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Average by mr cool cat
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five
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Aunt Fleur was the obnoxious one. She was the one who acted like she knew everything about the Weasley family, but she didn’t. The parents liked her though. Apparently she was fun with other adults, but she was a strong believer in “children should be seen, not heard”.

Aunt Angelina was the one to make everyone laugh. She never held back on a joke and even though she still liked to have fun, she was not someone to mess around with. If she ever caught one of the children playing around with things that they shouldn’t be playing around with; she would get mad. She treated George well, but she wasn’t afraid to tell him to shut up, or to yell at him for being a bad influence.

Aunt Hermione was the smart one. Any time one of the kids had a question; she would answer it in detail and explain anything that they didn’t understand. She was always there to help with homework, to give study sessions and to help make schedules for OWLs.

Aunt Audrey was the loving one. Any time there was a problem, her nieces and nephews would run to her. She could cure every sickness, and heal any cut. She listened to everyone with interest and made each child feel important in their own way.

But sweet, loving Audrey had gone out the window. With only two days until the wedding, she was putting everyone to work, and controlled everything.

“James!” she shouted at breakfast. He looked up from his cereal to see her angry face.

“I need you to do me a favor” she said.

“What else is new?” he grumbled, resulting in a kick under the table from his father. “I mean, what can I do to help?” he said sweetly.

“Well since you can drive, I want you to go pick up the favors. I got them in Trinkets and Things in muggle London. Here are directions to get there, and the receipt.” He took them without saying anything and went back to his breakfast.

“Sooner rather than later” she finished when she realized he wasn’t planning on getting up soon. 

Then she moved on to Uncle Charlie, who was going to be in charge of making sure all the tables had the right amount of chairs.

James got up and put his bowl in the sink. Then he went and got the car keys from his dad.

Two hours later, James was done. It was a long drive to get there and when he finally did, they had some trouble finding his favors. When he finally got back in the car with all of the things, he was already exhausted.

James looked around at the people walking past him. He loved muggles and found them really interesting. He had gone to a muggle primary school before Hogwarts and he took muggle studies from third to seventh year. He loved learning about them, and was happy that his parents had raised him with muggle technology. He even got a cell phone for his fifteenth birthday.

Maybe I could get a coffee he thought as he yawned. He had stayed up late the night before with Fred, and he hadn’t slept very well either.

James dug into his pockets and found his wallet. He always kept a little bit of extra muggle money in case of an emergency.

Then he got out of the car, and went over to a little coffee shop he had been eyeing before.

Inside it was packed, but he didn’t mind. He stood in line looking at all of the choices. When he came in he intended on just getting a normal coffee, but looking at all the flavors changed his mind; now he was trying to decide between the caramel macchiato and the double chocolate frappucino, he had never heard of such tasty coffee!

“The peppermint latte is really good” said a voice behind him.

He turned around to see a tall girl who looked about his age. She had on a pair of short jean shorts and a loose-fitting white t-shirt. Her chocolate brown hair was also in a loose pony tail and she had sunglasses on her head.

“Excuse me?” he asked, surprised that she would talk to him.

“Try the peppermint latte, it’s the best thing here” she repeated, smiling this time. There was something about her, he couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something there that he never noticed in other girls.

James looked up, surprised that he had missed it on the list—he loved peppermint.

“It’s not up there” he said.

“They only put it up at Christmas time, but if you ask they’ll give it to you” she said, still smiling. Then he realized what it was; she smiled with her eyes, which were a weird shade of dark blue.

He didn’t realize he was staring until she nodded to the counter. “It’s your turn to order”

James looked over to the man at the cash register and said smoothly. “I’ll have two medium peppermint lattes.” Then, turning to the girl, he said “I hope you’ll join me and not just take your latte and leave”

“That was for me? How nice of you.” She said sweetly.

They sat down and were silent for a few minutes before James said “I don’t even know your name”

 “It’s Caroline” she said, smiling.

“I’m James” he said back. After a few more seconds he started conversation.

“How old are you anyway?” he asked.

“Seventeen. I go to St. Mary’s down the street. What about you?”

“Eighteen. Just graduated.”

“Where did you go to school?” she asked.

“This boarding school up in Scotland”

Caroline rolled her eyes to this. “Oh, so you are one of those guys”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Your parents were sick of you, they shipped you off at age 11 and you turned to the party life and never really took anything seriously because mummy and daddy come are wealthy and they can afford to buy your way anywhere. That’s the way they show their love…I know you already. You are what I should be” she said.

James was a little surprised and a little upset with her assumptions.

