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The Mystery Of You by majamariamaja
Chapter 3 : The Loveseat
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Chapter 3. The Loveseat


Hermione curled up against Malfoy's body and rested her head on his shoulder. She sighed and closed her eyes, though it didn't stop the tears from running down her face and ruining his shirt. Malfoy's body stiffened at the moment it met hers, not relaxing as long as she was this close to him. This made Hermione's lips tremble. She backed away from him with her eyes still closed.

«You-you don't...» Her voice broke and she bit her lower lip before she continued. «You can g-go,» Hermione's body shook as the sobs threatened to start again. She clutched the pillow harder as if it was the only thing keeping her sane. The loveseat squealed, and Hermione closed her eyes harder together, trying not to think that the only person in this room was now leaving her. Just like her friends had left her, now her enemy was leaving her too. But then she heard the loveseat squeal again, and then something was put around her shoulders. She opened her eyes and looked down; it was the woolen blanket. Malfoy sat beside her again, Hermione could hear him breathe – and as weird as it was, she felt comforted by the sound. Closing her eyes again, she felt a warm hand touching hers. She opened her hand willingly, and a pair of fingers started tracing the contours of her hand. The river of tears that were streaming down her face was now not more than a few falling drops. When the last tear had fallen, and Hermione could hear her own controlled breathing, she opened her eyes.

Something sparkling blue caught her attention. She couldn't take her eyes away from it. It completely distracted her from her broken heart, and she crept closer to it, not thinking. In that moment she was so close to the dazzling blue, she could see the thousands of different colours dancing around, pulling her closer. And closer.



She was so close Draco could see a drop of tear hanging from one of her long eyelashes. He stared back into her eyes, bewildered by the sudden intimacy between them. This time, there were no distractions around to break them off. Even if it was, Draco doubted that anything was capable of breaking their stare. He felt as if she was looking straight through his eyes and into his well-hidden soul. It had to be in there, still, even though he questioned it sometimes himself.

Granger's eyes were puffy and still filled with unspilled tears. The rims around them were as red as blood, it looked like somone had punched her in both eyes.

When Draco had though she couldn't get any closer, she was leaning further toward him. He could feel the warmth of her breath on his face, making his brain feel like mashed potatoes. His instincts told him to do two things, and he couldn't make up his mind on which of them to follow. The first one told him the obvious; to run away. But it didn't make sense for him to do that. Granger wasn't dangerous, she was – well, Draco didn't know what Granger was, but the not-dangerous part was true. He believed that.

His second instinct, though, told him something different, something extremely different and stupid, something he could feel himself wanting in that exact moment – he wanted to kiss her. The though of kissing her raised goosebumps all over his body. It would be easy. She was already so close he could count the frecles over the bridge of her nose. An exotic smell radiated from her, and all Draco had to do was lean in and press his lips softly on hers. He wouldn't even have to lean in more than half an inch. The one instinct overshadowed the other, it became more than an instinct, it was now an urge. Draco braced himself for the impossible, and prepared his brain for what he was about to do. No! The voice in the back of his head shouted at him, freezing him in a moment of confusion. What was he doing? Was he kissing Granger?! No, no, no. No, he wasn't. He started backing away, or so he thought he did. What he was really doing was sit there, not doing anything but look into the sad eyes of the girl in front of him. Draco felt a feeling he hadn't felt before in his sevnteen-year-old life. He didn't understand it. But as he looked into those big, brown eyes that seemed to hypnotize him, a light turned on in his head; Granger's eyes melted his heart. He understood. Draco could feel it! It was as if his heart no longer was its usual cold stone, but like warm honey. It was flowing all through his body, warming him from the inside.

Suddenly he felt a spark on his right cheek. It was like electricity, shooting through him. Granger had touched him. Her index finger was tracing down his cheekbones, down to his jaw. The urge to kiss her was now stronger than ever. She was looking at him with such passion it felt as if she burned him with the power of her eyes. Draco leaned in, no more than half an inch, and closed his eyes right before their lips would meet. But all that was there now was air. Air and emptiness. The small shock made him open his eyes. Granger was sitting on the other end of the loveseat, blinking rapidly and breathing fast.




