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Poems by QueenFreak
Chapter 1 : Poems
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The Blade~
I tore you into a million pieces
And I wish that I could take you, like you
Did to me
And break you

Like you did to me
And haunt you, like you did to me
And hurt you, like you did to me
And I can see

Why you did this, but no one ever cares
And no one ever sees
And you always seem to find
The right words, tricking me

Into believing your
Horrible tangles of lies
Hurting myself
Falling into the darkness of night skies

I wish to break free
In spite of my life, my core
But I know that
I'm fighting a losing war

<>Dark Roots<>
I am never happy
But Im forever filled with laughter
I have a steady mind
Yet Im never sure
I hide things in my mind
Though I act as if everyone knows
I live a happy life
only with a dead soul

||Simply, Haunted||
Surrounding lies
It's tears she bleeds and blood she cries
And as she stares down at the crimson
She wants to run
And her only escape is this blade
The blood from the cuts she made
And the taunting hate
This pain is her fate
And she hears voices in her mind
And the owners to the voices she just can't find
And the visions cloud her eyes
But she's not sure if it's truth or if it's lies
And she wants to be free from all the hate and pain
To be free of this burden, the heavy chain
The things she tries to hide
End up destroying her inside
And now she knows the reason for her pain
It's all the emotions she has slain

Hallow eyes, unexplainable face
She screams inside herself
But can never find the words
And no1 ever sees that her soul cries for help
That as she stares into the darkness
She longs for a place to be
And forever continues to hide
Everything she should've set free
Flowing black hair and milky white skin
She drowns in the sea of darkness
And everything she sees
Is nothing more or nothing less
Then pain
Forever drowning is her fate
Her soul is filled with deception
And hate
Lost is what she is
She wants her feet to touch the ground
She wants to be able to breathe
And make a sound
She wants to touch
She wants to feel
But is forever held back
By this invisible shield

Haunting Emotions~
I hear
The sweet sounds of my fears
And I feel
The bitter taste of my tears

I want to run
But I have no where to hide
I'm forever
Stuck inside

And as I write these
Only too little do you know
The truth behind these
The reddish snow...

I wake up everyday
Only to greet the blade
That I cherish and it has granted me
The ability for my emotions to fade

As I concentrate on the blood I see
I long to have it, to see it...
But I disgust myself with what this crimson substance represents
I'm sick of this shit
I crave my own blood
But did it have to be
Like this?
Maybe if you only cared, I would still have the ability to feel

But now that it's gone
I touch my forsaken and scarred skin
And I pick up this knife once again, cutting
I see a line of red, 'twas it thin

And as I taste the red warmth of my soul
I cannot think of anything more
And my life,
I tore

And I'm lost in a world of
Random spaces
And surrounded by
Falsely smiling faces

Good-Bye to you, Good-Bye to me
Forever yours, shall I be
And I hope one day you will know
What you did to me

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