“And your one of those girls. You go to a nice all girls private school, where you wear short pleated skirts and low cut shirts. Your family is dysfunctional but you put on a fake facade to convince everyone that you are the perfect normal family. Your parents are friends with important people and you have grown up in high society. The people that you hang out with go to big elegant parties and drink way too much—but it doesn’t matter as long as you don’t embarrass the family. But you are different aren’t you? You want to be ‘the rebel’, you want to stick out of the crowd and be different. I can see through that; when push comes to shove you care about your appearance and about your reputation just like the people you call friends.” he retorted.

“Don’t judge me!” she yelled.

“Why not? You judged me! For your information, both of my parents grew up poor. The money that we have is all self-made. And as for my education, it was the same school that every single person that I am related to attended. Guess what else? I do like to have a good time, I do like to have fun, but my future is more important to me. I am a hard worker who has rough patches like everyone else.” He ended.

She looked at him and then looked down, a little mad that she was wrong.

“Can we start over?” she asked timidly, and then she smiled with her eyes again.

James sighed, giving in to her beautiful eyes. “Sure” he said. “I’m James Potter.”


Louis was jumpy. Everywhere he went, he felt like people knew his secret.

He hadn’t talked to Matt or to Annie in over a week. Matt owled him the other day so that they could meet up for drinks, but Louis rejected him, scarred that he would let something slip.

“Thank you for setting up the chairs Louis” his cousin Molly said, making him jump.

“What? Oh really, its fine. I’m, um, going to be right back.” Louis said. He walked outside, trying to get some fresh air. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes, trying to block out his guilt.

“Alright Lou?” he heard a voice say.

Louis turned around to see his cousin brother-in-law Teddy, who had just gotten in with his sister earlier that morning. He was sitting down at one of the many tables outside, reading a book.

Louis opened his mouth to lie and say he was okay but he refrained. Teddy had always been part of his life, and when he married Victoire, it was just confirming him as part of the family.

“No” Louis said. “No, I’m actually in a bit of a predicament”

Teddy motioned to the seat next to him and Louis took a seat. “Remember Annie and Matt?” Teddy nodded. “They got engaged” Louis continued.

Teddy sighed. “Oh Merlin Louis, I am so sorry. I couldn’t imagine wh—“but he was interrupted by Louis.

“That’s not the worst part,” He said. “I, er, slept with Annie the night of her engagement party.”

“Are you kidding me?” Teddy said amazed.

Louis stayed silent, looking down at his lap.

“What brought that on?” Teddy asked, with a smile tugging on his lips.

“We were both drunk, and she was taking me home and I dunno, I just had the urge to kiss her. One thing led to another and…”

“What are you going to do about it?”

“Nothing. It was a mistake, it never happened and we are never going to speak of it again” Louis said sternly.

Teddy nodded. “Good. That’s the right thing to do.” Then he smiled when he saw Louis pained expression. “You really don’t want to let go of her do you?”

“No!” Louis said, finally giving in. “Matt is a great guy but not the right guy for her. She doesn’t know any better because she’s only ever dated him. It’s a little stupid if you ask me, to just assume that the only person you have ever been with is your soul mate. Neither of them ever dated anyone else. If they did, they would see that there is more to a relationship that just liking the person as a friend!”

Teddy looked at him skeptically. “Seems like you have a strong opinion on the issue.”

“Well I feel very strongly for her” Louis said accidentally.

“Just don’t get caught, okay?” Teddy said before looking at his watch. “I have to go, I promised I would spend some ‘grown up time’ with Victoire at 2:30 and its 2:45. She’s going to kill me.” He then got up and went inside.

Louis stayed outside for a few more minutes. He thought about his relationship with Annie and his relationship with Matthew.

Then he thought about the other night. He was extremely drunk, but she wasn’t. She knew what she was doing. Maybe she enjoyed it, too. Maybe she wanted to be with Louis as much as he wanted to be with her.

And Teddy didn’t say not to do it; in fact, he just said not to get caught.


Nikki would only let go of Lila if she had to get fed. The rest of the family was so cold to her and she could tell that they were all talking about her behind her back. She felt like Lila was the only one who would put up with her.

So she would just sit all day with the tiny baby in her arms and stare at her as she slept, or sucked her thumb. Being only a week old, she couldn’t really do anything else, but Nikki didn’t care. Nikki wanted practice, and taking care of her newborn niece was the best way.

Victoire who hadn’t slept in the past week was grateful. She would spend her time sleeping or with her other two children who deserved some attention, exercising, or being with her relatives.