Hermione swallowed. He had almost kissed her! Draco Malfoy had been not half an inch away from kissing her! Her heart was racing, and she felt her face turning red and heated. The only thing she was capable of was blinking. She was digging her fingers into the pillow on her lap, her head feeling like it was hit by five Bludgers. Malfoy was sitting opposite her. Looking at her with a bewildered expression. But she avoided his eyes, knowing what they did to her. Hermione had lost control, there was no other way of explaining it. Losing control wasn't like her, in fact, it had never happened before! She pressed her lips together, trying to block out the sound of Malfoy's heavy breathing. Pretending that she didn't want him.

The silence pressed around her, making her edgy. Her own breathing sounded as though a parade marched through her head. She tried to empty her head from the sounds, the sounds of the pressing stillness. Hermione knew that she had to say something. Anything. This silence had to be broken. She couldn't even remember for how long she had been sitting there with her eyes closed. With much strength she opened her mouth, but no sound was to hear. More silence. It was like the words had lost their way to her mouth. Malfoy's breathing became louder and faster. Was he angry? Dared she open her eyes to look? Mustering all her non-existing courage, she opened her eyes – slowly. Across from her, Malfoy sat, twitching his fingers and looking at her with frustrated eyes. Hermione tried not to look at his eyes too much, in an attempt of keeping herself together.

«Erm,» She cleared her throat and focused on his left shoulder, keeping her gaze away from his face. «I-I...» Her voice had left her, along with her vocabulary.

«I'm sorry...» Malfoy's voice was lower than a whisper, almost in-audiable. The sound of his voice shot sparks in Hermione's body. She shook her head, trying to clear it. It irritated her what Malfoy's voice did to her. It, along with his eyes, made her lose what little self-control she posessed. He had to know what kind of effect he had on her!




It looked to Draco as if Granger was choking on her own words. He also noticed that she refused to look at his face, apparently only allowing herself to look at his left shoulder. Rejection pulsed through his body, and made his face heat. Draco fidgeted with his fingers and tried to win her gaze. When he had spoken just a second ago, he had thought he saw goosebumps on Granger's arm, but he was fooling himself. How could the sound of his voice give her goosebumps? No, it was impossible. He didn't expect her to feel anything for him, not like the feelings he felt for her, anyway. Hate maybe, and loathing. That must be the extent of Granger's feelings for him. As he though about how close he was to kissing her, something started fluttering in his hollow chest. Like a hummingbird's wings. He swallowed hard, and tried to send a message to his own brain to stop acting this foolishly. He was a Malfoy, for Christ's sake! And she, he sighed and closed his eyes, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever feasted his eyes on. No! The voice called out to him from the back of his brain. She's a Mudblood. Get a grip, Draco!

He growled back at the voice. Oh, shut up!

Suddenly he decided to be brave. More resembling a Gryffindor than a Slytherin, for once. He stood up from the loveseat, passion emerging from him like a silverpool of light. Granger looked at him confused. With determination in his eyes, Draco strode towards her, grabbed her hand and yanked her up into his arms. He curled them around her waist, pressing her body against his own as tight as he was capable of and did the unthinkable – he kissed her. Draco Malfoy was kissing the filthy Mudblood, Hermione Granger, and he loved it. At the moment their lips met, a dizzying sensation filled him, and he threw himself into the kiss with even more passion. He felt Granger's stiff body against his own, she wasn't relaxed. She didn't trust him. Not yet.



What?! Every cell in Hermione's body protested against this sudden closeness. She had shut off her feelings, not letting herself react to anything. Malfoy's lips moved from her mouth. While still holding her waist, he started kissing her neck, moving up towards her ear. Once he approached her earlobe he stopped to nibble on it carefully. Hermione let out an unwanted sigh and closed her eyes. The wall that shut out her own feelings was falling apart, and she didn't care. Let it fall! She thought to herself and smiled. Malfoy let one hand go of her waist and dug his fingers in her hair. He was now looking at her. Passionate sparks shot from his blue, crystal eyes, making Hermione's knees buckle beneath her. She swallowed, and once again, found herself lost in the depths of his eyes.

Never in all her years as a girl had she ever felt more like a woman. Craving a man's strong arms around her. Malfoy's arms. Her body quivered as she realised how close he was. There was no air between them, no space. It was only him and her. Their bodies matching like a pair of lost puzzle pieces. Malfoy leaned his head so his lips was right by her left ear. Hermione had to focus on breathing evenly as she felt his warm breath tickling her, making her dizzy.

