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Iridescence by Ellyn Rose
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2: Spin The Bottle
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Chapter 2:  Spin the Bottle






“And so,” Professor McGinnis said, her shrill voice cutting Rose from her daydream, “That is precisely why the Angorian Slimeroot must never see sunlight.” 

They were in the greenhouse, and Professor Longbottom’s substitute teacher, Professor McGinnis had magically put black shades over the entire glass dome ceiling, smothering all of the light.

Rose could barely see anything, and that’s what kept on putting her to sleep. Well, she had also already learned this whole lesson reading in the library a week ago. She had a slight hunch that maybe she spent too much time in the library. Professor McGinnis began to drone on again, if that was possible for such a squeaky voice. 

Rose zoned out again, thinking about the Quidditch game the next day. The Slytherin team was pretty good, good enough to be worried. It wasn’t their skill that she was worried about, it was their cheating. They were most certainly known to do unfair things and not get caught. And most of the players were pretty big. The keeper, Alan Dredinton, was a good five heads taller than her. And the beaters were fairly large as well, and known to body-check.  Rose had never seen the seeker play dirty before, but she had no doubt that he could.

Scorpius Malfoy; tall, obnoxious, rich, fast, was the one she knew she would have to worry about in the end. He was beautiful. She had to give him that. Where Malfoy was concerned, Rose had no curiosity or interest really. All of her life Rose had decided that she wouldn’t be a follower, so if all the other girls loved Scorpius Malfoy, then she certainly didn’t. Rose didn’t want to be that girl. This was strictly decided in her first year. He was a complete narcissist. Or, he probably was with all of those girls following him around. She had never really talked to him. Who cared? His father hated her family; Scorpius Malfoy could too, maybe. Her family wasn’t very keen on the Malfoys either, especially her father, and her Granddad Arthur. 

She had never really had a problem with Scorpius Malfoy before, he so rarely talked to her, and in fact she almost never saw him around. Well, she never really looked for him because honestly, she had no interest in him. None of her friends could understand this. She didn’t have any classes with the Slytherins, and it had been months since Malfoy had even crossed her mind. It was only the Quidditch game that had made her think.

Someone was suddenly touching her hand. She jumped and resisted jerking her hand away, and was glad that it was dark. She heard a low chuckle to her side.

“Didn’t mean to scare you Rose, sorry.” Tristan whispered. 

Rose sighed and slumped in her seat. Tristan was her boyfriend; he had asked her out the very first day of the semester.  She probably would’ve said no but Dom had said that it would be ‘good for her’ and it would be ‘excellent boyfriend experience’ and blah, blah, blah. Dom like, completely ruled her love life. So lame.  She wasn’t really sure if she even liked him. He was from Ravenclaw, pretty nice looking, but he had been raised an only child and he was slightly…well, self-absorbed. He was nice, but they weren’t really on the same page. She had a feeling she would probably be breaking up with him pretty soon.

He should be going out with one of those rich Ravenclaw girls with the excessive jewelry and make-up, not me. They would actually have something to talk about—their looks and that new zit cream that came out last week or something. Ha ha ha….

Rose sighed again; she seemed to be doing that a lot lately. To her immense relief the shades were removed and she freed her hand to write down the homework due the next Monday. 





Out of the greenhouse, up the path, through the main doors with the lion head knocker, through the entrance hall, up the stairs, left on the third hall, short-cut through the round door behind the tapestry, up the stairs, to the fifth floor corridor, outside of the Muggle Studies classroom.





Scorpius and Max approached the classroom leisurely.

“Noooo…not muggle studies…” Max moaned.

“Just skip with me, if you want.” Scorpius suggested.

“But I’m already so far behind.” Max sighed, “Unlike you, “Mr.I’ve-already-passed-the-final-exam-and-so-I-don’t-have-to-take-the-class.” He said this last part with a bit of irritation.

“The test was easy.” Scorpius defended.

