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Two Vampires = Lots of Trouble by harryfanZOG
Chapter 10 : Don't be late for romance class
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HI! Well here is the next chapter............MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. ha.

Hermione couldn't get Draco out of her head all day and it didn't help that almost every guy in school was following her around, or the fact that every girl except for Ginny hated her because of her "Stealing their boyfriends", and all the weird stares and whispers on her being a vampire, so ya, Hermione was just alittle pissed off. Just alittle.

When it finally came to free period Hermione and Ginny walked out to the Quidditch field to get away from it all and so with a few clever turns no one followed them.

"Ginny.........I need to tell you something," stammered Hermione who was nervous of her friend's reaction, "I...........I..........OMG this is hard..........I made out with Draco this morning!"


More silence.

"I'm pregnant." blurted out Ginny as she burst out sobbing.

"Oh my gosh.................How...What......start explaining Ginny right now and I can help." said Hermione in her motherly voice as she held Ginny in a tight hug.

"Harry and me were drunk one night..." Started Ginny and word vomit met her mouth as she stumbled on, "We forgot the anti pregnant spell or we thought we would get lucky I can't remember which, and that was in July I think and then a week ago I noticed I wasn't have a period and well..........I'm pregnant."

"Who else knows?" asked Hermione who was trying to keep her cool, "My best friend is pregnant!"

"I-I haven't-t t-told anyone y-yet not even-n H-harry!" said Ginny in a muffled voice that came from Hermione' shoulder.

"Its ok....don't worry........Things will go on and it'll mold into place don't worry." soothed Hermione, "I'll get you through this but first Harry has to know."

"But what if he leaves me? He may freak and never want to see me again! " whispered Ginny who was trying hard not to go into hysterics.

"HE LOVES YOU! He would never do that! You know he wouldn't so don't......" said Hermione but an owl appeared with a short note scrawled on a scrap of paper which read,

Hermione Granger,

Please go to the Head Master's office when ever your classes get off it is very urgent. If you can't make it right now it is quite alright. The password is Lemon Drop.


Albus D

P.S (If you have to miss classes to come see me I will excuse you from them.)

"I go later..." started Hermione but Ginny cut her off, "No, go I need to tell Harry while I still have the courage."

Darting down the bleachers Hermione watched her friend run to the castle with worry, "Please go and tell Harry, please go tell Harry, don't lose your courage!"

Leaving the field herself Hermione started toward the castle. Hearing her feet echo in the halls her mind went back to..........Draco Malfoy, "Wonder what class he's in now......WHY SHOULD I WONDER THAT?"

As matter of fact Draco was in class but not the one you would be thinking of. Draco was standing in a empty class room (A.K.A. He was ditching class. Go figure.) and saw Hermione past the dark open door. Perfect.

"My plan doesn't have to wait till after class in the end I guess. Watch out Granger.", Thought Draco as he conjured a book right outside the classroom landing it with a loud thud to get Hermione's attention.

Draco knew she wouldn't resist a book. Ha ha. He was to right. Hearing the footsteps retreating to the book Draco stood in the shadows of the door ready to grab a curvy waist.

"Weird." mumbled Hermione leaning down to pick up the book, "To think I would have spotted it earlier."

Suddenly an arm curled around Hermione's waist and with a gasp of surprise disappeared into the classroom.


Soon her questions were answered when a cool voice whispered, "You know Granger, I don't believe we got to finish up this morning now did we?"

"Malfoy, I mean it, where is my wand and where is the exit because I want to get the hell out of here." hissed Hermione angerly as she tried to move in the darkness.

"Lumos." said Draco has Hermione saw his pale face clearly and her wand in his hand, "Now, if you want this back you are going to have to give me some entertainment."

"You wish ferre..." argued Hermione but before she could end the sentence Draco's lips crashed into hers.

Hermione knew she shouldn't kiss back but that was harder than trying to get an O on the owls for potions and Hermione was losing badly. Draco smirked on her lips and slipped a hand under her shirt.

Yelping in surprise Hermione opened her sewed tight mouth to Draco's tong, "That bastard...If I wouldn't have my arms tied I would SO HIT HIM! Wait......My arms are around his neck what the heck! STOP HERMIONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

But Hermione couldn't, the protection and gentle touch of Draco was just to hard to resist.

Sitting Hermione on the messy Professor's desk Draco broke the kiss and said, "Wow Granger, you're a better kisser than I thought you would be."

"Thank you! You know, when you were kissing me I started wondering if I was bad kisser but now I know its just you!" replied Hermione with fake relief.

Seeing Draco's face was priceless and Hermione took this moment to surprise him. Jumping off the desk Hermione slammed against Draco's long torso and slammed her own lips against his.

"What just happened?" thought Draco stupidly but by no means discouraged it as Hermione took her turn in as the leader.

Moving her lips like so many times before but this was different. His very touch sent fire up her skin leaving a wonderful tingling sensation until he touched her again. Yes, she had kissed a lot guys, (More than she would admit to!) but after she broke the kiss she would smile and strut away leaving the boy in shock and Hermione would never think of him again.

"Could I do that now? Well, you have to get it over with sooner or later, you need oxygen. Oh ya, oxygen. NO BREATH NEED OXYGEN!!"

Letting go of Draco's lips Hermione couldn't help but smile at Draco's face! His usually pale cheeks pink with energy and his gray expressionless eyes looked wild with excitement, and yearning?

"Wand?" asked Hermione in the most calm voice she could muster but Draco recovered much faster than she expected.

"No.......actually I think the deal not over yet Granger..........see you after class." whispered Draco and with one velvet kiss on Hermione's lips he was gone.

I know I am suppose to end with some cool last sentence (Or at least that is how I do it!) so here it is....

"This is war Draco Malfoy......and I don't lose."

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