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Me? Invisible? I wish! by Padfoots Property1217
Chapter 2 : Insane friends, being 'HOT' and devious plans!
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DISCLAIMER: I dont own Harry Potter...i only own the characters you dont recognize! hehehe..... =D

 I sat on the edge of my bed, gazing around my room with a dismayed expression as I waited for Lily. Oh, merlin…I thought and turned to glance at my clock. 2.45. I groaned and buried my head in my hands. That meant only two hours until Rob got up to go to work.

I’m so dead! Why you may ask. Well Rob never forgets to check on Anna and me every morning during the summer holidays to make sure we didn’t sneak out. He shouldn’t be worried about me, I have no friends where we live to sneak off with but if he gets a look at my room then entire world will implode and I’ll be grounded for the rest of my natural life.....maybe even longer!

I jumped as I suddenly hear someone tapping at my window. Muttering, I jumped up and ran a hand nervously through my tousled hair. That better be Lily cause if it isn’t they are so dead when I got my hands on them.

I think I might have a strange urge to kill people. Oh, well! Most of them deserve it don’t you think?

And don’t look at me like that! I am so sane. At least I think so.

I tip-toed over to my window and opened it, sticking my head out to peer down into the dark yard.


Okay well that’s weird. Huh, maybe I am insane.

“Lily?” I hissed.

“Lani?” I jumped and looked down, my eyes wide. My best friend, Lily Evans, was climbing up the side of my house, wearing the old ninja suit we both wore at one time and has now become our spying suit. Her long bright red hair was pulled up into a tight braid.

She grinned up at me from where she was hanging, clinging to the windowsill. I rolled my eyes, fighting a grin myself.

Don’t worry, peeps. She’s done this before. And she has also worn the spy outfit while doing it to. Its like a late night/early morning ritual now.

Very early morning.

“Lily? Are you mad?” I hissed, reaching down to grab one of her hands to pull her up.

Lily laughed as I heaved her through my very narrow window. “Probably!”

She landed on the floor lightly and glanced around, her eyes wide but slightly amused. Its not the first time she’s helped me fix my room because of a certain temper related problem. She raised an eyebrow at me before bounding forward to shut and lock my door.

She knows every inch of my room like her own. She lives here most the summer anyway so I guess she should.

I leant against the wall, exhausted. Its not like I’m unfit or anything but MAN, she weights a ton.

Lily turned back to me and smirked. “You’ve really done a lot with the place. It looks great.”

“Oh, shut up!” I muttered angrily.

Her smile became wider. “I got your letter. Have you killed her yet?” she asked, plopping myself down onto my bed.

“Almost!,” I said, sitting down next to her, “I’m still thinking about the best way to do it.”

“Well we could always turn her into a cow instead of killing her. Well I guess she already is one but we could make it that every time she tries to flirt with a guy at school she’ll moo.” she said grinning evilly.

“Tempting, tempting. Wow, Lils, your becoming very tactful. I like it!”

Lily gave me a mock bow.

I gave her a serious look. “I was thinking more along the lines of selling her to the marauders and sending her to them in a box tied up.”

Lily grimaced and gave me the ‘look’. I hate that look. It drives me completely mad. It’s the look she gets whenever I mention the marauders, our worse enemies. And it always means I’m in trouble as well.

“Ew! Did you have to mention THEM?”

“Whoops, sorry. I forgot your allergic to one particular marauder. Well you pretend to be anyway.” I said, grinning widely. I saw Lily’s eyes flash and my smile became wider.

If anyone has a worse temper than me its Lily. And I love watching Lily yell at someone. As long as that person isn’t me anyway.

“I have a good reason to do it and you know it!” Lily said, slouching and crossing her arms over her chest, pouting.

James Potter, also known as the leader of the marauders the most notorious bunch of pranksters in Hogwarts history, has been in love with Lily since forever. Since we first started at Hogwarts. And he’s been stalking her since the first day of school. I’ve always thought she was in love with him as well. Actually I KNOW she is in love with him. She so living in denial.

Poor, crazy girl!

“So your gonna tell me what Anna did? Or do you want to clean up this mess first and wait till tomorrow morning to show me?” Lily said brightly, her fit apparently over.

“Tomorrow morning?” I raised an eyebrow at her.

“I’ve invited myself over for a sleepover. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Do I have a choice?” I muttered, standing up to get my wand.


“Didn’t think so.”

“Stop changing the subject and tell me already.’ Lily said loudly, her temper flaring again.

“Okay, okay,” I said, holding my hands up in surrender, grinning. “I’ll tell you while we clean this up, okay? I’ve only got like an hour and a half before Rob gets up.”

