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Caught in a landslide by Ivoryrose x
Chapter 4 : Tessie
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AN: Sorry , this is another short chapter, but its more of a linking chapter the next one should be bigger and have more people in it. Yay! Please enjoy and Reveiw.

What is it?" asked Rose in an anxious  voice as she jumped over to Albus.

‘Look at this,
The death of Tessie Rose Crawlond Weasley, daughter of Harold and Martia Crawlond and mother of Rose Cora Crawlond, took place on the 15/11/2006.Cause of death was childbirth."

"But Albus, what else does it say? There has to be something more they can’t just leave me on a cliff like that!" Rose turned to start looking through the papers again, but Albus grabbed her wrist to stop her.

"Rose NO! We've been looking long enough. All you need right now is a rest; come on we're going"

"But Albus! I..."


Rose sulked silently as she had no choice but to turn and walk out of the room with Albus.

Rose hardly knew how but somehow she managed to walk down the hall into the lift, over to the fires and into the flames.

She plummeted out on the other side, and was shocked to find herself in her own house. It must have been Albus she thought, but she was too tired to go over to the potter household just to jinx him.

She walked out of the kitchen and into the living room.

"And where have you been?" asked her father, who was  standing infront of the fireplace with his hands on his hips. His voice was stern but not unkind. Hugo and Rose’s Mother sat on the sofa, Both with a look of relief on their faces, but Hugo’s was probably more related to the fact that crookshanks had finally removed his claws from his leg than the fact that his sister had just appeared.

"Uhh…. I went to see Claoa." Claoa was one of Albus and Rose's friends; they had a group of five all together, Rose, Albus, Scorpious, Raymond and Claoa.

Ron had gone mad when he had first found out that Rose was friends with a Malfoy, he had more or less settled down now but he probably wouldn’t like to know some of the stuff the two had done for dares.

"Who was there?"

 "Just Claoa, Albi and me, we went to the movies to watch a weird Rom Com."

Rose was now randomly making things up but whatever she did was worth it as long as her parents did not find out where she had been.

 "Ok, Just leave a note next time.’’ Said Ron a bit more casually.

"And actually tell the truth about where your going!" added Hermione, who was better at telling when Rose was lying than Ron. ‘Dinner will be ready at half past."

"Ok thanks Dad, sorry Mum, see you Hugo," shouted Rose as she raced out of the room and up to her bedroom and then back into the wardrobe.


"Ok now,"

Rose opened the book took one moment to the possibility consider possibility that she must be going mad dismissing the thought, she began to talk

I went to the ministry.

It was Albi’s idea, don’t ask,

Ok it was me but who cares And you can’t talk can you?

Forgot about that.

Ok lets start again

So, First I went to Albi’s

Saw James, he’s ok mad as ever

Albi was kissing some girl, lizimia or something

She was a bitch

He got rid of her and then we went to the ministry.

Now I got that right I’ll tell you what happened,

Rose paused, it was interesting her thoughts were so muddled and it helped to speak them out.

We went to the ministry and in through the visitors entrance

The one Dad told me about

We had some trouble getting in so I aged us,

And then it all went easily

We found the department of wizarding dates and records

We searched for ages

I couldn’t find anything

But then Albus found this Document, About Someone called Tessie Crawlond

I, I think she‘s my mum
‘Rose, Dinner’s ready" shouted Hermione.

"Coming Mum," Rose shouted, they were going to the Burrow tomorrow, she would work it all out then.

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