“Vicky, she’s hungry.” Nikki said walking into her sister’s bedroom, where she lay on the bed reading.

Victoire sat up and took her daughter and pulled down her shirt and bra, letting Lila have some milk. She then looked up at sister.

“I asked grand-mere,” She told her.

Nikki looked surprised. “You did?”

Victoire nodded. “I told her that you wanted to take a year off to figure out what you wanted to do in life and that you wanted to go away. Then we talked about the summer at the vineyard and she said that if you wanted stay there, you were welcome to.”

Nikki smiled and gave her sister (and niece) a hug. “Thank you so much Victoire!” she said.

“She says that she’ll have it ready in two weeks. She wants to get someone to clean it and fix it up for you.”

Nikki couldn’t stop smiling. She would finally be able to get away and glamorously, too. It didn’t sound like she was running away, it sounded like she was trying to start her life over. She wouldn’t tell anyone, just leave a note for her parents on her kitchen table. By the time the rest of the family heard about it, she would be long gone and they would be out of her life.

Lucy Weasley sat outside with James; they were trying to get away from the frenzy of the wedding. It was the day before and everyone was panicking.

“So have you heard from Max?” James asked.

Lucy turned to him, a little shocked. “Who’s Max?” she asked, playing dumb.

James sniggered. “You know exactly who Max is; you wouldn’t stop ogling him last week when you served us.”

Lily gave in, James was her cousin and best friend. “Did he say something to you?” she asked eagerly.


“Have you seen him since that night?”

“Yeah I saw him the other day. He’s a nice guy, I have a feeling we’ll be friends.”

Lucy sighed. So he thought nothing of her.

James, noticing her disappointment, tried to cheer her up. “Listen, maybe we can ‘bump’ into him. I know his favorite bar and his favorite restaurant, so maybe you can just pop into one of them one day with your friends if I know he is there.”

“What are you, a 13 year-old girl? I don’t need a stupid plan to get a guy.” Lucy huffed.

“Fine, don’t listen to me.” James said, pretending to be insulted.

After a few minutes of silence, James spoke again. “I met a girl yesterday.” He told her.

Lucy perked up to this. “Really? What’s her name? Where did you meet her?”

“Caroline, and we met in a coffee shop.”

“Tell me what happened!” Lucy said excitedly.

So James recounted the story to Lucy.

“And after the coffee we went for a walk and it was really nice. She gave me her cell phone number and I gave her mine. I really like her.” James finished.

“Well I’m happy for you James,” she said. Then she looked up to see four owls flying towards her grandparents house.

“There are less and less each year.” James said. The owls were probably carrying the letters for the upcoming school year.

“Shall we go inside?” Lucy said idly.

James nodded and they both got up. They walked in the house right when Lily gave a high pitch yell.

“I was made prefect!” she screamed.

James looked to his little sister. She was smiling at him, seeing what his reaction was. He was not a prefect (he got into too much trouble), but he had always wanted to be, and Lily knew this.

“Oh congratulations dear!” Gran said, enveloping Lily in a big hug.

Harry stood behind her looking proud. “Well done Lily, well done” he said giving her a hug once her grandmother finally let go.

Ginny smiled proudly. “Finally, someone’s showing responsibility in the family.” She said.

After everyone in the family gave her a hug and congratulated her (which took quite some time), another owl flew in, and headed straight for Al.

He took the letter and began reading it:

Hi Al!

I know I’m going to see you tomorrow but I’m so excited I couldn’t wait to tell you. I got head girl! Isn’t that exciting. Are you the head boy? Please tell me you are, the only other guy who I could think of who gets the same grades as you and is responsible is Malfoy, and I’m not sure if I can share a room with him.

The best part about this is the Head rooms. Imagine the privacy we’ll get!

I love you and can’t wait to see you tomorrow


Al looked up from the letter to see most of his family looking at him.

“Kennely is Head Girl!” He said to no one in particular. “I’m really proud of her!”

Gran beamed at him. “And she’s smart too? I can’t wait to meet this girl” she said to him. She had asked Al about her the other day and apparently she approved.

Al looked back down at the letter. He was really proud of her; she had admitted to him once how badly she wanted to be Head Girl. But he was also a little bit jealous. His girlfriend was going to be in charge of him, and the machismo in him wanted to be the one in charge. He knew he was being ridiculous. His mother had always been in charge and his dad didn’t seem to mind. He still couldn’t break the nagging feeling in his stomach of jealousy.

Not to mention how jealous he was of the bloke that got to share a dorm with her.

 A/N: I didn’t know how to end this, so sorry for the sucky ending.

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