«Do you feel it?» He whispered in a low passionate voice, and pressing Hermione's body so close to his own that for a minute it was hard for her to breathe. He loosened his grip around her after a second, giving her a chance to back off if she wanted to. That was the last drop for Hermione. While jumping up on her toes, she grabbed Malfoy's neck and pulled him to her. All the urges, the cravings and all those hidden feelings exploded in Hermione's chest all at once, as she held his neck in a firm grip and forced their lips to meet. His lips were soft on hers, but she didn't want to be kissed like a girl, anymore! She wanted to be kissed like a woman. Like a man kissing a woman – that's what she wanted. To her joy, that was what she got. Malfoy seemed to understand her willingness to deepen the kiss, and opened his mouth so that he could caress her tongue with his own. Inside his mouth it was warm and it opened up a new world for Hermione. It felt as if she pushed back what she once was, and in front of her stood a woman knowing what she wanted. She wanted Draco Malfoy. And from the hard lump that was poking her, so did Draco.




Draco's eyes popped open as he felt himself getting too exited. Way too exited! He had half a mind to actually break off the kiss, but pushed that thought away the second after it had popped into his head. He closed his eyes again, letting the chips fall where they may. Granger's hands started to move from his neck to his hair. While exploring the wonderous world of her mouth, she loosened his ponytail and started messing up his hair. To his own surprise, he loved the way she did that. She wanted him to be wilder, less like a gentleman. With that realisation still fresh in his mind he grabbed her by the waist and lifted her off of the floor. Granger acted on instinct, twisting her legs around his hips, kissing him with more passion than ever. Draco walked steadily to the loveseat again and lay Granger carefully on it, under his own body. He was sure not to put his own body weight on her, supporting himself by his arms. Granger, noticing what he was doing, didn't like the sudden space between them, and yanked him on top of her in one swift motion. She breathed out a low laugh as his whole weight pinned her to the loveseat. Draco had to smile. This was certainly not what he had expected. While softly kissing her eyelids, she started to whisper something inaudiable. Draco made his way to her cheeks, not leaving one centimeter of her face unkissed. He could taste the salt of the tears she had shed, and Granger's whisper became louder. She was saying his name.

«Malfoy...Malfoy.» Her eyes were closed, but she opened them abruptly as Draco stopped kissing her. He examined her face. The brown eyes sending out signals to continiue kissing her. But the sound of his father's name had made him stop.

«Call me Draco.» Draco closed his eyes, waiting for the sound of her voice. He could feel the surprise that was emerging from the body underneath him.

«Draco...» Granger's voice was filled with tenderness, and she raised her head to softly press her lips on his. It had been better than he had ever thought it would be. Every hair on his body was standing up as a sudden wave of emotion shot through his heart. He knew at that moment that he always wanted her voice to say his name.



«A-Are you all right?» Hermione looked at Draco's face – filled with some emotion she couldn't understand. His eyes were still tightly shut, and suddenly his whole body began to tremble. Hermione's arms shot out instantly to wrap them around the boy on top of her. She could feel tears starting to drip into her hair, and she pressed Draco's body tighter against her own.

«What's wrong?» She whispered, but her voice broke, and she felt her own eyes starting to water. «Is there something I can do?» She asked while trying to fight back the tears. The body on top of her became very still, and Hermione thought he was going to leave her.

«Say it again...» Dracos voice was lower than a whisper. He lay unmoving on top of her, still with his hands on her waist. Hermione was confused. Draco waited for her to say something, but her mind was blank. Why was he crying? What had caused him to do that volnurable act in front of her?

«I-Idon't know what you mean, Draco. You-» Before she had finished her sentence, Draco removed his arms from her waist and placed them on her face instead. He looked into her eyes, the same spark in them making Hermione shiver. She could see the red rims and the streaks of tears down his face. The look in Draco's eyes resembled nothing Hermione had ever seen before. It was like he was pleading her, begging her with his eyes. Begging for what?

«Again.» He whispered, his voice hoarse and low. «Say my name again.»

A light flashed on inside Hermione's head.

«Draco.» She whispered and smiled. His eyes sparkled as he smiled back.

«Hermione..?» Draco's voice was filled with passion, making his eyes shine like diamonds, and Hermione felt a jolt of emotion flash through her. He had said her name. She closed her eyes and swallowed before answering.

«Yes, Draco?»

«Can I kiss you?» His voice was no more than a whisper, but the way he said it made Hermione throw her arms around Draco's neck and pull him in for the kiss of his life.

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