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Difference of a Daisy by peeving_peeves
Chapter 2 : Destroying Divination
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A/N- Thanks for all those who have favourited me and more so for those comments, you have honestly made my day. There was some confussion of Daisy’s house it is GRYFINDOR, just to be clear. Sorry about the wait i have been busy with trainign for rowing. Well enjoy!

As soon as I woke up I saw two large eyes gleaming straight at me, only mere millimetres from my face. I followed my first instinct.
Oh my God, that was Madame Belkin and man does she look angry.
“FIFTY POINTS FROM GRYFINDOR FOR ABUSE TOWARDS A TEACHER, MISS JAMES!” She screamed loudly, still right in my face.
“You’re not exactly a teacher,” I said jumping off my bed. I noticed my leg was magically cured.
“McGonagall’s office, NOW!” She screeched waking up a couple of 7th years who were carrying a hang-over, most likely from that party Melissa mentioned on the train.
I knew I had done it now, the headmistress absolutely hates me! She says I worse than Dom’s uncle Gorge and his twin who died in the war and some group called the ‘Marauders’ or something. Apparently it is a bad thing, but I think it is great!

I made my way to McGonagall’s office, unlike most students I didn’t find her scary. I actually sent her a teddy bear for Christmas; I didn’t get an owl back though.
“Professor M!”
“Daisy James, what in Merlin’s name have you done now, your as troublesome as peeves!” She said sternly. I added a mental note to add peeves to my list of troublesome people who have roamed Hogwarts.
“I apparently abused a teacher, teacher my ass, she just heals injuries...”
“YOU DID WHAT?” McGonagall exclaimed angrily.
‘Slapped Madame Belkin, I guess,” I replied casually.
“A month detention, with me!”
“OK, catch ya, Professor M!”
“Wednesday night, Miss James,” she called as I skipped out of the room. She gave up on having me address her properly a few years ago.

I quickly ran up to the Gryffindor tower to find the common room vacant, everyone must already be at breakfast. I jumped every second stair and entered my dorm, throwing on my uniform as quickly as possible and pulling my brown hair back into a messy ponytail. If you haven’t realised by now I am not overly fussed about others opinions, If I were I would be deeply depressed (or as my sister, who is a muggle, would call ‘emo’) and in hiding as I haven’t exactly set a great example of myself.

I got all the way to the hall without seeing a living soul or even a ghost. I pushed open one side of the large door to the great hall and the noise came as an explosion to my ears. Man I had missed this. I headed towards my fellow Gryffindor and slid in next to Dom whose pretty face was a flushing pink.

“Fabulous morning Dommie Dom Dom and my other mad men,” I greeted.
“I’m not mad!” Lorcan said sounding quite offended but still a bit airily.
“Have you been drinking hadfrety juice, Daisy?” Lysander said dreamily.
“Umm... yeah, sure...” I said agreeing to whatever droll he was on about this time.
Wonderful Rose Weasley dropped a timetable in front of me.
“Why are you late, James?” She said using my last name.
“Because I slapped a supposed teacher and was sent to see Minnie,”
“Will you ever grow up?”She said harshly.
“Will Adish ever figure out which gender he is, dear cousin?” Dom cut in.
Adish, who was on the other side of Dom, was filling his nails which he had painted glittery pink and was actually wearing a skirt, slapped Dom around the face.
“Gosh, you biatch, you hurt my feelings and call me Esmeralda!” He cried.
Dom gave Rose the ‘I’m too awesome for you look’, Rose, being Rose, stomped off flicking her dark red hair back.

“Come on Domsta, we have Divination, time to cause some mayhem in this peaceful castle!” I exclaimed rubbing my two hands together like all those evil genius do!

Dom and I left the hall early after a very rushed breakfast and made a detour on the way to class. We got outside the tapestry of Barnabas the barmy who was failing to teach trolls how to dance ballet and we said out loud in unison, “we need a place to hide,” and repeated it till the door appeared. We stepped inside pulling a little jar out of my robe. It was polyjuice potion, just think of all that time I had put into that little jar. Dom handed me a hair, it was our Divination teacher Professor Hunderbow’s. We dropped the hair into the potion and I crossed my fingers in hope it would work.
That was truly disgusting. My body felt like a bubbling hot stew over a steaming oven. My body had morphed into the professor’s. I walked over to the mirror that had just appeared and examined what it reflected; I was honestly surprised it had not shattered at the sight of me. My dark blonde/ light brown hair had turned a sandy blonde colour and not much of it. I had shrunk and was now where my shoulders used to be. My nose had grown about 10 ft, okay maybe not that much but it did make me loose balance! I ripped out one of my hairs and gave it to Dom, she put it in her on little jar and drank up, and soon she looked exactly like me (before the polyjuice potion of course!).