Lily narrowed her eyes and watched me carefully for telltale signs of me lying. I usually blush bright red when I lie. Its so horrible. I suck at lying anyway so I‘ve kinda given up on trying.

She sighed. “Kay,” she said whipping out her wand and began to mutter spells under her breath.

I groaned and grabbed my wand off my desk before moving towards the door, lifting my hand to turn the light on.

I hesitated before I did, turning to look at Lily who was concentrated on fixing my mirror. Already my bedroom was half-fixed.

I definitely know how to pick my friends.

“Ok, Lily, promise me you won’t scream.” I whispered, brushing strands of my hair out of my face.

She looked up and frowned and then nodded. I breathed out and then flicked on the light.

Lily stared at me her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open. I cringed and looked down. “That bad, huh?”

I heard her snort and then say in a amazed voice, “Lani you look….you look…HOT!”

I opened my eyes and gaped at her. “WHAT? What did you just say? I so don‘t look hot! I look horrible. H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!”

Lily grinned at me and flicked her wand at the light switch. It turned on automatically and then she dragged me towards the mirror. “Look at yourself carefully and tell me you don’t look hot.”

I rolled my eyes at my reflection and looked at myself carefully.

I’d never really paid that much attention to my looks. I guess I wasn’t THAT bad looking. Guys do look at me. They just look at Anna more.

I tilted my head to one side and my eyes widened. My hair wasn’t heavy and thick anymore and was a nice white-blonde colour and fell over my neck in bouncy waves. It also framed my face an drawing more attention to my eyes were really big and a really lovely blue/green shade. My lips were also very wide and generous and red, the kind of lips that models have. My skin is also a lovely shade of tan.

Okay, where could all this have been hiding?? I am way hotter than Anna! And that’s saying something.

Not to sound conceited or anything!

“W-O-W, I do look hot!” I exclaimed, surprised. and blushed.

Lily laughed loudly and sat down on my bed. “Told you so.”

I glared at her and put my hands on my hips. “You know what Lily, I told you so has a brother and his name is ‘Shut the hell up!’”

Lily raised an eyebrow at me and grinned. “Ha! Nice. That one new?”

I tried to be angry but ended up laughing. It’s impossible to stay mad at your best friend.

Too all you out there with annoying friends you can’t stay mad at, I feel your pain.

“OMG Lils, this is not a time for jokes. We’ve gotta go back to school in like a day. What am I gonna do? I can’t go to school like this?”

Lily smirked and stood up, walking over to me. “Oh, yes you can. You’ve gotta show everyone at school what your made off.”

I raised my eyes. “What? Skin and bone?”

Lily rolled her eyes. “Ha, funny….no…that was lame Lani.”

I cross my hands over my chest and pout. “That hurt, Lils.”

“Grow up. Now back to the more important subject. We will show all those Hogwarts boy what they’ve been missing out on.”

I roll my eyes at her. “What is this? Operation get perfectic, suddenly ’HOT’,” I said, using quotation marks in the air which made lily roll her eyes and smirk, “best friend a boyfriend? No thanks, I’m not into charity.”

“Okay, whatever. But at least you actually like your new image.” Lily said and then randomly started cracking up.

I stared at her and gave her my famous ’WTF’ look. “What the hell Lily?”

She grinned at me, tears of mirth rolling down her cheeks. “Imagine how pissed Anna’s gonna be that her prank backfired?”

I stared at her and then a smirk spread across my face and I cracked up laughing.

Soon we were on the floor, rolling around and clutching our stomachs in agony.

“Sshhh…we….are…gonna….wake….everyone!” I said between laughs rubbing at the tears on my face.

“That’s…the whole….p-point.” Lily giggled.

I began to laugh and then stopped almost screaming. “Oh shit!”

Lily sat up abruptly, and jumped, startled. “What?” she said looking at me as if I’m a maniac.

Which I probably am but…..meh! There’s a little bit in all of us!

“Anna, the ice queen of all bitches has invited the marauders over. To my house. like three hours!.”

Lily’s eyes narrowed and she looked some what evil. I don’t blame her. I hate the marauders as much as she does. The only half-decent one is Remus and he usually goes along with the dimwitted schemes.

“Then let’s to get work.” she said, smiling wickedly.

I could almost imagine her rubbing her hands to together like and laughing evilly like Dexter in Dexter’s Laboratory.

I looked at her cautiously. “Work on what?”

“On you of course. We are gonna show those boys what they have been missing?” she said grinning evilly!

Oh god! This can not be happening! Lily wants to give me a make-over. I DON’T do makeovers. I just don’t! It’s like ultimate torture to me. And I mean ultimate, gut-wrenching, agonizing torture.

Someone kill me!


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