything more, because Snape chose that moment to enter the classroom. Silence fell over the class at once, and people went to their seat without another word. Draco looked around for a vacated seat.

«Draco, sit down!» Snape hissed while writing ingredients on the board.

«But there is no seat left, Professor.» Draco complained.

«There is one in the back beside Miss Granger. Now, sit down and be quiet!» With a warning look at Draco, Snape turned to the board and scribbled some more disgusting ingredients for today's potion. Every face in the classroom were shocked, and Draco's friends shot him sympathetic looks, but Draco felt happier than ever, and had a hard time concealing it. He walked slowly to sit on the chair beside Hermione in the back of the classroom. Her eyes were looking directly at Snape's instructions on the board, but he thought he saw her cheeks redden and her breath going out of rythm. It took all the trength he could muster, not to kiss her when he sat down beside her. A smile spread across his face, which he at once made into a grimace. He turned to his friends who were sitting on the other side of the room and rolled his eyes at them, hoping by that, to give them the message that he hated his seating companion. A touch of his arm made him turn to Hermione, but she still forced herself to concentrate on what Snape was telling them. Draco should probably do the same, but he had already used up all his concentration by focusing on the fact that they were surrounded by an entire class and that it would probably not be smart of him to snog Hermione senseless. That thought brought with it a lot of memories from the night before, and his whole body became covered with goosebumps. Hermione touched his arm again. Draco put his hand under the desk, she copied his movement, knowing what he had in mind. Their hands fit perfectly. Her hand was so small, fragile, and Draco caressed her palm with his thump. Responding to his touch, Hermione closed her eyes and let out a soundless sigh. Without letting go of her hand, Draco snatched up her quill and some parchment, and started writing.



Hermione opened her eyes, slowly, to find Draco writing something on a piece of parchment. He glanced up and pretended to listen to Snape's never-ending talk about some herb. But he turned his head down to finish writing, and shoved the note to Hermione with his elbow, being careful not to look at her. Hermione looked down at the note, and read three words:


I want you.


Those words made Hermione's heart rate dangerously fast, and it astounded her that nobody could hear her heavy breathing. It sounded like an elephant's breath, to her. She swallowed hard, squeezed the hand that was holding hers, and turned the note. With a self-satisfied smile Hermione wrote a couple of words and pushed the note back to Draco's side of the desk:


Then come and get me.

The look on Draco's face made Hermione giggle silently. While turning his head a fraction, he gave her an intense stare, his eyes sparkling like the finest of diamonds. It lasted only a second, but it was all it took to make Hermione's heart flutter and her head twirl. At the moment Hermione didn't think she could keep away from him any longer, he looked away, staring at her note. It seemed like he was thinking of something clever to write back, but from the look on his face, nothing seemed to come to his mind. He must've read the note ten times, before replying. Hermione pretended to listen to Snape, but in her mind she pictured Draco kissing her, nibbling on her ear and... Without thinking, she giggled loudly, making every head turn in her direction. With reddening cheeks she looked down at her desk and mentally cursed at herself for being so careless.

«Would you care to tell us what's so funny, Miss Granger?» Snapes icy voice made everything worse, she closed her eyes, wanting to be hit by lightning and die. Why did she keep being so careless when she was with Draco? What kind of hold did he have on her? Whatever it was, it was certainly not healthy.

«I told her a joke, Professor.» The sound of Draco's voice made Hermione snap her head up with her eyes wide open. What was he doing?

«I beg your pardon, Draco?» Snape's cold voice was slightly surprised. But only slightly. His eyes shot fire at Draco, but Draco looked back with the greatest ease. Hermione felt like the damzel in distress, being saved by her knight in shining armour. Adoration gleamed in her brown eyes as she looked at her savior

«I told her a joke. Obviously she found it funny.» Draco's voice was heavy with confidence. Snape, making it very clear that he was going to ignore Draco's snappy retort, merely looked at him. Suddenly he said, in a clear voice full of malice: «Ten points from each house. And get out of my classroom at this minute. I will not stand here while you tell your little jokes. Out. Both of you.»

Hermione's mouth fell open – fifteen points in two days?!

«B-But Prof-» Hermione tried to explain, but as she met Snape's lightning shooting eyes, she knew it was doomed to be a lost cause. Before letting go of her hand, Draco gave it a gentle squeeze, then got up and strode out of the door. The entire class was watching the scene, forcing Hermione's cheeks to redden even more as she collected her books and stumbled from her seat. Refusing to meet anyones stare, she looked down and hurried to the door Draco had just slammed shut behind him.