“Well aren’t you a little hottie!” I said finishing off with a wolf whistle.
“Shut up or I will go snog Albus Potter for you!”
“NOOOOO, and that’s soo imbred, Dom, I am disgusted!” I cried.
“Nobody would no it is me, Dais, they would think it is you.”
“Let’s just get to class, you tool,” I said walking out of the door. We ran into a group of confused first years.
“I’m a lesbian!!” Dom yelled repeatedly running around arms out like a muggle aeroplane.
Everyone looked at me as if, aren’t you going to do something. I was totally confused; I never stopped Dom form being crazy because I found it amusing. Then I realised I am a teacher, yes!
“Dom- I mean Daisy James, stop that now or you will have a years worth of detentions!” I yelled, I sounded very manly so I couldn’t help but to laugh.
Dominique froze, turned and smiled wickedly at me; remind me I never want to be a teacher, not EVER!

“Albus!” She yelled. Albus was walking down the corridor with Scorpius and Rose. Just my luck!
“What?” he replied looking unsure, I never say anything nice to the idiot.
She ran up to him and started snogging him, I felt like being sick!
“STOPPPP!” I screamed, “Stop it!”
But she didn’t, Albus look shocked, maybe even paralysed a bit.
“Detention, both of you, TONIGHT!” I screamed with all my manly might, “Now get to class, all of you!”
I grabbed ‘me’ (Dom) by the collar and dragged her all the way to Divination.

“Good morning, class!” I said in a squeaky voice just like Professor Hunderbow always uses.
“Morning Professor Hunderbow...” The class mumbled messily.
“Today we are working on the art of...” I started then added quickly, “Chickendancingontables.”
“Pardon, sir?” Asked Rose Weasley politely.
“Detention for not paying attention, Rose! I said, 'Chickendancingontables'!” Rose’s jaw dropped, I had to hold back from laughing.
I waved my hands to say stand up, everyone obeyed after Rose getting a detention.
“On you’re tables!” I yelped, still using a squeaky voice. They silently obeyed. This was going to be hilarious!
“Close your eyes,” again they obeyed, “Pretend to be a chicken, make only the noise of a chicken, I shall no if you open your eyes!”
The whole class burst into squawks, not knowing what to expect. Dominique (or me, whichever you please) tipped a bubbling purple potion over everybody’s heads, mainly Rose though.
“You should feel a liquid sensation, do not stop!” I guided, still no objections from the class.
Slowly their faces turned bright orange and hill sized boils started to arise from their faces. When they boils were at maximum size I couldn’t help but to snigger. Dom put a bit on her face, just so it didn’t look fishy, but she had an anti-dote, the others didn’t!
“Open your eyes, class,” I demanded.
“Arrghhh!”’s, “Ekkk!”’s and “Oh Merlin!”’s filled the class room.
“What is all the commotion?” The real Professor Hunderbow entered the little class room.
‘Merlin!’ I mouthed to Dom.
“Who are you!?” I demanded.
“Who are you!?” He demanded.
“Someone get McGonagall and tell her what one of them did to us!” Yelled Rose who had so many boils she was unable to move. One of the boys, Sam, ran out of the classroom immediately.
Dom sneakily snuck out of the class room and cast a shuffling spell on both the real Professor Hunderbow and me, confusing everyone then I ran quickly out of the room. We slowly morphed back into ourselves, I poured the potion on my face and then went back to the class who were discussing what happened, they didn’t even notice us arrive.

“What on earth has happened here!” exclaimed professor McGonagall; the whole class immediately were silent.
“Nobody to explain, Miss Rose Weasley, my office, NOW! You too, Professor Hunderbow, class dismissed!” McGonagall yelled angrily exiting immediately followed by Rose and Professor Hunderbow.
Dom grabbed our anti-dote and smothered her face in it immediately it was cured, then I did the same. We handed it around the class telling them we had found it on the teacher’s desk, gullible people! Soon the whole class was back to normal and laughed about the whole thing, they decided it was rather funny after all.

Dom and I went back to the dorm and wrote an owl to Dom’s uncle at the Joke shop telling him how well it had worked.

We spent the rest of the day avoiding Albus Potter, who as determined to find me and somehow always knew where I was, freaky much?
Rumours were flying around the school about that legendary Divination class and man where there some wacky ones, something even got mentioned about Professor Hunderbow having an affair with the whole class and somebody cursed them all out of jealousy, I personally think that was the weirdest, I mean Professor Hunderbow, YUCK!

I left dinner early to avoid after dinner rush and to plan my next prank. I managed to get to the third floor when I heard footsteps.
“Daisy James! Daisy James!”
I turned around to see none other then Albus ‘Bloody’ Potter and there was no escaping him now...
“About this morning...”


 I left you with a cliffy, sorry I just couldn't help myself.

Remember, Review and favourite!

Oh and thanks to my mate Keenan for brainstorming with me, i owe you heaps! :)

Sorry it took so long, i had some trouble with the rating but I have no plan making this a mature story so I had to change it around a bit.

Good news- I AM ON SUMMER HOLIDAYS! So I have more time to write :)

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