“I’d better get to class.” Max groaned.

Max dragged his feet to the door of the classroom and disappeared inside.

Scorpius smirked and walked off towards the room of requirement. 


            A few moments later, he was seated at the piano playing away. It was a new song, Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, First Movement.  He closed his eyes, and was soon deep in thought, the music pulling him away, out of his body, to a flashback of a party in his third year.


Excitement bubbled inside of me. I couldn’t believe Rose was going to be at the party! I knew I shouldn’t, but I had the tiniest hope inside that maybe one day…well, seeing her would be a start. The party was to be held in the room of requirement of course, where else could you have a party without all of the teachers knowing?


 Max and I got to the party and everyone was there. Rose, and all of her friends. Rose looked beautiful and for the first time I realized that on a daily basis she obviously didn’t care about her looks. She outshone her friends, but even just looking at her you could tell she obviously didn’t know how gorgeous she was. She had her hair pulled back and something about her eyes…I sighed. The party was pretty fun, some of the fifth and sixth years brought fire whiskey and music.


The room of requirement was decorated with big hanging spiky lamps, and there were two magically enlarged lava lamps in the center of the room. Some people were dancing, but most people were just talking and laughing.


I tried to subtly follow Rose, just drifting around in hopes of bumping into her, even though I knew it was against my usual ‘trying to stay away from her to not complicate things’ thing. After escaping some tipsy girls, I hid behind a big fern plant and watched her through the leaves. Seeing Rose with her friends made me realize how much I really wouldn’t fit in with her. The famous Albus Potter seemed to be her best guy friend, and they really weren’t seen without each other. I briefly mulled over what the rest of Rose’s friends thought of me.


 I thought I had lost them all, but I suddenly felt breath on my neck, and there was Amy Woodton whispering, “Who are you spying on?” in my ear. I “uh-d” and “um-d” my way through an excuse to go get a drink and somehow got away.  Rose and a big group of other kids were gathered in the corner, sitting in a circle. In the center of the circle was an empty glass bottle. I made my way to the circle and a couple of girls motioned for me to sit down next to them. I settled on the floor and listened to the explanation of the muggle game.


“Spin the bottle,” a popular, bubble-gum chewing sixth-year who was obviously in charge explained, “is a muggle game that was invented in the eighties.” She went through the whole game plan, and we began.  It was about half way through the game when I actually realized that I would have to…kiss someone. Rose was in the circle, but would it be too painful to watch her kiss someone else. I wasn’t sure what to do. The music was loud and adrenaline was pounding in my ears. This was starting to look like one of those teenager muggle movies...I put my head in my hands momentarily, but looked up when girls were suddenly giggling.


 A boy I think was named Tristan had spun the bottle and it had landed right on—yes, of course—Rose. I felt instantly horrified. I carefully gauged Rose’s facial expression. She looked extremely embarrassed. I then noticed how unusual it was for her to be the center of attention. She usually shied away from it.


Tristan then stood up and crossed the large circle towards Rose. The whole circle let out low “oooooooooh” s and Rose’s cheeks immediately turned red.  I felt weird. Not entirely present. As Tristan leaned in to kiss her I felt like I was watching from someone else’s eyes. At the moment just before they touched, I closed my eyes and let out a whispered, “no—“.  No one heard for they were all whooping and laughing.


I permitted myself to open my eyes, just in time to see Rose duck out of the circle, bright red, with two of her friends. I stood up too, I had to leave. Something was going through my veins, making me want to run until I couldn’t think anymore. I pushed my way around people, occasionally getting splashed by some fire whiskey. I exploded through the door into the empty corridor. I didn’t think anyone noticed, with all that was going on.


I slowed slightly, surprised at my self, but then I ran again, for a while, until I collapsed on the cold, marble floor, who knows where. What had just happened? Those were not normal emotions.  I made myself stand up, because someone was coming. I slid into a broom closet and waited for them to pass. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, not now.  It was Rose, and she was alone, walking in a way I had never seen her before. She was stomping, obviously angry.  She seemed to be talking to herself.