What the bloody hell was that?! Draco's mind spun rapidly. He leaned against the stone wall, trying to hold on to sanity for dear life. What had he just done? Had he gotten into trouble for a girl? And not just any girl – a girl he supposedly hated with all his might. No one in their right mind could believe that lie about him telling a joke. When had he ever made a joke? Even to his friends, he had never once been intentionally funny. When he thought back, he couldn't understand why he even spoke. Snape was talking to her, not him. Draco had no reason whatsoever to open his mouth at all! What was going on inside his head? Why did he find himself loosing control whenever he was near her? Before he could finish his thoughts, he was interrupted by the sound of small steps that was coming closer. Draco pushed away from the wall he was leaning against, and peered around the corner. At that moment he found the answer to his bewildering questions, at that moment he knew. The second he saw her walking towards him with her hair hiding her beautiful face, he knew. Even though he wouldn't admit it, Draco understood it all in that simple moment; that he was falling in love with Hermione Granger. As much as he would love to deny it, he knew he never could.

With a knowing smile he literally ran to her and scooped her up in his arms – neither noticing or caring if anyone was around to see it - and kissed her. Not one of those intense kisses full of passion, but one filled with none other feeling than love. Love for everything she made him feel. It was as if a burden was lifted off of his shoulders when he thought about the now true fact that he was in love. But the most wonderful thing filling his mind now was the feeling of her lips responding to the kiss, getting over the surprise and moving her lips with his as if rehersed. Her arms now flung to his neck and hair, refusing to let there be space between them, and her books met the floor with a loud bang. At the sound Hermione drew away from him, her eyes still closed.

«Is there someone watching?» She whispered, not opening her eyes in fear of what to see.

Draco looked around, but the corridor was empty.

«Don't want to get caught snogging with a Slytherin, Granger?» He laughed a low laugh, making her open her eyes and sent him a mocking smile.

«Same goes for you, Malfoy,» Her voice was thick with sarcasm. «would you be caught snogging with a Griffindor? Or better yet; a Mudblood? Aren't you afraid to get your hands dirty?»

Draco could see that she fought a smile that threatened to emerge on her beautiful lips. But he couldn't handle the sudden distance between them, so he grabbed her and pressed her body against his own in a swift movement. While chuckling he bent down to her ear, biting it carefully before whispering: «I like dirty.» Before kissing her, Hermione lost the fight and let her beautiful face turn angel-like by smiling at him. Brown, liquid was the last thing he remembered before closing his eyes – before kissing her and forgetting his surroundings.


It's broad daylight!

We're alone.

He's a Slytherin!

I like green.

What if someone sees you!

Let them see.

You're Head Girl!

He's Head Boy.

Stop kissing him back!

Stop talking.


While kissing Draco, Hermione witnessed a heated discussion going on between her mind and her heart. Apparently, her heart had won, because she had no intention of breaking the kiss, and neither did Draco. This kiss was different than the last one, though. It did not have that same kind of desire and lust, it was deeper than infatuation, it felt like... Did Hermione dare to think the word? Draco was kissing her as if they hadn't seen each other in years, as if he craved her lips more than anything, and wanted to feel them against his own again. There was no sense of urgency at all, just that one particular feeling... That one word that Hermione did not dare to allow herself to believe. But as she felt Draco's hands caressing her back and gently playing with her hair, she knew it was true. She knew that this meant more to him than just a simple kiss. To him, and to her, this was a declaration of love. Finally daring to explore the content of the word, Hermione relaxed, and pressed their bodies as close together as possible.

They were standing in the middle of a deserted hallway, outside Snape's office. As the minutes passed, Hermione had to agree with her mind, though, and break off the kiss. Her heart snorted at her lack of adventurousness.

Knowing it would send her into Dreamland, she looked up into those sparkling blue eyes and caught a flicker of emotion in them. One she hadn't seen in them before. It made Hermione have to catch her breath as she realised what that emotion was, and knew that her eyes showed that very same emotion. He smiled down at her, and she responded at once, feeling the genuineness of her own smile as it spread. Shifting his grasp from her waist to her hand, Draco bent down and picked up Hermione's books, and started walking to their common room– her hand in his. Their hands fit perfectly, just as she knew they did, but the feeling of his hand around hers made her heart leap. At that second she felt one of the missing pieces of hear heart find its way back. With a joyous gleam in her dark eyes, she was certain that one day her heart would be whole once again.


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