“No. That doesn’t even count. It was so stupid! I didn’t actually think that---he----he---ahhrggg!”

She let an exasperated sound and sat down in the middle of the hall. She was shaking, and it looked like she was crying. Eventually she sat back up, stood, and trudged back the way she had came. Part of me wanted to confront her, but I knew it wouldn’t help the unpredictable emotions.  I came out of the broom closet and hurried to my own dorm—I just wanted to sleep and not have to think anymore.




And he was back, suddenly, in his own body, still playing away at the piano. He felt like he had just woken up, it was odd. He ended the song on a rather dramatic minor chord, and he hesitated before standing up from the piano.  It seemed like so long ago, and yet…


His feelings for her were off limits, and unpredictable. Dangerous. He knew it would just be harder to…deal with it if he got closer to her.  So he had devised a plan. No talking to Rose, no looking at Rose, no flirting with Rose, no following Rose around (EVEN if she had no idea), etc.

It was that last one that he had trouble with; she was just so fascinating to him.  It would be too easy to maybe just follow her around a little bit, but he knew it would only make his fascination. Plus, he chided himself, what kind of creepy person stalks someone?!  He seriously highly doubted she even knew his name.

 Okay, enough wallowing    he told himself strictly. He had a class to get to, and then Quidditch practice, and then dinner where maybe he would see…no.  He walked from the room of requirement and down the hall, heading for the third floor charms classroom. 




“NO!” the team captain yelled at them again, fuming.  

Scorpius and the rest of the team groaned. They had been going at it for at least two hours, meaning they had all missed dinner. It was completely dark, other than the glowing balls of light Professor Mills had let them use.

“You guys are COMPLETELY goofing off.”

Alan Dredinton, the burly Captain had brought the whole team to the ground, and they were all up to their shins in mud. Quidditch practice wasn’t going…the best it had ever gone. They were all splattered like Dalmatians in mud, and the cold wasn’t helping with the exhaustion and annoyance, plus the yelling.  He had heard more than one stomach growl in the last hour. Scorpius clenched his teeth together to keep from yelling with frustration. 

“Okay,” Alan calming down a little, “let’s try again with those new rolls and take a break on the scoring.”  Scorpius resisted a groan, and they all pushed up onto the pitch. 

After Alan demonstrated, they all practiced.

“Scorpius, you go first.” He instructed with a curt nod.

Scorpius dove and tried to stay focused on the roll he was about to do.

Ready…and….he briefly let go of his broom, and it spun with just the right amount of force and distance for him to grasp it again after he rolled. He pulled up dramatically after he finished, and flew back over to the team.

“Finally,” Alan said, and motioned for Max to go. The rest of the team went, most of them doing it right, until finally they went to the changing rooms.

“Well,” Alan said, his voice satisfied, “I think we’ll have a good game tomorrow. Just stay confident and…I think we should try to loose our reputation of the dirty players.” They all laughed.

“Let’s keep it safe, okay?” Scorpius knew how hard it was for Alan to say that, it went completely against his rules.

The team left, and Alan motioned for Scorpius to come and talk with him.

“Are you ready?” Alan asked, putting a hand on Scorpius’ shoulder.

“Oh. Yeah, I think so.”

“What do you think about the Gryffindor seeker, then?” Alan said, with an eyebrow raised.

“She seems like a good flyer,” Scorpius said cautiously, “I’ve never really played against her.” He hoped his eyes hadn’t given anything away, but Alan was off in his own world, eyes closed and muttering.

“Yes…we can do it…this is it…our glory is coming.”

Scorpius smirked. Alan was very invested in Quidditch.

“Right, well…I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

Alan waved, and Scorpius walked back to the school, dreaming of a hot shower.

He had a feeling tomorrow was going to be an interesting day.

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Iridescence: Chapter 2: Spin The Bottle


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